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Inter-bit Networking Solutions can put an end to your worries, with Computer Support, IT Service Des Inter-bit Networking Solutions can put an end to your worries, with Computer Support that has your end results in mind.

Have you ever wondered why dependable Managed IT Services are so difficult to find? We’re always there for you, with IT Consulting to make running your business worry-free. With Networking Solutions on your side, you will be able to:

- Reduce downtime, with technology support that won’t leave you hanging in a crisis.
- Depend on us for all things IT, and focus more energy on your company.
- Save


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Date: Fri, Oct 28 • 09:00 GMT+03:00

Location: Plot 16 Buganda Road, P.o.Box 8632, Kampala, Central Region


3D Signage


Product Branding


Deep cast Engraving services

Photos from HERA HOTEL Ltd Kampala's post 11/08/2021

Photos from HERA HOTEL Ltd Kampala's post


Happy Easter Holidays to all our esteemed clientele.

Photos from HERA HOTEL Ltd Kampala's post 12/01/2021

Photos from HERA HOTEL Ltd Kampala's post

Photos from HERA HOTEL Ltd Kampala's post 02/01/2021

Photos from HERA HOTEL Ltd Kampala's post


Happy Eid to all our Muslim Fraternity


To all our lovely fathers and father figures✊

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Photos from Arena Lounge's post



There was this poor man who *wrote a book at the age of 40* and decided to launch it on his Birthday.

He had no money to fund the launching and so, *he decided to seek help from a millionaire* in his community.

He made a visit to the Millionaires home and after they exchanged pleasantries, he told his host what brought him.

The Millionaire told him to take out a piece of paper and pen.
He said, " I will give you a test. If you pass it, I will give you the money you need and if you fail, I will still give you the money"

He then told him to write down the names of 10 people who could give him 10k each for his book during the launch.

Surprisingly, the man could not write even 3 names.

Now, take a glass of water and let me tell you something..

It is not enough to have talent and skills. You must understand the power of building valuable relationship.

It was a wise man that said, *your network is directly proportional to your net worth.*

*_Relationship is a currency* ._ Relationship is a stream of income.
Everything in this life actually reproduces on the basis of relationship.

See eh, *Who likes you in this life matters* .

_Men are lifted through men_ .
*Many of us are talented but we lack a cup bearer* to tell the King that there is a Joseph that can interpret dreams.

*Who you know matters a lot in this life.* Don't say it doesn't matter. It does.

There are heights and opportunities you will never attain if you don't understand *the power of Keeping Valuable Relationships* .

When they say, *turn and greet your neighbour in church, at times, you don't even know who you are talking to* .

That might be the CEO of a company. But sometimes, *we despise people based on the outward looks and judge them wrongly.*

Have this wisdom am sharing with you.

That person you sit with in class, or the colleagues at work that you look down on, maybe the ones that will lead you to your destiny helper because you have no idea who they know.

Sometimes, it takes just a recommendation to change your story.

*Don't despise men in Life.* You will need them one day.

Sometimes *those who crown Kings don't look like kings* and may never become kings but they can help you wear the crown.

Something about Social capital.


Since God cannot be everywhere, so he created mothers for us. Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms.🙏🙏

Elevated Drink Box (EDB) launched at drupa 05/05/2020

Elevated Drink Box (EDB) launched at drupa

Product branding

Elevated Drink Box (EDB) launched at drupa A group of leading suppliers to the packaging industry, have come together to create the Elevated Drink Box - an innovative new ‘bag in box’ concept that wil...

BOBST Digital Flexo process 05/05/2020

BOBST Digital Flexo process

BOBST Digital Flexo process We are not able to answer to your requests directly in YouTube. For more info, contact & requests, please use: Digital Flexo is one ...


Safe Home


We are with you our brothers and sisters


Happy New year

USh 6,000,000 - Hp 800 ps plotter printer 04/03/2018

USh 6,000,000 - Hp 800 ps plotter printer

Still available

USh 6,000,000 - Hp 800 ps plotter printer Refurbished hp 800 ps plotter for sell,its in good condition test before buying and has got a roll of paper with it. It is suitable for both architect and designers.




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