Miseebe and sons cosmetics center

Miseebe and sons cosmetics center

Welcome to home of fashion & Beauty. We are the specialists of selling many types of Skin care, perfumes, scents, body sprays and fragrances, weaves and praids

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Go confidently in your direction and live your dreams. We make sacrifices just to make ends meet. There can never be a weekend without a Monday. Blessed week TeamPositivity. 💪 miseebe family tugende tukole

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miseebe cosmetic centre we thank you all our customers for shopping with us in the past years. Thanks for boosting miseebe cosmetic centre. This has made us the best growing shopping destination. Please accept our discounts to you following to the discounts on our out let from 15th December 2013 until 9th January 2014. Business hours as usual. Peace and joy Christmas and throughout the new year.


Best wishes for a happy holiday season and our sincere thanks for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year. continue to shop with miseebe and sons cosmetics centre


6 tips to avoid smudged eye makeup

Keep your smoky eyes in place with tips from PopSugar!

Whether it's from sweat, humidity, tears, or just plain oily lids, eye makeup that runs and smudges throughout the day is far from flattering. Before you get completely frustrated, try these tips for applying your makeup and touching up on the go that will let you bat those lashes with confidence.

1. Start with clean skin. If your eyelids tend to get greasy as the day goes on, make sure you're starting with a clean slate. Wash your face in the morning, and make sure to pay attention to your lids, so you wash off any excess oils from the night before. (And check out these meltproof makeup tips, too.)

2. Apply an eye primer. After your skin is clean and moisturized (avoid putting eye cream directly on your lids), apply a primer specifically made for your eyes. Ones like Nars Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Baseand Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original are formulated to not only prep your lids but also help your makeup apply smoothly and stay in place.

3. Use waterproof formulas. If your eye shape or oily lids make standard eye makeup crease and smudge, then your best bet is to stick with waterproof and long-wearing options. We love the product offerings in the M.A.C. Cosmetics Pro Longwear range. And CoverGirl LashBlast 24 Hour Mascara has some serious staying power.

4. Set your look. Once you have your eye makeup complete, set everything. If you use creamy textures or pencils, set them with matching eye-shadow powders. And if everything you use is powder, set the look with blotting powder, like Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Pressed Setting Powder. If it washes out your style, you can always go back and layer on more shadow or liner to really fortify your look.

5. Keep eye-makeup remover on hand. Being prepared means you won't have to stress over stray eye makeup in the wrong places. Almay Makeup Eraser Sticks are superportable swabs packed with just the right amount of eye-makeup remover, so you can clean up any smudges in a pinch.

6. Stash your makeup for touch-ups. Your eyeliner and eye shadow barely take up any room, which means you can drop them in your handbag (or just buy seconds) so you always have them for any necessary touch-ups.


Women have two weapons – cosmetics and tears over men


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I love the confidence that makeup gives women.


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Cosmetics is a boon to every woman, but a girl's best beauty aid is still a near-sighted man.


Goal setting could help you take complete charge of your life and everything that happens to you. It's the foundation that supports your success.


Your hair needs moisture on a daily basis to keep it healthy and strong to prevent breakage. Oil Moisturizer & Hair Lotion does. It protects your hair, stopping dryness which leads to breakage, leaving it soft and shiny with no greasy after feel.


Conditioning your hair with Conditioner after you wash it helps to keep your strands healthy. It helps to tame it and make it more manageable. It adds to the natural moisture and gives shine, spring and intensity.

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Setting Lotion can be used on natural, relaxed or color-treated hair. It creates a firm hold, yet easy to comb. It has conditioning ingredients which help improve your hair texture. It also adds incredible body and shine. have it. Lucky for your hair!


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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, keep visiting our outlet for perfume sales,valentine's cosmetics and valentine's gifts from now to enjoy exclusive special offers for our old and new customers, Facebook fans. miseebe and sons cosmetics we love our customers! wish you a good weekend all.


If your hair is not growing, then you are simply not taking proper care of your hair. Hair should grow naturally at least 4 to 6 inches a year:
1.Shampoo and Condition Regularly.
2.Moisturize Daily.
3.Stop Using Heated Hair Appliances.
4.Trim Split Ends.
5.Wear Low Maintence Styles
6.Use a Silk Scarf.
7.Avoid Overprocessing.


How to wash you face properly to avoid pimples.

You will need a facial cloth, a hand towel, mild facial soap (bar or liquid), and working water (hot and cold). *The milder the soap the better-irritation will only cause more acne.
Wet down your facial cloth with hot water. The water has to be so hot, the facial cloth steams. Be careful not to burn your hands, though! When the cloth is steaming, wring out the water, and place it on your face. This will open your pores. Repeat this process twice. Make sure your eyes are closed.
After opening your pores, quickly wash down your cloth again with hot water and put soap on it. Then gently wash your entire face, but concentrate on the infected areas. Let the lather rest for about 30 seconds. While waiting, wash your cloth down again with hot water thoroughly.
Wipe the lather from your face thoroughly. Make sure none is left over.
Rinse the cloth with cold water. Make sure the cloth is VERY cold. Then place it on your face. This will close your pores. Dry your face with the towel, but don't rub, just dab the water off.

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Did you know that people with dry skin may develop stretch marks more readily than those with oily skin types. The use of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine may also be contributing factors. Those who eat fatty foods consistently increase their risk of weight gain and therefore stretch marks as well.

To lessen the risk of developing them. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and try to control weight gain. Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated since dry skin may be more at risk of stretch marks. Moderate regular exercise can also help keep the skin supple and elastic.

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What is your favorite day of the week? Me, its Friday! Tell us


A new year means a new you! What changes will you be making to your hair this year? Going natural? Changing your hair color, hair relaxer for the first time, or cut?

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good evening and lovely week to youn all, may the lord shine upon you nice day


A good evening and lovely week to you all. May the lord shine upon you, nice day.


happy new year customers and friends


Miseebe and sons cosmetics sends great thanks to it's esteemed customers for such tremendous support in this year 2012. Miseebe and sons remands it's customers that chrismas package discount is still running till 15 january 2013. Thanks for shopping with miseebe and sons cosmetics centre mityana. Come with a friend at miseebe cosmetics centre


Christmas is the love of God
Christmas is the Promise of God
Let us Celebrate the Christmas
For the love and promise of the god
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Christmas remind us, the God will never leave us in despere, He is always mercy, kind and will sacrifice to save us from our sins.
So let us pray and sing for god Wishing you a religious Christmas and happy new year


Christmas remind us,the God will never leave us in despere, He is always mercy, kind and will sacrifice to save us from our sins.
So let us pray and sing for god Wishing you a religious Christmas and happy new year


hope to be there


apromotion save holiday
things are at cheap price try us




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