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Sena Consults

Sena Consults, our goal is to provide the maximum return on your investment through value- packed management report that offer- in - depth analysis

Sena Consults, our goal is to provide the maximum return on your investment through value- packed management report that offer- in - depth analysis of your financial statements, internal controls, human resource and operational efficiency

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Did you know that filing a less Provisional Income Tax Return can lead to Tax Penalty. Contact Sena Consults for all your tax needs. To avoid all unnecessary penalties.
Call us: 0703366472 or email us: [email protected] /[email protected]


We are an Accountancy and Tax Practice, based in Kampala, Uganda. We are specialists in dealing with owner managed businesses and individuals’ personal tax affairs and strive to provide our clients with a personalized service while taking care of their finances and tax issues. We aim to build business relationships based on loyalty and trust and offer a higher level of technical expertise, service and value.

Our services include:
- Personal tax and self-assessment returns
- Business and corporation tax
- NSSF & PAYE returns
- Bookkeeping and VAT returns
- Tax planning and advise

Contact us : +256 703 366472 or [email protected]

Real Estate and Homes for Sale - ERA 13/03/2017

Real Estate and Homes for Sale - ERA

*What makes most big companies what they are is what kills them too in most cases.*

When companies are small they are much for swift and fast in reacting.As companies grow and become big it only means a bigger customers base to deal with,bigger risks to face,bigger layers/structures of administration and decision making.This makes the process of decision making much longer and complicated.Only companies that have managed to grow while keeping their business processes lean are the ones that have continued to thrive continuously.

*_For some of you who have dealt or tried to deal with these big companies or business establishment know what am talking about.Decision that would rather take a day or two will take a month or two in a bank for example.As a business management firm we have sought to deal with many banks and other big businesses with whom we share a few missions and objectives but even getting a No for an answer can take you like for ever.Personally I feel decisions have to be made expeditely especially in this fast paced modern day and era.Competition has become real with opportunities becoming more and more scarce.Taking too long to react could leave one playing catch up all their lives._*

Unfortunately most of these big comapnies become too comfortable when they grow.They start getting a feeling of invisibility and the feeling they are too big to fail.They become so comfortable in their zone untill some an underlooked factor comes and sweeps them away.

_So as you grow your small company make sure to devise ways to remain fast and more aggressive towards acting on any new opportunities,developments or changes whether in consumer patterns,industry direction or trends.Never at any one second should you think your too big to go down.Actually the bigger you grow the easier it become to go down.Make decisions as fast as possible,don't shut out new ideas and opportunities by creating a very long unnecessary chain of access to top management and decision making mechanism of your business.Personally even when we grow I will keep access so open to the public and opportunities.I will create days where any one can come see me without having to go through a security guard,5 secretaries and a personal assistant to see me because from what I have learned this only seals you off from access to possible opportunities and ideas.Little beuracrcy less policies._

*Semberege Musa *Business consultant* with *SENA CONSULTS* "We take you further" A Business Management and Consulting Firm that helps people start and grow profitable and sustainable busineses

*1*.Company Registration and Business Licencing
*2*.Business Management and Advisory
*3*.Accounting and Tax Consultancy
*4*.Business IT & E-Commerce (web sites,apps and systems)

Real Estate and Homes for Sale - ERA View all ERA area homes for sale with our comprehensive MLS search. Find school details, open house listings, local real estate agents and more.


Are you looking for Accounting services?
Please look no further, Sena Consults is here for to solve all your Accounting needs. This range from filing your monthly returns ( PAYE ,VAT, NSSF), Booking Keeping, Reconciliations among others.
Please contact us on, +256 703 336 672 / +256 777 047 009.


if you are looking to start or Expand your business, Please Contact us for Company registration, URA TAXES, social Media adverts, Business management and Consultancy and websites. Call us on 0777 047009 / 0703366472

Timeline Photos 31/12/2016

Timeline Photos


Good morning dear
Days are running too fast, have you filed your tax returns as yet??
Don't look any further, Sena Consults is here to save you all the troubles of tax computations and filing.
Contact us on 0777047009 or [email protected] now to avoid all tax penalties.


Why choose Sena Consults?
We offer services like: -

Payroll services to include Monthly and Annual Tax and Social Security Filings.

Preparation and Filing of Income Tax Returns for Individuals, Businesses, Companies, & Branches.

Tax Planning & Advisory on the determination and payment of Installment and Final Taxes

Tax Health checks to provide assurance on Compliance with Income Tax, Withholding Tax, PAYE, VAT and Duty Payments

You can call us on +256777047009


Tax planning is not only for those in the 1% income tax bracket.
Every taxpayer can benefit from some form of tax planning.

Some of the benefits of tax planning are:-
1) Increased the size of your paychecks.
2) Decreased your annual tax liabilities.
3) Eliminate underpayment penalties.

Call to learn more @ +256 777047009


Audits & Accounting
With a high-quality audit, you'll gain more than a stamp on your books: You'll benefit from critical insight that keeps your business moving forward.
In today’s fast-moving business environment, many users of financial information are demanding greater reliability of both financial and nonfinancial data.
As a result, an audit is increasingly more than just an examination of your books.
It’s an opportunity to take a global view of your organization
 to assess the quality of information you use to make critical decisions,
 evaluate your company’s overall financial performance,
 help you solve complex business challenges.

That’s why our audit approach combines a keen understanding of the competitive business landscape and our experience evaluating the risks you face on a daily basis.
The goal? To provide the maximum return on your investment through value-packed management letters that offer in-depth analysis of your financial statements, internal controls, and operational efficiency.

We offer audit services in these key areas:
• Financial statements
• Employee benefit plans
• Internal audit
• Performance audits
• Sustainability
For any of the above service contact us on 0777047009 or [email protected]
Sena Consults, “We take you further”


Tax Services
Sena Consults provide you robust solutions to help manage your business and personal tax liability.
As a taxpayer, you don’t want to pay more in taxes than have to. Part of accomplishing this is calculating your liability with precision so you don’t overpay.
And yet there’s much more to it: Truly succeeding at tax planning requires the help of a trusted advisor—an experienced tax professional with the technical skills, knowledge, and strategic thinking to help you address challenges and take advantage of timely opportunities.
Whether your needs are company-specific or involve matters of personal income tax, Sena Consults has the expertise to provide integrated solutions wherever you do business or reside.
You’ll find we can offer a more personal level of service.
We provide tailored solutions in a variety of areas, including:
• Business tax
 Income Tax
• Personal tax
• Tax credits & incentives


Good morning
The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, transforming industry with it, and the words we have been using to describe business change — innovation, disruption — suddenly seem insufficient


Have you filed your Tax returns????
Sena Consults is here to solve all your tax problems.
Contact us for Income Tax, VAT and PAYE filing,


We offer consultancy in
Tax, Audit & Advisory
Filing of Income Tax, VAT Monthly Returns and PAYE



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