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What is the price of bio digestor thanks
+256 702 440 264 +256 776 368 917
WhatsApp.+256 754 97 93 84
hi mr kayondo urgently call 0774163048
Thank u for this platform
Pliz help me find charcoal briquettes machines and their prices thank u malik
Authorized Distributor: Life Care Beauty Spa
Market Agent: Telesat International
When it comes to Instant Hand Sanitizer, give Maalik Fahd Kayondo of Telesat International the first priority. Proteger Plus Hand Sanitizer is really genuine.
Telesat International thanks for resurrecting. You once had great entrepreneurial ideas but it's no more
hello telesat staff thanks for the good projects that you train us and the services you deliver to us we are so happy.
my concern was mainly on the machines that produce chalk and even knowing the price of each machine that you have such that i can make a choice.
I wud like 2 make wood u teach it.
Please what are the upcoming trainings?
hi, how much are the school chalk molds and where can I get them from?
Kinetagisaki okisoma okukola chalk era capital wa meka?

Telesat International eradicates poverty by creating awareness about available opportunities, providing market information & hands - on skills training

Telesat International promotes economic independence and improved livelihoods by providing life changing hands - on skills that enables East Africans aged 15 years and above to produce goods and services that have a local market demand. We provide valid market information, career guidance and real hands - on skills training in areas such as; manufacturing, agriculture, Agro processing, trade, soft mechanics, electronics, mechatronics, IT and service sector jobs

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Bio Digester Plus - For Pit Latrines, Septic Tanks & Bio Digester Septic Tanks


Are you aware that; a good Hand Sanitizer for Public Spaces should have a good Spray Gun? Then you need not overlook Proteger Plus Instant Hand Sanitizer, approved by UNBS and upto 70% Alcohol Content. Nicely scented not to smell like Gin or Vodka. Priced fairly and in sizes: 65ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 5 litres & 20 litres. Free Delivery for both Retail & Wholesale Clients. Just Call or Whatsapp: 0755 127 759


Call direct for Supplies. Free Delivery


Nkuba Kyeyo you should read this. AbdulRahim Mbabazi Miskinullah Nsereko Abu-Hashim Idriis


Nkuba Kyeeyo (Ugandans in Diaspora)
It is a great move to look for green pastures. However, there are some considerations before you undertake ultimate steps.
1. If you are still in your Teens or early twenties without a child/ family to look after, even if you don't come back, you have nothing to lose. However you should always know that; your struggling relatives need to be hearing from you.
2. If you are a single mother, make sure you leave you kid in the right hands, better if your parents take care of the kid. If you don't make a critical analysis of where you are depositing your kid, you are likely to miss both your targets i.e. money and successful parentage!
3. If you have a family behind, for sure you will not be able to save anything reasonable, all you make will be just less than enough to the upkeep of your family left back. So, it will be wise not to do away with what you have been doing in Uganda, let your fiancee take care of it, any monthly balance you make, send and inject it into your business. By the end of your contract, you business will be somewhere attractive enough to get back and live with your family.
4. For whatever status, when you get there, make sure you do not get excited with the few dollars you are earning. Please do not make any contributions towards Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Bride-showers etc. Even for weddings, consider only those of your close relatives. You can spend a zillion shillings on friends but they will be the ones to laugh at you when you come back empty handed!
We shall pick it here next time In-Shaa-Allahu
Maalik Fahd Kayondo
Consultant - Telesat Intenational, Plot 19. Market/ Burton Street, Platinum House, 2nd Floor. Tel: +256 393 288 120 Cell: +256 755 127 759 (Whatsapp)

Abused as Domestic Worker in Saudi Arabia, Fauzia Muthoni Now Aids Women in Kenya 28/10/2019

Abused as Domestic Worker in Saudi Arabia, Fauzia Muthoni Now Aids Women in Kenya

Young Ladies, before you apply to go to Middle East as a domestic worker, you need to watch this video.

Abused as Domestic Worker in Saudi Arabia, Fauzia Muthoni Now Aids Women in Kenya Struggling to support her family, Fauzia Muthoni left her home in Kenya for Qatar, where a labor broker promised her work as a receptionist. Instead, she was...

Telesat International updated their website address. 01/08/2019

Telesat International updated their website address.

Telesat International updated their website address.

Telesat International updated their phone number. 01/08/2019

Telesat International updated their phone number.

Telesat International updated their phone number.


Prof. Mulwana Youth Entrepreneurship Award:
Call for entries is in today's New Vision, please our enterprising youth, endeavour to take part. This comes with some cash to win on top of media coverage and some expert advisory.
Try you luck, you never know.

Timeline photos 04/03/2017

Mum's Products:
Mutumba Andrew works with one of the big Media Houses in Kampala. As a Sales person, he used to offer me wonderful advice and discounts whenever I wanted to have some adverts through their media. We would chat whenever I went their for a regular talkshow. One time he indicated he wanted to as well benefit from my skills by way of coming up with a product that he could sell to boost his income. I welcomed the idea and expressed willingness to help him but he turned into a non-starter.
I was on his back, reminding him all the time but he was a bit hesitant. After about 2 years, he came to Telesat International, we provided all the skills training and possible advice.
Andrew founded Mum's Products, a start-up dealing in Saloon Consumables and Liquid Soaps.
The Company has expanded over time, was picked out by Private Sector Foundation Uganda as the 2nd best promising start-up in 2015. Mum's has a range of Products including; Hair Shampoo, Neutralizing Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Liquid Soap etc.
Using his (Andrew) marketing skills, without paying for any expensive adverts, he decided to undertake foot-work visiting saloons, explaining his products. Today he has profiled over 600 loyal Saloons in and around Kampala. The good sales he is making has enabled him now deploy 3 trucks moving his products to different destinations.
Though Andrew continues well to work with the media company, his home based private business is being taken care of his wife.
Started at his Parents home garage, Mum's has overgrown the space and now rents bigger premises in Nakawa Division.
I can't ably explain how much am proud of Mum's. My call to you is; please buy their products. The products are genuine, they meet all acceptable standards.
Wishing you the best, Mum's Products.

Excellent Tips by Warren Buffett 03/03/2017

Words of Wisdom


Can I Start a Hardware Outlet With UgX 10m?
My honest answer is no. You need a strategic location. Even if you get a cheaper shop at UgX 500,000/- per month, you will have to pay for 4 to 6 months, costing you between UgX 2,000,000/- and 3,000,000/-.
After that, you have to bear in mind that; one of the fastest moving goods is cement. You have to have enough of it in stock yet for every bag of cement that you sale at UgX 30,000/-, your profit is between UgX 500 and 1,000/-! This is too little compared to the input yet you have to have much of it in stock. Let us assume that at least you stock 50 bags of cement. This will cost you at least 1.45m. That is one example but there are other products too, which you must have e.g. Iron Bars, Paints etc, they costly highly but with a margin that can't keep you standing yet they are a must have.
Hardware shops survive on having too much stock but mixed between locally sources and imported consumables such as door locks, plumbing consumables etc. Whenever a client comes in and buy some bags of cement, they too pick up some other profitable goods which help the seller to strike a balance.
In your case, your capital is too little to import.
Visit us for an elaborate one on one chat about the way forward.
Telesat International - Burton Street, Platinum House, 2nd Floor, Room B.3. Ph: +256755516 302. Kampala - Uganda


Answering Your Inquiries


Business Inquiries: Where Can I Buy Maize Milling Machines & At What Cost?
In the first place, you do not have to own Maize Milling Machines if you want to go into the business of supplying Maize Flour.
Countrywide you will find maize milling installations but, either grounded or functioning at less than 50% of their original capacity. Reason: Maize is seasonal, when it is off-season, the machines are redundant. For others, at times they do not even have enough working capital to buy enough maize stocks. There are those that have been disconnected from the national power grid due to sky-high bills whereas others just do not have enough market.
Whenever you see such under-productive investments, it means loss. Money drawn into less productive ventures. The machines keep on depreciating but with no tangible benefit to show!
All you can do is; identify one with good machines, agree with them on the possibility of contract processing i.e. you bring in your maize (cleaned and sorted) and packaging materials, they do the milling and packaging as per your specifications, you take your products to a store/ warehouse from where you can do the distribution.
The money that you would invest into buying machines will now be boosting product stocks and some publicity.
At times you may find that; the environment where the maize mill is located is not all that conducive for food production. Under such circumstances, you can even invest some money into upgrading the facility e.g. working on the floor, ventilation, machine serving etc, then put this into consideration when paying the service fee for milling.
Lastly, you will easily penetrate the market if you are fronting more than one product e.g. Maize flour, Cassava Flour, Millet flour etc and in sizes that meet the market demand e.g. 500g, 1kg, 2kg and 5kg for a start.
Telesat International, Burton Street, Platinum House, 2nd Floor, Room B.3. Kampala - Uganda. Whatsapp: +256 755 516 302


Business Inquiries: Is it wise to invest my 500,000/- saving in Candle Making?
First, I must thank you for finding it necessary to generate some side income. Secondly, thanks for making some savings.
About Candles, the most driving factor in the market is load - shedding, which of now is not very common. This means that; the market for Taper Candles is a bit low. Secondly for up-country homes which could afford to buy Candles most of them have connected Solar Power. So, it is not very wise to invest in Taper Candles now.
However, you can think of Fancy Candles, people buy them for different occasions e.g. Birth Days, Weddings, Church Ceremonies etc. It is the same materials you will use but different moulders for attractive designs. You can produce them in different colours with different sweet scents. You can come we talk about how to go about this business.
Wishing you the best as I remind you to like our page


Business Inquiries: Mobile Money & Airtime
I get many people inquiring whether it is productive to invest in Mobile Money Business and selling Airtime.
My answer is; of late it is no longer productive most especially in Kampala because, many people are into it. In Kampala, almost every five meters away you find a Mobile Money Agent. Because of this, at the end of the day many people fail to make any reasonable transactions and thus at the end of the month you have no enough commission to take home.
Mobile Money is better in Kampala and other big towns as if you are strategically located you can have the opportunity for big transactions which at the end of the month will help you get some reasonable commission but for small towns and villages, you can close a day after serving over 30 clients but with a cash value of not more than UgX 400,000/-. Remember, the UgX 2,000,000 bond that the company is holding would have been invested in a more paying enterprise.
For airtime, remember that many people now pay for airtime using mobile money! Secondly for every airtime card of UgX 10,000/-, you only get UgX 400/- as your commission. Imagine that many people are only buying airtime in denominations of 500, 1000 and 2,000!
In summary, be careful before you invest.

The Dandelion Root Project 15/02/2017

The Dandelion Root Project

At Telesat International, we have Dandelion Herbal Tea, a natural herb that has been confirmed to treat or prevent Cancers, treat Liver Diseases, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Hormone Imbalance etc. Check all about Dandelion Scientific Research here:

The Dandelion Root Project

Timeline photos 01/02/2017

KCCA Senior Staff - Don't Miss this


A Kind Request To Help My friend:
A friend (name withheld) of mine is desperately in need of your help. She is a University Student (Law), this is supposed to be her last Semister but because her Dad is down with Cancer, she has no where to get Tuition to go back and complete her Course.
She has no one to fall back to. She needs UgX 1.6m for Tuition, but she has only been able to get one sponsor offering her UgX 500,000/- thus remaining with a balance of UgX 1.1m.
It is for this reason that am kindly requesting you, my friends to join hands and help this well behaved girl. It is very painful toiling for four years with the Law Course but fail to complete that last Semister! Let us help her for the sake of Almighty God. Any coin counts.
If you can offer any help, please do not hesitate to In-Box me so that I give you her contacts or University Bank Details.
Her parents have told her to sit at home (village) and dig because they have no way out.
Am very grateful in advance for your support.

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Timeline photos 29/12/2016

We have the solution to all your skin problems


New Year 2017 Resolutions:
Among your critical resolutions for 2017, do not forget to include 'Side Income Generation'. Telesat International can help you to realise this.
Wishing you the best


Maalik Fahd Kayondo on NTV tonight 10:00pm to 11:00pm
Don't miss the show
Topic: Business Formalization in Uganda
Other Panelists:
Dr. Peter Ngategyize - CICS Ministry of Finance
Ms. Mercy Kyomugasha Kainobwisho- Director of Business Registration (URSB)

Photos from Telesat International's post 21/09/2016

A wonderful business opportunity for the unemployed and those looking for side income.


Masaka Exhibition:
Telesat International will be taking part in the Exhibition taking place in Masaka starting on the 29th and closing on the 31st of July 2016. Don't miss to visit Telesat International stall and ask any questions.
Maalik Fahd Kayondo will be making a Presentation on Saturday from 11:00am to 01:00pm. You should not miss this session.


Unemployment? I has become normal because it is everywhere. There are many causes but among them is; lack of skills that are compatible with the job market requirements. For some courses, it is a sure deal that you can't easily find a job on merit. Computer Science, Information Technology, Development Studies, Social Sciences etc.
At times, there is a possibility that you misunderstood the course you went for. You find someone who graduated with a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship but complaining that s/he has failed to find a job! With Entrepreneurship degree or diploma, you are supposed to start a job not look for a job. The same applies to Development Studies, in Uganda's context, better you start developing yourself and family using the skills you acquired other than looking for work.
Kidding aside, it is a serious problem that; many Graduates can't even effectively do what falls within their professions. This is because, our education system too is outdated but also there is loud failure for the youth to make use of the internet and available loads of books to read to widen their understanding. More so, some courses need to back them up with some other skills. Take for example; a Social Sciences graduate can easily find a job if you went ahead to add some extra skills (Certificate) in the following areas: Field Training Officer, Breath Test Operator, Crimes Against Children, Crisis Negotiation Approach, Certified Mediator/ Arbitrator, Basic Crime Scene, Homicide Investigator, Search & Seizure, Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs, Sex Crimes Investigator, Criminal Street Gangs Investigator, Computer Forensics Expert, Hostage Negotiator, Crisis Intervention Expert, Human Trafficking Investigator etc.
In other countries, people with a background in Social Sciences also go for such skills and at the end of the day they find easy placements in both private and public security firms, NGO etc. But in Uganda's case, whomever you ask, where will you find a job with Social Sciences degree, one replies that; in any NGO. But, remember, even in NGOs they require specific skills e.g. a Manager with a Degree - Business Management, a Cashier with a background in Accounting & Finance, an IT officer with a background in Networking. No one except your Granny needs employees with no specific professional skills.
Thanks about it.


- Business Development Skills
- Business Consultancy
- Product Development Skills
- Suppliers: Chemicals/ Materials
- Suppliers: Machinery/ Equip
- Pelo Oil - for Grey Hair & Bald
- Bio-Digester - for pit latrines
- Clear Face Cream/ Soap



Burton Street, Platinum House, 2nd Floor

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