Computer Science 2012-2015

Computer Science 2012-2015


Tel Me The Job Opportunities V A Computer Science Graduate


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BBC Lifestyle & Health News

We are only as weak as our minds could be, not our bodies...

Collette has Down's syndrome. She was told she "wasn't the right fit" by employers. So she started her own business.


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How hackers are using email to steal money from investors.


Daily Monitor

Bad, really bad...

Makerere University is likely to open in three months’ time after the visiting committee that was instituted by president Yoweri Museveni hands in their report at the end of the investigations, government has said


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It's not that hard to tell real news from fake.



Job opening at Outbox:

Are you passionate about building good quality software? Do you love supporting developer communities whenever you can?

Outbox is looking for a team player to join our passionate team.

The software developer will work to support our team in kampala. You will provide product development support, support the user experience development, stability and maintainability of the product developed.

See job description here


DAAD-Lektorat Uganda

Call for applications: Akademie Schloss Solitude sponsors young artists, scholars, scientists, and economic professionals via residential fellowship in Suttgart/Germany.

The application round begins on September 1, 2016, and ends on November 30, 2016. Application forms are only available during this period.


Free accommodation is included, and fellows are awarded € 1,150 monthly. Fellows are provided with a furnished living/working studio (including electricity, water and heating). Travel expenses for arrival and departure in Stuttgart will be covered on a one-time basis.

All applications have to be posted until November 30, 2016 at the latest (post stamp).

More information:


Hive Colab

Take part in ADANSONIA, a business competition taking place in Accra, Kampala and Nairobi, beginning in September this year.

After registering online and attending the first meeting, you will have 3 months to submit your business proposal, which will be carefully evaluated for funding. Specifically, ADANSONIA will bring your business proposal to a series of local and international investors who have expressed their desire to fund the most promising projects. ADANSONIA will offer training on how to fill the funding application form, and most participants will be part of an stimulating social network where you will have the opportunity to obtain ideas and feedback from your peers and so improve substantially your business proposal. But, by joining ADANSONIA, not only will you have access to funding. You will also participate in a lottery whereby around thirty of you will be chosen to travel to Italy for a business course at Bocconi University in Milan, one of the most prestigious European universities in economics and management (

Find more information on our website:

Once you fill the form on the website, you will receive a link to complete the survey. After doing so, you will be officially registered for the competition.

We are looking forward to see your business grow with ADANSONIA!!


You could be interested

#investorsandbeer On 22nd this month from 4 pm-7 pm, we shall be hosting Boris Mann and @Ed Levinson from Vancouver Canada who would like to know more about the tech community in Kampala. So if you run a startup or you are part of one...please save the date!! Register here 25/08/2016

Who are some very successful people throughout history that have had relatively low IQ's?

Genius or not, if you have nothing to show of something, you are need to be known for something Answer: “I am America. I am the part you won't recognize. But get used to me. Black, confident, cocky. My name, not yours. My religion, not yours. My goals, my own. Get used to me.” The most obvious example is Muhammad Ali. Would the Greatest of All Time count as very successful? How about just ... 25/08/2016

Hacked Email: Why Cyber Criminals Want to Get Into Your Inbox

Your email is a gate way to all most a the greater part of your online life. Cyber criminals want it "I don't care about getting hacked, there's nothing valuable on my email.". Sure you do, you just aren't aware of it. Your data is like gold.


Learn Programming


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Your laptop could use a little help.


We're Too Busy To Care What Don't Matter


The Innovation Village

Are you an innovator? Are you an entrepreneur? Pitch in-front of fellow innovators, entrepreneurs and investors - send your entry to [email protected] 01/08/2016

The Right Way to Start Branding Yourself Right Out of College

Interesting read Jobs come and go. But your personal brand stays. Consider your brand your life raft for when life's seas turn rough.


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Interesting facts here

They can make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.


Hive Colab

MIT in Kampala. It got to be worth it


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Hive Colab

Here's something not seen often

Become an Intern at LIAPORT
LIAPORT is looking for ambitious, pro-active, and enthusiastic interns with a strong affinity for communications, Technology, and Legal Understanding, who enjoy working independently within a large flexible team. LIAPORT has partnered with IBA Global Training to source and train 50 Interns from across the African
Continent. The training will take place in Germany and Belgium through the IBA Global Offices in Pforzheim Germany and LIAPORT Offices in Antwerp on the 15th September 2016. 17/02/2015

Notice of 2014-15 SemesterII Registration Deadline | Makerere University Printer The Academic Registrar , Makerere University reminds all students that the University Council at its 132nd meeting agreed that registration should be delinked from payment of fees and that all students (government and privately sponsored) should register within the first two (2) weeks of each semest… 12/02/2015

Meet Sekalala, the Makerere student billionaire

This might be some cliche of "insipration mambo-jambo" to some but not for those who believe in the potential of their abilities... Sekalala got his break when Nokia, an international mobile phone company organized a special training session to help software developers hone their skills. The training in April and May last year presented a major break for the young man, whose application has crossed quarter a million hits so far.…


#IGNITE innovator Series this Friday ...Solutions through innovations

#dontmiss the #IGNITE Innovator Series 3pm Fri 13th @AfricaResilient with @RoyMayega @niyimic Details


Its our very own making a revolutionary update in medical examination and all. @Russia For Imagine Cup Finals. Its Code8. For CIT,Makerere, Uganda, East Africa and world over. #KudosJust....

[06/17/13]   Where Do Delete Characters(Text or pictures) Go?

The Mac user's explanation: All the characters written on a PC and then deleted go to straight to PC hell. If you're using a PC, you can probably see the deleted characters, because you're in PC hell also.

IBM's explanation: The characters are not real. They exist only on the screen when they are needed, as concepts, so to delete them is merely to de-conceptualize them. Get a life.

The Catholic Church's approach to characters: The nice characters go to Heaven, where they are bathed in the light of happiness. The naughty characters are punished for their sins. Naughty characters are those involved in the creation of naughty words, such as "breast," "sex" and "contraception."

The Buddhist explanation: If a character has lived rightly, and its karma is good, then after it has been deleted it will be reincarnated as a different, higher character. Those funny characters above the numbers on your keyboard will become numbers, numbers will become letters, and lower-case letters will become upper-case.

Where do you think they Go???

[05/07/13]   Programming Methodology written Exam to be sat on Wed 15 May. Practical Exam date will be communicated later. ref,


Quote of the day: Being a great person

Quote of the Day: How to be a Great Person

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

[04/17/13]   80 GB Syllabus-
We study- 800MB
Retains in mind- 800KB
Write in exam- 80Bytes
Result might come in binary digits
But success in our life is all we seek. Hope for the best and preparing for the ...


PHP Tutorial

Download free PHP pdf tutorials from the following link : You may also get other essential tutorials for html,html5,java,CSS and MySQL and more. PHP Tutorial for Beginners - This tutorial is designed for beginners to adavnced developers.


PHP Tutorial

Download free PHP pdf tutorials from the following link : You may also get other essential tutorials for html,html5,java,CSS and MySQL and more. PHP Tutorial for Beginners - This tutorial is designed for beginners to adavnced developers.


Other Kampala universities (show all)
Makerere School Of Commercial Studies and Media Training Makerere School Of Commercial Studies and Media Training
P.O.Box, 10025,Sir Apollo Kaggwe Road,Makerere ,UMF House,Kampala
Kampala, 256


Kampala International University KIU Bursary/scholarship Students. Kampala International University KIU Bursary/scholarship Students.
Kampala, KAMPALA

To Give Half Bursery/scholarship(50%) To The Needy Students Who Have Certain Financial Hardship Hardship. Call 0392001816

Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research & Education Institute - Ecurei Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research & Education Institute - Ecurei
Albert Cook Road
Kampala, +256

Leading Medical Imaging Institute in Africa, and the Centre of Excellence & Teaching Site for the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology- (WFUMB). Apply today to enroll for ECUREI programs.

Stainless Steel Industrial Weighing Scales in Kampala Uganda Stainless Steel Industrial Weighing Scales in Kampala Uganda
Jjunju Road, Wandegeya
Kampala, 256

We manufacture our load cells in-house using stainless steel, which provides an additional layer of protection from corrosive agents while making the scale more accurate. To enhance the corrosion-resistant properties of our scales, we also offer a unique

Industrial Bag Closing Machines Industrial Bag Closing Machines
Wandegeya University Plaza Room A18
Kampala, 256

Eagle Weighing Scales heavy capacity line became even bigger, and better, with the addition of two new products. Each offers a solution to an industry-specific need.

Accurate Weighing Scales Accurate Weighing Scales
Makerere University Branch Off
Kampala, 256

Accurate Weighing Scales services and delivers state of the art weighing scales in Kampala, Uganda at the most affordable prices.We understand your need as a customer. We supply & service digital & mechanical dial weighing equipment like Medical scales

Uganda Technology and Management University Uganda Technology and Management University
UTAMU Resource Centre, Plot 6, Erisa Road, Kiswa, Bugolobi
Kampala, +256

Welcome to Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) a private University in Uganda offering academic programmes accredited by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). UTAMU offers teaching and learning for a 21st Century student.

Dean of Students, Makerere University Business School Dean of Students, Makerere University Business School
P O Box 1337, Kampala-Uganda
Kampala, 256

The Dean of students Office is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing a variety of welfare programmes and services to students

Shimoni Broadcasting Cooperation MEDIA Centre Shimoni Broadcasting Cooperation MEDIA Centre
Kiira Road
Kampala, +256

SBC MEDIA CENTRE "Always Be Informed" Courtesy Of The Journalism Club, Shimoni Core Ptc

UNBS calibrated verified weighing scales in Kampala UNBS calibrated verified weighing scales in Kampala
Wandegeya University Plaza Room A18
Kampala, 256

Eagle Weighing Scales Company is a multi-national measurement and control equipment supplier with national headquarters in Kampala, plus operations and distribution centers in Jinja, Entebbe, Mukono, Lira, Gulu, Masaka, Wakiso, Soroti and Mbale

Makerere University Walter Reed Project Makerere University Walter Reed Project
Plot 42, Nakasero Road
Kampala, +256

Monitor and investigate communicable disease threats of public health importance to Uganda; and develop, evaluate and provide interventions to mitigate these disease threats.