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One of the puzzling problems in working with nutrition is that individuals can react differently to the exact same diets and supplement plans. A nutritional program that produces positive benefits for one person may elicit a negative reaction from another. Fortunately, there are tools available to help us understand why this is the case and to help people find the appropriate program for their type.

Research conducted by Dr. Peter D’Adamo and his father, Dr. James D’Adamo, demonstrated a strong correlation between a person’s blood type (O, A, B or AB) and the foods and supplements they need to consume for optimal health. Dr. D’Adamo has widely promoted this concept in several popular books, including Eat Right for Your Type and Live Right for Your Type (my personal favorite). In this article, I'll introduce you to the basic principles of the blood type diet and discuss some of the supplements that have proven beneficial for each type.

Why the Blood Type?

Dr. D'Adamo believes that the history of man holds the secrets to the blood type diet, since our blood type is a consequence of our genetic ancestry. The types of food that these ancestors adapted to provides the key to understanding why certain foods are genetically compatible with our bodies while others are not.

The oldest blood type is Blood Type O. Blood Type O traces back to the hunter-gatherer peoples who subsisted primarily on meat and wild vegetables. In contrast, the ancestors of Blood Type A settled on plains and by rivers and started farming. So their bodies became more adapted to a vegetarian, plant-food based diet with some fish and poultry.

Blood Type B emerged from the Himalayan highlands. They are fairly balanced, as these people adapted to utilize meats, vegetables and dairy. Finally, Blood Type AB grew from the blending of people with A and B ancestry. This resulted in a blending of the characteristics of the A type and the B type, with a resulting blending of beneficial foods.

To further understand the blood type diet, we need to realize that all organisms are equipped with a system which enables their bodies to identify structures that are part of their organism from structures belonging to other organisms. Our blood type is one of the most fundamental methods the body utilizes to separate self from not self. This ability to determine what is self and what is not self is at the core of our immune function.

All foods contain chemicals known as lectins. Lectins that are incompatible with one’s blood type create negative reactions. For starters, they cause agglutination of the blood, meaning they make red blood cells “sticky” so they clump together. This results in a reduction in oxygen supply in the body and lowered immunity. Lectins can also interfere with protein digestion, block hormones, trigger immune reactions and impair absorption.

Understanding which foods contain lectins compatible with the body and which foods contain lectins that are not is the basis of the blood type diet. A food is classified as an Avoid because it produces negative lectin reactions in that blood type, which act as toxins. On the other hand, foods that are Beneficial for a particular blood type are highly compatible with that type. These foods actually serve as a type of medicine, strengthening health and preventing disease. Foods that are Neutral merely supply nourishment. They do not have negative lectin reactions, but they also do not have positive, healing properties either.

In addition to diet, the four blood types have other unique differences that require specialized supplementation. Each blood type is prone to a unique set of health challenges which can be mediated or eliminated through appropriate herbs and nutrients. So, with that basic understanding, here are some basic things people of each blood type can do nutritionally to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Blood Type Ohunter

Blood Type O generally does well on a diet of meat and other high protein foods. They can eat most types of animal protein, but, like all blood types, they must prepare these protein-rich foods properly to be able to derive positive benefits from them. Overcooking protein denatures it and taxes the digestive system. Meat should be organic and eaten rare or slow cooked to obtain maximum benefits.

Large portions of non-starchy vegetables that are Neutral or Beneficial should also be consumed with protein foods. Examples of Beneficial non-starchy vegetables for Blood Type O include beet greens, broccoli, romaine lettuce, okra and Swiss chard. Eating generous portions of these vegetables also helps maintain proper acid/alkaline balance.

Grains, especially corn and wheat, as well as dairy products, are major Avoids for Blood Type O. Other Avoids include pinto beans, lentils, cashews, black olives and avocados.

Generally an energetic blood type, Blood Type O people tend to burn the candle at both ends, so NutriCalm and adaptagens like Siberian ginseng may be helpful for them. People with this blood type are also prone to depression, particularly manic/depressive disorders. Chinese Mood Elevator (AD-C) is a good antidepressant for them, but St. John’s wort is not. 5-HTP Power may also be helpful with depression in Blood Type O, but not where hyperactivity is present.

People with Blood Type O tend to do better with a mineral supplement than they do with a multiple vitamin, so Colloidal Minerals or Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic are good choices for general good health.

Blood Type O people need protein and have a special need for the amino acid l-tyrosine. L-tyrosine helps maintain levels of dopamine and epinephrine, two neurotransmitters involved in mood. The best sources of this amino acid are red meat and wheat. If Blood Type O people do not eat red meat, they may crave wheat, which is an Avoid for their type. I've helped many Blood Type Os to enjoy more stable moods and energy by eating red meat daily. Super Algae and Ultimate Green Zone can supply the amino acid, tyrosine, and keep protein levels stable in Blood Type O. Blood Type O people who are vegetarians often need to supplement with l-tyrosine.

ADD and ADHD are most prevalent in Blood Type O. Energ-V provides adaptagens that improve stress response and nourish the adrenals, which can be very helpful for ADD/ADHD children. For older Blood Type O children and adults with this problem GABA Plus, Focus Attention and Nature’s Chi may be helpful.

Because of their tendency to an overactive immune system, Blood Type O should generally avoid immune stimulants. Colostrum is an excellent balancer of the immune system in Blood Type O. The overactive immune response also increases the tendency for allergies. HistaBlock can be helpful here. It reduces hyperactivity associated with food allergies, too.
High carbohydrate diets in this blood type can lead to hypothyroidism. Used in conjunction with dietary changes, TS II can help to bring the thyroid gland to balance.

Blood Type Afarmer

Being the more agrarian type, Blood Type A doesn’t do well with large quantities of animal protein. Beef, lamb and other red meats are Avoids for them, however, Kimberly Balas has learned that if these animals are 100% grass-fed they do not produce the reactions that grain-fed meet does. I am a Blood Type A and for years I avoided red meat, but when I started to be able to purchase grass-fed meat I found I could tolerate it quite well. I still don't do well with large quantities of red meat, however.

Dairy foods are also Avoids for this type. So Blood Type A people must make certain they get adequate protein from other sources. Fortunately, poultry and eggs are Neutral for Blood Type A. Many types of fish are Beneficial, making fish a good protein food for this type. Fish is also an important source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids which reduce the risk of heart disease for Blood Type A.

There are also vegetable sources of protein which are highly compatible with the metabolism of Blood Type A. In particular, soy products are Beneficial. (Avoid GMO soy products, however.) Given that the A antigen is more susceptible to the xenoestrogens in the environment, the phytoestrogens in soy can reduce cancer risk and improve glandular function, too. Also Beneficial to Blood Type A are lentils, pinto beans and black beans.

Blood Type A is generally more tolerant of grains that other blood types. Grains and beans can be combined to form a complete vegetarian-source protein. Their systems are also compatible with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, which should be used in large quantities to balance protein, beans and grains so that proper acid/alkaline balance is maintained.

Blood Type A has a difficult time with protein digestion. I find the pea and rice proteins in Nature's Harvest and Love and Peas are the easiest to assimilate. Ultimate Green Zone and Super Algae also provide protein that is easily assimilated by Blood Type A. Another protein supplement that is valuable for Blood Type A is Collatrim, which promotes muscle gain and fat loss. Under stress, Blood Type A loses muscle mass and gains fat.

Digestive enzymes such as Proactazyme and Protease Plus are extremely important for helping Blood Type A break down proteins. PDA (Protein Digestive Aid) can be used to supplement low hydrochloric acid (HCl) production, or Digestive Bitters (mixed with goldenseal to make it more bitter) and Safflowers can be taken 15-20 minutes prior to meals to stimulate HCl production.

Blood Type A people may also have problems with a sluggish liver and gallbladder. Hi-lipase can help when there is difficulty breaking down fats. Liver formulas like Blood Build (BP-C) and Liver Balance (LIV-C) can also help by increasing bile production and detoxifying the liver to improve digestion.
One of the biggest enemies of Blood Type A is stress. People with this blood type are very prone to high levels of cortisol, which results in anxiety, lowered immune response, compulsive behavior and premature aging. Adaptagens like Nervous Fatigue Formula (HS-C) and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic can reduce stress and improve sleep patterns. Other supplements valuable for reducing stress include B-Complex, NutriCalm and HVP.

Blood Type Bherder

More balanced than the other types, Blood Type B people will find that wild game provides their best protein. Chicken is a major Avoid for this blood type. Eggs do not possess the lectin found in chicken, so eggs are a Neutral for this blood type.

Blood Type B people are unique in their ability to handle dairy products. The B antigen and the dairy sugar, d-galactosamine, possess a similar structure, which makes milk, yogurt and even some types of cheese Beneficials for this type. (Make sure these are organic.) However, those of Asian or African descent may have difficulty digesting lactose, the sugar in milk, due to a lack of the enzyme lactase, because dairy products were not a part of the dietary pattern in those early cultures.

Corn, wheat, and certain legumes like lentils, pinto beans, peanuts and soy are Avoids for Blood Type B. Beneficial vegetables include beets, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, parsnips, peppers and yams .

Blood Type B people often has problems with their adrenal glands and stress. B-Complex, especially B1 and B6 are important to help improve the cortisol function and normalize the activity of the adrenal glands. Supplementation with pantothenic acid (B5) may also be valuable as this nutrient helps the adrenal cortex respond to stress without become exhausted. ENRG-V can also be used to support the adrenals and helps with lethargy and lack of motivation sometimes found in Blood Type B people.

Stress Relief (STR-C) can also be used to balance emotions and reduce stress. It helps deal with repressed stress or overreacting to stressful situations, problems common in Blood Type B. Focus Attention helps create mental clarity and a consistent mood , as well as contributing to concentration and memory retention, in Blood Type B people.

Blood Type B people assimilate calcium very easily, which often results in a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium and Fibralgia help reduce stress and fatigue and helps with the body’s ability to handle sugar.

Blood Type B people are more prone to certain types of infections. For starters, they are more susceptible to the influenza (flu) virus. Elderberry Defense can be very helpful here as elderberry inhibits the replication of the flu virus. Blood Type B people, especially those of Asian descent, are also at higher risk for tuberculosis. Cordyceps helps improve stamina and respiratory strength by acting as a tonic for the lungs.

Another bacteria Blood Type B are susceptible to is the streptococcal type. IN-X helps support the immune system in fighting this bug and flushes the lymphatics. Finally, urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common in Blood Type B. Cranberry Buchu helps prevent recurring UTIs. Urinary Maintenance (URY) is another great formula which contains all of the nutrients which are beneficial to Blood Type B.

A classic sign of insulin resistance in Blood Type B is the apple-shaped figure. It is the stress hormones which cause hormonal imbalance, sugar cravings and insulin resistance. SugarReg is very helpful here because it overcomes insulin resistance.

Blood Type AB

Possessing the rarest blood type, people with Blood Type AB have the antigen structure of both the A and B types. Because of their A antigen structure, red meat is an Avoid for them, and because of their B antigen structure, chicken is also an Avoid.

Due to the B antigen, Blood Type AB can utilize milk and eggs, as these foods are Neutral (when organic). Yogurt and egg whites are actually Beneficials. Too much dairy, however, can contribute to increased mucus production.

A number of fish are Beneficial to Blood Type AB. These include cod, mahi mahi, salmon, red snapper and tuna, among others. Some legumes are also Beneficial, including pinto beans, soy beans, peanuts and green lentils. Blood Type AB people have some of Blood Type A’s tolerance for grain, with rice, oats and rye being Beneficial and sprouted wheat being Neutral.

Again, Beneficial and Neutral fruits and vegetables must be consumed in larger quantities than protein foods in order to keep pH balanced in the body. Beneficial vegetables for Blood Type AB include beets, broccoli, celery, cucumber, eggplant, parsnip and yams.

Blood Type AB people have better protein digestion than Blood Type A, but not as good as Blood Types O and B, so they may need some assistance with digestion. Protease Plus and Food Enzymes can both be helpful.

Blood Type AB people have a tendency to high cholesterol levels and environmental sensitivity, resulting in reduced immunity. High blood pressure may also be a problem with Blood Type AB, especially from overly emotional reactions to stress.

Blood Pressurex can help Blood Type AB because it helps bring blood pressure in hypertension back to balance. It also supports and strengthens blood vessels and helps them deal with bruising and other damages, while preventing the agglutination of red blood cells, which causes blood to become sticky and clog the arteries.

Cordyceps helps to regulate nitric oxide, which helps regulate blood pressure. It also strengthens the immune system, which may be a problem for Blood Type AB people. Other supplements that may help the immune system in Blood Type AB include EnviroDetox, E-Tea, Germanium and Nature’s Immune Stimulator. Several of these products may help prevent or even treat certain types of cancer.

Stress can be a serious issue for people with Blood Type AB. B-Complex vitamins are needed to promote a balanced stress response in Blood Type AB. CelluSmooth contains rhodiola, which has antistress activity. It has the ability to prevent stress- induced catecholamine activity in the heart and promote stable heart contractility. It can also prevent abnormalities in cardiopulmonary function, especially at higher altitudes.

Following the Program

You don’t have to follow the blood type diet perfectly to obtain results. If you focus on eating mostly Beneficial and Neutral foods seventy-five percent of the time, this will allow you to eat the Avoid foods once in a while. The more serious your illness, the more you need to adhere to the program by following it ninety to one hundred percent of the time.

Obviously, space in this article does not allow for a complete list of foods that are Beneficial, Neutral or Avoid for each blood type. We provide Blood Type, pH and Nutrition charts and Blood Type Chart tablets that do list this information. We also provide Blood Type Testing Kits to test your blood type, too. There is also a webinar on Blood Type and Nutrition with Kimberly Balas on this website.



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