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How Much Is A Computer(laptop) Processer?
WHAT DOES IT REQUIRE ONE TO FLASH A PHONE,does need only software or accompany with other linked devices in a pc
can it be possible to unlock a phone that failed to unlock by normal means without loosing all contents I mean media attachments
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Operating as usual


Yayra Koku

Leaning how to use a A mouse

Learning how to use a computer mouse in school.


The Infographics Show

He developed Pica as a teenager, a condition that gave him the compulsion to eat objects that weren’t food. Doctors observed his stomach lining was unusually thick and his gastric juices unusually powerful, which allowed him to eat metal, glass, and other materials without puncturing his stomach lining.

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Very sad story

In December of 2003, Joyce Vincent died of an apparent asthma attack in her north London flat. The television was left on. The mail continued to be delivered. Her rent was set up to be automatically deducted from her bank account. The days rolled by and no one noticed she was gone.

Those days turned into weeks and the weeks into months. There were large trash dumpsters on the side of the building next to her unit, so the neighbors never thought much of the smell emanating from her flat. The floor was full of noisy kids and teenagers and no one questioned the constant thrum of television noise in the background.

Eventually, Joyce’s bank account dried up. Her landlord sent her letters of collection. These letters, like the others, simply fell into the stacks scattered about her floor. They went unanswered. Finally, with more than six months of overdue rent, the landlord got a court order to forcibly remove her from the premises. The bailiffs broke down the door, and it was only then her body was discovered. By then, it was January, 2006, more than two years after she passed away.

In that time, nobody ever came looking for Joyce Vincent. No family. No friends. No co-workers. No neighbor knocked on the door to see if things were all right. Nobody called. Nobody checked in. She was 38-years-old when she died.

This story is jaw-dropping in its social implications. It feels unfathomable that entire years could go by with no one noticing a person has died. Yet, these sorts of stories happen frequently. Chances are you’ve seen a news story similar to the one about Joyce Vincent. And they are all the same.

Person lives alone. They lose touch with family and friends. They never meet their neighbors. They stay shut in with their television or computer for years at a time. The world moves on as if they are no longer there until one day, they are no longer there.

Credit: The Mirror

23/01/2021 13/01/2021

Burundi: Farmer finds new technique for preserving tomatoes Vital Nduwimana hated how many tomatoes he lost every season. For years, his tomatoes started rotting just three or four days after harvest. He felt frustrated. Mr. Nduwimana explains: “I was… 06/01/2021

UNICEF UGANDA AND OUTBOX LAUNCH INNOVATION FUND CHALLENGE TO ENHANCE CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND… 22 December 2020 — UNICEF Uganda and Outbox, a Ugandan innovation and entrepreneurship support organization have launched an innovation…


Daily Monitor

VIDEO: MUK VC Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe switches on the automated 'Maknai' borehole designed by students of MUK College of Agric. & Environmental sciences- in an effort to minimise hand touching- owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. The borehole's name is abbreviated from "Makerere Naikondo". #MonitorUpdates
📹Stephen Otage 18/12/2020

How to treat Covid from home Doctors say the close monitoring and follow up by health workers on Covid-19 patients is done on phone and through village health teams


Wow 😳

Our Problem Animal Management team in Queen Elizabeth National Park has successfully captured two huge crocodiles from Lake Katwe and translocated them to Lake Kibwera crater. The biggest one measures 5.7 metres long with a neck diameter of 2 ft. The Katwe community who have described the intervention as being timely are very appreciative for the rescues.


Uganda Airlines

Exciting! Take a look at Uganda Airlines' beautiful Airbus #A330neo on its maiden flight in Toulouse, France today.

Get ready for #ANewWorld of greater connectivity and the finest passenger experience.


MR. FIXER-Xpress

Please don't look at the last picture 😭


MR. FIXER-Xpress

1. I registered twice, with Different details, I want ID of second Registration but never returned. (Bushenyi District)
2. I want to Apply For National ID, what are the steps. (Masindi District)
3. How do I replace ID I didn't sign for at Time of Issuance? (Bukeddea District)


FOR FREE GUIDANCE ON: NIRA services, Passport/Immigration Issues, Deedpolls, Affidavits, Permits and other Gov't Programs, WhatsApp (Strictly) on 0706145023 or Like Our Page MR. FIXER-Xpress .
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MR. FIXER-Xpress

1. I registered twice, with Different details, I want ID of second Registration but never returned. (Bushenyi District)
2. I want to Apply For National ID, what are the steps. (Masindi District)
3. How do I replace ID I didn't sign for at Time of Issuance? (Bukeddea District)


FOR FREE GUIDANCE ON: NIRA services, Passport/Immigration Issues, Deedpolls, Affidavits, Permits and other Gov't Programs, WhatsApp (Strictly) on 0706145023 or Like Our Page MR. FIXER-Xpress .
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Janet Kataaha Museveni

Good morning fellow Ugandans, I received a number of comments on the decision by the Government to re-open schools and I have replied some of them below:

Question: Denis Natukunda: With opening up of Candidate Classes ie P7, S4 and S6, what consideration has Ministry of Education put in place to address the gaps in syllabus coverage caused by COVID_19 since Late March to date. There will be no much benefits to Candidate's due to the lost Education Calender in the Pandemic. Parents should think twice.

Reply: This is 2nd term to cover work for that period. The third term will be January to April and the syllabus will be covered

Question: Doreen Nakayiza: Ministry of education think about our children you are putting into your mess. Going for exams when In fact they are half baked. Syllabuses not finished, what's the pressure for?? Can't it be cancelled to a dead year country wide??

Reply: We considered declaring a dead year but realized, even next year COVID-19 may still be here, therefore, we decided to at least let the candidate classes go back late but prepare to finish. I request that you partner with us

Question: Emmanuel S Mukasa Omuzzukulu: Diffinitely many won’t be able to re-open,gov't will grant them loans,some will fail to pay back,and proprietors will lose their assests. Govt will confiscate the schools

Reply: I am Sorry, the Government did not create COVID-19 so let us all try to do what we can. The government is only trying to save the situation.

Question: Andrew Akatuhurira: I'm personally disappointed with the first lady and ministry of education officials, why the rush,, already alot of time is wasted!! What will happen to other classes if candidates resume? Actually most teachers have resorted to other things than teaching.

Reply: I am sorry you are disappointed with me, just remember, like you, I have no power to control COVID-19 and this is what we can do at this moment

Question: Kinene Edwin Douglas: Now what were they hiding why were they downing the year plan , and now parents have to look for lots of money on short notice to take their children back to school because of poor planning and poor leadership of this country.

Reply: We were hiding nothing, we were hoping the COVID-19 Pandemic would clear and schools would open, instead it is getting worse, that is why we thought of trying with a small group first.

Question: Ocaya Innocent: Stress continues but it will be a dead year bcoz we are doing exams for this year next year but they should leave studies aside and first finish politics then studies next year bcoz we are tired of stress an no school has started making arrangements bcoz they are confused as everyday they are getting new confusing stories so I can now say they are more confused than students.

Reply: The year has been stressful admittedly, but this is the time both for politics and school. Let us agree to do it the best way we know how.

Question: Akugizibwe Irriplacible Mathius-Rutaaba Tha-Boss: Me am confused now. Then what happens to a senior one and five groups who had not covered even a what is History.
Are they going to senior two and senior six respectively??? Or they are going to wait for the now primary seven and four candidates to sit their papers and join them so they can now start together. The ministry must therefore come out with a substantial dossia

Reply: We are continuing with learning at home for S.1 to S.5 when S.6 moves on then S.5 will move to S.6 and when S.4 moves away S.1 and others all move on automatically.

Question: Lawrence Tamale: Well to avert the confusion we would have had S.4, S.5 and 6 till mid-November. Schools would ensure all the study material they need is given to them within that time for personal revision when they break off for holidays. In mid-November we would have S.1, 2 and 3 till mid-December and take them through the same. Immediately after candidates finish national examinations, these would also sit for promotional in February. Uneb marking can expedited so that by April, S.1 and 5 can start. I think this could solve the problem.

Reply: Thank you for your constructive ideas but since we are already set, let us have some confidence in this plan. With all of us giving it all our support it will work.

Question: Muwanguzi Edgar: Opening schools has no problem.
But financially both parents and some schools are highly strained.
1: what if the parent of that candidate is a bar attendant or operates a bar. Where will that parent take care of the child.
2: No explanation on the grant. All in all let us be on the move
I pray that everything comes to normal.

Reply: Thank you for a positive attitude, knowing that there is no one to blame for the mess that came because of COVID-19. Let us just agree to unite around this problem with God’s help we will overcome.

Question: Ampumuza Innocent: But why should schools open?
Some parents own bars, gyms and other businesses that are still unopen, so with this poverty where do the government expect the parents to get the school fees?

Reply: Schools are opening because there are many who want schools to open, please do understand that Government did not close these businesses in bad faith, it was to save the lives of many. And yes many lack money but they have life.


Tumu Siime

Online education in a typical African setting 😜😜



Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

I have directed the Inspector General of Police, Okoth Ochola, to ensure there is a published manual/booklet on gun use by October 15th, 2020. 13/09/2020

BREAKING: Ministry Of Education Drops A Bombshell On Proposed Date For Opening Of Schools - XPRESS VOICES

BACK TO SCHOOL SHOCKER: Openning of Schools Fate as Ministry Drops A bombshell that puts Parents & Students on the Edge, and shames mainstream media and Fake-news peddlers While Raising More Dust Against the proposed Date...Here is the official Statement that Reignites Uncertainty👇 Openning of Schools Fate as Ministry Drops A bombshell that puts Students & Students on the Edge, and Ashames mainstream media and Fake-news peddlers. "We are not yet there"


Uganda Police Force

Press Release
Yesterday, the DPC Katwe SP Benson Byaruhanga received information at around 20:30hours that a four storied building which has been under construction at Kerezia zone, Makindye Division in Kampala District had collapsed and that eight (08) people were suspected to be trapped inside in the basement.

According to information that was availed to the police, the building belongs to Mr Kagolo a Businessman at Kikuubo. The incident reportedly occurred at about 20:00hrs.
A team of police officers responded to the scene and were later joined by Police Fire Brigade. On arrival at the scene, police were further informed that that the victims were still talking and calling for help. For example, one Alex was calling his sister on phone.

Members of the public using axes joined Police in searching for the victims. At around 23:45 hours, one Oonyu Godfrey 22 years, a teacher who had been working at the site as a potter since schools are closed because of COVID19, was retrieved from the rubble.
Oonyu said that his colleagues were still trapped inside but he couldn't tell the number. At about 00:20 hours on 12/09/2020, an excavator was brought by KCCA and it is now on ground trying to rescue other victims.
We want to appreciate members of the public who have been very supportive in trying rescue the victims.

Two KCCA officials have been arrested to help with investigations. They include the Makindye Division Physical Planner Achom Anne and Building Inspector Joseph Balikuddembe.
It is alleged that the KCCA officials currently detained at Katwe Police Station, learnt about the ongoing construction in that place without approved plan.

Achom and Balikuddembe allegedly went to the site and issued a notice to stop the construction but later on they went and removed it and allowed them to proceed.
We are still looking for the owner of the building and his engineers.

SP Patrick Onyango


Uganda Police Force

Police has responded to a distress call in Kelezia zone, Makindye division where a four storeyed building under construction has collapsed. A number of people are trapped under the rubble but rescue efforts are underway by a joint team of Police Fire and Rescue services and KCCA.

The incident is believe to have happened today at around 09:00PM.
Details to follow. 02/09/2020

UPDF: "Retreat Or We Surrender," A Vile Security Warning To NRM MPs Mixing Politics & Security - XPRESS VOICES

UPDF is not Ur Personal Army- a bold warning to "Tulina Majje" Politicians from the Military Establishment. Don't mix Security Matters & politics “This also applies to all the others contending for political office but are armed or have armed escorts. Details👇 UPDF Sounds a bold warning to "Tulina Majje" Politicians- Don't mix Security Matters & politics “This also applies to all the others contending for political office but are armed or have armed escorts. 01/09/2020

Phase 2: Lockdown Jitters As Taskforce Spills What's Coming Next - XPRESS VOICES

LOCKDOWN PHASE 2: "It's not Desirable by anyone, but Ugandans are playing too much"-TASKFORCE The Worst is yet to come and you are right to be worried.Days to President's much anticipated address, a section of the population is getting worried as MOH registers exponential growth in COVID-19 new cases. There is a genuine fear of another lockdown, probably tougher than the last one--A scare CO...


National Identification and Registration Authority

UPDATE: We have further improved our turn around time for civil registrations. Apply for a birth or death certificate and get it within an hour. Visit any NIRA office near you and you will be attended to. #NIRANewEra #NIRAServices


Barack Obama

Chadwick came to the White House to work with kids when he was playing Jackie Robinson. You could tell right away that he was blessed. To be young, gifted, and Black; to use that power to give them heroes to look up to; to do it all while in pain – what a use of his years.


Africlan Safaris

How far have you explored Uganda?
Join us on an adventure with us @ #Africlan_Safaris_Ug.
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Africlan Safaris

Travel will never become an adventure until you leave yourself behind, the Pearl of Africa is the right place.
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Bright Side

Awesome ideas for a T-shirt that is toooooo old.👕






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College Of Computing And Information Technology,Block B Level 3-Makerere University

Opening Hours

Monday 20:30 - 16:30
Tuesday 20:30 - 16:30
Wednesday 20:30 - 16:30
Thursday 20:30 - 16:30
Friday 20:30 - 16:30
Saturday 20:30 - 16:30
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Kampala, 256

MHl Technologies - U Ltd MHl Technologies - U Ltd
Located In Makerere Kikoni

we sell and buy new/used computers,smart phones,smart tvs,laptops

Kramer Electronics Africa Kramer Electronics Africa
Plot 84b Luthuli Aveneu

We develop creative, reliable and value-oriented audio, video and computer signal processing solutions.

Kyagwe Road, Kampala, Uganda
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Five Core Electronic Limited. Excels in the manufacturing and export of Public Address Systems

Digital bathroom health weighing scales supplier in Kampala Uganda Digital bathroom health weighing scales supplier in Kampala Uganda
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The bathroom scales from Accurate Weighing Scales is a 250 kg maximum capacity mechanical floor scale that increments in 0.1 kg graduations. This mechanical dial scale comes with an easy to read 8 inch raised dial and 11 x 12-1/2-inch platform.

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where theory meets practical

Nakawa Business Park

TECH MIND UG LTD is a web design and development company that also focuses on providing I.T related services globally

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Bringing lasting web, computing and biomedical technologies appropriate for your business and organization. We have brought World-class tech solutions closer to you. Solutions in: #Web designing #Web development #Domain name registration,Hosting and more

Electronic floor warehouse platform scale Kampala Uganda Electronic floor warehouse platform scale Kampala Uganda
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If you’re in the market for an industrial floor scale for your warehouse needs, you likely have scoured the internet for the best deal.

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Vast Systems Limited basically deals in computer repair and maintenance and IT related issues

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Nasser Road
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Trusted for Best Designs & Quality Prints ever

Unsound Electronics LTD Unsound Electronics LTD
Located In Kampala Mackay Plaza Shop No M190

UNSOUND ELECTRONICS LTD. Dealers in wholesale and retail adapters for laptops, decoders, TVs, Portable DVD's and other electronic devices.