Poetry lyrics

Poetry lyrics


Detest only what you've tested
The most disrespectful
The most annoying
The most treacherous
The most complaining
The most irritating
The most disrespectful

The best liar
The best deceptive
The best lustful
The best excuser
The best manipulator
The best player

The worst kisser
The worst romantic
The worst pretender
The worst lover and
The worst forever.

Composed by N.Hanifah
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[08/02/16]   I HAVE MISSED YOU
All along i have been fooling myself
Putting myself in a position i don't fit
Pretending to live without you
Telling my heart that we broke up
Yet memories of you still collect all together in me
You are too cute to be forgotten
You are too kind to be left
I need you back
Though there's no love left
We can rebuild that love
Those feelings can be created again
I'm sure there's nobody who misses you just like i do.
Composed by N.Hanifah

The love we shared is now gone
Those tender hands that you used to wrap all over my body are now gone
The best kiss i used to get is no longer at my reach
I don't feel the warmth of your skin at all

We used to laugh together
Spent the nights with you
Held you close to me every single time
Those days were the best days
But now no more

You don't have my contact
You don't call me the love of your life
I thought we would be a family
Thought we would last together in harmony
Thought you would let the world know about our love
This is the untold suffering you are putting my heart in
I'm crying out for love.
Composed by N.Hanifah.

[07/13/16]   HE WAS KILLED IN PAIN.
He was burnt
His hands were tied together with legs
He was beaten
He died in Adam's suit

No one could believe he was innocent
We all believed he was a thief
Though i detest thieves when i saw
him crying out in pain i also cried

After he is gone
That's when i discover his innocence
My brother and the man who burnt him
plotted to bring his life to an end
I couldn't stop lamenting

I was wondering why could he kill him for a girlfriend
Killing him for money
Making him face death because of money

Just waking up i realised that was a dream
But all in all he died in pain
I can still feel the pain inside me
That untold suffering beats my understanding.
Composed by N.Hanifah

[07/10/16]   VIRGINITY
A seal that binds sex
If your a virgin you never feel like
giving on for sex
You keep your patience
Thinking that you might lose it to the
wrong guy

It feels special to be a virgin at some moment
For instance when your free from
sexually transmitted diseases
But also feel sad when your
friends tell you of how sweet sex is

It separates many from their lovers
And it joins many to their partners
Many think it is for issues of dignity
And others think being a virgin is lack
of opportunity
Some even think being a virgin is some form of backwardness

At times you feel you should give it out
But the threat is losing it to a wrong guy
You can't know its the right time to lose it
You can't know if he's the right guy to take off your virginity
But all in all i think a guy who waits until your ready to lose it is worth it
And the right time is to lose it when your married.

Composed by N.Hanifah

[06/30/16]   I DON'T NEED YOU.
I've tried to be patient with this love
But its not love
I can't feel this love
No signs of compassion

Love is love when you
love some one who loves you back
But loving some one who love you not
Is falling in a pit that you can't get out of.

Composed by N. Hanifah

[03/10/16]   A SHE FRIEND
She calls me her friend
Her closest friend
One she moves with all the time
The one she tells almost all her secrets
She says i understand her
She claims that am a wonderful friend

But she loves my boyfriend
She sleeps with my boyfriend
She receives gifts from my boyfriend
She makes several appointments with my boyfriend
She's ever smiling at my boyfriend
Making phone calls to my boyfriend

Am sure she's excited to know that i left that womaniser for her
She's the best maniac I've known
But i will keep being her friend as she continues enjoying my boyfriend
And i will continue to wish her the best as my she friend.
Composed by N.Hanifah

[08/20/15]   A moment of poetry

You can screw me,
Hate me, abuse me,
Talk ill about me,
But you can't bring me down.

Fight me or even do evil to me,
But am unbeaten,
Am sure am stronger than you,
Your only weapon is
Blackmail, evil and witchcraft,
But my weapon is God.

Your words don't shake me,
Hmmm am unshaken,
You can do more harm to me,
Trust me I will still stand firm.

You can take away all my friends,
Lovers, relatives and money,
But am sure you can't take away the fact that am not scared of you.

You only find strength in evil,
But I find strength in righteousness
This is for you my dear hater,
You can do more harm because I have a protector, God.

But remember what goes around
Comes around,
Don't be so surprised to see your evil deeds back firing.
Composed by N.Hanifah

[07/27/15]   YOU PRETEND
You love me
And I love you back
We both love each other
But what surprises me
Is your pretence
You pretend not to love me
Yet am sure you do
You don't want to call me sweetheart, honey
Yet I am sure you love me

You don't want to tell
Everyone that am your best
Yet I know you care
There is a connection between
Us and I know you know it
We have both pretended not to
Love each other but affection bounds
Is it pride disturbing you?

I am also proud
But I don't include pride in love
Hearts that are meant for each other
will always connect
My dear I know the pretence
You are holding on is hurting
So please open your heart
Am willing to open mine to you
You and I forever.
Composed by N.Hanifah

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[07/12/15]   COME
Even if you leave
I will always wait until you come
Though stolen by thieves
You will always come
Perhaps discharged
I should forever see you come
Am traumatised when I get a thought
that one day you will not come
You will decide to leave me
And not observe you when you come
Promise you will be mine and
when I call you , you listen and come
Composed by N.Hanifah

[07/11/15]   WE HAVE
We have survived
Passed through the storm
Seen the waters of pain
But still walking besides this road
Smearing our hearts with happiness

We have longed to be
So we are and forever we shall be
Peharps writing remberances of love
Togetherness is nothing to resist

We have gone into the depth
To the inner portions of our life
Passion is no matter to resist
Our enthusiastic love is observable
Wearing facy clothes of warmth

We have smelt the fragrance
Touched and felt your beauty
That lies deep inside you
I recall those books full of love
Only reminiscing the fresh memories of you
Composed by N.Hanifah

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[04/02/15]   RAINNY UGANDA
It drizzles
makes every one scatter
the wind blows
and you admire the spirit
of remaining in bed
the coldness is no less expected

moving on muddy roads
shoes filled up with dusty rainny water
you hate yourself without an umberella
cars splashing the smelly water
on our glittering clothes
it is worse with white

previously we happen to
sit under a leaking taxi
without something to cover your head,
your hair becomes a water storage
cotton bags at a moment
work as a lake

early in the morning
you never want to take a shower
theives have their eyes open
for those of us who want to
escape rain by resting under a shade
thieves enjoy our rests

for those in love that's
their moment of romance
in such weather
they enjoy the sweetness
of nature
it is warmness all over

for the students,
life becomes hell
they regret being learners
walking under rain
uniforms getting wet
strokes become their welcome at
school for putting on wet uniforms
composed by N. Hanifah

[03/11/15]   TRENDY POEMS

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It hurts me a lot to know that
u didn't love me
to know that my love for you was just wasted
the pain that is inside me is too much
this untold suffering am into
breaks me to pieces

I gave you my love,
my trust and heart
but you made everything a mess
in the midst of the ocean i sink
you have made me desperate

with this disastisfied heart of mine
i will live just for the sake of living but not for the sake of love
your smile pleased me but it's not seen any more
why do you resist my love?

my heart has had enough my misery
i have endured but i can't give up on you
i can't let this anarchy of love over power me
i will still hope that you will love me
bring love to my heart
my eyes need to see your passion.
composed by N.Hanifah

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Poetry lyrics



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