Ella Mali Foundation Africa

Ella mali foundation Africa is a non profit organization ella mali is a non governmental organisation ,was formed purposely to reach out to the vulnerable people all over africa.


To all the mothers ❤️

To all the mothers ❤️





A good way to forget your burden is to go help someone with a heavier burden than yours 💪👌#ellamalifoundationafrica .


#ella_mali_foundation_africa, #ellamalifamily🙏


Always be humble 🙏#ellamalifoundationfamily




Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, 300 children aged 0-18 years have tested positive for COVID-19 in Uganda.

As a parent/guardian, you are responsible for the safety of your child. #STAYSAFEUG


#ellamalifoundationafrica , just do the little you can, you will be melting someone’s heart ❤️


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Always help someone, You might be the only one that does🙏


Say No to To***co; Say No to COVID-19.
Smoking makes you more vulnerable to COVID-19. Stop smoking and make your lungs happy. #STAYSAFEUG


Have a beautiful Friday family and friends #ellamalifoundationafrica


ellamalifoundationafrica kindnessquotes👌


Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give 🙏💪


Happy father’s day to all the struggling fathers out there🙏


Being black isn’t a crime🙅‍♀️ Stop Racism #Blacklivesmatter


Anyone who does anything to help a child in his/her life is a hero to me💪🙏


#stayhomestaysafe ,government please start with us when giving out the masks🙏


Eid Mubarak

[05/17/20]   The Lord says am they way, truth and Life. That whoever follows me shall have an everlasting life 🙏. Good morning


Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

In addition to washing hands [with soap], using sanitiser and keeping social distance, it is important that you wear masks when in public.
Together we will defeat #COVID19


Happy Mother’s Day

#happymothersday2020 #enjoythemoment #trillion_aire20 #blessings #followformore


Key policy directives from tonight's Presidential address on Covid-19.

1. Food markets will stay open
2. Airport and borders stay closed.
3. Wholesale shops to open
4. Hardware shops to open
5. Garages to open
6. Metal and wood workshops to open
7. Insurance providers to function
8. Quotas of lawyers to be permitted to work
9. Restaurants to open but only for takeaways.
10. Warehouses to open.
11. Schools plus other facilities that attract large numbers to stay closed
12. Public and private cars still not operational. Only private cars with stickers to move.
To facilitate those working, use marked buses, walk or cycle.
13. Its mandatory to wear cloth masks in public.

All other earlier protective measures stay in place for another 14 days.

#StayHome #staySafe


Urban Television

The President is set to address the nation tomorrow at 8pm on the way forward after the lockdown nears the end. Uganda has continued to register cases of #Covid19 mostly from truck drivers.

Do you see the lockdown getting lifted or extended?


Ministry of Health- Uganda

“To all the ladies especially those at the border points, I urge you to keep away from truck drivers. Please avoid any form of contact as we fight the spread of COVID-19” ~ Bad Black.


There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.


The New Vision

President Museveni will be addressing the country yet again tomorrow at 8pm on a number of issues in regards to #Covid19. What are those key things that you expect him to tackle in this address? | #VisionUpdates


Good morning #africa #share #lovethem #blessedweek


Iam not against online teaching, but what about us? #stayhomestaysafe


I salute the people of the Republic of Uganda, you have listened to our advice and also generously donated to the cause. I salute you, thank you very much.

This is just the beginning, we are going to build this fleet to benefit hospitals and districts. Says @yowerikmuseveni The president of Uganda 🇺🇬


Maji Safi Group

Great creativity ❤️🤝🤝

Butua Corona! Tazama njia hii ya kibunifu ya kunawa mikono yako. Huu ndio muda muafaka wa kujikinga wewe na familia yako dhidi ya COVID-19! Mikono Safi, Tanzania Salama!

Jilinde, Unilinde, Corona Tuishinde!

Corona Butua! Watch this creative way to properly wash your hands. Now is the time to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19! Mikono Safi, Tanzania Salama!

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Giving a child a chance and sharing what you have with a child is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself #ellamalifoundationafrica


It’s not what we have in this life that matters.
It’s what we do with what we have. We just made it a great day for little ones


The holy month of Ramadan begins 24th April 2020 Insha-Allah.
The prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said who ever informs others about day of Ramadan the hell fire is haram for him/her.


Busy Enjoying the blessing Thanks to God for this day



Other Charity Organizations in Kampala (show all)
Women of Steel Foundation Women of Steel Foundation
Kabuuma Stage. Munyonyo-Salama Rd

Nothing enhances prosperity and development like women empowerment.

Mpererwe-Namere Zone , Kawempe Division
Kampala, P.O.BOX 36959

Taasa Orphan Program is a non-profit organization whose main calling and goal is to reach the dejected, orphans, the needy and abandoned children. .

Visit-act Uganda-foundation Visit-act Uganda-foundation

Visit Act Uganda Foundation is a non profit humanitarian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities

Dorcas Foundation Uganda Dorcas Foundation Uganda
Kawempe Lugoba

The Dorcas Foundation is a Charity organization that empowers disabled children and their immediate family to sustain a fair standard of living.

Amani Family Centre Amani Family Centre

Amani Family Centre was set up to provide FREE skilled, compassionate maternity and family support to vulnerable families living in slum communities in Kampala. This includes all routine care, emergency first aid and access to transport to other units.

Big Sisters' Foundation Big Sisters' Foundation
Plot 865 Kalinabiri Road Ntinda House 8
Kampala, +256

Mentors at Concern for the Girlchild Concern for the Girlchild Alumni giving back to the Organisation

Self Employment Organization. Self Employment Organization.
Hannington Road Opposite Serena
Kampala, 256

Skills for Self Employment Organization one of our goals is to increase adquate supply of 8000 practical skilled and trained entrepreneurs annully for Rapid development of the hands on skills industry in all districts of uganda leading to employment.

Fontes Foundation Fontes Foundation
Le Palm Building, Lubbobo Close

Working towards community development through education and water projects in Uganda. twitter.com/FontesUganda http://fontes.no/foundation/

Youth of Divine Destiny Ministries International Youth of Divine Destiny Ministries International
Banda, Besides Erima Hostel. Along Kyambogo University Road.
Kampala, 256

YDD is a trained army of purposeful and determined spirit filled youth fulfilling the great commission in all nations Website: www.yddministries.org

AligoEpilepsy Foundation Uganda AligoEpilepsy Foundation Uganda

Creating Epilepsy awareness through use of social media;visiting schools;churches(worship places)and at social gatherings.

Child's Love Foundation Child's Love Foundation
SEGAWA Building, Mengo/Kisenyi. Second Floor, Room 5.

Child’s Love Foundation is a nonprofit agency providing Education, Mentoring programs and basic life necessities to refugee children in Uganda.

Kisenyi Children Foundation Kisenyi Children Foundation
Kisenyi 1 Parish
Kampala, 37701

Kisenyi children foundation is a non-profit organization in Kampala, Uganda that works directly with orphans and street children.