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Happy Internaut Day!

Thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee!
Web Inventor and Founding Director of the World Wide Web Foundation

The inventor of the World Wide Web and one of Time Magazine’s ‘100 Most Important People of the 20th Century’, Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a scientist and academic whose visionary and innovative work has transformed almost every aspect of our lives.

Having invented the Web in 1989 while working at CERN and subsequently working to ensure it was made freely available to all, Berners-Lee is now dedicated to enhancing and protecting the Web’s future.

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Sample Picture of Wats to become am action packed short movie frm Neon tiles graphics(NTG) in Rwanda .chck out their page for updates. 28/02/2016

WhatsApp support for mobile devices - WhatsApp Blog

💬Whatsapp: To End 🚫 Support for Blackberry,📱Nokia & More

WhatsApp yesterday announced 💬 that they will cease 🚫 support for the following 📱mobile platforms "by the end of 2016":

🚫BlackBerry, including BlackBerry 10
🚫Nokia S40
🚫Nokia Symbian S60
🚫Android 2.1 and Android 2.2
🚫Windows Phone 7.1

The company stated that these platforms "don't offer the kind of capabilities we need to expand our app's features in the future." They recommend that affected users upgrade "to a newer Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone before the end of 2016 to continue using WhatsApp."

Read the full announcement WhatsApp support for mobile devicesEarlier this week WhatsApp turned seven years old. It has been an amazing journey and in the coming months we're putting an even greater emphasis on security features and more ways to stay in touch with the people that you care about. But anniversary dates are also…

[02/18/16]   hello dear Ugandans if your whatsapp isn't working please download cloud VPN from Play store to help sort it out...share this with your friends to help them access there social media thank you!!
your whatsapp..twitter and Facebook will surely be back

[01/20/16]   Whatsapp has announced it will drop its subscription fee, making the service free for everyone. Even better, it won't start showing third-party ads to users, though it has an idea on how to better connect users with business and organizations.
The change, announced in an official blog post Monday, removes the fee that was imposed on some users after a year of use.
"For many years, we've asked some people to pay a fee for using WhatsApp after their first year. As we've grown, we've found that this approach hasn't worked well," the blog post reads.
SEE ALSO: 10 signs that you are addicted to Whatsapp
The fees will be removed from various versions of Whatsapp "over the next several weeks."
Whatsapp readily acknowledges that killing its only source of income will raise questions about introducing third-party ads. But the company has a different idea.
"Starting this year, we will test tools that allow you to use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses and organizations that you want to hear from. That could mean communicating with your bank about whether a recent transaction was fraudulent, or with an airline about a delayed flight," the post reads.
We reckon Whatsapp will charge organizations and business for establishing channels with their users through the service, though no details were announced. The idea is by no means new; a Bloomberg report in May 2015 claimed Whatsapp might foray into B2C messaging in the "longer term."
Whatsapp, which has been acquired by Facebook for $16 billion in Feb. 2014, currently has "nearly" 1 billion users, according to the post. Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said on several occasions he expects the service to hit that milestone, at which point it would become ripe for monetization.

[08/18/15]   Ten years ago, there was some truth to the stereotype that video games were for children or adolescent boys. Now there is none.
I’m not delusional; I know there’s still a way to go. But games are more a part of mainstream culture now than they have been ever before. 30/06/2015

Budget-friendly LG Tribute 2 and Volt 2 smartphones now available from Boost Mobile Boost Mobile already offers a ton of attractive handsets that don't break the bank, and today it looks like the Sprint MVNO is getting two more. The LG Tribute 2 and LG Volt 2 budget smartphones are now available for purchase for $99.99 and $149.99, respectively. For starters, the Tribute 2 offers u…


All we know só far about Android M

First up, light and dark themes. It seems that developer options now contains the ability to let users manually turn on dark or light options (light is the default, of course). You can also let it change automatically, perhaps so it can adjust for different lighting conditions while driving with Android Auto (just a thought). As you can see the in screenshots, the dark theme applies just to the settings screen and, at least in this early build, doesn’t affect the app drawer’s colors, the notification shade, or any other aspect of the UI. Whether this will change, or if the dark theme will even be in the final M build, remains unseen.
Another change that was immediately noticeable has to do with the app drawer. Android M has switched up the way that the app drawer is laid out, creating an alphatized list that makes it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. Even better, your most used apps are all neatly tucked in and the top. For me at the time of testing this out, it was Settings, YouTube, Gmail, and Play Music that took these positions by default. That said, as I’ve used more apps (like Photos) my options have changed to reflect which ones I use the most.
That’s all we have for now, but rest assured, there’s more to come as the hours, days, and weeks progress. For those who have the dev preview installed, any other changes you’ve noticed that weren’t highlighted in Google’s announcement of M? Let us know in the comments!


Bloatware alert: Candy Crush Saga to come pre-installed on Windows 10

Candy Crush Saga is coming to Windows 10. Microsoft recently revealed King’s popular mobile game will be pre-installed on its next operating system alongside the return of classic time-killers like Hearts, Minesweeper and Solitaire.
As Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc tells us, Candy Crush Saga will be the first game from King that’ll come automatically installed for customers that upgrade to or install a fresh copy of Windows 10. Over time, Microsoft will be adding other King titles to the mix.
While Candy Crush Saga fans will surely appreciate being able to play the game in the new OS, not everyone is seeing it in a positive light – and rightfully so.
With Windows 8, Microsoft took its collection of games and moved them to the Windows Store. If you wanted a game like Solitaire or Hearts, you’d simply go download it and play to your heart’s content (no pun intended). One less app or game pre-installed is one less piece of bloatware in the eyes of many.
Microsoft is playing this off as an awesome freebie but the truth it, it’s no different than the type of bloatware that has infested big-brand desktops and notebooks for years. Microsoft isn’t doing users a favor by pre-installing the game; King is paying them to do it.
To see Microsoft – the same company that offers bloatware-free Signature Edition PCs in its store – stoop to this level is concerning. And what’s to stop them from adding additional bloatware to Windows 10?
Microsoft promised to follow-up with news on other King titles coming to Windows 10 in the future.


Grace Hopper Graduated from Yale University with a Ph.D. in mathematics. Developed the first compiler while working for the Re*****on Rand Corporation and was instrumental in developing the COBOL programming language. #WomenInTech


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Your smartphone is equipped with an FM radio tuner that you can't use

FM broadcasting (frequency modulation) has
been used for decades as a means of
entertainment as well as a news-gathering
tool. Its use is on the decline, however, as
modern technology has made it easier to listen
to music on your own terms and gather news
from the Internet.
It’s a bit ironic considering there are probably
more FM radios around now than ever before.
Heck, there’s probably one sitting on your
desk, in your pocket or even in your hands
right now as you read this.
Some may be surprised to learn that most
modern smartphones are equipped with FM
tuner chips. They cost next to nothing to add
during manufacturing yet go unused by
millions each day. The reason? Almost every
wireless carrier has disabled the function. The
reason why? Money, of course.
Using the FM radio in your smartphone is
absolutely free and doesn’t count against your
data plan – reason enough for greedy wireless
carriers to block it. What’s more, if you’re
listening to free over-the-air radio, that means
you aren’t listening from a streaming music
provider and could be less inclined to pay for
its service.
Another benefit is in the battery department.
According to Emmis Communications CEO, Jeff
Smulyan, streaming can drain your battery
three to five times faster versus listening via
the FM chip. And during a major crisis like
Superstorm Sandy, wireless carriers networks
often become overloaded which prevents
many from getting information via cellular
devices. Having FM, even as a backup
solution, would be immensely useful in times
like this.
Industry executives, however, aren’t
interested. During the ongoing National
Association of Broadcasters conference in Las
Vegas, CTIA vice president of government
affairs Jot Carpenter said what Americans
really want is the ability to stream, download
and customize music playlists to meet their
personal preferences and that’s not what the
traditional FM radio offers.
Carpenter concluded that the demand would
have to be there to get companies to activate
the chips.
What do you think? Would you like to have
the FM chip in your smartphone activated or do you not really care much?

[04/11/15]   Are u tired of your launchers and your tired of those at the apps stores..
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Google unwraps Android 5.1 with dual-SIM support, HD calling and additional device safeguards

What better way to rain on your competitor’s
parade than to release the first major update
to your mobile operating system just hours
after their event. That’s exactly what Google
has done with Android 5.1, an update to
Lollipop that includes a few new features as
well as improved stability and performance.
For starters, Android 5.1 now allows users to
use more than one SIM card on a device with
dual SIM slots. This could come in handy if
you’re using a pre-paid service while traveling
or happen to share a phone with a family
The new update for Lollipop also delivers high
definition (HD) Voice calls to compatible
handsets such as the Nexus 6 for T-Mobile
and Verizon subscribers. Other basic
enhancements include the ability to join Wi-Fi
networks and control paired Bluetooth devices
from within Quick Settings.
But perhaps the most important addition is a
service called Device Protection.
For those unlucky enough to need to use it,
Device Protection ensures your device will
remain locked if lost or stolen, even if
someone manages to restore said device to
factory defaults. The only way to unlock a
missing device is by signing in with your
Google account. We’re told this feature will be
available on most Android phones and tablets
shipped with Android 5.1 as well as Google’s
own Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.
Google’s line of Nexus devices are expected to
receive the update first, perhaps as early as
today. Those with Android devices from other
manufacturers like HTC and Samsung will likely
have to play the waiting game considering 5.0
is still actively rolling out to some.


Shazam to expand beyond music with object recognition feature

Song recognition app Shazam is planning to
expand beyond music and into the visual
world. Speaking at this year’s Mobile World
Congress, chief executive Rich Riley said the
app will soon let users identify products and
learn more about them simply by pointing
their smartphone camera to them. You could,
for example, scan a cereal box in the grocery
store to get more nutritional information or a
DVD case at home to buy the movie
The company will reportedly partner with
publishers, content and packaged goods
companies to grow its database of products, as
well as with Gimbal to recognize “beacons” so
that the app can be more location-aware.
To fund the new venture Shazam raised $30
million from several unidentified investors and
financial institutions in January. This followed
another $40 million in 2013, with the
company reportedly now valued at over $1
The report doesn’t go into detail as to how the
technology would work but it’s possible it’ll
use a combination of barcode scanning and
image recognition.
Similar services already exist, of course,
including the Firefly feature on Amazon Fire
phones and Google’s Goggles app. Other
examples include CamFind and Asap54, which
specializes in recognizing fashion items. But
with a reported 100 million monthly active
users Shazam is in a unique position to
become a shopping force in its own right and
attract lucrative ad deals.
The company currently sells songs that its
users identify, having secured deals with
major music services including Spotify and
iTunes, and has remained among the top
downloaded apps for years.

[03/03/15]   The government has purchased a software which will be installed by the Uganda Media Council and Uganda Communications
Communication to fight po*******hy and the sharing of similar content through social media platforms like WhatsApp, twitter, and facebook among others.

more to follow soon.........


Facebook app ‘drains your smartphone’s resources more than any other app’

It might be time to get rid of the
Facebook app on your smartphone.
Apparently accessing the social
network using the Android version of
the app could drain your battery, data
traffic and storage, pretty quickly.
If you’re desperate to know what your
friends are up to while on the move
then using your phone’s web browser
instead is better, according to a
report from AVG .

The AntiVirus software company
found the Facebook app had the
greatest overall performance impact
compared to other popular programs.
Closely followed behind it on the list
of worst offenders was Spotify and
Instagram, in second and third
Making up the top five was Path in
fourth and Amazon in fifth.
If you have your heart set on
continuing to use the apps instead of
the browser then remember you can
save resources by clearing out their
caches, tweaking update settings and
adjusting location data. has approached Facebook
for a comment.


HTC One M9 is official, bringing evolutionary refinement to the same formula

HTC was one of the first to launch a flagship
Android smartphone last year and as
testament of how good the One M8 was, it
still made the list of the best Android phones
in the market by year's end.
The new HTC One M9 is now official and it's
not a radical redesign but an evolutionary
refinement of the same metal
unibody formula, boasting of a thinner
profile and improved camera (One M8's lowest
point) running on top of Android 5.0 Lollipop.
Announced at Mobile World Congress, the One
M9 is powered by a Snapdragon 810 octa-
core SoC running at 2GHz, 3GB RAM, 32/64GB
of internal storage expandable via microSD,
and the same BoomSound speakers that
people loved in the previous-gen One. The 4
megapixel 'UltraPixel' camera has been
replaced by a 20-megapixel rear facing
camera that slightly protrudes on the back.
The new HTC One M9 is not
a radical redesign but an
evolutionary refinement of
the same metal
unibody formula
The shape of the M9 is seemingly identical to
the M8, but upon closer inspection it's been
made easier to grip, has sharper edges, and
the back is not as slippery as before. The
power button has been relocated to the side
which is arguably the better placement for a
large 5-inch handset.
The One M9 keeps the display at 5 inches
and 1080p resolution, quite possibly a good
thing if you want a balanced smartphone. HTC
has managed to fit a slightly larger battery
rated at 2,840 mAh with support for Quick
Android 5.0 has been customized with
HTC Sense 7, and while generally these OS
modifications add more inconsistency than
anything else to Android, Sense 7 has been
favored so far by those who have briefly used
the phone for its lack of bloat and added
HTC also announced some accesories for the
new M9. A second generation Dot View case
that combines a cover with clever through-
the-case notifications. The M9 is not
waterproof out of the box but an IP68 water
resistant Active Case and Active Headset will
also be available for purchase.
The new HTC One will be available in the U.S.
from all four major carriers and other
retailers by the end of March. No official
word on pricing yet, but a leak from Best
Buy earlier today suggested the One M9 would
cost $649.99 off-contract, which would put it
at $199 from a carrier with a two-year




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