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Free IMO is an integrated online marketing platform that combines various marketing strategies to generate massive website traffic Free IMO is an integrated online marketing platform that combines freebie marketing, email marketing, forum marketing, article marketing and social media marketing to generate traffic to your website.

[07/10/15]   Dear members,
Do you have a need to communicate to FreeIMO Members?
Do you have any private messages for any of the FreeIMO Members?
Do you have anything to market/promote to FreeIMO Members individually?
If yes then you can communicate to any of freeIMO Members:
By sending a private message to the member through FreeIMO messaging platform
How it works
Sending an email/message
Sign up and/or login
Go to My Account
Select Compose new message
Then fill the form and send
Note that you can check out people’s user name by clicking FreeIMO forums and then forum members from drop down menu.
Reading an email/message from your FreeIMO inbox
Go to my account
Select check message
Open your email and read 29/05/2015

Inside FreeIMO

How to upload a product on FreeIMO
click this link to discover much about freeimo. 23/05/2015

Freeimo Review

Freeimo Review

FreeIMO is an integrated online marketing platform that combines freebie marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, forum marketing and article marketing with the mandate to boost website traffic for its members.

FreeIMO features include:

Automated email marketing platform
Email list building and segmentation
Internal messaging platform
Forum marketing in various categories
Freebie submission and distribution
Email list swapping
Product listing
Website promotion

How freeimo works?

Freebie Marketing
You sign-up at, verify your account so as to become active.
• : Upload your free product on FreeIMO in a category of your choice
• By clicking my account in the top left corner and then click upload documents
• Fill up the form and then click add record
• You can share it on any social media of your choice
• You can give it away for in freebie exchange forum
• You can also inform friends about your new product
• You may even review your product so that it can get more attention.
• The rest of the marketing and distribution is done by freeimo

Email list building
With your free product, FreeIMO builds 4 types of email lists as follows
• First list: Freeimo tracks all the emails of people who download your product because before you download you must sign up.
• Second List: Freeimo also tracks emails of all the people who follow you. Sec
• Third List: Freeimo also tracks all the people who like your product.
• Fourth list: By joining any category, you access the list of all members who have joined the same category. The more the categories you join, the more the list you will have. This called niche group marketing
• Wow! !!, can you imagine 4 or more types of lists you can use to earn great income

Internal messaging

This is an amazing feature that can help you to communicate directly with your, friends, subscribers and the audience at large. To use feature you simply visit your administration dashboard, and messaging then you can be able to send a message to anyone using their usernames. This feature is also helpful in forum marketing in case you want to connect to specific people.

Forum Marketing
This is very good at driving traffic. FreeIMO so far has 8 forums that can help you to market or promote your product/services. With these forums you can do the following
Advertise your skills, talents and expertise
Hire people through “services wanted” forum
Promote and sell your products/services through “special offer” forum
You can upload a review of your product/services
You can ask or answer any questions
Discuss anything related to freeIMO
You can give away or exchange your free products
Discuss anything related to e-business and marketing

Email List Swapping
Freeimo has an amazing feature which you can use to grow your list longer.AS long as you have followed some members’ products, then you can be able to swap lists with them in case you make a swap request and they approve.
Once you have the list, you can market to them using freeimo automated email marketing system.

Product Listing

You can also upload a paid product for listing and link it to your website. This is specified when your upload a product.

Website Promotion
You can also promote your website by clicking Business/company profiles on the dashboard and create your business/company page.

It is evident that Freeimo indeed has great services and features tailored to drive massive traffic to website. It has so many marketing methods in one platform. You just choose what works best for you.So what are you waiting for? Give it a try, I am sure it is worth your time and efforts. Sign up at and receive unceasing traffic, unlimited leads and passive income. FreeIMO is an integrated online marketing platform that combines freebie marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, forum marketing and article marketing with the mandate to boost website traffic for its members. FreeIMO features include: Autom 23/05/2015

Free IMO | For Freebies and giveaways

Free Forum Advertising

Connecting to people and building networks are key elements of getting yourself known to the world so as to create potential market for your services or product. To meet such marketing needs of people, FreeIMO has introduced free forum advertising section where you can advertise your skills, talents, knowledge and expertise. Here you simply post title for example Programmer: Then you explain exactly what you can do or offer to the audience. You also need to have completed your profile giving details of who you are and what you are good at doing.

How do you connect to your audience?

Simply post your advert and ask the interested parties to send a PM (private Message). FreeIMO has a very well functioning internal messaging platform which will cater for this

Services wanted forum

In connection with the above, FreeIMO also has a section for services wanted where people looking for people to hire also post their adverts such that people looking for jobs can easily find them. Connection is still the same as above through internal private messaging. Sign up at and enjoy these amazing services. The leading source and distributor of online freebies and free giveaways in the internet marketing industry 21/05/2015

Free IMO | For Freebies and giveaways

Promote your product or service freely by uploading a freebie/free product on FreeIMO. Sign up, go to my account and click upload. FreeIMO distributes for you The leading source and distributor of online freebies and free giveaways in the internet marketing industry


Freebie Marketing and distribution
Automated E-mail marketing
E-mail List Building
Website Promotion
Product listing
Product selling and Buying
Hot deals and giveways
Forum Marketing
Social media Marketing
Article marketing
Email list Swapping



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