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No power problem is too small. Electricity kills so contact a qualified electrician.


Do you need professionals in electrical engineering, look no further but waynold services Ltd is the only answer,our Svs include Electrical distribution and transmission network design,electrical installation for domestic,commercial and industrial Audits etc .Find us at Tirupati mazima mall or call us on 0700191076/0702208098 for free consultation



A small thing is what makes a difference come and get the best at Way old services LTD.we just a call away.call/wat sup us on 0700191076 or 0702208098 for more information



We are your one stop center for all ur electrical works and services call /watsup us on 0700191076/0702208098 for more information

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For all your electrical works, security system,sale and Installation,CCTV camera etc call or watsup on 0393248902,0700191076,0702208098 for more information


For all reliable electrical works installations and to help with Power connections to the grid contact: Ronald Wamukota Jacqueline Nabatte Shimark Shimark


We are your one stop center for all Electrical work and services

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Proper Electrical and Neat installation Ssendege MarkSsebuufu Kamran


We would like to thank all of our clients, followers and customers
Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you all in 2018!
Our dedicated team of engineers are on call if needed so please don’t hesitate to call 0700191076

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Electrical solutions is a well established company specialising in both domestic electrical services and larger commercial electrical engineering services. We are based In Kampala Uganda.

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As a person working on electrical equipment (electrical work) you are required to ensure you comply with electrical safety laws

What is electrical work

Electrical work means:
• connecting electricity supply wiring to electrical equipment or disconnecting electricity supply wiring from electrical equipment

• installing, removing, adding, testing, replacing, repairing, altering or maintaining electrical equipment or an electrical installation

All Electrical Work must be provided with a certificate must contain a suitable certification statement. For example:

• electrical equipment – a statement that certifies the electrical equipment (to the extent it is affected by the electrical work) has been tested to ensure it is electrically safe

• electrical installations – a statement that certifies the electrical installation (to the extent it is affected by the electrical work) has been tested to ensure it is electrically safe.


I have installed six 7-Watt LED bulbs around my house to replace six 600mm fluorescent tubes. If I turn the LED bulbs on for 12 hours daily, 31 days a month, I will use (6x7x12x31)/1000 = 15.62 Units. Multiply this by UGX531.50/unit, this translates to a paltry UGX8,304 (or UGX9,799 VAT incl) - less than UGX10,000 par month for my 6 security lights. This is down from UGX35,000 when I used tubes - 71% saving. In under 4 months, I will recover the UGX90,000 I spent on purchasing the 6 LED bulbs.
What are you waiting for to switch to LED Lighting?
Call now - +256-700191076
Electrical solutions.
Happy New Year. Enjoy 2017


Wishing u all a happy Christmas season. As u celebrate please don't forget to use energy efficiently..Use some of the Holiday time to examine your home and identify areas of energy wastage.


The UMEME APP now has a new feature integrated in it to make your electricity consumption experience even better - The BILL SIMULATOR!

With this BILL SIMULATOR, you can tell which electronic gadget is distorting your electricity budget. Simply update your UMEME APP from your respective App Store and enjoy the benefits.
Please share this power saving initiative with your friends and family.


“Common causes of electric motor failure”

Motor failure can cause downtime, an inconvenience for all manufacturers. There are three common causes of electric motor failure: weakened insulation, contamination and lack of maintenance

Modern electric motors may be more efficient and reliable than their ancestors, but they can still fail sometimes.
How long do electric motors actually last before they break down? The answer is often disputed, with some manufacturers stating 30,000 hours and others suggesting they can power through for up to 40,000 hours.

However, most manufacturers are in agreement that electric motors last much longer when maintained properly.
Understanding the state of an electric motor’s health requires a range of tools and techniques, as well as thorough record keeping and regular maintenance. This allows the engineer to identify trends or weak points more easily.

Weakened insulation
Nearly half of electrical failures in motors begin with weakening of the insulation around individual wires in the motor coils. This is often caused by thermal stress, contamination and movement of the winding due to the magnetic forces during start-up and shut-down of the motor.
Overheating can also cause the winding insulation to deteriorate quickly — for every ten centigrade rise in temperature, the insulation life is cut in half.
Overheating can occur when the power quality is poor or when an electric motor is forced to operate in a high-temperature environment.

Contamination is another one of the leading causes of motor failure. Contaminants include airborne dust, dirt or any abrasive substance that finds its way into the motor. When they come into contact with the motor, foreign bodies can cause denting of the bearing raceways and balls resulting in high vibration and wear.
Luckily, preventing contamination is fairly easy. Main sources of contamination include dirty tools, work areas and hands. Motors can also be contaminated by foreign matter in lubricants and cleaning solutions.

Engineers should keep work areas, tools and fixtures clean to help reduce contamination failures. Also, when laying out the space, companies should try to keep motor assemblies and operation areas away from grinding machines to reduce the amount of foreign bodies that might contaminate the motors.
Lack of maintenance

A well-planned preventative maintenance programme is the key to dependable, long-life operation of motors and generators. It also helps reduce unscheduled production stoppages or long repair shutdowns.

The first step towards preventative maintenance is understanding how often tests need to be carried out on the motor. This varies, depending on the age, condition and quality of the machine, as well as the environment it operates in.
Static tests are an easy method of identifying weaknesses within the motor winding. The tests focus on winding and insulation resistance, as well as turn-to-turn and phase-to-phase insulation condition.

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For all your electrical needs, no matter how small from changing a light fitting or a plug socket,alarm, consumer units and electrical testing

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Quick Power solutions


Smart fons on sale ...inbox for details





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