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Welcome to Africa's fastest growing Media & Entertainment Company. The Daud Studios is a fully integrated Media & Entertainment Company with an evolving digital portfolio, providing full production for Film, Music, Events, Photography, Commercials, and Television content, a Division of The Daud Group Limited.

Operating as usual

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LIGHT UP THE FIRE brings talents from around the world to show that creativity and international collaboration can live on, even in a pandemic. Explore the whole series, featuring photography from Eliška Sky and designs by Grace Chen, exclusively on Schön!

photography + art direction. Eliška Sky
fashion designer. #GraceChen
fashion correspondent. Scarlett Ning Deng
production + international coordination. Lukas Kroulik
model. Nicola Matear @ Major Models NY


Top 15 Richest Musicians In The World 14/05/2021

Top 15 Richest Musicians In The World

Still, the legends rule:

Top 15 Richest Musicians In The World Musicians are some of the wealthiest people in modern society. It wasn't always that way but nowadays we're seeing some of our first billionaire musicians from Paul McCartney to Jay-Z, music has never been a more profitable business to be in. Andrew Lloyd....


Eid is a wonderful and nice day to pray, care, love, smile and to celebrate with one another, and to thank the Almighty.

Eid Mubarak
#afrikanfashionawards #hostrav #thedaudstudios

The Daud Studios updated their info in the about section. 26/04/2021

The Daud Studios updated their info in the about section.

The Daud Studios updated their info in the about section.


"It can be done." - an Earth Day message

On Earth Day, over 100 eminent artists from across the world to read ‘Earth Anthem’ penned by senior Indian diplomat 22/04/2021

On Earth Day, over 100 eminent artists from across the world to read ‘Earth Anthem’ penned by senior Indian diplomat

On Earth Day, over 100 eminent artists from across the world to read ‘Earth Anthem’ penned by senior Indian diplomat It has been performed by national philharmonic orchestras in Brasilia and musicians of Amsterdam Conservatorium. The Earth Anthem has been put to music by renowned artist Dr L Subramaniam and sung by veteran singer Kavita Krishnamurti.


Nooo, I didn't swallow a soccer ball⚽
God has been good.

I have always been good at putting into words how i feel but to be honest, lately words fail me.


Photos from Spice Diana's post 15/04/2021

Photos from Spice Diana's post


Tune in on Monday at 5pm Paris / 4pm Lagos / 11am NYC for an Instagram live chat with Angélique and Yemi Alade! #Dignity 🌞

Nadia Mukami Ft Sanaipei Tande - Wangu (Official Video) DIAL *811*174# TO SET AS YOUR SKIZA TUNE 09/04/2021

Nadia Mukami Ft Sanaipei Tande - Wangu (Official Video) DIAL *811*174# TO SET AS YOUR SKIZA TUNE

Nadia Mukami Ft Sanaipei Tande - Wangu (Official Video) DIAL *811*174# TO SET AS YOUR SKIZA TUNE #Nadia #Ngomma #Africanpopstar SEVENS CREATIVE HUB presents to you Nadia Mukami's 12th studio single and her THIRD track off her EP, African PopStar the EP. ...

Photos from Mafikizolo_Africa's post 02/04/2021

Photos from Mafikizolo_Africa's post


so epic

Pascaline Ingabire on breaking boundaries in the film industry 31/03/2021

Pascaline Ingabire on breaking boundaries in the film industry

Pascaline Ingabire on breaking boundaries in the film industry Entertainment Pascaline Ingabire on breaking boundaries in the film industry By Sharon Kantengwa Published : March 29, 2021 | Updated : March 29, 2021 Twitter Facebook Email Whatsapp linkedin More Share this article Twitter Facebook Email Whatsapp linkedin Pascaline Ingabire is an actress, film dire...


thank you for making this song Number one...


When I’m feeling all over the place or out of place I love to write in a journal ⁣

Especially stream-of-consciousness where I just write everything I’m feeling without thinking about it or censoring it or judging it in anyway⁣

Another tool I’ve learned: each morning write how your day is going to go. Imagine it in the most amazing, highest vision way that it could possibly go. Make it real on the paper. Go big! So BIG you feel uncomfortable and do it daily! It’s a crazy form of manifestation and it works.⁣

Try it.⁣

What is the big-outrageous-best-imagined version of your day? ⁣

Share it here with me now...⁣

then try it every day! ⁣

Sending you love, balance, and light in a crazy world! ⁣

For more good vibes Keys Soulcare

Timeline Photos 22/03/2021

Timeline Photos

Ogamba nti oyagalanyo ma Body... ma body .. ma body .. my Body😋

#BOYFIRE🔥 Coming soon.....

The Daud Studios updated their phone number. 15/03/2021

The Daud Studios updated their phone number.

The Daud Studios updated their phone number.


Students set the stage for virtual Paris Fashion Week

Condé Nast Can Learn From Netflix 02/03/2021

Condé Nast Can Learn From Netflix

Condé Nast Can Learn From Netflix In a global world where local tastes still matter, the publisher of Vogue should be careful not to dictate too much of its content strategy from New York and London.

JAY-Z sells 50 percent stake of Ace of Spades to LVMH 25/02/2021

JAY-Z sells 50 percent stake of Ace of Spades to LVMH

JAY-Z sells 50 percent stake of Ace of Spades to LVMH The hip hop mogul said the partnership will take his champagne brand to "the next level of taste and distribution."


#Control35 🖤


World Music Awards

Taylor holds atop the Global Digital Artist Rank for a 5th day with 'evermore' at #1 on the Worldwide iTunes & Apple Music Album Chart for a 5th day + willow at #1 for a 4th day on the Worldwide Apple Music Chart after the release of its magic "lonely witch" remix with an accompanying clip ft. behind the scenes pics of the making of the MV! 👊🥇🌎✖️5️⃣👑🤍
Taylor Swift holds atop the Global Digital Artist Rank for a 5th day as evermore' holds for a 5th day at #1 on the Worldwide iTunes & Apple Music Album Charts. 'evermore' debuted with 66,391,374 streams on Spotify, the second biggest debut for a female album on the platform this year, after her own 'folklore'! "evermore" is also the 2nd fastest album by a female to reach 100 million streams on Spotify after "folklore". Taylor was the most streamed artist on Global Spotify on Monday with 52.07 million streams!

Tonight, Taylor dropped an adorable new "moonlit witch version" of "willow" with the caption: "Ever find yourself waiting for the signal & meeting someone after dark & happening upon a majestic coven in the woods? Me neither but do you want your 🎶 to make you FEEL like that? Then the “willow moonlit witch version” is for you." See below:

Earlier today, Taylor dropped a new magic "lonely witch" remix of her chart topping song "willow" along with a clip featuring pics taken during the making of the 'willow' video. The "lonely witch" remix of "willow" follows her first remix released on her birthday as a gift to her fans: "Witches be like 'Sometimes I just want to listen to music while pining away/sulking/staring out a window," was the caption Tay added to a pensive pic of her: "It’s me. I’m witches. Never fear, the 'willow lonely witch remix' is here."🔮

Tay shared a 2nd pic on Instagram today, checking shots of the video with the caption: "One of my favorite parts of directing music videos is the daydream/prep phase: writing up a treatment, a shot list, and working with an animator to storyboard it out ahead of time. Thanks to illustrator Vincent Lucido, we can check off our shots as we go. A video showing the before and after of the willow video is out now 🧙🏻‍♀️🔮🎶

The new stripped down "lonely witch" remix is truly magic and rawer than the original version, accompanied by an acoustic guitar. It dropped earlier today, just 2 days after Tay's "dancing witch" version of the single remixed by "bad ass" Producer Elvira which Tay released on Sunday on her 31st birthday along with the message on Instagram: "Ever since I was 13, I’ve been excited about turning 31 because it’s my lucky number backwards, which is why I wanted to surprise you with this now," she wrote on Instagram sharing the track list. "You’ve all been so caring, supportive and thoughtful on my birthdays and so this time I thought I would give you something!" See Tay's new clip of the magic "lonely witch" remix of "willow" featuring amazing behind-the-scenes pics from the making of the music video:

All 4 versions of "Willow" are now holding in the Top 12 of US iTunes with the new "lonely witch" version at #4, the "dancing witch" remix by Elvira at #5, the original version of "willow" at #7 and the brand new "moonlit version at #12! "willow" holds at #2 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart after debuting at #1 and holding atop the chart for 2 whole days!

"willow" scores a 4th day at #1 on the US & Worldwide Apple Music Chart, with 4 other songs holding in the Top 10 including "champagne problems" at #4, Taylor's collab with Haim, "no body, no crime" at #5, gold rush" at #6, and "tis the damn season" holding at #7. "tolerate it" is #13, "happiness" is #17, "dorotea" is #24, "ivy" is #25 and "coney island", her collab with The National, is #26 with "evermore", her collab with "Bon Iver", at #30 and "long story short" at #32! "cowboy like me" is #34, "Marjorie" is #40 and "closure" is #47!

Taylor is still occupying 7 of the US Spotify Top 10 with "willow" at #1. On the Global Spotify Chart, the Superstar debuted with 7 songs in the Top 10 including "willow" at #1, scoring 7,268,039 streams in its 1st day. "Willow" lifts 4-2 today after earning another 4,327 million streams and a total of 20,985 million so far. "champagne problems" lifts 14-9 after scoring another 2.964 million streams! Her collab with Haim, no body, no crime" lifts 19-17 with 2.693 million streams, "gold rush" lifts 21-19 with 2,6 million streams, "tis the damn season" lifts 23-21 with 2,52 million streams. "tolerate it" lifts 27-24 with 2,29 million streams, "happiness" lifts 33-30 with 2,12 million streams while "ivy" lifts #43-36 with 1,95 million streams, "dorotea" lifts #45-38 with 1,9 million streams and "coney island" lifts 46-39 with 1,89 million streams.


The Daud Studios, provides state-of-the-art digital production rooted in the global-African experience, energised by continental Excellence.
#TheDaudStudios #HostravHospitality
Audio, Visual, Still Production | Media Communication


Baraka A. Daud

A farewell Note, A New Doctorate journey

With effect from 15th Dec, 2019, I stepped down as Chief Executive at The Daud Group Limited to pursue and finalise my doctorate in Media and Communication at the Columbia University in New york, and to rebuild our presence in the Americas at our new US office.

2020 came with Covid-19, delaying the journey, furthering my opportunity of reflection, rebuilding a better tomorrow for The Daud Group, Hostrav, and The Afa Foundation.

My helm at the company for the last sixteen years has registered considerable success. Establishing the first ever fashion awards and furthering the umbrella social enterprise into a Global-African foundation; Hostrav into a promise brand – thus transforming The Daud Group into an eleven figure venture.

I therefore, wish great deliberations to the new shareholders, Chief Executive, Executive Director at The Afa foundation, Management teams, staff, and our huge clientele and partners that keep us tick every day. Like I said in my last staff meeting: "this is a land of milk and honey. Am certain that you will build on my achievements to further Mecca’s dream."

Every ten years comes with a renewed vision for the group.1998 – 2008, we layed a major foundation in Kenya upon which The Daud Group stands. 2009 – 2020, we have made a lasting impact in Uganda and the new team will see to a better future. 2020 – 2030, The Daud Group is living the American dream.

The next 3+7 years will be a moment of isolation in research, work, and rebuilding a new business front in the western hemisphere.

To the Kenyan team – Asanteni sana.
To the Uganda team – Mwebale nyo.
To my New york friends, family, associates, team mates, and the close Columbia university community – we got this!

Baraka A. Daud,
Outgoing Chief – The Daud Group Limited, Hostrav, The Afa Foundation

Journalist - Entrepreneur - Humanitarian - Global Citizen


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Our team is passionate, producing the celebration of your love life. We are always excited being at the centre stage of your bridal occasion.

#intros #wedding #DaudEvents #TheDaudStudios #HostravHospitality

Full Bridal Planning | Catering | Production | Honeymoon Packages


Hostrav Hospitality

Planning a luxury cruise holiday? The @virginvoyages #ScarletLady could be your best choice.

With 20+ world class intimate eateries, luxury bars, a night club, gorgeous onboard spa, fitness studio, outdoor jacuzzis, a tattoo studio, a blowdry, the best onboard entertainment with mind blowing shows; or choose your peace in private luxury cabins overlooking the sea.

#LetsTravelSoon #hostra #HostravHospitality #traveltheworld 16/09/2020

Five reasons you should have a pre-wedding photoshoot Today, we will be discussing a very interesting topic that couples tend to have different opinions about. What really is the essence of pre-wedding pictures? Nowadays, people think pre-wedding pictures are just for social media and just for the hype. Some couples will say “Ah! I don’t need the h...









East Africa’s Premier Production Company

A Division of Hostrav Hospitality, The Daud Studios is a specialist Bridal. Conference and Corporate event Production Company. Through our range of professional photography, Video, and event production services, we make sure that each of our clients receives the highest quality experience. Our number one goal is to ensure that you are left completely satisfied and with visual and still that will leave a lasting memory. So whether you have a product launch, high-profile corporate event or a company conference, our professional team will exceed your expectations.

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Audio, Visual, Still Production | Entertainment | Communication




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