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Logos Skills Training Centre Ltd


This is a post for any layman in technology like me. I took time to understand these things in my own way, so here we go.

Hosting and domain.

-What do these things mean? Maybe we have heard people use them, and OMG, they sound huge! NO.


-As far as website services are concerned, domain name is a name you choose to give your business online. It is registered like you would register any other business with a registration bureau.


Now that you have registered the name , what next, we've got to get space to operate. This is more less like rent that you pay to operate.

When you pay for hosting, you have bought space over the internet. So you a connected to server.

When someone searches for your name on the internet, let's say www.logos.co.ug, they are using their IP address to connect to your own IP address.

That is it for now. For more information about these services in Uganda, visit our website: www.logos.co.ug

Logos is comprised of Information Technology professionals with a passion and dedication to sharing their skills and knowledge with people. LOGOS operates under three closely related business arms; Training, Services and Consulting with one common goal which is that all clients should receive the service they need at the most convenient price and place.

Operating as usual

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Get in touch with us on 256 796 209661/ 256 312 314441
Email us at [email protected].

Are you curious about how accounting computer packages work? Are you interested in learning how to use Quickbooks, Tally, Pastel? Are you in need of an accounting tool to organize your business, help you file taxes, show you how your business is doing in real time at just a click of a finger.
Call us on +256 312 314 441 and we show you how. http://www.logos.co.ug


LOGOS Online

We understand how critical the process of looking for a host can be. Reliability, dependability and bandwidth are some of the most important features you are looking out for. YOU ARE IN LUCK!!!

Whether you need a virtual private server (VPS) host, Cloud, word press and dedicated or even shared hosting, we've got your back!
Talk to us at [email protected] we will be more than ready to offer the service that is tailored to your need.

[01/29/19]   Any person that used IT in the 21 century is constantly learning new things whether by choice or necessity. IT is evolving at a high speed and obviously one needs to equip him/herself with the necessary skills in IT to remain relevant at your job or take your business to different level.

Lately people are saying that with current evolution in technology, machines(computers) are replacing people, thus reducing the available jobs. Duh!!!! It is creating a lot more jobs for the right people. And who are the right people? Those with the relevant IT knowledge and skills in the current technological trend.

At logos, we believe in IT, business, youths, we believe in you.

You are always welcome to stop by our offices (Course view towers-Yusuf Lule Rd) for a cup of coffee and we can share knowledge on how to integrate IT in our business and individual lives, because that’s what we do best



Not sure if you are making profits or losses? Tired of manually tracking your business expenses? Interested in an accounting tool to ease operations in your business? Late on filing taxes, well, whatever your accounting need is, LOGOS has got you covered. The LOGOS COMPUTERISED ACCOUNTING WORKSHOPS are a golden opportunity to see what information Technology can do for your business. Get in touch with us on
☎ +256 312 314 441
📱 +256 776 209 661
📱 +256 704 437 335


The most sought accounting workshops are back. Book your slot now at the LOGOS COMPUTERIZED ACCOUNTING WORKSHOPS happening throughout the week, limited slots. For as low as 65,000/= come get practical accounting skills in a software package of your choice. November we are running specialized training in Quickbooks, Tally and Pastel. We also have specialized training in financial modelling, accounting and book keeping. Call us on +256 312 314 441. Training's are conducted by business experts with experience in accounting and financial management. http://www.logos.co.ug
#managers #entrepreneurs #professionals #accountants #students


You have an idea, you have clients, but have no premises to operate from?? What next?? You know your service or proVuducts can sell, but not yet figured out how or where??? You’ve tried renting office space but the cost was just too much for you to handle. You have a dream but stranded on where next to go. What if we show you a place you could operate from, where you pay less but make more.
Call us on +256 312 314 441.
Visit us http://www.logos.co.ug


We have been silent for a very long time but very busy in the background. Reflecting on the past, we decided to undergo a restructuring process that has culminated to the present set up we now operate under.
We are proud to inform you that we are back and excited to serve you yet again. Through these seven years we've gone through all stages organizations experience, we can now reliably say we’ve found our winning formula.
We shall be resuming our practical training services with effect from 1st November 2018, the focus of our new training program is Skills For Immediate Benefit. Thank you for believing in LOGOS, you can join us for coffee/tea at our offices or reach us on the contacts below:


We are no longer just your company but are now your FRIEND. We've not been silent but rebuilding the environment around the brand, one deep relationship at a time. We are now a GLOBAL COMMUNITY with people of shared values, beliefs & commitment towards a similar goal in life. BUSINESS WITH A HUMAN HEART, HUMAN FACE.

We are finalising our apps through which we can serve & engage better. 30% of our operations are now based in Austin, Texas, another 10% in Scottsdale, Arizona, 35% in Melbourne, Australia and 25% here in Kampala, Uganda where we have our headquarters on Plot 21, Yusuf Lule Rd. Course View Towers on 7th Floor.

We shall be updating you on the new global centres we are opening up in due course. In the meantime, we are open to host you for coffee & chocolate muffins. You've seen us grow from a small one room boys quarter to now a global brand in 7 years. You can officially call us on ☎ +256312314404, 📱 +256776209661 or 📧 [email protected] Come experience Information Technology in its deepest of forms. The world has changed, have YOU????


Today we make 6 years in business. What an exciting, tough and fun journey it's been. Thank you for dreaming with us and believing in us.

Join our CEO & founder on Twitter today at 12:15, his handle is @jonathankayemba as I share our journey. Our theme song is Hero by Mariah Carey


Practical Excel Classes @ UGX. 50,000. 7th Floor Course View Towers & Rwenzori Towers. Custom made for each individual's needs/profession. Come polish and get more work done in the quickest and most enjoyable way. (Accountants, Statisticians, Business Managers, Students). For more details call: +256 312 314 337.


The LOGOS EXCEL CLUB 2017. Come master and polish your spreadsheet knowledge. Classes both for Excel and Numbers. Very interesting new tools and features to cover

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Accelerating Innovation with Leadership

I’ve heard some people argue that life-changing innovations come exclusively from the private sector. But innovation starts with government support for the research labs and universities working on new insights that entrepreneurs can turn into companies that change the world.
The public sector’s investments unlock the private sector’s ingenuity. https://www.gatesnotes.com/About-Bill-Gates/Accelerating-Innovation

www.gatesnotes.com As the U.S. and many other countries around the world go through political transitions, Bill Gates believes we should consider what kind of leaders can drive the innovations we need.

logos.co.ug 09/09/2016

Home | Welcome to LOGOS

Interested in a part time job, LOGOS is looking for young people to market us on social media for a reasonable pay. This is a simple job that require you to work in your free time. You benefit more if your doing a course in line with Business computing, Information Technology, Software Engineering or any other IT related field since we offer free internship. For more information, call us on 256 414691240 Email simple CV on [email protected] and check out what LOGOS does on www.logos.co.ug


logos.co.ug 09/09/2016

Home | Welcome to LOGOS

LOGOS is looking for fresh graduates that are passionate and confident at selling preferably with Degrees, Diplomas or Certificates in the following areas; Business Computing, Information Technology, Engineering, Marketing or any other IT related field. This is a result oriented and salary based corporate job with facilitation and a retainer for guaranteed performance. For more information, call us on +256 414691240. Email CV on [email protected] and check out what we do on www.logos.co.ug


logos.co.ug 11/02/2016


For those enrolling for the Excel training take note, the assessment is online. Best you use a computer/tablet. here is the link; http://logos.co.ug/test.php Step 1 - create a quick account, step 2- answer the 15 questions (objectives), once you submit it shall give you a score (0-5 you are eligible for beginner, 5-10 for intermediate and 11-15 considered for Advanced) take note this is a preliminary result, our assessment board shall review each candidate and advise before you start. You can also list what you want to learn and a tailor made service is offered to you. No one shall be trained without pre and post assessment.


logos.co.ug 11/02/2016


Access details of the Excel training on this link http://logos.co.ug/excel_info.php You can also download the price list with all costs of the practical courses LOGOS offers.

logos.co.ug Here are some interesting facts; Microsoft’s first Office application was MS Excel, yes Excel not Word. Originally it was released under the name Multiplan in 1982 however Microsoft changed the name to Excel when releasing it for the Macintosh in 1985. There was never MS Excel 1.0 for DOS or Windows…

[02/08/16]   We took off 2015 to better understand how effective our training has been for the last 3 years and with your honest feedback we have made some drastic yet exciting changes in the way we deliver our training with special focus on affordability, convenience and impact (benefit/value) of the training. We also discovered creating clusters of clients from the same professions, lifestyle, and interests is a good way of creating a fun based learning environment where clients can challenge, inspire and support each other making the whole learning experience enjoyable and memorable.

baselinescenario.com 06/02/2016

The Importance of Excel

As a consequence, Excel is everywhere you look in the business world—especially in areas where people are adding up numbers a lot, like marketing, business development, sales, and, yes, finance. For all the talk about end-to-end financial suites like SAP, Oracle, and Peoplesoft, at the end of the day people do financial analysis by extracting data from those back-end systems and shoving it around in Excel spreadsheets. I have seen internal accountants calculate revenue from deals in Excel. I have a probably untestable hypothesis that, were you to come up with some measure of units of software output, Excel would be the most-used program in the business world.

baselinescenario.com By James Kwak I spent the past two days at a financial regulation conference in Washington (where I saw more BlackBerries than I have seen in years—can't lawyers and lobbyists afford decent phones?...

[02/06/16]   Next week LOGOS is launching the ‘LOGOS EXCEL CLUB’. What do you know about MS Excel?? Well for starters here are some interesting facts; Microsoft’s first Office application was Excel, yes Excel not Word. Originally it was released under the name Multiplan in 1982, Microsoft changed the name to Excel when releasing it for the Macintosh in 1985.There never was an Excel 1.0 for DOS or Windows since Excel was initially launched on the Macintosh, its first release for Windows in 1987 was already version 2.0. Excel helped Microsoft become the leading PC software developer, how familiar are you with Excel, which areas do you want to improve in???

logos.co.ug 02/02/2016

Welcome to LOGOS. Your Personal IT Coach

Did you know that most professional web developers started out designing websites as a hobby or for fun in their teens? Do you have a dream of developing your first website? What are you doing in your vacation??? The LOGOS website design and web programming team is offering senior six vacists an opportunity to lean, explore and become professional web developers and programmers. Enroll for a practical class for only 100.000/= for a duration of 4 weeks for HTML, CSS, Photoshop. Training capacity is 8 slots and please come with a laptop, have you heard of a farmer who goes to the garden without a hoe, neither have we so don’t be that farmer. You can never be good at this craft if you lack a personal or access to laptop to use. First come, first serve. More details call +256 703 209661 or visit www.logos.co.ug Best students shall be taken on as apprentices in the web programming unit to get thorough training in PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, Javascript and HTML5.

logos.co.ug Practical Skills Training; Your Personal I.T coach.

[02/02/16]   For those who have reached out to us through Skype, Whatsapp and inbox our apologies, we didn't drop training for youths. What i advise if you are or have a senior six vacist. Consider enrolling for the following IT courses, it could be with another training institute or LOGOS. The key areas i would recommend are hardware repair, computers shall and will always break down, this is an area a vacist can earn some basic income i.e. computer repair, maintenance and upgrade is a big issue across the board. Smart phone repairs would be the best but need some more grounding for someone to perfect. Next area is website design and serve management roles. I would recommend starting off with HTML and CSS using Dreamweaver then going into HTML 5, PHP, MySQL with a glimpse of JavaScript - guys enjoy this, for the ladies i would recommend working with HTML 5, and a Content Management System e.g. WordPress, Drupal or Joomla coupled with Adobe Photoshop and Flash. Another area i would recommend is computerized accounting courses with bias to filing, generating reports. These in my thinking can create income generating opportunities.

logos.co.ug 02/02/2016

Welcome to LOGOS. Your Personal IT Coach

Are you looking for what to do in your long senior six vacation??? LOGOS is offering a wide range of short Practical IT Courses; Become a Computer Technician, Hardware & Software technician, come learn how to Build, Upgrade & Repair Computers (Desktop and Laptops) for an unbelievable fee. Pay only 100.000/= to enroll for a duration of 4 weeks, each class has a capacity of 8 slots. First come, first serve. More details call +256 703 209661 or visit www.logos.co.ug Best 4 students shall be recommended to work in a new Computer Clinic setting up in Uganda.

logos.co.ug Practical Skills Training; Your Personal I.T coach.

[01/20/16]   Short courses running at low price everyone can succeed get skills at low price Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016 Word 2013,Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook come with questions disturbing you and you will go back with solutions call +256702798083


WBPF Uganda

VACANCY/ JOB OFFER - WBPF (World-class Business Professional Fundamental) Uganda is looking for a talent who empathize with our vision to develop start-up venture together with us in Kampala.
The main role, for the time being, is (1) sales & marketing and (2) general assistant of our business. We expects the person to be a main trainer and management position in the future https://www.facebook.com/WcBPF/posts/415701635261710

WBPF has started recruiting a talent!!

WBPF (World-class Business Professional Fundamental) Uganda is looking for a talent who empathize with our vision to develop start-up venture together with us in Kampala.

The main role, for the time being, is (1) sales & marketing and (2) general assistant of our business. We expects the person to be a main trainer and management position in the future.

Our Background and Vision:
WBPF (World-class Business Professional Fundamental) Uganda launched in June.2014 by Jun Ito (Japanese global business consultant). WBPF Uganda aims to develop Ugandan business professional who work in global standard in order to develop self-sustained economic and social development by Ugandan. WBPF training is not for specific knowledge and skill development. It is for developing professional mindset & behavior to function effectively in an organization. (e.g. business communication, team working, work planning & management)

Through our investigation, we recognize that most company and organization in Uganda have challenge to recruit qualified talented business professional in local market. In fact, many companies hire foreigner business professionals came from not only European, American, Indian and Chinese, but also from Kenyan, Nigerian, Rwandan and Ethiopian as core positions even it should cost more.
We believe that WBPF contributes significant impacts to take more initiative of developing society and economy by Ugandan ourselves.

Message from Founder:
We are looking for strong passion and motivated talent working to achieve our vision together. To achieve a purpose for solving a critical challenge, the work might not light and simple. It sometimes requires big challenging and hardworking. It will provide you lots of opportunities to earn world-class business professional experiences and capabilities if you work with us for 3-5years hardly. You don’t have world-class professional experience? Don’t worry. We will train you and give you opportunities of global professional experiences through our project if you will follow our high performance work.

The Job description:
The main duties and responsibilities will be:
A) Sales and marketing of training program
Potential client development (new sales)
Client relation management (existing client)
Agent network development
B) Training assistant
C) Administration assistant for manager
D) Other duties will be assigned as necessary
Expect to be a main trainer and management position in the future

You should have:
• A degree or above (applicable for undergraduate)
• Excellent documentation, writing; editing and communication skills
• Basic computer skills (incl. proficiency in MS Office (work, excel and PowerPoint))
• Experience not required (consider "potential"; the ability to adapt to and grow into increasingly complex roles and environments)

• Professional behavior (e.g. Strong willingness to learn new, Strong self-initiative , Accomplishes the result by performing the duty, Deadline-oriented)
• Creative and resourceful; able to 'think outside of the box'
• Flexibility and adaptability in job responsibilities
• Ability to work with people of various backgrounds & working culture

Interested people with the above qualifications and experience are encouraged to apply and submit their application letters along with their appeal letter (A4 1page), simple CV together with recommendation letters. (Academic proof is not necessary in the first application.)
(Email: [email protected])

About Jun Ito (founder & CEO) :
Japanese business consultant and social entrepreneur in Uganda. Jun Ito worked in a biggest global business consulting firm (Accenture) as a business consultant for more than 8years. He started WBPF training from June.2014 in Uganda based on his professional experience.
He has worked around 30countries in the world including African experiences.

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Today we make 6 years in business. What an exciting, tough and fun journey it's been. Thank you for dreaming with us and...


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