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The most important decision any company has to understand is -what are the values of yo real customers.

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β€œContent marketing is more than a buzzword. It is the hottest trend in marketing because it is the biggest gap between what buyers want and brands produce.” - Michael Brenner

Digital media hub of Kampala Ebrah Media is a servant cored company that provides corporate Digital marketing services like but not limited to Social media marketing , Search engine optimization , search market optimization, email marketing and content development marketing and sales .

we also provide web development and branding services for our clients iced with educational services on digital marketing



Photos from Ebrah Sales/Media's post 23/11/2021

One of my biggest fears is panic in the center of our capital city.

Today at about 3:40pm security forces both police and the army secured buildings and streets in the downtown neighborhood of Kampala because of a suspected bomb attack.

The building suspected as the main target was Juba hotel but it turned out to be a false alarm.

We need to keep ourselves safe in all ways possible coz bombs leave no heros.

For God and my country.


We have not been to kisoro despite having family roots in this beautiful part of our country, but lately I feel the spirit of kisoro calling me to my mother's land.


Kampala -

Mate is going to give all small businesses an opportunity to reach customers and create relationships in a crazy way.

I think our citizens will benefit from this technology.

Photos from Ebrah Sales/Media's post 18/10/2021

Cheap internet across all small scale and medium sized businesses is our mission. .

Photos from Ebrah Sales/Media's post 11/07/2021

Kampala -

This time around the government lockdown has mainly affect the central business area with strict enforcement applied around the old and new taxi Parks, namirembe road, nabugabo, kikubbo and Ben kiwanuka streets.

Is this what the war promised the Buganda region for not voting for him in the recently concluded election?



I like it when young people come up with solutions more so in these difficult times where businesses are scared of more restrictions.

I think this solution will be very instrumental in the fight against

dm for details -sales -sales -sales


Yambala .

We are in an emergency situation, it's like a war situation, in the war you fight with everything available in your arsenal.

You don't sit back and relax waiting for lady luck.

So take your vaccine when u can but wash yo hands and wear your mask.

-19 .


This is the birth of rocks.


- Kampala.

What does it mean to be Ugandan if we never leave the comforts of our homes to travel the vast beauty πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ can offer.


UGANDA Airlines.

Bringing a fresh perspective to the Ugandan condition. .

Photos from Ebrah Sales/Media's post 08/03/2021

Working women are heroes.

I am inspired and challenged everyday by our women in business.

She are not only the future of our but the driving force behind our economy.

Your hard work and sacrifice is redefining our future and that of our .

'sday abasubuzi.

I love u guys dearly.


Some people are family and when u meet them they teach u about life in ways new and strange to u.

I wish u happiness like Sunday morning.

You where the most beautiful mugole of them.



On this hot Sato it's a time to dress alil down , free and comfortable.

Check out her collection social media channels or visit her shop at the Pentagon City Plaza building along .


and how we can over come it.


Kampala -

The rate of robberies in the of Kampala is at an all time high.

And the people responsible for these crimes are highly skilled. There individuals dress and operate like or while they scan easy targets and when they get the opportunity to strike they break into the shops and walkaway with money or properties.

1 of our teamates' is currently serving jail time in kitalya prison because of a robbery at a building he manages.

Let's up our security measures.

Photos from Ebrah Sales/Media's post 08/02/2021

Kampala -

The most commercialized human emotion is that of fear, it's expressed in various ways.
1- the fear of death that is used by premitive oppressive regimes around the world to enslave their own brothers and sisters.

2- the fear of poverty that keeps us in unending cycles of generational poverty.

3- the fear of illness that keeps us prisoners to unhealthy lifestyles.

I have seen the πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ government using this tool so effectively that we are reduced to domestic slaves to the wrong leaders.




Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. Those that hijack power believe themselves masters of others and yet they are greater slaves.

In my line of work I HV found no other enemy to and as fear.

The -economy can only survive in a free society, however when the state deploys fear to control the population it willing agrees to keep it's citizen poor.



Kampala -

In order to transform our country into a middle income economy we have to improve our distribution networks.

Over 70% of our industries distribute through the kikuubo system and with an economic slow down, our trade is at the lowest it has ever been.

What can we do to save our trade economy?


Kampala - the city.

1 of the things I love about the Kampala Central business district is how different cultures and nationalities mix so beautifully.

If you have been downtown at copper complex you have seen the vibrant community selling all kinds of food.

It's an amazing experience you shouldn't miss out on.


Kampala -

You are not a true business person in if you haven't interacted with these streets in 1 way or the other.

lane is credited for the contribution of over 60% of the z however in my opinion you can't ignore the contribution of park to the economy of kikuubo.

Photos taken at rooftop.


Kampala- .

What do u love or hate about this part of downtown Kampala besides the kavuyo?


Kampala- Business district.

I strongly believe that small businesses are the engine of our economy and yet it's sad that all authorities in Kampala never support these men and women, we only see when it's regulating businesses but never in support.


Covid-19 update. Yesterday we lost 20 Ugandans and registered an all 1400 covid-19 new positive cases. Covid-19 is real .

Photos from Ebrah Sales/Media's post 10/12/2020

Kampala - 😷

however events like the Nup campaigns are risking 1000s of young people at a time when everyone is planning to visit the villages for . This as the potential of death rates never seen in our country if we don't stop it now.


Kampala - 😷

Kampala has always been a small city that's why in April when the locked down the city all citizens disapproved this action simply because we didn't know anyone sick or dying.

However the tide has changed with news of friends and family dying to this horrible pandemic. The numbers are only going to increase as events like campings and political elections go on, the virus is going to compromise our economy in the 1st 2 quarters of 2021.

Photos from Ebrah Sales/Media's post 25/11/2020

Kampala -

Most of our leaders are falling sick in covid-19 systematic way.

Our lord mayor is reported to have gone to for tests and possible treatment.

We don't know what's wrong with him but as the city we need to pray for his health has he fights to recover from what looks like a like illness.

ebrahmedia #visitkampala #trade


Kampala -

The guns and people we train n buy to protect us are used to kill us. Now think about that.



Kampala -

It's a cold morning downtown, the hustler paradise. Good morning Bana Kampala. 😷

Photos from Ebrah Sales/Media's post 09/11/2020

In the last 35yrs the country of China has come from a 3rd world country to the 1st world.

Lifting more than 600m people out of poverty in just 20yrs. Creating more than 1m millionaires per year and 2 billionaires each week.

Look back home in the last 35yrs how wealthy are u and your loved ones?

As we fight each other over irrelevances we should remember that the future of our grandchildren is our present.

Wish u all great success this week.


If your a muna Kampala. Name the junction.. Flashback Friday.

Photos from Ebrah Sales/Media's post 16/10/2020

Kampala - shift.

To understand government policies look at tax policies, the government uses taxes to discourage and in courage various industries.

In the early 90s farmers cooperatives were destroyed by a change in government policy. Alot of wealthy people lost their wealth in a space of 5 yrs.

Traders became the new tycoons as a result. Now importation is being hit by a shift in government policy.

For small businesses this is the time to setup factories in the heart of Kampala.

For History has a funny sense of humor.


Kampala -

Any realistic person understands that banks world over are the embodiment of the mafia.
They use money they don't own to make money off the productive sectors of any economy.

So the current bank war between
and is of particular interest to us here at .

Today we ask the question. Will be the hero we have been praying for or will he be another victim in this financial war?


Photos from Ebrah Sales/Media's post 11/10/2020

Kampala -

Did you know that in 1962 in light of Ugandan independence murshion falls flooded?

In the eve of our 58th independence we would like to showcase the beaut Uganda is.



Following the health catastrophe possed by the COVID-19 threat, all cities in Uganda were shut down in March.
However, for Kampala the engine of our economy a hard lock-down has resulted in the worst economic slow down of our time.


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