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We offer robust chemical/process engineering solutions, also dealing in real estate management and g


Happy new year 2022 to all my clients.


We are still here to serve you at your requests in product development & formulations, consultancy service in Waste water treatment remedies, waste recycling, pollution control measures, chemical, oil and gas, electrical and Mechanical engineering.

Timeline photos 14/06/2021

Timeline photos

Total E&P Uganda has signed Conditional Letters of Award for the main surface facilities , , , & ( ) as well as five (5) packages for the project.
The letters are with respect to:
1. A Consortium comprising CB&I UK Limited (a McDermott Company) and Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation (SINOPEC) for the EPSCC of the Central Processing Facility (CPF), flowlines, & other associated surface facilities.
2. Schlumberger Oilfield Eastern Limited for three (3) well engineering packages
3. Vallourec Oil and Gas France for one (1) well procurement package – Casing, Tubing and Associated Services.
4. ZPEB Uganda Co. Limited for one (1) rigs package - Onshore Drilling Rigs, Tubular Running and Fishing Services.


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Happy easter day to you all our clientele.


Your number one provider of fuel dispensers in Uganda


We do all kinds of plumbing works such as water installations , gas distribution in houses and fuel stations.
Come to us and offer you a service.


Fuel pumps are still in stock


Happy new year to you our dear clients and well wishers.


We offer trainings in bar soap making, liquid soap, hair shampoo, chalk, Jelly, cream, sanitizer, hand wash gel and other cottages industries you might think of at affordable rates.
Comes with a package of training notes.


Your number one partner in the petroleum and chemical engineering solutions.


In case you want to invest into LPG distribution supply chain and have your own facility we can help you to visualize your dream plan. Get to us through our email address: [email protected], +256704406847 our whatsApp number.


Your number one manufacturing solution providers in Uganda. Contact us today for all your needs in equipment selections and brilliant ideas in chemical, petroleum and mining.


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We are here to serve you at Chemplus and consult Uganda Limited get to us and we give you solutions at your process problem, buy of equipment and other related needs.


Good morning to you all our esteemed customers.
For all your packaging materials refer to us to help you and get the best.


In case you need of machinery, goods from India. We can link up with suppliers overseas.


our esteemed clients, we sell industrial chemicals.


Petrotech fuel dispenser pump are readily available in our stores at affordable rates.
You may be wishing to start a fuel station project but you don't know where to begin from, we are the answer!!
WhatsApp us on +256704406847


This is how far we have reached, we are authorised distributor of fuel pump dispensers in Uganda for Eaglestar brand.


This is how far we have reached, we are authorised distributor of fuel pump dispensers in Uganda for Eaglestar brand.

Photos from Chemplus & Consult Uganda Limited.'s post 12/06/2020

Red Jacket Submersible Pump for fuel pump stations,
What does it do?
Well it is inclined and fitted on the fuel tank lowered in the underground to lift up gasoline, Keresone, and diesel from the tank to the fuel dispensers pumps along the piping networks. Contact us today and place your order +256704406847.


Good morning to you all.
We offer range of services in the following discipline of chemical, petroleum, mechanical, Civil, and electrical and other related.
Make you of us to serve you at affordable rates.
Contact us on whatsApp +256704406847.


Refinery Project

Worth it to be shared.


Good morning Clients!
We supply Fuel dispensers at affordable prices.
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We conduct feasibility study of any project in line with chemical & process, environmental engineering. Contact us today.


Hello clients during this COVID19 crisis we can still serve you on your requests.


New product is hitting on the Uganda market soon

Ramadan Kareem to All Our Moslem Friends and Family!


Who can supply me Hydrex series 2249/2250 and Hydrex 7610


There is absolutely right. History has been made!


Indeed, arstic filtration system being installed at Rope distiller Ltd.


What could you like from us to improve on?
Share your opinions under the comment section.


Rope Distillers Ltd partnering up with us and soon we will bring you a premium spirits, vodka with nice aroma. Watch the space.


Happy easter day to you all friends and clients!





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