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Africa's Digital Transformation requires more Homegrown Solutions (Part 1)

Current Global enterprise Solutions don't meet the unique needs of African businesses.

Digital Transformation in Africa offers an exciting opportunity but to reach the success requires homegrown enterprise solutions that reflect context and nuances the market needs of Africa has a continent including mobile integrations, a variety of regulatory and legal requirements across the continent and the lack of a uniform data goverance framework.

Digital trasformation in Africa is underway and it's creating opportunities for fundamental change across all economic sectors. While Sub-saharan Africa is still behind the rest of the world in terms of internet peneration which Kawil also known as Kawil Group Holding Limited is tackling too and closing the gap quickly but that is a discussion of another day.

Since the early 2000's, the population of internet users in Africa has grown to a tenfold as compared to a threefold increase in the rest of the world according to the lnternational Monetary Fund. From financial services, power and agriculture and many other sectors. Digital technology is being leveraged to deliver greater access and usher in the ''future of everything'' on the African continent and globally which is part of our mission at Latim Group

African businesses and people are grappling with this new reality. At it's core in everything, digital transformation fundamentally changes everything for businesses from their internal processes to the ways they engage with customers and peoples livehoods.

I strongly believe taking on digital transformation is at the centre of business success moving your company forward. under the hood, digital transformation is powered by enterprise solutions such as customer data platforms (CDP) that aggregate customer data from mutiple to build a single comprehensive view and customer relationship management (CRM) tools that help manage relationships with current and potential future customers.

Most of todays global enterprise solutions on the market don't meet the unique needs of African businesses hence making us at Kawil develop our own homegrown solutions in partnership with international companies globally however a wholesale technology transfer from abroad won't work, enabling Africa's digital transformation requires homegrown enterprise solutions that address Africa's unique realites.

With 1.3 billion people, more than 800 mobile connections ( 477 million unique ) and 26β„… mobile internet users making meaningful solutions begin with available mobile network integrations.

Way Forward.

Considering SMS ( Kawil SMS) is critical to reaching the majority of African consumers who own a basic phone rather than a smartphone. This means enterprise Systems at the minimum, must possess SMS capabilities to commuincate with the everyday African consumer and more mobile options Kawil delivers.

In Africa, mobile numbers are still peoples unique identifiers for digital services as many users donot have email addresses which are often the default for enterprise Systems in other markets. Therefore enterprise solutions for Africa need to factor the use of mobile numbers as unique identifers were required.

USSD, a mobile protocol that is pratically obsolete in other parts of the world is an alternative digital channel that has been adopted by alot of African financial and utitly service providers. This means enterprise tools must account for the USSD channel

About 98β„… of subscribers in Africa use prepaid mobile phone plans. Prepaid usage can inform insights on consumer spending power as compared to postpaid plans which reflect usage appetite.

As homegrown African enterprise solutions must also factor in the variety of regulatory and legal requirements across Africa. Take data for instance, Africa lacks a uniform data goverance framework similar to Europe's General Data protection regulation (GDPR). Given the volume of data being generated and processed, Africa's businesses require a localized data goverance solution with a good overview of the landscape across all countries.

Despite the strong case for homegrown enterprise solutions, challenges abound for innovators working to develop them including a shortage of experienced talent, infrastructure deficiances, poor insights and data sources to power the creation of these solutions.

Although tech talent in Africa is reported to be at all time high with about 700,000 professional developers, this number pales compared to lndia's 2.75 million as of 2017. Other barriers include relatively low funding for African startups which raised $158 million in 2020 less than half of what fintech startups raised plus globalization fosters fierce competition from international enterprise providers with vast resources who are making inroads in local markets despite their ill-fitting offerings.

Regardless of these challenges, African entrepreneurs, investors and governments must come together to champion and innovate homegrown enterprise solutions to capitalize on the significant potential Africa can deliver. At Kawil also known as Kawil Group Holding Limited a member company of Latim Group, we saw the opportunity to create a unique ecosystem relevant for Africa made up of difficult to source customer data from sources like whatsapp, telco and other global brands. We have created an on demand marketing platform to help small and midsized businesses and large enterprises including banks, consumer goods and other companies reach and engage African customers at scale.

In our experience, companies that want to develop homegrown solutions must create a plan to bridge the talent gap, at Kawil, we acquired an R&D center in lndia in 2017 to help us attarct and source scarce developer talent and upskilled our local talent at kawil. We have also developed a management trainee program through which we onboard talent and provide on the job training to our developers.

Deepen your knowledge of the local terain or partner with local companies, Kawil takes a ''boots-on-the-ground'' approach relying on our team with deep and contextual knowledge of the local terrain because Africa is an extremely diverse market and our presence in the sub-saharan Africa. Because of our deep knowledge of the markets we operate in, we know what products best serve specific markets

Ensuring your business is fundable is important, the startup ecosystem in Africa raised about $1.43 billion in 2020 which should be more to enable proper digital transformation. The abilty of Africa to fully realize it's potential of a strong ecosystem of fully functional sectors hence the need for funding. To ensure that your homegrown enterprise solutions are fundable, make sure that you meet industry standards at every stage of your business development, invest in the neccessary talent and create enough traction to gain a competive edge

Africa's digital transformation offers and excited opportunity but success requires enterprise solutions that reflect the context and nuances of the continents market needs. I belief the above reflections and thoughts will help African businesses raise to meet the challenge.


Arthur Latim
Founder ,Executive Chairman & CEO
Latim Group
Kawil Security Limited a subsidiary of Kawil Founded by Arthur Latim together helping individuals and organisations faight Cyber Crime by provinding organisations with Cyber security Software.
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Latim Group and Kawil Thank everyone, our partners, customers and friends for enabling us reach our 8th anniversary of Serving Africa since 2013. We are glad to create opportunities and drive the vision of a digitally connected future that leaves no African behind.
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8 years ago today in 2013, Latim Group and Kawil were founded.

And the Latim Family is celebrating this special day with an Event called Latim at 8 2021.

So grateful to everyone who helped usπŸ™πŸ™

Kawil also Known as Kawil Group Holding Limited a subsidiary of Latim Group , At Kawil we are Africa's first integrated Technology player of continental scale at the forefront of technology innovation in Africa with operations and activities in most African Countries

Kawil Group Holding Limited is empowering individuals and businesses in Africa through digital solutions which drive the vision of a digitally connected future that leaves no African behind. Be part of a digitally connected future in Africa together

Simplity, often it is those who live quietly, modesty and contently with a simple life who are the happiest

l think clothes donot define productivity, l think it is high time We define people by how resourceful and valuable They are to their communities and how They are impacting change postively to bring a Better future for generations to come.

Wearing unbranded and cheap clothes doesnot mean that you are poor, remember you have a Family to feed not a community to impress. Growing up in simplity, What gives me joy and Happiness is seeing how many peoples lifes are impacted postively by the Companies and businesses l create to Better the lives of people in Africa and bring about a fully connected intelligent Smart future for generations of Africans through Latim Group by enriching lives, Creating Sustainable value and Empowering a resilient future for Africa.

At One of our subsidiaries Kawil also known as Kawil Group Holding Limited We envision to bring and embed Technology in our daily lives in Africa

And Together with all our partners At LATIM, l believe We are commited to Creating a digital ecosystem for everyone in Africa.


Kawil is Africa's first integrated technology player of continental Scale at the forefront of techno


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Applying industry 4.0 principles is nolonger just for of the , the intelligent enterprise can benfit too. At Kawil we leverage industry 4.0 and experise to unlock transformational solutions for organisations and help them build a competitive edge


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Workplace and environment matter alot when it comes to growing together and achieving your goals.

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Cyber threats are notoriously one step of us, but at Kawil Security a subsidary of Kawil Group Holding Limited also known as Kawil, we are always here to ensure that you can strengthen your defences.

Here are 5 important measures through which you can safeguard your enterprise with complete optimization.


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What Comes in your mind when you hear Smart City.

At Kawil a smart city consists of digital networks that detect, process and deliver information that improves the surrounding of citizens.

A Smart City uses technology to provide and solve city problems like improve transportation and accessibility, improve social services, promote sustainability and give it's citizens a voice.


Affordable mobile broadband can improve people's welfare greatly forexample in healthcare, banking, insurance and alot more. At Kawil we are here to make it possible everywere in Africa


Trailer: LIVE at the Amboseli

Together with our partners from CGTN Africa, Safaricom, Huawei and the Kenyan Tourism Ministry this World Enviroment day highlight the importance of technology in protecting the environment.


We are celebrating by continuing to make our continent even greater by leading African businesses into the digital future through intelligent technologies.


Enage in a livE conversation with our Founder & CEO Arthur Latim at the Uganda Turkey investment, trade, industry and tourusm Summit 2022 Tommorrow.


Happy Mothers Day to all mothers raising the next generation. May you be filled with joy, peace and happiness this day.


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Happy Eld Mubarrak to all the Moslems all over the world, May you enjoy a cheerful day full of joy and happiness.


Through Kawil Fiber, We are are Creating rural stars which allows communities in remote and rural locations to stay connected At all times.


We wish our moslem brothers and sisters a Happy blessed Ramadan. May this period bring you joy and prosperity.


Please join us in Wishing our boss, leader and Africa's foremost Technology Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mr Arthur Latim a Happy birthday. May the years ahead be filled with joy, Happiness and more sucesss has We drive the vision of a digital Africa.


Kawil (Kawil Group Holding Limited), our service is built on trust earned through superior technology and solutions. The Future looks bright has we continue to drive you into the future of digital.


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Kawil (Kawil Group Holding Limited) will continue to encourage, support and empower to bridge the gender gap in the ICT industry


Kawil Security Limited is a Security Software and hardware company. Kawil Security develops products for communication endpoint, encryption, network security, email security, moblie security, unified threat Management and primarily focused At providing Security Software to organisations and enterprises. Kawil Security Limited is a subsidiary of Kawil


At Kawil We are still celebrating the international Womens month ❀️ What are some of the ways you in your everyday lives.


Happy Women's Day.


What do you get when you combine engineers, developers that have passion + technical acumen + professional design skills? An amazing project. Get your tech project done from applications, Software, CRM, ERP, product engineering and more.


Join us on March 8th for the Topcoder Freelancer Fair to celebrate lnternational womens day. You will learn industry trends and freelancing tips from the experts and get a chance to chat with them during a 1 hour networking session: Sign up here https://bit.ly/3sHJrxr


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''Working at Kawil also known as Kawil Group Holding Limited has enabled me see through the impossible, create, tackle life's challenges or problems boldly into opportunities to better humanity and understanding the meaning of working has a team'' - Agatha - Senior Software Engineer at Kawil


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A hug, some roses, a neckless, a watch or some evening night together. Show love the best way you know this valentines day and gift your enterpise, self, organisation with reliable Kawil digital Solutions and transform your organisation digitally.


Do you see more than an expression of love today, Loving yourself is the first sign of love.


Creativity is making it simple and beautiful. Patrick one of the Lead Software engineers and Albert one of the intermidate UI /UX Engineers sharing brains. The Kawils


Developing custom solutions for enterprises, organisations, individuals to transform digitally.


Departments at Kawil.

Ul/UX Design Department.

Roles πŸ‘‡.

- Creating the user interface based on user research insights.

- Converting structured and unstructured qualitative and quantitative data into usable insights to use it.

- Gathering and evaluating user requirements in colaboration with product mangers and engineering teams

- illustrating Design ideas using story boards, process flows and site maps

- Designing graphic user interface elements like menus, tabs and widgets.





Kawil Group Holding Limited is an e-commerce, retail, internet, A.l and technology company founded in December 2015 by a group of four people led by Arthur Latim from Muyenga-Kampala Uganda and focused at leveraging the power of the internet and technology by championing the digital transformation through engineering solutions to African challenges to improve and simplify the growth of trade, commerce and businesses in Africa.

In the year 2017, the business attracted the concern of partners and members of LATIM’S family who invested sizable portions of their resources to propel up the business to it’s next level. The business between 2016-2017 purchased technology equipment’s and other machinery which enabled it accomplish projects from it’s clients.The company’s growth attracted highly trained human resource at both permanent and temporary engagements to facilitate the building of the futures digital transformation and infrastructures of commerce, internet and technology.

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