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Tomorrow (15th Sept.) the #ESCRUg21 Conference kicks off at 2pm live on @ntvuganda. You can also join the conversation via #Zoom by registering at

Organisers: Public Interest Law Clinic -Pilac Uganda Human Rights Commission - UHRC Makerere University Uganda Consortium on Corporate Accountability #ReclaimPublicServices


Man spots deer stuck in swamp and jumps in to help 👏 ❤️


Children waiting in one of Mukono surbab to do casual work. Several children are engaged in child labour to get food for the family.

Children waiting in one of Mukono surbab to do casual work. Several children are engaged in child labour to get food for the family.

[05/27/21]   Tear gas and canister blasts at Kyambogo University- it's alleged police us dispersing students who protested online lessons


Man wey build house wit plastic bottles


QUOTE: "If we do not protect journalists, our ability to remain informed and make evidence-based decisions is severely hampered. When journalists cannot do their jobs in safety, we lose an important defence against the pandemic of misinformation and disinformation that has spread online”~ UN Secretary-General António Guterres #MonitorUpdates

Photos from Media Agenda Communications's post 17/02/2021

The multi-million tractors distributed to districts most of them no longer working.The cost of spare parts and running costs are beyond ability of districts' financial status

THE CAPTIVE: My 204 days with the LRA rebels 04/02/2021

THE CAPTIVE: My 204 days with the LRA rebels

Former LRA rebel captive cries as judges read Dominic Ongwen judgement.He has written a book about his life with

THE CAPTIVE: My 204 days with the LRA rebels THE CAPTIVE: My 204 days with the LRA rebels




Women under hospital detention for three over non-payment of hospital bill.For more information contact:

[01/02/21]   Pondering how to practice journalism in Uganda when the working conditions are nasty. we 28/12/2020

Journalists protest, walk out of security meeting (Video) - Nile Post Nile Post - Journalists protest, walk out of security meeting (Video) News


One of the 1980 Guerrilla war mass grave in Uganda.We do not want this again.Let work for peace.

[12/25/20]   Business paralysed in Kikooza village in Mukono town as police rounds up alleged thugs.
Police was tipped after seeing armed people taking a rest in guest house.
A joint security team has curved off the guest house to catch them live and reduce collateral damage.


History of Uganda

The National Resistance Army (NRA) 1985


History of Uganda

In July 1985, Bazilio Olara-Okello and Tito Lutwa Okello staged a military coup d'état that ousted president Milton Obote.

May 1986
From the time of his besmerched election in 1980 untill his outer on July 27, 1985, Milton Obote's control of Uganda relied upon an uneasy alliance of Acholi and Langi tribesmen within the Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA). Although enemies, both northern tribes had since colonial times been prime sources of recruits to the army, both had been persecuted under Idi Amin, and both were eager for power in the post-min Uganda. Together they formed the bulk of the rag-tag , underpaid, poorly trained, and undisciplined UNLA, which was largely responsible for the deaths of some 100,000 to 300,000 civilians, the forcing into exile of almost 300,000 refugees, and the internal displacement of 400,000 during the past five years.

Obote is himself a Langi, and throughout his regime, the UNLA at all levels was fraught with friction between Langi and Acholi troops over basic control -- promotions, assignments, deployments, and finances -- of the armed forces. Tension within the UNLA increased noticeably following Obote's appointment in 1984 of a fellow Langi, Lt. Col. Smith Opon Acak, as chief of staff rather than more senior Acholi officers. By June 1985, a number of Langi officers had been murdered by their Acholi subordinates, several spontaneous mutinies had occurred, and a serious fire-fight between Acholi and Langi soldiers had taken place in Kampala.

Brigadier Basilio Okello, one of the tow most senior Acholi officers in the UNLA, then intensified his independent contact with insurgent leaders. He apparently obtained plages of support in toppling Obote from ex-Aminist insurgent groups -- the Uganda National Rescue Front (UNRF), under Major General Amin Onzi, and the Uganda National Army, (UNA), under the command of Major General Isaac Lumago. In mid-July Brigadier Okello declared his independence from the Obote government, rallied his loyal Acholi troops around him, and began a march on Kampala from his brigade headquarters in Gulu. The UNRF and the UNA forces immediately crossed the border from their headquarters in the Sudan (now Southern Sudan) to support the coup attempt. On July 27, Kampala fell to Okellos rebellious troops. Obote fled immediately into Kenya and then into Zambia, while his Langi soldiers withdrew to their traditional homelands around Lila and Soroti. Lioting and looting by the victorious Acholi troops were widely reported in and around Kampala.

Written by Roger P. Winter and Thomas Brennan


Bes ツ

See how an engineer bird builds a nest in a single day 🐦🐦🐦


History of Uganda

Thames TV's 'TV Eye' looks at the appalling state of affairs eight months after Idi Amin was overthrown. This film catalogues a terrible tale of woe - murder and looting with no proper police force to control it, broken-down hospitals, flattened towns with no materials to rebuild them, and a ruinous black market and asks what the western aid givers are doing about it.



These are children in Mukono risk their lives to get charcoals beneath a brick kiln (Tanuulu). Such children cannot learn effectively at home.


How some children in Mukono are spending the COVID-19 holiday 27/05/2020

United We stand. Win win approach is always the best


Over 12 square miles of forest reserve in Mukono has been destroyed. The human activities- farming ,settlement and firewood are the leading cause of deforestation. This partly the cause of flooding.


The maize worms are back again. Farmers in Mukono are spending a lot on buying chemicals to spray.

[05/03/20]   Much as media cry for oppression from security operatives. But we also need financial freedom. The media owners are also part of major oppressors. They pay coins to reporters,leaving them in hands of news sources as beggars. 25/04/2020

Be wary of ‘megaphone journalism’ in the name of ‘balanced’ “If someone says it’s raining and another person says it’s dry, it’s not your job to quote them both. It’s your job to look out the window and find out which is true”


Community Volunteers on COVID 19 deserves to be encouraged. This man keeps on reminding community everyday on danger of neglecting preventive measures


Let the Government of Uganda listen to this Important message

Please see the attached photos for our proposals on Maintaining Human Dignity & Respect for Social & Economic Rights during #COVID19UG Pandemic. click the link for the same.


Its now things of the General

[04/04/20]   Your Excellent Upcountry Journalists have no access to Identification tag and sticker. This puts them in danger of indiscipline security operatives


Parents be alert there are people taking advantage if the crisis to distribute fake materials for school going children


Ugandan Pastor Bro. Ronnie Makabai praying for Coronavirus to stop.

Ugandan Pastor Bro. Ronnie Makabai praying for Coronavirus to stop.

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How some children in Mukono are spending the COVID-19 holiday
Community Volunteers on COVID 19 deserves to be encouraged. This man keeps on reminding community everyday on danger of ...
Its now things of the General


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