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SpareWo is an online one stop centre for automobile Spare Parts and Accessories.

SpareWo: An online one stop centre for Car Spare Parts and Accessories.

SpareWo is an online market place for Car Spare Parts and Accessories. Through its dynamic website - and strong partnerships with hundreds of reputable merchants in Uganda and Abroad, the company has created a one stop online shop on which the public can purchase all their spare part and car accessory needs.

SpareWo founder Edrine Ssempebwa sat with Damali Ssali and discussed their dream, motivation and challenges in this week's episode of the #IdeationCorner.

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#SubieLove Let’s talk automotive lighting today. Headlights and tail lights ensure that you are seen by other motorists even in the most limited visibility conditions. Ensure both the low beam and high beams Headlights are working perfect. You are also required by law to turn off the high beams when within reach of an oncoming vehicle or when following another vehicle at close range.

A secondary part of a car’s lighting system are fog lights. They are designed to be used when the fog is so thick that it prevents the headlights from penetrating through the water droplets to light up the road ahead. It’s always better to turn off the headlights and turn on the fog lights to illuminate the road below the fog.

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SUBARU OWNERS CLUB UGANDA FORESTER NATION KENYA. Forester Nation Kenya. Forester Nation Vivo Energy Uganda Total Uganda Cityoil Uganda Ltd SpareWo Britam Sanlam Sanlam Uganda ICEA Uganda

📷: Murat Studio 25
Ladies that like Subaru and most especially the Subaru Forester family of cars aren't weird. They are a rare gift from God. Meet our crush of the week. Queen, loves Foresters for their Symmetrical All Wheel Drive system that allows one to drive almost on any terrain.
#subaru #subielove #subarulove #subielife #forester #FozzyNation

SUBARU OWNERS CLUB UGANDA Forester Nation Kenya. Forester Nation Vivo Energy Uganda Total Uganda Total Cityoil Uganda Ltd SpareWo

Britam Sanlam Sanlam Uganda ICEA Uganda

📷: Murat Studio 25
What are some good sound systems for cars? Here are the key aspects to consider while upgrading a car’s audio system.

1. Speakers - woofer, mid-range & tweeters
2. Interconnects, cables & acoustic damping
3. The music source, sometimes called the head unit
4. Pre-amp & amps

They are million and one options for specialized manufacturers of aftermarket car audio systems such as Focal, Rockford Fosg*te, Audison, Morel, Mosconi, JLAudio and many more.

Contact your mechanic or electrician to help you choose based on your preferences and budget.

#subaru #subielove #subarulove #subielife #forester #FozzyNation

SUBARU OWNERS CLUB UGANDA Forester Nation Kenya. Forester Nation Subafest Uganda Vivo Energy Uganda Total Uganda Cityoil Uganda Ltd SpareWo

📷: Murat Studio 256
#SquadGoals🐶 Subaru Forester drivers are big dog lovers, and the feeling is mutual. These dogs just love their Forester!

Besides CCTV cameras and car alarm systems what keeps your car safe and secure during this lock-down?

#subaru #subielove #subarulove #subielife #forester #FozzyNation

SUBARU OWNERS CLUB UGANDA FORESTER NATION KENYA. Forester Nation Kenya. Forester Nation Subafest Uganda Subaru Owners Club

Vivo Energy Uganda Total Uganda Cityoil Uganda Ltd City Tyres Daks Toyota Bosch Car Service Uganda Wamuco Motors Ramzan Motors Ltd SpareWo Motorcare Uganda Ltd. Kampala Motorz

📷: Murat Studio 256
Turbo or none-turbo. Manual or automatic. Put yourself in your car’s shoes for a moment. How many times would you do car service and what car-key-parts would you interest the mechanic to check or diagnose?

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Vivo Energy Uganda Total Uganda Cityoil Uganda Ltd City Tyres Daks Toyota Bosch Car Service Uganda Wamuco Motors SpareWo Ramzan Motors Ltd Motorcare Uganda Ltd. Kampala Motors LTD TYRES Uganda

📷: Murat Studio 256
The top 10 start ups in Uganda 2019 SpareWo Swipe2pay SafeBoda and more made it to the list Tugende

All your Genuine Automotive Needs A Click Away! Cheap Genuine parts from reputable International and Local merchants on the first online Shopping website that is dedicated to providing the largest variety Genuine Auto Spare parts at the cheapest prices.

Operating as usual

Photos from SpareWo's post 11/03/2022

You g*t to love a beautiful makeover🔥. We had a Toyota Hilux in the work shop that had been sprayed with Poor quality paint that had cracked and formed a web pattern on the car. (Slide to the left to see where we came from)

So we stripped it down to the core and did a beautiful paint job while also giving the chairs a fresh new look. Hit us up on 0773276096 and book your makeover today.


Happy new week! May you receive that call or email you've been waiting for and may it bear good news.

Also, don't get stranded in a faulty car, give us a call on 0773276096 to bail you out. You can also order 🚗parts on our website at #SpareWoGyali

Photos from SpareWo's post 27/07/2021

You might want to change your seat covers. #SpareWoGyali We are a call/text away at 0773276096

Remember the #LockdownGarageMoves and we could change them for you at your place of convenience.


Is Lockdown ending soon? If it is, this is the perfect time for you to fix those annoying 🚗knocking sounds you didn't have time for before. The #LockdownGarageMoves to bring you Diagnosis on wheels to your doorstep. Price is now at 80k #UOTmarketplace #SpareWoGyali


It's important not to skip your 🚗service schedule and the #LockdownGarageMoves to make it simpler for you to do it even while you're at home.
Enjoy Service on wheels at the place of your convenience. #SparewoGyali


D̶e̶l̶i̶v̶e̶r̶y̶ ̶f̶e̶e̶ myee!!

💰Save some money when you order any 👨🏽‍🔧service or spare parts above 200k around town. The #LockdownGarageMoves to cut your costs.

Photos from SpareWo's post 05/07/2021

#SpareWoGyali Ready to serve you this new week!!

There's nothing 🚗that can't be fixed. even in this Lockdown because the #LockdownGarageMoves to bring you services to right where you are.
#SpareWoBodyWorks #SpareWoMakeOver

Photos from SpareWo's post 29/06/2021

🎉🎊Good news car people!!

You'll suffer with car problems NO MORE because the #LockdownGarageMoves to bring you 🚗 services anywhere you are. We are just a call/text away, serving people at home, at office, and on the road.

Better news, we have removed delivery fees for orders above 200k around Kampala. Always remember that #SpareWoGyali😉

Photos from SpareWo's post 18/05/2021

Sometimes the first baby you get before the 👶🏽baby-baby is a car and when it gets damaged, a part of you feels sick🤒. But no worries, we gotchu😉 #SpareWoGyali

Check pictures to see the restoration on a Toyota Premio after a head-on collision 💥

📲Call/text on 0773276096 for all your #carrepair needs.


Happy Monday!! Are you 💪🏾fired up?

Well, if your car is leaking and you do not know what exactly it is. Here's👇🏾 some information to help or just 📲call us to fix it👨🏽‍🔧 #SpareWoGyali


Wish everyone a happy #EidAlFitr #EidMubarak


Save time when ordering your 🚗car parts with the SpareWo👨🏾‍🔧 app once it's out. You'll soon have open access our catalogue that contains all car parts and simply choose which ones you want at your #convenience

Photos from SpareWo's post 26/04/2021

🚗Owning a car in #Kampala is now easier. They are more affordable, we have reliable mechanics and authentic spare parts, car information and knowledge is readily available and most importantly, 💁🏾‍♂️#SpareWoGyali to make caring for it very convenient.👊🏾😉

Photos from SpareWo's post 20/04/2021

Rainy seasons like this have our cars looking so 😔dirty but here's what's worse

When that water remains on the car, it attracts dust and other pollutants which transfer onto the paint and leave stains or lead to colour alteration.🤦🏾‍♂️

This is where car wax comes in. Wax is about protection of your car from pollutants, UV rays, water, and damage from contact drying with towels, etc. Even from scratches from silt in water when the roads flood.

Once you apply wax to your car, you'll see how important it is in keeping your car sparkling. All water just slides off, which means it doesn't remain to attract pollutants, plus it gives the car a shiny smooth finish & fills the gaps/cracks in the clear coat usually caused by scratches

How often should wax be applied?

It depends on the conditions to which your car is exposed. Frequent Exposure to the sun, rain, dust and physical contact might mean that you have to wax a bit more frequently.

Ideally for #Kampala, you may need to wax at least once every 3 months

How should wax be applied?

Let it be the last thing you do after washing your car, Even after polishing. Apply not too much, not too little. Apply wax to the car and the buff it with a clean lint free cloth.

How can I get car wax?

📲Call or send us a WhatsApp message on 0773276096 to order your Wash & Shine kit (only @200k) The package will contain wax as well as other car care products like a dashboard spray, tyre shine spray, car scents, etc #washnshine


Happy New week!!

May the good news you receive be louder than the noises you are trying to ignore from your car.


#TGIF Friday reminder: You cannot fully enjoy the #weekend when your car is messed up.

👨🏾‍🔧📲: 0773276096


Having to keep track of your 📆 servicing schedule can be tasking🙄 especially when you're a busy person.
The simple solution is coming to you. You sit back & do life, the reminder notifications will find you in time

ONLY ON THE SPAREWO APP 👀 ....Coming soon


Bad news is spending your entire Saturday seating at the garage only to find out later that you fixed the wrong car part.🤦🏾‍♀🤦🏾‍♂️

Bikwase SpareWo, we pick up, do a diagnosis, fix, & return the car.
📲: 0773276096 #SpareWoGyali


Is your car's air filter clean?💨

Besides making you sick😤, A dirty air filter can increase fuel consumption, hurt engine performance and contribute to higher engine emissions.🤦🏾‍♂️

We can clean it for you from wherever you are or get you a new one. We're just a 📲call away on +256 773276096


🤗Hello our happy customers

🎉We have good news!! The SpareWo experience is about to get better & easier with our coming web & mobile app.
- Get instant replies & quotations
- No need for phone calls
- Receive service reminder notifications
- Get a Digital profile & history of your car so you can order spare parts & repair services in one click because #SpareWoGyali 👨🏾‍🔧


Always grateful for a chance to spend time with family, celebrating Christ✝️.

Enjoy your 🌴Easter holiday fam #HappyEaster


🎉May April be good to you.🤗

⚠️ Remember to prioritize your safety. Check your airbags to be sure they are in good working condition. If they need changing, call us up to replace them.

Photos from SpareWo's post 31/03/2021

Do not let anyone tell you that your car parts are unavailable. #SpareWoGyali

👇🏾Shipped ⛴️in from Dubai in just 3 days for a Mini Cooper🚗 we're working on.

Photos from SpareWo's post 31/03/2021

It's payday!!🥳
Remember to check when your servicing is due & call us to do a FULL or HALF hassle-free service on your 🏎️baby if it is.

Also check your lights & bulbs, wipers (it's rainy season) engine oil level & condition, tyre inflation & windshield washer fluid.


Happy New week people.

Remember to make sure your engine is well oiled🛢️. 🌧️Rainy days like this can get water into critical engine parts causing near permanent damage from water entering the inlet air tubing, contamination of oil and corrosion of the metallic elements

But If your hydraulic oil is present, it can resist these water effects.


😎 There's a beema that is about to be renewed. She isn't ready👨🏾‍🔧💙


Imagine all your 🚗car history in one place, where you can easily order car parts and repair services.

That's the power of having a SpareWo account.
🖱️Register today


The goal is to help 🚗car owners save more money on garage visits.
Nothing saves you more 💴 & time than having your car fully diagnosed by a professional. It helps you to quickly & accurately identify what your car's problem is & this means repair times & costs are also greatly reduced.👌🏾


📑Updates every step of the way.📝

You want to receive updates about the progress on your car while its in the garage 👨🏾‍🔧

🤔Don't you?


What is that one thing about your car that is always broken?

Me: Passenger window


Happy Monday!!

It's too hot☀️ You and 🚗yours should stay hydrated💦
📲Call us or send us a Whatsapp message if you want to change your engine oil, brake fluid, gearbox fluid, battery fluid, & coolant. #HassleFreeService


Before you top-up your oil, first stop & ask yourself;

1. Should I be topping up or totally changing it?
2. Is the old oil/the one that's already inside clean?
3. Is the new oil I'm adding the same weight/compatible with the old one?

If these all check out, go ahead👍🏾 & top-up.

Photos from SpareWo's post 10/03/2021

💁🏾‍♂️When your engine warning light just won't go off, your fuel consumption dramatically increases, your spark plugs misfire despite the fact they may not have a problem, it may be your Oxygen sensors(O2 sensors) with the problem.

These sensors are responsible for monitoring🕵🏾‍♂️ how much unburned oxygen is present in the exhaust from the engine, a measure of your fuel mixture. The ratio of fuel to air mixture is what allows your car's engine to adjust to speed & power requirement changes so it runs smoothly.

⚠️There are many other reasons your engine light may come on or that your fuel consumption may increase or car may stall but problems with these sensors or another part of your exhaust or emissions system may be a trigger.

If your engine warning (Check engine) light constantly on, let's help you to check it out. Give us a call on 0773276096 & relax while we work on it.

#Convenience at its peak.👌🏾


"She remembered who she was and the game changed" - Lalah Deliah

Dear Women,

You are strong, you are smart, you are beautiful, & you are POWERFUL. Remember who you are.

Happy #WomensDay #BethePower


The dust in Kampala right now!! 🤦🏾‍♂️BUT do not let your car stay dirty.

Keeping your car clean can help you to avoid costly body damage from stains that may become permanent, and colour alteration? Get yourself the #SpareWoWashnShine kit to keep it sparkling..✨

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