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Unique Potted plants (indoor & outdoor plants), ornamentals and herbs, flower pots, pot stands and wall hangers, other garden accessories, gifts, gardening and more

Potted plants (indoor & office plants), Flowers and herbs, Flower pots, Pot stands and wall hangers, other garden accessories, gifts, gardening and more

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Photos from Maua and More's post 02/04/2022

Wishing you a happy new month.

Plant without soil.
While most plants depend on soil for their nutrients, air plants can grow without soil. Air plants absorb moisture and nutrients from the atmosphere through their leaves as well as humidity in the environment around them.

The Tillandsia family has many varieties from Tillandsia ionantha
Tillandsia caput-medusae
Tillandsia xerographica
Tillandsia maxima
Tillandsia cyanea
Tillandsia bulbosa
Tillandsia cotton candy
Tillandsia funckiana

Air plants allow our imagination of display to be easily achieved from just placing them in an empty glass, wires, terrarium, widowseal ,wood , baskets among others in different interesting ways as per your desires.

If your #airplant receives bright sunlight and watering is done two to three times aweek , it will grow with little effort from you.

In the pictures below are the #Tillidasacurlyslim and #TillidasaUsneoides.

#MauaAndMore #Gardening #plantwithoutsoil #Tillidasa


Cedar bay cherry botanically
Knowing as Eugenia reinwardtiana

Is decorative due to its bright orange-red color. They are also delicious, with sweet, soft flesh. The shrubs are very slow growing so they are perfect for growing in ornamental pots. They fruit from a young age , starting in their first or second year

They grow well in sunny or shaded positions requiring well drained soil, extra water and fertilizer will help to speed up its growth a little

Seedlings are available at Maua And More at ugshs 25,000

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Location: Garden City Mall, Kampala, Uganda

#itsafruityfriday #fruitseedlingsatMauaandmore #mauaandmore


Yellow star cherry
Is a beautiful low-maintenance, small evergreen shrub that produces delicious yellow fruits . These soft juicy fruits, which look like small starfruits, are tart but with incredible aroma. It fruits after a year and prefers rich soil and plenty of water during flowering and fruiting.

Its a rare fruit, even outside even Uganda and a must have for garden lovers

Seedlings are available at Maua And More at ugshs 25,000

Call/ Whatsapp: +256 753105788 / +256 753105788

#itsafruityfriday #fruitsatMauaandMore #mauaandmore

Photos from Maua and More's post 30/03/2022

Part 2
Herbs and Spices have for a long time been grown for their flavors, culinary and medicinal purposes.
Growing your own fresh herbs and spices not only saves you some money but also offers a great opportunity to experiment with some different combinations of herbs and spices.

Our combination today is
#lemonbalm and #Lemon tyme

#Herb ID : Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is a lemon-scented herb that comes from the same family as mint.

Lemon balm has traditionally been used to improve mood and cognitive function, but the potential benefits don’t stop there. Read image to learn more about this plant’s possible healing powers.

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Location: Garden City Mall, Kampala, Uganda
#Gardening #backyard
#herbsandspices #mauaandmore

Photos from Maua and More's post 29/03/2022

Epiphyllum anguliger, commonly known as the fishbone cactus or zig zag cactus is such a quick and easy plant to grow with brilliantly architectural shape leaves, incredible scented flowers.

It can be grow as a hanging plant
As a pot plant

Light requirements
The name ‘cactus’ may be misleading here as the Epiphyllum anguliger will be happiest in bright but indirect light, it will not like lots of direct sunlight like other cacti do. Too much direct sunlight will cause a yellowing of the leaves.

This fishbone cactus requires moderate watering. Water when the soil is
Dry to touch.
How else you can know that it needs to be watered is when the leaves will start to look a little withered and less plump and after watering it will bounce back to normal.

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#fishbonecactus #mauaandmore

Photos from Maua and More's post 28/03/2022

Many gardens have shady areas, where sun-loving plants won’t thrive. The good news is that there are plenty of plants that can tolerate or even prefer a shaded position.

The most important thing is to understand the type of shade that you have – there are various kinds. Light shade means slight shade for all or most of the day; partial shade means plants are in sun for some of the day; dappled shade is blotchy shade created when the sun filters through overhead foliage. Plus, the soil in your shady spot could be damp or dry. All of these factors will determine what plants you can grow.

When choosing plants for shade, remember that too many dark greens can make a shady area look gloomy. Instead, use them for background structure and texture, then bring the area alive by making use of pale, pastel colours. White, cream, pale yellow, lilac, light mauve and pale pink show up best. Add variegated plants for splashes of white ,cream,
Pink etc

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Location: Garden City, Kampala, Uganda

#shadeplants #mauaandmore

Photos from Maua and More's post 27/03/2022

Are you looking for a nicely hanging plant that will suit a brightly shady area

Aeschynanthus, commonly known as the lipstick plant, is the perfect option.
It is a popular and striking evergreen tropical plant. It gets its name from the vibrant red and tubular flowers that appear above a burgundy bud.

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Location: Garden City Mall, Kampala, Uganda


Photos from Maua and More's post 26/03/2022

Plant ID:Anthurium crassinervium Commonly called 'Jungle King' is an evergreen perennial plant with a tropical feel, from the family Araceae.

Anthurium 'Jungle King' produces lush green leaves and needs to stay relatively moist, but allow it to dry out a little before watering. Mist regularly to keep leaves bright and fresh.

It likes bright, indirect sun. In its natural environment, it fights through the tropical canopy for light.

With little care and attention, you can enjoy a touch of the tropics with this extremely strong foliage plant all year around in your home.

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#MauaAndMore #indoorplants #Flowers #Gardening #anthrium #jungleking

Photos from Maua and More's post 25/03/2022

Clusia rosea also know as autograph plant is an ornamental leafy houseplant that is remarkably sturdy and easy to care for. Its stiff, leathery leaves are a dark olive green in colour and are said to be so tough

You can write on it, and that’s why it’s called an ‘Autograph Tree.’

To provide good Clusia rosea care, place your plant in bright, indirect light, water to maintain consistently moist soil, and plant in very well-drained soil Autograph Trees are hardy plants and can tolerate periods of drought.

If grown as a water plant, all that is needed is to change the water like in a fortnight or once it gets dirty to do away with stagnancy and also to maintain proper health of the plant.

We recommend that one uses rain water or if its tap water, you leave it to settle for an overnight then you can give it to the plant

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Location: Garden City Mall, Kampala, Uganda

#Clussiaplant #autographplant #mauaandmore

Photos from Maua and More's post 24/03/2022

The jade plant is a popular succulent with fleshy, oval-shaped leaves and thick, woody stems that resemble tiny tree trunks.

It’s Also known as lucky plant, money plant or money tree, jade plant signifies luck, prosperity and friendship in many Asian cultures

The plant can be grown both outdoors and outdoors
Jade plants should receive at least 6 hours of bright light each day. Young plants should be kept in bright, indirect sunlight; large, well-established jade plants can handle more direct sunlight.

Like any other succulents, jade plants require less watering as they tend to rot if overwatered. One would rather underwater than to over water it

#jadeplant #succulents #jadeplantsinuganda #mauaandmore

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Photos from Maua and More's post 23/03/2022

Have a wonderful Wednesday with this beautiful green and white variegated plants collection

Place the plants in very bright but indirect sunlight. This means they are ideal for indoor spaces with good natural lighting or outdoors in shady areas like the balcony . The bright light helps the plants to maintain bright colors of the leaves and if the light is not enough for them they will lose their color and become less interesting. The beauty with variagated plants is that they will have their beauty all year round if well taken care of

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Location: Garden City Mall, Kampala, Uganda


Wishing you a great week with these black art inspired patterned pots on all sides. The sight in person is quite visually appealing.

Aset up with the #Palms and #EnglishIvy would make a great centrepiece.

Your favorite plant can also be displayed in the living room, office desk or shelf using variations in a royal blue shade.

Visit #MauaAndMore at Garden City Mall or contact us on
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#Indoorplants #Officeplants #plantsinkampala #mauamonents

Photos from Maua and More's post 20/03/2022

While suggesting plants at #MauaAndMore we are specific to understand where you intend to put your plants.
A question like how much light does the spot receive is commonly asked.

Getting the lighting requirements right is critical for both survival and how happy your plant will be.

Today the plants in the picture, #ClusiaRosea #Peperomia #dolabriformis #kalanchoe
Thrive well in bright indirect light.

Indirect light is essentially sunlight that has passed through, or bounced off, another surface before reaching your plants

We wish you a #HappySunday.
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Photos from Maua and More's post 19/03/2022

Wishing you a splendid Saturday with the String succulents.
String succulents and plants are very trendy, easy to grow, and perfect for hanging baskets and pots as a spiller. With their addition, you can be the most fashionable plant grower in your circle.😉😉
They are over ten different ones from
Strings of buttons
Strings of nickels
Strings of turtles
Strings of pickles
Strings of necklace
Strings of tacos
The list gets bigger with other hanging succulent.

Today the lights are on the #stringsofbanana, #StringsofDolphins,#stringsoftears,#stringsofpearls, #stringsofheart.

#MauaAndMore is Located at Garden City Shopping Mall
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Photos from Maua and More's post 18/03/2022

We are spotlighting calatheas today. They have a wide variety of patterns in their leaves. More than 21 different ones!

Here are some of what we have collected so far. Some are in stock but others are not. We can bring your favourite ones as well if you let us know which ones🤗

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Location: Garden City Mall, Kampala, Uganda

#calatheas #prayerplants #variegatedplants #mauaandmore

Photos from Maua and More's post 17/03/2022

Flowering plants increase landscaping appeal and interest thus providing a diversity of beauty. We therefore wish you a beautiful Thursday with these blooms of Gerbera and kalanchoes

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Location ; Garden City Mall, Kampala, Uganda


Photos from Maua and More's post 16/03/2022

Wishing you a Wonderful Wednesday with this arrangement of the scindapsus pothos with silvery dots and splashed against its dark leaves that make it attention grabbing, the philodendron brasil that is characterized by dark green, heart shaped leaves with splashes of variegation in shades of lime green and the ZZ plants with its attractive dark green leaves

Call/Whatsapp : +256 753105788 /+256 777014020

Location: Garden City Mall, Kampala, Uganda

#zzplant #philodendronbrasil #scindapsus #shadeplants #mauaandmore

Photos from Maua and More's post 15/03/2022

Today we are looking at these miniaturised, container-grown trees adhering to Japanese tradition and principles, The Bonsai Trees.

There is a common misconception that the plants used for Bonsai are genetically dwarfed. They are normal plants propagated like any other but trained.

Keeping a bonsai tree alive isnt a difficult task but there are few things one should be aware of. Bonsai trees are planted in small containers with minimal space for water and nutrient reserves.
That means one needs to water and fertilise regularly. Make sure your bonsai gets plenty of light, and water when the soil is dry.

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Location: Garden City Mall, Kampala, Uganda

#bonsai #bonsaitrees #mauaandmore

Photos from Maua and More's post 13/03/2022

Cacti are desert plants that come in different shapes and sizes and some boast brightly coloured flowers. They have adaptations to conserve water. The spines help to prevent water loss.

Cacti are known for their love for sunlight however indoor cacti tend to need less light and are smaller in size. Place them near a well lit window and also move them out for early morning or late evening sunlight like once in a week.

For indoors, you can have them as a house plant or an office plant or any indoor space as long as there is enough bright light, for out door purposes you can still have them potted, as stand alone and also use them in rock gardens or in a cactus flower bed

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Location: Garden City Mall, Kampala, Uganda

#cactus #desertplants #mauaandmore

Photos from Maua and More's post 12/03/2022

Did you read the Maua And More post on 5th March !!!
Today we add on the list of over 20 gorgeous indoor plants that can grow with low, medium to bright lighting and are almost impossible to kill.

For the floor setting the Chinese ever green and Zz are our Saturday stunners.

Zanzibar Gem commonly called ZZ
With it's wide attractive dark green or black leaves for the Raven Zz, has many desirable traits for indoor spaces.

Chinese ever green.
A low maintenance family and considered one of the best foliage plants .
They are available in colours having shadee of green, silver, white, pink, striped, splotchy variegation.

Even for beginners these plants are considered easy.

Tell us your experience with these two plants which is your favorite among the Chinese ever green .☺️💚❤️

#indoorplants #Zz #Chinessevergreen #houseplants #Gardening #saturdaystunner #online #plantshop #Mauaandmore


Maua and More is glad to have been featured as the go to place for rare plant species in this post by Daily Monitor on the 9th March.

#MauaAndMore #Dailymonitor #rareplants #plantshop #kampala

Our Story

Someone said passion is not what gives you bliss or makes you happy 24/7, but what you’re willing to suffer for — what you genuinely believe to be worth the sacrifice. This is just a disclaimer to let you know that it is not necessarily and easy ride!

At about the age of 9 I realized I loved planting or growing things. We didn't have a garden or a shamba as is commonly known in East Africa but that didn't deter me from my passion. I would collect tins/cans or any container and plant flowers. I fondly remember getting those bulbs (before the energy saver bulbs with twisted designs came) and planting indoor water plants in them. My dear Mum joked that when I grow up, I would not have chairs in my house...she could only envisage plants all over!

I pursued Accountancy to its professional level got both ACCA and CPA-U but didn't stop gardening. After completing my MBA I felt more passionate about my passion....Gardening. I have grown to love accountancy and that's the reason for The Accountancy and Business Clinic page. However I have remained passionate about gardening hence Maua and More . Maua is Swahili name for flowers but we offer flower pots, flower pot stands and other garden accessories hence the flowers and more. To bring my two worlds together, I chose to be The Accounting Gardener

On 1st August 2014, we opened the Maua and More page

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