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Gatikel Technologies

A variety of DELL laptops from Europe for sale with processing speeds btn 2.00GHz and 2.60GHz, Core i5 500Gb 4-8GB RAM, 32 and 64 bit- OS
contact no. 0782493970 0r 0701303716,


Gatikel Technologies

A variety of DELL laptops from Europe for sale with processing speeds btn 2.00GHz and 2.60GHz, Core i5 500Gb 4-8GB RAM, 32 and 64 bit- OS
contact no. 0782493970 0r 0701303716,


A variety of DELL laptops from Europe for sale with processing speeds btn 2.00GHz and 2.60GHz, Core i5 500Gb 4-8GB RAM, 32 and 64 bit- OS
contact no. 0782493970 0r 0701303716,

[03/24/16]   Why Oracle Database 12c?

Oracle Database 12c introduces a new multitenant architecture that makes it easy to consolidate many databases quickly and manage them as a cloud service. Oracle Database 12c also includes in-memory data processing capabilities for breakthrough analytical performance. Additional database innovations deliver new levels of efficiency, performance, security, and availability. Oracle Database 12c comes in two editions to fit your business needs and budget: Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition 2.


How to Add Film Effects to Any Photo

Film effects are a popular way to stylize your photos. They give your photos the pleasing colors of traditional film photography and you can see it used ever...


Connecting Sensor Networks and Devices to the Cloud in Just Minutes

[03/22/16]   Java Programming Tips for Better ART Performance

The Android ecosystem is complex. One element of that complexity is the compiler that transforms Java into Intel® x86 code for Intel-based devices. Android Marshmallow includes a new compiler, the Optimizing compiler, which optimizes Java programs with better code performance than Lollipop’s legacy Quick compiler. Currently in Marshmallow, almost all of the program is compiled using the Optimizing compiler. The Android System Framework methods are compiled using the Quick compiler in order to provide better way for Android developers to debug.


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Gatikel Technologies

[08/28/15]   Register to Learn More About Code Analysis and Data Analytics Tools Intel® Software Products Technical Webinars - Fall 2015 Series

Attend Live: Free Intel® Software Products Technical Webinars

The Intel® Software Products Technical Webinar Series is going on now to help you improve your development skills. The next webinars explore different techniques and strategies for maximizing parallelism in your system, then we tackle big data, turning raw data into information with the powerful new Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration

PDT Strategies for Tuning Multilevel Parallelism

PDT Faster Big Data Analytics Using New Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library

From Serial to Awesome: Transforming Serial Code to Parallel Using Threading and Vectorization. PDT From Serial to Awesome: Advanced Code Vectorization and Optimization

PDT Performance Validation on Intel® Xeon® and Xeon Phi™ Clusters

Nurture Happy Clusters with Intel® Cluster


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Gatikel Technologies


Gatikel Technologies


Nero 2015 Platinum
Nero 2015 Platinum

Convert your Video-Discs and Audio CDs*
and even Ultra HD (“4K”) Videos straight to
any mobile device or cloud storage
Sort your photos and videos based on
places you visited (“Geotagging”)
Ultra HD (4K) video editing for cinema
quality videos
Stream your videos, photos and playlists to any device, now including Android™ and iOS
Burn high quality Discs (CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays) with world‘s best burning engine

[08/30/14]   What is 3G, 4G, and LTE – and Why Should I Care?

What is 4GIf you own a smartphone, you undoubtedly have heard the terms 3G, 4G, and LTE. Cellular providers such as AT&T and Verizon continuously advertise they have biggest or fastest 4G network or LTE network. It’s difficult to understand how each company can make those claims. However, when buying a new smartphone, it is important to understand the difference. The type of data network can directly impact the performance of your smartphone.

When you buy a smartphone, you are typically required to sign up for a service plan that defines a certain amount of calling minutes and data usage. Once connected to the cellular provider’s network, the smartphone can communicate with the outside world to support features such as email, maps, and Internet browsing. Many of the smartphone apps rely on sending and receiving data across the network.

When describing smartphone data networks, you commonly hear the terms 3G, 4G, and LTE. This refers to the generation of network technology. The third generation network, known as 3G, is the oldest technology of the group. 4G is the fourth generation data network and LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. The basic difference between them is the speed of the network. When selecting a smartphone, the older models may not support the newer data network technology. It is important to select a model that supports a data speed appropriate for your needs.

3G Network

The 3G network was the first technology with sufficient speed to provide a decent user experience on a smartphone. There were some smartphones that used the older 2G EDGE technology, but the data speeds were slow and the user spent a lot of time waiting for data to load.

Each of the major cellular providers have 3G networks that provide coverage across most of the country. There are two competing 3G technologies currently being used: Global System for Mobiles (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). AT&T and T-Mobile use the GSM technology while Verizon and Sprint use the CDMA technology. Since the technologies are not compatible with each other, this is the reason you can’t use a Verizon phone on an AT&T network (or vice versa).

4G and LTE

The 4G technology is the successor to the 3G technology. Cellular providers are still building out their 4G networks. Theoretically, 4G is much faster than 3G. But before we start comparing 4G speed to 3G speed, it is important to understand there are different versions of 4G.

When talking about 4G, things can get a little confusing. Basically, there is 4G and 4G LTE. Many people consider LTE to be true 4G technology. Generally, if a cellular provider describes a 4G network without mentioning LTE, they are probably talking about a High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) network. The HSPA network is a faster version of the 3G GSM network. While not as fast as an LTE network, it is still faster than a 3G network. Since LTE is still relatively new, the cellular providers haven’t fully built out their LTE networks yet. Be careful when looking at the network coverage maps on the providers’ websites. Some companies claim to have broad nationwide 4G coverage. They may really be taking about HSPA coverage and not LTE coverage.

In theory, LTE can be up to ten times faster than 3G. In practice, the actual network speed will vary based on network load and signal strength. Even if LTE does not meet its theoretical speed, it is still much faster than 3G. Activities that require large amounts of data, such as streaming movies, work very well on an LTE network. If you plan to perform a lot of data-hungry activities or simply want the best performance when surfing the Internet, you should really plan on buying a smartphone that supports LTE.

If you are considering buying an iPhone, you will find three models available: iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 are sold at reduced prices because they are older models. The iPhone 5 is the newest model and supports LTE. The iPhone 4S supports HSPA, which some cellular carriers call 4G. The iPhone 4 will only support 3G networks.

UPDATE – September 2013: The currently available iPhone models are the 5S, 5C, and 4S. The 5S and 5C support LTE while the 4S supports 3G.

When buying a new smartphone, don’t be fooled by all the marketing hype about 4G and LTE networks. Understand the different network technologies available and try using the Internet on the smartphone before you buy. The LTE technology provides the fastest cellular data network available and the speed difference between LTE, 4G (HSPA), and 3G can be quite noticeable.

[08/30/14]   How to: Install and Configure WCF Activation Components
.NET Framework 4.5
Other Versions
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This topic describes the steps required to set up Windows Process Activation Service (also known as WAS) on Windows Vista to host Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services that do not communicate over HTTP network protocols. The following sections outline the steps for this configuration:

Install (or confirm the installation of) the WCF activation components.

Configure WAS to support a non-HTTP protocol. The following procedure configures Windows Vista for TCP activation.

After installing and configuring WAS, see How to: Host a WCF Service in WAS for the procedures to create a WCF service that exposes an non-HTTP endpoint that employs WAS.

To install the WCF non-HTTP activation components

1.Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.

2.Click Programs, and then click Programs and Features.

3.On the Tasks menu, click Turn Windows features on or off.

4.Find the WinFX node, select and then expand it.

5.Select the WCF Non-Http Activation Components box and save the setting.

To configure the WAS to support TCP activation

1.To support net.tcp activation, the default Web site must first be bound to a net.tcp port. You can do this by using Appcmd.exe, which is installed with the IIS 7.0 management toolset. In an administrator-level Command Prompt window, run the following command.

%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe set site "Default Web Site" -+bindings.[protocol='net.tcp',bindingInformation='808:*']

This command is a single line of text. This command adds a net.tcp site binding to the default Web site listening on TCP port 808 with any host name.

2.Although all applications within a site share a common net.tcp binding, each application can enable net.tcp support individually. To enable net.tcp for the application, run the following command from an administrator-level command prompt.

%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe set app
"Default Web Site/" /enabledProtocols:http,net.tcp

This command is a single line of text. This command enables the / application to be accessed using both http://localhost/ and net.tcp://localhost/.

Remove the net.tcp site binding you added for this sample.
As a convenience, the following two steps are implemented in a batch file called RemoveNetTcpSiteBinding.cmd located in the sample directory.

a.Remove net.tcp from the list of enabled protocols by running the following command in an administrator-level Command Prompt window.
%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe set app
"Default Web Site/servicemodelsamples" " /enabledProtocols:http

This command is a single line of text.

b.Remove the net.tcp site binding by running the following command in an elevated Command Prompt window:
%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe set site "Default Web Site"

This command is a single line of text.
To remove net.tcp from the list of enabled protocols

To remove net.tcp from the list of enabled protocols, run the following command in an administrator-level Command Prompt window.

%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe set app "Default Web Site/servicemodelsamples" " /enabledProtocols:http

This command is a single line of text.
To remove the net.tcp site binding
•To remove the net.tcp site binding run the following command in an administrator-level Command Prompt window.

%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe set site "Default Web Site"


Porting OpenGL* Games to Android* on Intel® Atom™ Processors (part 1)

Mobile technology is getting smaller, faster, and a lot more diverse. This translates to plenty of ways to innovate across platforms. For example, new hardware like Windows* 8 tablets, 2-in-1 devices, and Android* devices give game developers the incentive to transform their existing games, embrace new genres, and enhance gameplay through touch and hybrid interaction models. Great opportunity exists in porting games and other applications that make extensive use of 3D graphics through OpenGL standards to Google Android devices, including those built on the Intel® Atom™ microarchitecture because of the availability of games, game engines, and other legacy software based… 26/03/2014

Intel Software Adrenaline - Intel Windows 8.1 Details of Mobile Management

When it comes to securing BYO devices, MDM pundit By now it has become an accepted workplace reality and, as a result, a central challenge for IT: users today at all levels of business expect to connect their consumer mobile devices to corporate resources from wherever they are. Complicating this matter for IT departments is that these devices vary...

[02/25/14]   With voice calls, WhatsApp can tap new growth
Internet-enabled calls may be available first on Android and iOS

February 24, 2014, 8:38 PM — WhatsApp's voice calling service, planned for later this year to augment its hot text-message offering, could yield an influx of customers and strengthen the service's already firm standing in mobile messaging.
WhatsApp will offer Internet-based voice calling by the end of June, CEO Jan Koum said Monday during a speech at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, according to news reports. The service is expected to be available first on Google's Android and Apple's iOS mobile systems, with rollouts coming later to other platforms such as Windows Phone and BlackBerry, said a report in The New York Times.
WhatsApp is already a leading player in a crowded market of messaging apps that also includes KakaoTalk of South Korea and Viber of Cyprus. The service has a huge user base: 450 million monthly active users, according to the company. But adding free voice calls could drive that number higher if enough people decided to shun traditional phone carriers in favor of the Internet.
The expansion could, in turn, bring new users to Facebook, which announced last week that it was acquiring the five-year-old company for up to US$19 billion.
As it works now, WhatsApp's service lets people use their Internet data plans to send messages to each other as an alternative to paying a carrier such as AT&T or Verizon for SMS (Short Message Service) texting. It's likely that voice calling would work the same way. WhatsApp is free to download and use for the first year; after that, users can extend their subscription for $0.99 per year, according to the company's website.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees WhatsApp as a critical element in Facebook's pursuit of connecting more people around the globe. During a keynote speech at the conference following the WhatsApp announcement, the Facebook chief said that the mobile messaging app was actually worth more than what Facebook paid for it.
WhatsApp's revenue may not be in line with the price Facebook paid, Zuckerberg said. But WhatsApp may also be one of the few services on the path to having 1 billion-plus users, Zuckerberg said, and that's what makes it valuable.
It's unclear what Facebook's plans are for further monetizing WhatsApp's service. Since the acquisition, both Zuckerberg and Koum have sought to quiet rumors they might use ads to make more money from WhatsApp.
Zuckerberg instead said on Monday that Facebook could include WhatsApp as part of free or cheap Internet access in developing areas of the world, under Facebook's project.

[02/25/14]   Intel's new Xeon E7 marks the end of Itanium
There's really no reason to buy an Itanium any more now that the top of the Xeon line is pretty much the same chip.

February 20, 2014, 7:27 PM — One of the surest signs that an Intel product is doomed is its omission from the Intel Developer's Forum, and Intel has not talked about Itanium at that show for at least three or four years now. So while they will deny it, Intel has doomed the Itanium by omission.
But while Itanium slowly slips below the waves, what would be its replacement? The answer to that came Tuesday when Intel introduced the Xeon E7 V2 processor, codenamed "Ivy Town." The 15-core processor is built for huge data sets and massive memory bandwidth, the one advantage that still remained for mainframes and high-end RISC servers.
The Xeon E7 V2 is a chip built for massive data sets, and Intel has Big Data on its mind with its own Hadoop distribution called the Intel Data Platform, a custom Hadoop distribution with tools and common algorithms, graphs and network-based clustering for different industries, like financial services, healthcare and retail.
The E7 V2 has a whole slew of tweaks here and there, such as jumping from 10 cores to 15 and various improvements to its RAS (Reliability, Availability, Scalability) support, speed and power draw, but the big leap over past generations is in its ability to support larger amounts of memory. The E7 could access 512GB of memory per core, while the V2 triples that, offering 1.5TB of memory per core.
This translates to a 6TB of memory in a four-socket configuration or 12TB in the high-end eight-socket configuration, important for the latest trend, in-memory databases and analytics. With memory so cheap and so dense and such a high overhead in 64-bit computing, vendors and customers alike have been pushing toward in-memory compute scenarios of what had traditionally been loaded off the hard drive as needed.
Big iron is not defined by chips alone, however, and over the last few generations, E7-based servers have closed the performance and reliability gap with Itanium, IBM's Power servers and mainframes, and what's left of Oracle's UltraSparc business. The fact is these servers have the uptime promise for mission critical systems of big iron, but they also offer the openness of an x86 platform.
When you buy IBM Power servers, you do get a high-performance server with that coveted five 9s of uptime, no question. But you'll also get it from HP's ProLiants, Oracle Sun Servers and SGI Altix servers, and soon the eX5 servers from Lenovo now that IBM had ditched them, so you are free to shop around. That gives you some price competition and flexibility in buying.
When it comes to total cost of ownership, it makes Xeon much more competitive. The Power platform is from one vendor who sets their own prices and support comes from them. Xeon means many choices.
So, with the E7 V2, x86 may finally break down the top tier of computing and move into space previously held by RISC systems. I never thought I would see it happen.




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