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Poly Network attacker starts returning the $611 million in stolen crypto 11/08/2021

Poly Network attacker starts returning the $611 million in stolen crypto

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Poly Network attacker starts returning the $611 million in stolen crypto The Poly Network exploiter has started returning the stolen crypto assets less than a day after their ID was reportedly obtained.


A litle I.T. Humour

A litle I.T. Humour


We are pleased to be supporting your business stand out and make more sales. But we can't better serve you with us staying behind. So we are giving selves a face lift to make our brand and to also be in better position to serve you our dear customers / Clients.

A good day ahead

We are pleased to be supporting your business stand out and make more sales. But we can't better serve you with us staying behind. So we are giving selves a face lift to make our brand and to also be in better position to serve you our dear customers / Clients.

A good day ahead


Get CONNECTED with #CCTV cameras at 60% down payment🤏

Get CONNECTED with #CCTV cameras at 60% down payment🤏


Get real workplace #internship with us...

Get real workplace #internship with us...


Support to all farm owners and Managers


Secure your home and Business with CCTV cameras.
Get in touch for details 0704218263


We supply and install Security Systems and Management Systems for Hospitals, Pharmacy, Clinics, Point of Sales Systems and School Management Software


Programmer workstation desks... Stay home
Write code and
Stay safe


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Training Ongoing in Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital.
Saul, Head of The Training Team.


Cybernet Computer & Security - U Ltd


Training at the Heart of Moroto District, Moroto Referral Hospital in an effort to Bridge Digital Divide a government of Uganda initiative thru IICS with CCS


Training At the Heart of Moroto district. A government project to train health workers go Digital. #CCS @IICS


Cybernet Computer & Security - U Ltd's cover photo


Cybernet Computer & Security - U Ltd

[04/24/17]   Lets Talk Business with IT...


Cybernet Computer & Security - U Ltd's cover photo


If you lose your mobile phone, you can trace it without going to the police.

Most of us always fear that our phones may be stolen at any time.

Each phone carries a unique
IMEI no. i.e. International Mobile Equipment Identity No which can be used to track it anywhere in the world.

This is how it works:

1. Dial *#06# from your mobile.

2. Your mobile phone shows a unique 15 digit.

3. Note down this number at a secure place except in your mobile phone itself as this is the number which will help trace your phone in case of theft.

4. Once stolen, just E-mail this 15 digit IMEI No. to [email protected] with details as stated below:

Your name:____________________
Phone model:_________________
Last used No.:_________________
E-mail for communication:_____
Missed date:___________________
IMEI No :_______________________

5.Your Mobile will be traced within next 24 hours via a complex system of GPRS and internet, You will find where your hand set is being operated and the new user's No. will be sent to your email.
6. After this, you can inform the Police with the details you now have.


Its always good idea to do regular clean-ups and Preventive maintenance every 3 months for you computer.
Cover photo shows WHY you should!


Cybernet Computer & Security - U Ltd's cover photo 30/03/2016

How to Disable Windows 10 Upgrade (Forever) With Just One Click How to Disable Microsoft's Windows 10 Upgrade (Forever) With Just One Click using Never10 29/03/2016

Open source software altering telecom operator, vendor space - RCR Wireless News

Open-source continues to get support The increased focus and adoption of open source software is bolstering telecom operator plans, forcing vendors to rethink strategy. 17/03/2016

Centreon: A Free Alternative To Nagios Xi Monitoring Platform | Unixmen Centreon is an Open Source software package that lets you supervise all the infrastructure and applications comprising your information system. 16/03/2016

Monitoring Your Drupal Website Using Centreon | Unixmen Monitoring Your Drupal Website Using Centreon 15/03/2016

configure BIND Server with Ubuntu 16.04 | Unixmen Frequently Asked Questionsconfigure BIND Server with Ubuntu 16.04 By Rajneesh Upadhyay -March 15, 201604 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter tweet Introduction All of Linux users are already families with BIND service, already a lots of articles has been published with recent Ubuntu Linux versions ,… 15/03/2016

How to change Grub Background themes in ubuntu and Linux Mint | Unixmen

Configure Grub Frequently Asked QuestionsHow to change Grub Background themes in ubuntu and Linux Mint By Naga Ramesh -March 15, 201606 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter tweet The default  Grub Background of Debian Linux  is like shown in below. you might have got tired of seeing a blue box with black background…

[01/30/16]   The Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 has finally arrived, and users should start to get the new update in the next 24 hours, in a phased manner.
It took a little longer for the new update to make an appearance because it overlapped with the holidays. The good news is that the new update is here and that it’s one of the biggest ones so far, at least regarding fixes.
Ubuntu developers release a new update every six weeks, give or take any events that might delay this by a few days, and they want to keep this cadence for as long as possible. Right now, Ubuntu Touch is stable, but it’s not feature-complete. No operating system is perfect to a point where it doesn’t need anything, but Ubuntu Touch is also a young OS and it still needs a lot of stuff. #mazinga1


Future Co-worker? Epson's 'Compact' Paper Recycling Machine - Newsy

Epson's paper recycling machine. No need of throwing away paper anymore! #mazinga1

This gigantic hunk of machinery can turn old, used paper into newly pressed pages within minutes. See more at Follow Leah Becerra: http...

[01/27/16]   Google’s Android 6.0 update might be the best Android OS version to date, but many users who aren’t Nexus owners are still waiting to receive it for their devices. Even those Android fans who purchased top-of-the-line hardware last year have yet to receive the Marshmallow update, including Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 buyers.
A new leak offers release date details for the update and it covers Samsung’s 2015 and 2014 flagships.
According to a leaked document seen by Mobipicker, you’ll have to wait a few extra weeks or months for getting your Android 6.0 update on Samsung’s best smartphones yet.
The Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+ will get the Android 6.0 upgrade in February or March, with the phablet version set to receive it first.
The Galaxy Note 5 is also slated for a February release, although specific release dates aren’t available at this time. #mazinga1

[01/27/16]   A new backdoor for Linux has been spotted by security researchers, one which can download malicious files to an infected system, log keystrokes and take screenshots.
Researchers from security firm Doctor Web said they had spotted a new multipurpose Trojan designed to infect Linux machines, which they called Linux.BackDoor.Xunpes.1.
The Xunpes 1 consists of a dropper and the backdoor. The dropper is made with Lazarus, a free cross-platform IDE for the Free Pascal compiler. Once run, it displays the window pictured in the image above, and contains the backdoor – the second part of the Trojan.
The second part then installs itself and opens up a connection so that the attackers have access to the infected machine. According to security researchers, this program can do a lot of things:
“In total, Linux.BackDoor.Xunpes.1 is capable to execute more than 40 commands,” the researchers say in a report. #mazinga1

[01/27/16]   Marvin Minsky, a founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Artificial Intelligence Project, which later became known as the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), has died. Minsky was 88.
An MIT spokesperson confirmed the news. Minsky died on the January 25, 2016 of a cerebral hemorrhage, the New York Times reported.
Minsky was one of the first researchers to work on artificial neural networks, a key technology in the modern field of deep learning, in which companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are all very active. Companies train these neural networks on lots of data — such as photos — and then get them to make inferences about new data.
Minsky was born in New York on August 9, 1927.






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