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Dear Friends at FCAU

FCA Southern Africa will be holding its end of year function in Johannesburg on 7 December 2019. If you're in town, we'd love to meet up with you. See attached for full details.
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The professional association for international press in Uganda FCAU is a networking organisation that promotes the professional interests of its members.

Membership is open to journalists working in Uganda for foreign and international news-media. It is non-profit-making and non-political. The Association holds regular meetings, inviting newsmakers and experts to off-the-record discussions on developments in Uganda. It also serves as a one-stop shop for communications officers, press attachés or anybody else who wants to make contact with Uganda's

Ugandan novelist and government critic arrested: lawyer 29/12/2021

Ugandan novelist and government critic arrested: lawyer

As a professional association committed to defending freedom of expression we support PEN International’s call for Kakwenza Rukirabashaija’s immediate release and demand an end to the unjust intimidation of writers by Ugandan security forces"

Ugandan novelist and government critic arrested: lawyer At that time, he was accused of breaching Covid-19 social distancing regulations, inciting violence and promoting sectarianism.


Journalists in #Uganda are being targeted by #Pegasus software.


Journalists in #Uganda are being targeted by #Pegasus software.



Ugandan journalist Henry Wasswa is being held at Entebbe police station after he was arrested on Thursday while working for German paper Der Spiegel.

Uganda Police Force should immediately release Henry without charge.

Journalists must not be intimidated while legally doing our jobs.

Journalism is not a crime!


"This government prides [itself] on the restoration of human security. Therefore, a media house seeking accountability for civilians shot dead on Kampala streets should not be conflated as a crime in a civilised and democratic society" - Tabu Butagira


Daily Monitor CPJ Africa - Committee to Protect Journalists Hrnj Uganda Reporters sans frontières / Reporters Without Borders / RSF

"This government prides [itself] on the restoration of human security. Therefore, a media house seeking accountability for civilians shot dead on Kampala streets should not be conflated as a crime in a civilised and democratic society" - Tabu Butagira


Daily Monitor CPJ Africa - Committee to Protect Journalists Hrnj Uganda Reporters sans frontières / Reporters Without Borders / RSF


Along with colleagues & supporters of free media worldwide, today we celebrate World Press Freedom Day!

In order to better reflect our diverse membership, FCAU is becoming the International Press Association of Uganda.

Our branding will change accordingly in the coming months

Along with colleagues & supporters of free media worldwide, today we celebrate World Press Freedom Day!

In order to better reflect our diverse membership, FCAU is becoming the International Press Association of Uganda.

Our branding will change accordingly in the coming months 06/01/2021

How Ugandan Nasa scientist Catherine Nakalembe uses satellites to boost farming

We are sharing some of the best work from our members in 2020.. Here is Patience Atuhaire reporting on how Ugandan NASA scientist Catherine Nakalembe uses satellites to boost farming. Catherine Nakalembe won this year's Africa Food Prize for pioneering work using satellite images.


FCAU is concerned about reports that journalists covering Bobi Wine's election campaign in Kalangala are being arrested and assaulted by security forces and that journalists working for online outlets are being separated from newspaper and broadcasting colleagues for different treatment.

Journalists report they are being stopped from using their phones.

Security forces must not interfere with journalists' possessions without a court warrant and must not attempt to block journalists from reporting events as they happen.

On Monday Information Minister Hon. Judith Nabakooba said she would listen to journalists and resolve our issues.

What is the Minister doing to to ensure journalists’ rights are being respected in Kalangala today?


Ugandan authorities must immediately undertake a credible investigation into the shooting of journalists Ashraf Kasirye & Ali Mivule in Masaka today.

Journalists have repeatedly warned that our safety is in danger but the Ugandan security forces are not listening 18/12/2020

Police to block unaccredited journalists from covering elections


FCAU continues to be concerned about attacks on media practitioners in Uganda ahead of the January 2021 elections and calls for action from authorities.

Below are some of the key events this week.

A key focus is the directive from the Media Council of Uganda for all journalists in the country to re-apply or apply for accreditation. This is a costly exercise for some journalists and could see many barred from doing their jobs.

14th Dec 2020: The Uganda police spokesperson Fred Enanga announced that starting on 21st December 2020, only accredited journalists will be allowed to cover political campaigns and events.

Some context and background from the African Centre for Media Excellence:

15/12/2020. Kampala Uganda: According to the Daily Monitor - one of their journalists was beaten by the Ugandan People Defence Forces (UPDF) while covering events outside the Electoral Commission in the city. He identified himself as press when first confronted by soldiers but was beaten regardless.

Full report here:

16/12/2020. Kampala Uganda: Media accreditations for FCAU members and other journalists have begun to be processed after the normal accreditations were abruptly revoked by the Media Council last week.

The Council presented this as a simple reissuing exercise which was found to be untrue. They have introduced additional requirements, including to submit examples of work and asking journalists entering from abroad to provide Interpol certificates. The Uganda Police announced Monday that starting 21 December 2020, only journalists accredited by the Media Council of Uganda will be allowed to cover political campaigns and other electoral events… 09/12/2020

Agency Photographer of the Year 2020 – shortlist

Congratulations to much loved FCAU member Sumy SC for being shortlisted for The Guardian Agency Photographer of the Year award for her work in Uganda 📸

Follow Sumy on Insta

And check out some of her amazing work here The Guardian’s team of picture editors select some of the photographers whose work has stood out in 2020


Yesterday an FCAU member was deliberately targeted and shot at close range with a rubber bullet by a police officer while working, clearly identifed and accredited.

Such attacks are unjustified & extremely dangerous.

The Ugandan authorities must call a halt to attacks on journalists


A foreign journalist has been detained overnight at Entebbe airport with no proper justification.

Foreign journalists have the right to enter Uganda to work.

Why are the Ugandan authorities detaining journalists?


Attacks on journalists in Uganda must stop.

International journalists look forward to being able to cover the 2021 elections with the same freedom as in the past.

Stand up for media freedom: like and share FCAU’s letter to the Information Minister and security chiefs


Moses Bwayo, a Ugandan journalist, was today shot in the face by police with a rubber bullet while filming. He is hurt but safe.

Violence against journalists is a crime. We call on Ugandan authorities to condemn this attack and investigate those responsible.


Authorities in Uganda should immediately halt false accusations posted on social media today that accredited international journalists are anything other than legitimate reporters.

Military Intelligence operative Lt Col Paddy Ankunda is deliberately putting journalists in danger and should delete his tweets


The Foreign Correspondents' Association of East Africa is alarmed by restrictions on the press covering the Tanzanian elections.

Read the full statement below.


There were some amazing photographs at this year's Uganda Press Photo Awards, celebrating the best of Ugandan and east African photojournalism.

Congratulations in particular to the overall winners:

- KULOBA PETER TERA, who won the UPPA 2020 Grand Prize for his image of a salt farmer near Lake Katwe.
- GORDWIN ODHIAMBO, who won the UPPA 2020 East African Photography Prize for his images of Kibera during covid-19.
- MONICA AHAIRWEBYONA, who won the UPPA 2020 Young Photographer Prize for her image of intersecting roads.

There were also prizes in five different categories and loads more stunning pictures - see them all here


"What keeps me doing this is because I want to save those people such that they don't default on their treatment."

Simon Peter Bukenya, a volunteer delivering medication by bicycle to people with HIV, in this video for Ruptly by Badebye Godfrey. 01/06/2020

'I want my kids back': how overseas adoptions splinter Uganda's families

"They didn't keep their promises. That's the reason I want my kids back."

Sylvia has not seen her son since he was adopted from Uganda almost 7 years ago by an American couple. Now she is fighting to get him back.

Story by Alice McCool for The Guardian. Birth mother’s legal battle to bring back son from US highlights flaws in system that allows children to be taken abroad 01/06/2020

How the internet is helping Ugandan businesses

"We are able to even go ahead to send the money to our truckdrivers using online platforms," says Humphrey Asiimwe, general manager at Multilines International, in this BBC report about technology and business in Uganda's lockdown.

Filmed by Godfrey Badebye. Ugandan firms discuss how their businesses are continuing to run despite the coronavirus lockdown. 30/04/2020

Ugandan HIV-Positive Volunteer Goes Distance to Deliver ARVs

"A client called me and sent me a WhatsApp. She has a two-months old baby and she's going through a lot. That's what really motivated me."

Health worker Simon Bukenya tells Halima Athumani why he cycles 80km a day to deliver antiretroviral drugs. For Voice of America. Amid a three-week suspension of public and private transport in Uganda due to the coronavirus, some HIV-positive Ugandans have struggled to get hold of needed antiretroviral medications. 30/04/2020

Ugandan Health Care Workers Cite Some Success Against Corornavirus

"You remain with that sense of fear, anxiety," says Dr Fred Nakwagala, senior consultant physician for Covid-19 case management, discussing the challenges of the virus and how Uganda is meeting them.

By Halima Athumani for Voice of America.
. The high-risk COVID-19 ward at Uganda’s Mulago National Referral Hospital has been filled to capacity over the past month. But the hospital says recoveries have kept pace with the rate of confirmed coronavirus infections. Uganda has confirmed 79 coronavirus infections, 49 recoveries, and — so fa... 01/04/2020

Uganda charges 20 LGBT+ people with risking spread of coronavirus

"They are always using alternative charges to arrest people for unnatural offences so [coronavirus] just worked perfectly for them," says Patricia Kimera, a human rights lawyer, after 20 LGBT+ people are arrested in Kampala.

By Alice McCool for Thomson Reuters Foundation.


Ugandan activist spread climate awareness against government inaction

"When I realised that there are communities that are facing the impacts of climate change right now, I decided to start my climate activism," says climate activist Vanessa Nakate.

Video by Badebye Godfrey with reporting from Solomon Serwanjja for TRT World.

Youth activists around the world have been protesting weekly, for governments to take greater action in dealing with the climate crisis. A 23-year-old in Uga... 11/03/2020

Ugandan Parents Urge Evacuation of Children in Coronavirus Epicenter

"We pleaded with our government to help us evacuate our children, and up to now, they refused," says Margaret Ntale, a Ugandan with three children studying in Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.

Halima Athumani reports for Voice of America. At least 69 Ugandan students are effectively trapped in Wuhan, China — the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic. In Uganda, parents of the students are pleading with authorities to bring them home, but Ugandan officials say they have no plans to do so. Three of Margaret Ntale’s four children ar... 11/03/2020

Swarms of Locusts Destroy Huge Swaths of Farmland in East Africa

Photos from Michele Sibiloni illustrate this story by Nicholas Bariyo on the plague of locusts in east Africa. For the Wall Street Journal. The worst plague in generations is putting some 20 million people in Africa at risk of starvation, as enormous clouds of locusts defy pest control and devour every crop in their path.


Moses Bwayo, a Ugandan journalist, was today taken to Luzira prison, where he will be held on remand.

He is due to appear in court again on Friday.

Please read and share our statement below.

Stand for press freedom. #FreeMoses 03/03/2020

Naturschutz contra Menschenrechte: Der Feind in Grün

How has conservation in Africa become militarised? And what does that mean for local people?

Simone Schlindwein and colleagues at Die Tageszeitung today launch a new investigation, "The Green Army", which will be published over the coming weeks.

The first part follows wildlife rangers in the DR Congo.

Funded by Germany, trained by former members of Israelis special forces, they describe the people who live in the forest as "terrorists".

They are saving the gorillas - but at what cost?!5666561/ Einer Minderheit Kongos werden Zerstörungen im Nationalpark vorgeworfen. Armut habe ihnen keine Wahl gelassen, sagen die Angeklagten.


Congratulations to Frédéric Noy who has been nominated for World Press Photo of the year (in the environment category) for his photos of pollution on Lake Victoria.

The story is titled "Lake Victoria slowly dying".

The winners will be announced on 16 April. 02/03/2020

Two exhibitions explore dark moments in Uganda’s past

Taking photographs in the bush was a way to scare pursuers, remember friends or "just to feel happy", says Okello Moses Rubangangeyo, a former LRA rebel, in this story by Liam Taylor for The Economist about two exhibitions exploring Ugandan history. Violence haunts the pictures of Idi Amin’s era and the Lord’s Resistance Army 02/03/2020

Malawi legalises cannabis amid hopes of fresh economic growth

"Cannabis will in the long run replace to***co to become our major cash crop," argues Boniface Kadzamira, a Malawian politician, after the country passed a bill decriminalising industrial and medicinal cannabis.

By Alice McCool for The Guardian. Law change hailed by supporters as chance for country to benefit from rising global demand for medicinal cannabis products


BOBI Wine's people Power | Bottomline Africa

"We want justice, we want equality, we want freedom to be," says Bobi Wine in this interview with Badebye Godfrey for KTN News.

#Kenya #KTNNews #KTNPrime SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: Follow us on Twitter: ...


We call on the Ugandan authorities to drop charges against journalist Moses Bwayo and return his equipment.

For more details see our *new* statement below.


Our statement calling for the immediate release of Moses Bwayo, a journalist who was arrested in Kampala on Monday while filming a documentary about Bobi Wine. 21/02/2020

Acid attack survivors in Uganda - in pictures

Survivors of acid attacks in Uganda are pushing for stronger laws to punish perpetrators and support victims.

Photo essay for The Guardian by Sumy Sadurni.

Videos (show all)

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Uganda Press Photo Awards 2016John Batanudde, Honourable Mention, Story CtaegoryImages from the campaign trail as NRM fl...


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