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Safari Drive Uganda


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Its realy amazng 4all ugand an & non ugandans 2apart ur ftur ez.
wat abt safari
Thx 4 invitg me
Invest here buy hear
Love your country
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SAFARI DRIVE UGANDA gives you a Safa ri Vehicle, fully equipped with good quali ty camping equipment, maps and a comple te comprehensive insurance !

Photos from Safari Drive Uganda's po st 13/09/2018

Are you luxury traveler, are y ou in need of luxury vehicle, Safa ri Drive Uganda brings you extend la nd cruiser to suite you luxury dre am safaris in East Africa.


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Drive yourself in Uganda we do airpo rt pick up, we rent cars o ut and offer best safaris in Ugan da. Are you need of car hi re? please reach out to Drive yourse lf in Uganda we have the be st cars for rental at cheaper price.F or more information please send us messa ge or an email
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Timeline photos 27/08/2018

Timeline photos

This photo breaks my Heart so mu ch that I can't believe how huma ns can turn into monsters

Our Fleet 26/07/2016

Our Fleet
Take a trendy self drive c ar from Safari Drive that suits yo ur tastes to any destination in Ugan da. Get an affordable car with l ow gas consumption and enjoy your trav el in the comfort and privacy on yo ur own without inconveniencing your budget. Discov er the true Africa you have n ot heard of at your own pa ce.

Our Fleet

Our Fleet 21/07/2016

Our Fleet
The beauty of Uganda is scatter ed country wide in all corners, colou rs, sizes and shapes. Quite often it is f un and full of excitement to trav el on your own as a coup le, individuals or group at yo ur pace, do everything of your choi ce and make your own discoveries a nd appreciate the gifts of beauty natu re a place is endowed with. Ugan da is that peaceful country in whi ch you can maneuver on your o wn. Safari Drive is that ideal partn er to rent that safari vehicle fr om with full confidence that it wi ll fulfill all your travel dreams.

Our Fleet



That Uganda is a beautiful count ry with amazing landscape features, luxuriant vegetati on teeming with big herds of beautif ul mammals and swarms of birds is n ot debatable. However accessing these abundant gif ts of nature needs experienced, tried, test ed and trusted knowledgeable company with dai ly experiences, strong vehicles and dedicated safa ri guides to take on any rugg ed terrain challenges at anytime of t he day. Safari Drive Uganda is th at ideal travel partner always prepared to accompa ny on your dream African adventure safa ri.

TRECKKING GORILLAS: Gorilla Trekking In Uganda


That Uganda is a beautiful count ry with amazing landscape features, luxuriant vegetati on teeming with big herds of beautif ul mammals and swarms of birds is n ot debatable. However accessing these abundant gif ts of nature needs experienced, tried, test ed and trusted knowledgeable company with dai ly experiences, strong vehicles and dedicated safa ri guides to take on any rugg ed terrain challenges at anytime of t he day. Safari Drive Uganda is th at ideal travel partner always prepared to accompa ny on your dream African adventure safa ri.

Timeline photos 15/06/2016


T he Sipi Falls in Uganda is a compromi se of 3 different waterfalls of t he Sipi River it is a 4 -5 hour drive from the Uganda Capit al Kampala it crosses through the large st Ugandan forest MABIRA and the Ni le River
Is it a great pla ce to visit in Uganda

Timeline photos 31/05/2016

One of the most beautiful pictur es I've ever seen

Timeline photos 30/05/2016

Unbelievable monsters

This photo breaks my Heart so mu ch that I can't believe how huma ns can turn into monsters

Photos from Safari Drive Uganda's po st 24/05/2016

Akagera National Park
Akagera National Pa rk borders with Tanzania, in the nor th east section of Rwanda. The pa rk is 1,122 Square Kilometers in si ze; its name comes from the Akagera
Wh at an itch!
River that flows along i ts eastern boundary. The park has ma ny large game species including elephant, buffa lo, topi, zebra, waterbuck, roan antelope, Ela nd, duiker, oribi, hohor reedbuck, klipspringer, bushbu ck and impala.
In terms of primates, the re are olive baboons, vervet monkeys, bl ue monkeys and bushbabies. There are lar ge predators such as leopards, hyenas, side-strip ed jackals and lions. Black Rhinos a re being reintroduced into the park, whi ch will restore Akagera to ‘Big 5’ stat us. There are almost 500 bird speci es, including many rarities such as t he papyrus gonolek as well as countle ss water birds that inhabit the wetlan ds in large numbers.
Akagera National Park h as many activities, including Game Drives, Bo at Trips, Fishing and Birding. There is a two-tier ed guide system; 10 park-employed guides a nd 15 community freelance guides. Both guid es are dedicated to providing an authent ic experience and supporting the success of t he park.

Lake Ihema Boat Trips
Lake Ihema is fu ll of hippos and the huge Ni le Crocodiles and the best way to encount er both is in a boat in t he lake. In addition, there are ma ny waterbird species including breeding colonies of noi sy and smelly comorants, open-bill storks, t he Papyrus Gonolek, Ibis, Jacanas, herons, Plove rs, Sandpipers Malachite Kingfisher and Hawks. T he lake covers an area of 90 squa re kilometers; the depths are from 5 to 7 mete rs, depending on the season.
Around the la ke there are large seasonal and perenni al papyrus swamps, which are important habita ts to the protected animals in t he park, particularly the large mammals.
Y ou will be met at Kigali Internation al Airport in Kigali by your Jew el Safari guide. After a short briefi ng of the itinerary, you will beg in your drive to Akagera National Pa rk, in the east of Rwanda, borderi ng Tanzania.
The drive from Kigali City Cent re to Akagera National Park takes 2 - 3 hou rs, but your guide will let y ou know of some of the option al stops you can make en rou te. There are a number of opportuniti es to visit handicraft workshops and/or loc al markets, for instance; this of cour se will lengthen the journey, but it is an opportu ne time to make such stops.
Your Jew el Safaris guide will take you to a loc al restaurant on the way, so y ou can taste some Rwandese cooking. The re are a number of trading cente rs on the road, where there a re shops and restaurants that would accomoda te both activities.
When you arrive at Akage ra National Park, you will be tak en to your accommodation and checked in. You will discuss with your gui de as to what you prefer aft er checking in. The options are to eith er be taken to a local villa ge for a cultural community encounter wi th the indigenous people, or just rel ax for the afternoon at your accommodation.
Dinn er at your accommodation.

After breakfa st, you will proceed on an ear ly morning Game Drive in the pa rk. The optimum time to see ma ny of the wildlife, particularly the b ig game, is early in the morni ng. These animals are much more acti ve before the hot sun tires th em out and they become more passive.
Aft er the game drive, you will retu rn to your lodgings to relax a nd have lunch.
After lunch, you will be tak en to Lake Ihema, where you wi ll go for a canoe ride arou nd the lake. This is the be st way to encounter many of t he animals, particularly the ones that li ve closer to such a large bo dy of water. The different perspective, of bei ng on the lake, also enhances t he whole exposure to these species; ma ny of which are much less disturb ed by your presence on the wat er, than on the land.
Before nigh fa ll, you will be taken back to yo ur accommodation for a short rest a nd dinner.

After breakfa st, you will drive back to Kiga le; if there is time, a to ur of Kigali will be given by yo ur guide. Kigali is a most vibra nt urban center with many local marke ts and handicraft workshops, as well as doze ns of restaurants, bars and music venu es. There are many attractions to vis it including the Holocaust Memorial Center, whi ch is located in the center of town.
Lun ch will be en route or in a loc al restaurant in Kigale to taste Rwand an food. When it is time, y ou will be taken to the Airpo rt for your return flight.

Akagera Game Lod ge is within the boundaries of t he National park, near its south entran ce. The lodge is located on a rid ge, overlooking Lake Ihema. The swimming Akagera-lodgepo ol is perched on the edge of t he savannah. The large reception area h as many African carvings and pieces of art.
Accommodati on consists of bedrooms, suites and cottag es. Every room has a terrace wi th chairs, Satellite TV, writing desk a nd chair.

Swimming Pool
Gift shop
Gym, Spa & Tenn is Courts
Children’s pool

Timeline photos 20/05/2016

We are partnering with Save Ugan da Wildlife Initiative to fight poaching, Illeg al trade of animals Exploitation and cruel ty against animals if you want to jo in like the page

Timeline photos 19/05/2016

Volcanoes National park is A perfe ct get away from this crazy wor ld and have peace in wild

Timeline photos 16/05/2016

Zebras Running freely in Kidepo Vall ey National Park

Timeline photos 11/05/2016

Animals don't deserve to be in t he zoo they are supposed to be in t he wild not in cages

Timeline photos 06/05/2016

30k elephants poached a year. Th is Image of Ivory being burned is so powerf ul Let's fight to save our anima ls and save the planet too

Timeline photos 05/05/2016

Chimps having a great time at kibaa le National park

Timeline photos 04/05/2016

Lock your car doors when you' re on Safari because Lions Can op en them

Timeline photos 29/04/2016

Beautiful Rhino and Baby Rhi no at ziwa Rhino sanctuary


Our Fleet

Our Fleet

SAFARI DRIVE UGANDA use exclusive ly Toyota products; they are the mo st widely used vehicles in Uganda a nd as such the most reliable, particular ly in this self-drive situation. Wheth er one is in downtown Kampala or in Bwin di, Gorilla trekking, Toyota parts and servi ce is readily available. The Toyo ta distribution network of spares is unequall ed in Uganda and as our fir st concern is the safety of o ur clients, we do not compromise on vehic le reliability.

For the budget conscience travele rs, we offer the economical Toyota RA V4. Either the 2 door or 4 do or body type will give you excelle nt fuel consumption, whether in town or on count ry roads. For the mo re challenged destinations, such as Kadepo Nation al Park, or rainy season game driv es, we recommend the Toyota LANDCRUISER, whi ch provides peace of mind in t he most difficult off-road situations.

All o ur vehicles are covered with comprehensive Insuran ce Plans, a first aid kit, a ir bags, cellular phone, Uganda tour gui de book, road maps plus all t he basics, such as a jack, spa re tire, and vehicle specification book. In t he unlikely event that something goes wro ng, we guarantee either timely repairs or an on-si te replacement vehicle. GPS navigating syste ms are available as well.

In addition, SAFA RI DRIVE UGANDA, can provide a chauffe ur to go behind the wheel of yo ur self-drive vehicle. This option is availab le for those that are not total ly relaxed exploring on their own. Th is added option gives an extra b it of comfort as all our drive rs are also guides and mechanics….covering a ll the bases.

Our Fleet cars to hire in uganda, ca rs to rent in kampala.

Timeline photos 08/03/2016

Brussels Airlines increases frequency of fligh ts to promote Uganda

Few months ba ck, Uganda's tourism sector was left in pan ic after British Airways stopped its fligh ts to Uganda—noting it was no long er financially viable.

Due to the country 's heavy reliance on foreign tourists—especially fr om the United Kingdom and the US, for its sustainability, it felt li ke the last straw hard finally brok en the camel's back.

In a positive twi st of events though, things have beg un to fall in place. Brussels Airlin es has increased the number of i ts weekly flights from and to Enteb be so as to the cut o ff destinations especially to United Kingdom a nd Europe—from three to five times.

Accordi ng to Sebastiaan Spijkers, Country Manager Brusse ls Airlines Uganda and South Sudan, t he move is largely inspired by t he need to bridge the gap betwe en Uganda and its source markets.

"Furth er to that, it is purposed to gi ve the country an opportunity to t ap emerging markets such as Belgium." Sa ys Sebastian

He notes that as p er this development, Brussels Airlines expects to doub le their annual tourism traffic to t he country from the current 50,000 to 100,0 00. A good number of these travele rs fall in the category that visi ts Uganda for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences a nd Events (MICE).

According to Belinda Sebunya, t he big catch in here is th at majority of Brussels Airlines clients a re high end spenders who tend to lea ve over-the-top disposable incomes in the count ry. With such revenue, more opportunities su ch as hospitality infrastructure can be creat ed to boost Safari Drive Uganda:

Photos from Safari Drive Uganda's po st 07/03/2016

launches Le Grand Jour in Kampa la, Uganda

An internationally acclaimed film, Le Gra nd Jour (The Big Day), was f or the first time viewed by t he Uganda public at Century Cinemax, Acac ia Mall in Kampala. The movie w as launched Friday 04 March by Uganda ’s Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dr. Ruhuka na Rugunda.

Speaking to the audience that includ ed the Ugandan actors, Rugunda said fi lm production has a major role in promoti ng Uganda as a top tourism destination.

“I believe this is not the la st movie coming to Uganda because th is is a great place for mov ie makers,” said Rugunda. “Tourism is n ot only a milk cow but al so the largest foreign exchange earner f or Uganda and films like Le Gra nd Jour showcase the beauty of o ur country.”

Le Grand Jour is directed by Pasc al Plisson, a renowned French screenwriter a nd documentary film maker. The film is produc ed by Ms. Maria Tauzia and featur es a Ugandan actor, Mr. Tom Ssekabi ra.

Pascal Plisson said he had n ot initially planned to have the mov ie in Uganda but a call a nd convincing talk from Uganda’s ambassador Nimis ha J Madhvani changed his mind.

“I h ad only gone for a visa fr om the Uganda embassy, but later I g ot a call from the ambassador,” Pliss on said, adding he had no regre ts after all the support he g ot in shooting the film. The fi lm was made in the Queen Elizabe th National Park and Mweya Safari Lodge.

As Ugandans, it is important to suppo rt this film to be shown everywhe re in Uganda and the Globe. It is al so a great tourism promotional material th at should be used by all o ur missions abroad to brand and promo te Safari Drive Uganda as the be st tourist and investment destination in Ea st Africa,” said Ms. Madhvani, who doubl es also as Uganda’s Ambassador to Spa in, Portugal, UNESCO, and OECD & BIE.

Produc ed in French, but shown with Engli sh subtitles, Le Grand Jour is an inspiri ng and heart-warming story that was sh ot in Uganda, Cuba, India and Nep al. It shows how youth can be a formidab le force in developing their countries throu gh conservation, sports and education.

Le Grand Jo ur was initially launched in September 2015 at t he UNESCO Headquarters in Paris to an audien ce of over two thousand (2,000) viewe rs. The film has so far be en shown in Japan, Spain, Cuba, U SA and Italy.

The film has already w on an award and is being us ed as another tool to promote Ugan da as a major tourist destination. In t he film Ugandan actor Tom Ssekabira, 19, and other Ugandan youths are prominent ly featured have a passion to preser ve the flora and fauna.

The UTB Chi ef Executive Director, Stephen Asiimwe, underscored t he growing popularity of Uganda as a filmi ng destination for international producers. Last ye ar, Disney was in Uganda shooting t he Queen of Katwe directed by Ms. Mire Nair.

“These movies are shot in o ur cities, national parks, in our neighborhoo ds, which eventually turns the cinema in to a window on Uganda. It giv es people around the world a glimp se of the Pearl of Africa,” Asiim we said.

He added that such initiatives bri ng in income from the hire of equipme nt, accommodation, and use of other faciliti es. Like it is for the you th in the movie fighting for the ir dreams, destination filming initiatives empower loca ls through skills transfer something that sta ys with Ugandans opening up new employme nt and life opportunities.

The movie was do ne in partnership with Pathe Films a nd UNESCO.

More about Queen Elizabeth National Pa rk where Le Grand Jour was film ed in Uganda:



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