Renovations That May not add Value to your House.

Architecture, Interior Design + Build, Property Maintenance & Management Archmindz Associates Ltd. is a design and build consultancy firm consisting of a team of architects, interior designers, property inspectors and master craftsmen who consistently deliver projects to the highest standards.

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#architecture #construction #archmindz

#architecture #construction #archmindz

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Home renovation into office space with new office extension #architecture #interiordesign #archmindz

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A residential development with simple and outstanding aesthetics over looking the commercial development with amazing scenery that comes with a soothing atmosphere of green surroundings.
Finishing: Gloss white paint complemented with exterior slate stone, tempered glass and brick & motor cladding with plaster. The compound is characterized with avenues of semi narrow walk ways, go-cart track hovered by a zip line that is thrilling and unforgettable. #architecture #construction #interiordesign

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A credit firm corporate interiors, banking hall and aesthetics outlook. The beauty of having professional interior design is the seamless satisfaction our clients get from our work.

Archmindz updated their business hours. 18/03/2021

Archmindz updated their business hours.

Archmindz updated their business hours.

Archmindz updated their phone number. 05/03/2021

Archmindz updated their phone number.

Archmindz updated their phone number.

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Location: Mutungo hill, Kampala City.
Site Area: 1220 sq mtrs.
A modern design with high end aesthetics, high windows and balconies that bring in the outside and a roof top terrace.
Finishing: Exterior slate stone, tempered glass and brick & motor cladded with plaster. Interior wall finishing of living room & void, stucco grey paint wall finish and aluminum windows trim and doors of one-way glass.

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A Design+Build projects plants/ flower outlet.
Material: Glass and steel fabrication spray painted.
Designed by Archmindz Associates Ltd.

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While getting your house in tip-top shape before listing it can push up the selling price, it’s also easy to go overboard with renovations but some upgrades may not be worth the expense and time.
1. Dated Décor: It’s natural to want to inject your personality into every room of your house, but be conscious of what may seem outdated to potential buyer i.e dark painted walls and eccentric light fixtures.
2. Floor Tiles: Whether it’s on your floor or part of the décor may look fantastic to you but may put off a potential buyer. If you must replace any tiles in the house keep it simple. Remember that what might seem exciting and creative to you might be a bit too much for someone else.
3. Elaborate Landscaping: Buyers usually prefer to add their own personal touch to the garden, so extensive landscaping is more trouble than its worth. The key is to have a well maintained yard instead. Be sure to mow the lawn, prune the trees and rake the leaves before you show the property.
4. Wall to Wall Carpeting: Chances are the new homeowner will replace any existing carpeting with something more to their taste, or install hard wood flooring or floor tiles.
5. Knocking out walls: Removing a wall to create a bigger space, like master bedroom, won’t necessarily add value to the property, Instead, it will leave you with one less room. If you really want to knock out a wall, do it wisely. For example, knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room can create better flow without either room losing its intended purpose.

Site Selection, Architecture, Interiors, Budgeting Property Inspection 14/11/2019

Site Selection, Architecture, Interiors, Budgeting Property Inspection

Site Selection, Architecture, Interiors, Budgeting Property Inspection From start to finish, we help get the job done!


SITE SELECTION: Archmindz provides early involvement in finding a client a suitable property to purchase and develop through the site selection process. This allows for the property owner’s vision to be incorporated in the architectural design and ensure a successful process. As a design build firm our goal is to provide start to finish services for our clients.
ARCHITECTURE: Archmindz also assist with the architectural design process in order to better understand the homeowners vision for the entire project. Working directly with the engineers and construction companies, we will ensure that the desired concepts are executed flawlessly.
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: The construction process will be efficient and quality with seamless coordination from start to finish with the engineers, general contractors, subcontractors and the interior design team.
PLANNING & BUDGETING: Archmindz provides assistance in the project budgeting process to make sure all aspects of the design will be executed within the budget.
INTERIOR DESIGN: Archmindz assists and guides the property owner with interior design decisions and options including color scheme, cabinetry, appliances, flooring, furniture, etc.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Throughout the design and construction process, Archmindz will manage the contractors, architects, engineers, and designers to make sure the final product fulfills the property owner’s vision.
PROPERTY INSPECTION: Regular inspections will help you be sure that your investment is safe and in good condition. While your property management company may inform you of areas that need repairs and maintenance, there is a good chance that some specific areas will be overlooked. We ensure to address any structural issues in good time to avoid deferred maintenance and repairs.

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Archmindz design approach is firmly rooted in the interpretation of the human needs. Design solutions that are sensitive to the local culture and context in which they exist.
Our aim is to create modern fluid environments that have a positive impact on people’s lives.


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Archmindz Associates Ltd. is a design and build consultancy firm consisting of a team of architects, interior designers, property inspectors and master craftsmen who consistently deliver projects to the highest standards.


Architectural & Interior Design+Build, Property Maintenance & Management



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