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[07/26/20]   Face Shields on Sale!
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Outbox EDU Digital Skills Bootcamp Application Form (III Cohort)

Did you know that businesses who’ve put strong focus on SEO (search engine optimization) have 80% of their traffic from search results.

Search advertising, aka PPC (pay per click) allows you to position yourself near the top of searches. That’s even if that’s not where your website would organically appear.

Learn more about Search Engine Optimization for your business with our FREE online digital skills bootcamp: Female Founder Edition II

If you are a woman in business register by clicking the link below, class starts on 20th July 2020. Hi there, We are excited that you would like to join the Outbox EDU Digital Skills class starting on 6th July 2020. The objective of the Female founders edition of our digital skills bootcamp is to equip women running businesses with the skills and tools that they can leverage to enable their busine... 22/06/2020


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Marvin Mubiru

How to Have Self Confidence.
The greatest weapon one can Have.


The Uncommon Woman

The Uncommon Woman

This video will teach how to become an Uncommon woman and also how to descern an Uncommon woman.


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Dating ~



Marvin Mubiru

A you Dating for a mere Experience ...... Or training for a life style ?

Let me hear from you. What's the purpose of you Dating......


To our dear sisters.
Periods don't Pause for Pandemics.
This could be very valuable.


Let's not stop washing our hands with soap even while we still at Home.
Stay Home ....... Home is Safe.


The Ministry of Health requests the general public to call their toll free lines ☎️ on 0800-100-066 or 0800-203-033 to report any suspected cases of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) to inquire information ℹ️ on COVIDー19.



This week we ATC Uganda openned up a Digital Village where they will be offering free ICT training to who ever is interested.
The training will be accompanied with a certification for free.
So if you are interested in Receiving free ICT training from 06 January 2019 and you can get to Kololo daily comment with your phone number for details on how to benefit from this free project.


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Schoolarship for You


We create a call centre for your business so quick delivery of your message to your contacts through offering Phone calls at our call centre to your clients and sending instant messages at the lowest prices in town.
[party reminders,campaigns,mobilisation,reachout etc]
contact us l 256 - 773090116


Essential Skills for Graphic Designers:

First and foremost, graphic designers need creativity. It’s hard to come up with new ideas and innovative designs if you don’t know how to tap into your creative resources. Figuring out ways to keep your mind sharp and your ideas fresh will help you succeed in a design career. You don’t necessarily need artistic skills to land a job in graphic design, but you’ll want a general understanding of basic artistic elements to help translate that to the computer.

If you’re in design, you probably already know the running joke about Comic Sans. And there is a similar growing loathing of Papyrus for the design-savy. That’s why typography can make or break your design. Fonts go beyond just fun names and interesting scripts; a lot goes into the technical design behind each letter. You’ll need to understand terms such as kerning, line height, tracking, leading, white space, and more. Understanding how to find the right font – and knowing how to create your own – will go a long way in design success.

Having artistic skills on paper might help you with a career in graphic design, but most of the action takes place behind a computer screen. Understanding how to use the industry standard software will be crucial in landing your dream graphic design job. The most popular and well-known graphic design software comes from Adobe, with an entire creative suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Web Design
These days, it’s not uncommon for graphic designers to also be web designers. Much of what you see on a website was designed by someone with graphic design skills, and plenty of designers also hold enough knowledge to work with HTML and CSS. Adding web design to your portfolio will only increase your chances of landing a graphic design job.

Understanding what a client wants from a design is the key to creating a successful product. It might be hard to talk to clients who don’t understand limitations or the right terminology, so you will have to be patient and learn how to really understand what a client wants for their design.


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Advice I wish I had received earlier in my career
1.Find mentors for everything
The ultimate mentor to teach you everything you need for a successful career is pretty rare. When I finally let go of that mental image of a perfect mentor I started to see the teachers I had all around me. Look for people that are happy and confident in what they do. Every person you meet has something to teach you. Some of my greatest career mentors don’t know a thing about design but have helped me improve the way I communicate, present myself, and lead. The marketing director at one of my first jobs was a great mentor. He wasn’t a designer by any stretch but he taught me a lot about communication by example and direct feedback. Mark taught me the value of asking more questions and seeking to understand.
Getting a mentor isn’t about getting a short cut. It should be a two-way street.
Approach your friends, coworkers, and family members and be open to what they have to tell you. Initiating these conversations and having open conversations is something I still practice all the time. Getting a mentor isn’t about getting a short cut. It should be a two-way street. You have something to give even if it is just a willing ear.
2.Go to meetups and conferences
Design events are a great way to find community and make connections. Not all meetups/conferences/events are the same. Shuffle through them until you find the ones that have a community you can connect with. But be mindful of how you present yourself — as designers there is a tendency to tie up a lot of ego in our work. Share what you’re working on and what you’re passionate about, but be open to what others find interesting. One of the first meetups I went to in the Bay Area was for enterprise UX designers. I thought these people were crazy, “Why wouldn’t you want to connect directly with consumers?”. Four years later and I’m standing in the enterprise software camp and loving it.
Making sound decisions and quick judgements are what we do for a living but we all know that making judgements without all the facts is a bad look. Don’t jump to judgement of other people’s career choices. 3.Listen and learn.
Reach out to people via Twitter (Use Twitter like a tool)
Twitter is a powerful tool and I have found it just as (if not more) helpful as LinkedIn has been for my design career. I’ve used Twitter as a calling card and a method to connect with people I respect, like other designers in SF. I’d say about a quarter of them actually respond to my questions or requests to connect. At first this upset me. But it’s totally normal. People get busy and miss the items in their feed, especially when they have a large audience. Seek out genuine connections and do what feels right. But Twitter isn’t for everyone, so don’t feel bad if it doesn’t click for you.
4.Find an established team
Starting out I did a lot of jobs as a solo designer. This is sometimes what you have to do to build up your portfolio and prove yourself. However, the first chance you get to work with an experienced team — take it. I passed up pay and title changes to work with an experienced team and I can confidently say it has paid off in the long run.
5.Learn about other people’s jobs
Find out what the people sitting around you do. They might be the ones writing the code to bring your designs to life, selling to customers with the experience you created, or supporting the customers that are disgruntled about your design decisions. They have something for you to learn that will make you a better professional and in turn, a better designer.
I used to sit across from the customer support team at an e-commerce company I was working for a few years ago. The stories they would tell me, while sometimes comical, were a clear indicator of poor communication in the final checkout flow. That feedback helped inform a better checkout experience that benefited our customers and made the jobs of the support team easier.
6.Stay inspired, not intimidated
It’s easy to skim through your Instagram or Dribbble feed and feel overwhelmed. I know I do from time to time. Watch out for things that drain your energy and leave you saying “I’m not good enough”. I feel inspired by talking with other designs on a friendly peer to peer level. Sometimes I get this from meeting new people at meetups and other times chatting with a good friend over a beer. Vent your frustrations but don’t dwell on them; seek to engage other designer’s passion in your conversations. It’s extremely contagious.
7.Teach to learn
You can grasp a concept on a much deeper level after attempting to teach it to others. It expands your awareness to account for all of the ins and outs of a problem. This is a great thing to practice even if it’s not design to start with. If you know something useful about cooking, photography, traveling, or even daily tasks chances are you know something that others don’t. Writing blog posts or sitting with a friend/coworker is a great place to start.
8.Understand business
Learn how the numbers come together to make your company successful. It’s easy to get swept away with making pixel perfect icons or buffing out the ultimate user journey map but those won’t mean much if you’re not getting paid for it. My business degree has helped me a lot in this arena. If you’re not as business savvy, asking some simple questions about revenues, customer retention, and company growth can be extremely illuminating. I try not to do work for a company I don’t believe in because their success/failure reflects on me. Starting out you won’t always have the luxury to choose but it’s important to ask questions and be aware of the company’s health for your own job security and career growth.
Respect the process (visual, UX, team)
Learning and practicing good process is a skill set in and of itself. A good designer can sit in a corner and muscle their way into an impressive design. A great designer can bring a whole team with them. Process is always going to change so don’t be afraid to iterate. Adapt your process to fit new challenges. This is a great area to gather feedback for improvement and or inquire about other perspectives.
9.Fake it till you make it
Everyone in the industry says this. Plenty of them are still faking it. You’d be surprised how many people you look up to today are still learning new things. Chances are you probably have something to teach them.
10.Be patient with yourself
Being a great designer doesn’t happen overnight. You’re already ahead of the game because you read this entire article. Find balance in your life. Design is what you do, it’s not who you are.

Thanks for reading.


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For All your Logo Design Needs look no further than the Creative House Uganda...
we creative Logos for companies and persons.
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GDG Kampala
On Thursday 30th and Saturday 2nd June 2016, GDG Kampala in partnership Outbox will take participants through a deep drive into Progressive Web Apps with codelabs and videos, introducing to you great libraries and tools for great Progressive Web Apps. We shall also look at how to migrate your site to a Progressive Web App, and much more.
Progressive Web Applications take advantage of new technologies to bring the best of mobile sites and native applications to users. They're reliable, fast, and engaging.
Register here to be a part of this. Its FREE


Mobile Apps Developer Group Kampala
Its just a week! Register to participate in the # GCPNext exteneded viewing party by GDG Makerere


Don't Miss the Movie,Actors ,writers tv personality experience at National theatre on 27th June 2016
ssetabi Daniel a director in "Last King of Scotland" and Matjoe a swedish movie director will take u through the bots and nuts.
Don't Miss!


Experience face-to-face learning of the Udacity online Courses, personalized teamwork and group accountability with the Android for Intermediate Developer Bootcamp.
A great opportunity for Software developers to acquire skills which will help them build awesome apps for smartphones and tablets today, and propel you towards exciting opportunities in Android's future.
Register here or see details here . Call +256392000152 or mobile +256755510000


8CzouBQZMq 26/04/2016

GCP NEXT Extended 2016 - Google Cloud Platform | Outbox Hub

GDG Kampala
Join us on 29th and 30th April 2016, at Outbox to learn what technologies Google Cloud has for your development.
Outbox and GDG Kampala will host the GCP NEXT Extended events to show the developer community what opportunities they can have with Cloud platforms and introducing participants to codelabs to equip them.
What shall we cover?
We shall watch a Keynote speech from the CEO Google. Sundar Pichai, covered from of the live event and tech talks. The event will also offer codelabs including App Engine and Compute Engine, by our developers within the community.
Who should attend?
Developers and tech enthusiasts. Anyone who is interested in cloud computing and/or learning Google technologies.
You do not need any prior knowledge or skill to be part of this.
Find details here GCP NEXT Extended events brings local developer community together to experience talks, in-depth product demos and behind-the-scenes interviews.   On 29th and 30th April 2016, Outbox and GDG Kampala will host the GCP NEXT Extended events to show the developer community what opportunities they can ha…


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GeekNight Kampala
Join us on Friday 15th from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at Oubox to learn 3D Game Design with Blender and Unity.
Games are important today for entertainment, employment, communication, education, etc. Blender is an open source 3D content-creation program.
Unity 3D is a multi platform game development tool with customizable and easy to use editor. It is a Game Development Engine, the most fully developed game engine available to anyone. It supports multiple platforms and languages, as well as different 2D and 3D graphics API’s like directx and open-gl.
What shall we cover?
Brief introduction to Unity and Blender.
Design game assets in Blender and export them to Unity.
Put the environment and character together in Unity, make the interaction between the character and the environment.
Basic c# scripting.
Finish building the game and publish it to Android, Windows and Web.
Register here

[03/22/16]   How To Go From Successful To Very Successful (and why most people can’t do it)
Success is an obsession.
Many people want it more than anything else. And they’ll sacrifice everything to have it — which is often the cost of admission.
But there’s a problem. Sustaining success, and going
beyond success is nearly impossible for most people. Hence Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism questions, “Why don’t successful people and organizations automatically become very successful?”
McKeown’s answer is succinct:
Success is a catalyst for failure.
Being invisible is easy. When you make mistakes, you’re the only one who notices. Even being the underdog is easy. If you fail, you’re justified in doing so.
But when the spotlight is on you, everyone is waiting for you to fail. The external pressure often becomes too overpowering, smothering the values and vision it took to become successful in the first place.
Which is why success is often a short-lived experience. People come and go. Very few remain on top for long. For example, only eight NFL teams have won the Super Bowl back-to-back. As 49ers coach, Bill Walsh has said, “The toughest thing I ever had to do was get my team to overcome success disease.” Winning a first Super Bowl, according to Walsh, is enormously easier than winning a second or third.
This is true in all life domains. If you succeed in business, life doesn’t get easier. It gets harder.
Success Is Much Harder To Deal With Than Failure
“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” — Abraham Lincoln
For most people, privilege is a poison.
Once you succeed, or have certain privileges (e.g., time, money, fame, accolades), one of two things happens:
Your focus shifts from the cause of your success to its effects. Rather than continuing to hone your craft you indulge in the benefits of your prior success, which inevitably damages future performance.
Or, you experience an intensification of internal pressure to keep succeeding. Many people can’t handle this level of pressure and it often ends careers prematurely. Yet, this escalation of internal pressure is what prevents a person from being consumed by external noise (i.e., distraction) that come with success. As Robert Horry, former NBA player has said,
“Pressure can burst a pipe, or pressure can make a diamond.”
Internal, not external, pressure is what makes you successful. Increasing the pressure is what keeps you going.
From Successful To Very Successful
“Success is something you attract by the person you become.” — Jim Rohn
If “success” is your primary objective, you probably won’t get it. Chasing success is like chasing happiness. You can’t pursue it directly. Both success and happiness ensue from something far more fundamental — who you are.
Success comes from consistency to your vision and values. Although difficult because of the added noise that comes from success, becoming “very” successful requiresu remaining consistent to your vision and values — who you are.
When you stay consistent and true, you’ll continue to hone your craft, even after you become world-class.
You’ll say “no” to all of the distractions that come your way, no matter how enticing they are.
You won’t let your ego inflate and forget who you really are. You won’t abandon your values and the most important people in your life.
Success is over-rated. It’s the game most people are playing. And it’s generally a losing game.
A bigger and better pursuit — with far less competition — is becoming very successful and sustaining that success.
Connect Deeper
If you resonated with this article, please sign up for my free newsletter. When you do, you’ll get a free copy of my eBook, Slipstream Time Hacking.
Also, if you’re interested, check out my new book, How to Consciously Design Your Ideal Life.
Thank you for reading! Have a beautiful day.

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