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but when is season's premier "THE CAMPUS" starting to be shown on magic1
The magic is real. Awesome stuff. Thumbs up to the team.
Uganda's no one music channel, reminds me how I loved channel O back's for real
Hi magic 1HD..i want to share my video with you when am presenting I believe I can be your next super star..but how do I post it
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Who Was Moses Radio The FRIEND? | SPINERS 14/01/2022

Who Was Moses Radio The FRIEND? | SPINERS

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JANZI AWARDS 2021: Here Is The Full List Of Winners | SPINERS

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It's now easier to send MAGIC 1 HD a message. 26/10/2021

It's now easier to send MAGIC 1 HD a message.

It's now easier to send MAGIC 1 HD a message.

PHOTOS: 15 Most Dressed Female Celebrities In The Independence Day Wear | Spin Deejays 10/10/2021

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IN LOVE AGAIN?: Eddy Kenzo’s alleged New Girlfriend, is a 26-year-old Tanzanian from the island of Zanzibar.
She is a daughter to Tanzania's tycoon Said Salim Bakhresa the CEO & Chairman Of Bakhresa Group Of Companies Tanzania (Azam Media, Azam Beverages, Azam Grain Millers, Azam FC). She has lived In Germany, Switzerland And USA. She’s also a practicing Surgeon and graduate of John Hopkins University School of Medicine In Baltimore Maryland USA. Close sources say they hooked up while on her holiday here in Kampala, she now doesn't want to return to the States but stay in Kenzo's loving embrace.

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2021 BET Awards: Full list of winners and nominees

BET AWARDS 2021: Full List of Winners

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Dave Kazoora TRIBUTE to The New Vision Former C.E.O - Robert Kabushenga.

I have worked with some of the best brains in East Africa. To mention just a few, my first major MD was Conrad Nkutu who I can write a good chapter on to Eriv Vanvin, Baker UBL, Kubai Pepsi, Wim, Airtel Uganda MD for 11 years Tom Gucia, Diego, Samo, Amit Rwanda, Tanzania’s Sunil Colaso. Aside from CEO’s, I have also worked with marketing directors like Prasoon Lal, Aggie Konde, Levi Nyakundi, Philip Besiimere, Moses Abinda, the great OP, Brandon, Daniel Ogongo, Juliana K, Karanja, Arindam just to mention a few.

I don’t know whose name will come up off head for you when you mention a company name, for me it would be Eric Vavin of MTN, the older guys know what he did to change many things at MTN but when you mention Vision Group, Bukedde or New Vision, the name Robert Kabushenga will be on top of my mind.


I don’t quite remember the year may be it was 2003, President Museveni had arranged to meet Television and Radio presenters and I think that time Robert Kabushenga was the head of the Uganda Media Centre where you see Ofwono Opondo making noise every day. So we head to State House at about 9am but we met the President close to 3pm, we didn’t even get lunch but we took tea, cakes, groundnuts and bread. ( that budget must be 1 Billion weekly, no wonder they didn’t give us lunch budget would be 10 Billion).

Anyway we entered a smaller conference room, we were few back then in 2003 I think we had 3 TV stations and about 10 radio stations in the country but now there is literally no space for radios and with TVs, by the end of the year we shall have close to 40 local channels. So in 2003, it could have been WBS TV, UTV, CBS FM, Simba FM, Capital FM, Sanyu FM, Radio One and Monitor FM the today KFM

So Kabushenga ushered us in and he sat next to me on the second last table, in my mind am like what does the capital gang host want sitting next to me?, to talk about what?. So Robert asked me questions about TV, how it’s like looking soo smart on TV because with radio he did it in his sandals, T-shirts and shorts. Finally he said to me, ‘’….. Everyone has asked the President a question and you haven’t said a thing, it’s always important to be noticed especially with big people, you never know they could spot your skills maybe they don’t even watch you on TV.”

So I was the last person to ask Sevo a question, I honestly had nothing to ask but I said since Robert asked me to an make impression, I stood up and walked from behind and the president turned to Desre who was one of the hosts for this meeting. The president had to notice me because I was in white pants, a tight T-shirt and was like the young rock. When I got to the microphone next to him, I said to him “I hope you asked Desre about my designer, he’s a young boy on Wilson street called Kagame but not the President of Rwanda”, that pulled out laughter from him, then I said by the look of things I don’t think you know who Iam. Iam Kazoora, (little pose) then Junior, Iam sure you’ve made acquiesce with the senior Kazoora in the bush war. The president only knew Journalists as news anchors, we the lifestyle presenters are not given the credit or relevance in this country especially with the old generation. I noticed the president only reads newspapers and watches news, he has no time for us hahahahah. Just imagine the president rushing to watch NBS After5, maybe former VP Gilbert Bukenya lol.

I said it’s sad that you don’t know me but if I stood for any post in State house with that Minister Nsaba-Butuuro, I would win him hands down just like Straka would win Minister Amelia Kyambadde in State house, strange 18 years later a musician ( Dr. Hilderman ) won her. At the time me and Straka where the most recognized presenters in Uganda how couldn’t he know us. I don’t know who is number 1 now but whoever it is, he or she should add the 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th probably till 10th then you will get to JK and Straka.

So my first question / request was, “Mr. president you don’t know us please give me your number so I can update you on what’s happening in the Ghetto, am the number 1 youth connect, I will give you firsthand information about their issues.” Right now you can reach his influencers, media team or maybe sometime he reads views off social media but then reaching the president heheh, I don’t want to go into details of this because the story is about Robert Kabushenga.

Back To Robert Kabushenga.

So I went back, sat and the President stood up, he didn’t even speak for 15 minutes, he just wanted to listen to us and maybe sees us. So after the 15 minutes, Robert Kabushenga turned to me and said ‘’that was Brilliant!! now you have made an impression he only answered your questions.” (With this look of you have got my attention). He asked me for my number and that was the beginning of my relationship with Robert, he told me to impress the president but I made an impression on him. The president later asked for my business card but they have never called me, actually months later at the Journalism Awards, the President still asked for it and told him it’s my second time don’t lose this one he gave it to Amelia Kyambadde, still he has never called.

Robert Kabushenga Personality

Now with Robert, you had to be careful because his ego is off to the roof, his well-informed to the point, he will know how much sugar, fuel etc. cost, he shops, drives himself even long distances, not like some minsters who retire and put fuel of 50k thinking it will take them to Rutooma. If you ever made an impression, your next time to meet him should be funny as hell and be ready for first silly jokes before serious business for example, one time while I was doing “Beera mu Klass’’ promotion, he found me in Bukedde TV studios. I think he was shocked because I was doing some work with NTV at the same time so maybe he thought am a spy, I greeted him, ‘’Hi Robert”, he looked at me and said, “better than you posed abit for my answer then walked away” and I said to him “Ok walk away those shoes will need to be replaced because I got you 159 millions, Iam the guy doing “beera mu klass” then he walked back with a laugh and said, “I got you my little brother, it’s a good concept bring more ideas but if I had taken it serious and him waiting for my funny response he would have walked away.’’

My working relationship with Robert Kabushenga.
I did a lot of promotions with Vision Group, actually one time I told him he makes me the Promotions Manager for the company so I would do a lot of promotions with all the platforms but that didn’t work out until I joined Urban TV 2 years ago with the success of Magic1HD. It wasn’t hard for Robert to make the decision so I asked him for the same contract like UBC, I run Urban TV and in return earn 40% on incremental revenue, he looked at me and said make Urban great again I fear you and I told him fear me already after 12 months. I thought since he was okay with my proposal, this should be signed within a week but it took about 4 months to be signed, of course someone was fighting me not getting into Urban and I also noticed that he’s not the super power at Vision. In his management style, not imposing himself on everything, he has powerful directors who make the decisions in meetings clearly he would be looking at the side of the coin, Vision has processes I don’t think Robert would wake up one morning and fire someone, I don’t think the HR director would let that happen. What I liked at Vision was the process, outside the world you think Robert is the owner of Vision but inside, my friend so many brilliant people who would oppose him on many things not forgetting the board, so for me I knew I was in the right place not as an employee but someone who shared ideas and brains, unfortunately I couldn’t make 12 months, my relationship with Robert lasted 4 months. For the second time I needed some support which we didn’t get, we decided to leave the war room but our efforts in 3 months were felt till today they’re using my studios and many of our ideas but once he stopped taking my calls and meetings I knew something bad was happening plus of course politics from some directors.

Robert is so brilliant, for what he has done the president would be offering him a role to continue creating and building whatever is at hand and being that he’s soo passionate about agriculture maybe he could be minister, am told the sector has a new young PS moving things. If Robert was in the states now HBO, Apple TV or even Netflix would be fighting for his signature as CEO but I won’t be surprised if the big corporations also knocking on the door. He would be a great CEO for Airtel, UBL, and Coke etc.

Finally Robert, I will give you shares in our channel BETV and the broadcasting institute just to give us one day in a week for only 2 hours like the Urban days, I hope the meeting won’t be at 6am, those used to kill me a lot. You’re such a morning person, waking up at 5am, jogging to the gym then dress up and by 6am you are in office and sometimes leave past 11pm, what a man!

Thank you, for all your brilliance for me it’s not retirement it’s a new brilliant chapter in your life and will pray some of us still have the blessing to call you and you answer. You’re still young let’s get into drinking some whiskey, I will come to the farm soonest, I know your best mate Aga won’t be happy.

You can’t retire the country still needs your character, personality, charm, hard work, commitment and most of all your experience.

Truly a winner, what a story from intern to CEO! When is your book coming out ?

Much Love and Respect - Your young brother,
JK Kazoora
Buddies Broadcasting Institute.

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