Makmot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates and Commissioners for Oaths

Makmot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates and Commissioners for Oaths


Let Us Get Going Big!
Let Us Get Going Big!

Advanced legal practice in Uganda with an international approach.

Operating as usual

[09/26/21]   We, as a firm, are happy to announce that the multi- billion cattle compensation project is on course.

[09/04/21]   We are joining the people of the Republic of Zambia in celebrating the victory of not only President HH but of a people. We are proud to have been involved in Zambia’s fight for democracy and the rule of law as international legal consultants in the Constitutional Court of Zambia Case of Hom. Aubrey Hanif Kapalasa vs. The Attorney General of Zambia & Dr. Edgar C. Lungu.

Makmot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates and Commissioners for Oaths updated their address. 01/08/2021

Makmot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates and Commissioners for Oaths updated their address.

Makmot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates and Commissioners for Oaths updated their address.

[05/13/21]   We wish the happiest Eid.

Makmot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates and Commissioners for Oaths 29/03/2020

Makmot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates and Commissioners for Oaths

We are closed for the first time in 16 years. Stay home and stay safe.

Makmot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates and Commissioners for Oaths Advanced legal practice in Uganda with an international approach.


We got a permanent home. Makmot House, Plot 3A, Kyambogo Drive, Ministers’s Village, Ntinda -Kampala

We got a permanent home. Makmot House, Plot 3A, Kyambogo Drive, Ministers’s Village, Ntinda -Kampala


Our very first law firm reception some 15 years ago.

Our very first law firm reception some 15 years ago.

[11/25/19]   We are soon shifting. We are happy that God has given us our own home in one of the best environments in Kampala - Ministers’s Village.

Our address in Kampala is going to change from 1st January 2020. What a way to start a new year?

Makmot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates
Makmot House
Plot 3A Kyambogo Drive, Ministers’ Village-Ntinda
P.O Box 28519,
Kampala- Uganda

[01/13/19]   The Second Coming
Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Age limit lawyer passes on 18/12/2018

Age limit lawyer passes on

As per the article, we have worked today.

Age limit lawyer passes on Before his demise, he had already been cleared by Government to be flown abroad for surgery, but his condition was not stable enough for a flight.

60,000 Lango war claimants yet to be paid four years later 18/12/2018

60,000 Lango war claimants yet to be paid four years later

60,000 Lango war claimants yet to be paid four years later The group lost livestock and other properties during the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency in northern Uganda

Ex-MP arrested for failing to pay poll petition cost 18/12/2018

Ex-MP arrested for failing to pay poll petition cost

Well, we deliver.

Ex-MP arrested for failing to pay poll petition cost He was arraigned before Lira High Court on Friday and the Deputy Registrar, Ms Rose Mary Bareebe, committed him to the civil prison


We are happy to be back in Gulu.

We are happy to be back in Gulu.

[04/23/18]   We are coming. You be able to find our Offices open in Mbarara and Gulu in the next 6 months.

Makmot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates and Commissioners for Oaths updated their business hours. 25/09/2017

Makmot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates and Commissioners for Oaths updated their business hours.

Makmot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates and Commissioners for Oaths updated their business hours.

[09/25/17]   We at Makmot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates and Commissioners for Oathsare ready to offer free legal services to victims of anti - age limit removal demonstrations. Protect our constitution and be counted.

Website Under Construction 13/08/2016

Website Under Construction

We have a peek at our 2016 Firm Profile.1

Makmot-Kibwanga & Company Advocates was founded and registered as a law firm in 2006.
This period marked the emergence of new areas of legal practice in Uganda. The firm came in to
provide specialized services in all fields of domestic, corporate and commercial law. This ranging
from simple and ordinary transactional work to complex matters of the law. This includes litigation,
arbitration, taxation, corporate law and practice, land and property law, international trade and
transnational investment, commercial litigation, auditing and debt recovery. The firm also does
capacity building, trainings and general consultancy.

Firm Composition

The firm is currently composed of a Managing Partner, 4 Advocates, 5 consultants, 3 legal
Associates, 2 Professional Assistants and 2 Legal Assistants. The firm’s formidable team of lawyers
is clothed with experience and knowledge in the legal matters handled by the firm. The day-to-day
co-ordination of work and consultations amongst the firm’s professional staff ensures efficiency
and quality in the firm’s work. The firm also boasts of an international liaison with law firms in the
Europe, the Americas and other parts of Africa, which comes as an advantage in the engagement
of international transactions.

Client Base

The firm’s client base includes individuals, banking and financial institutions, employment agencies,
local government institutions, Educational institutions, religious institutions, local companies and
non-governmental institutions.
The firm has experience in handling class actions and multi-billion suits and settlements including
the 1.2 Trillion Northern Uganda - Lango Post War Livestock Compensation. The firm is currently
working on the North-East Powerline Compensation Settlement and the UNRA PAPs Settlement.

Thousands of War Claimants jubilating after winning the record-setting land mark 1.2 Trillion
Casein Lira High Court


Synopsis of practice Areas:


At the time when the regular courts are seriously burdened by the large number law suits now
pending, many Advocates and their clients and most businessmen and women seek speedier
disposition of their disputes through Arbitration, mediation, or other methods of resolving these
differences outside the traditional courts of law. Makmot-Kibwanga and Company Advocates is
privileged to have the Managing Partner Dr. Makmot-Kibwanga and two other senior advocates
who took courses on Industrial Relations in which Arbitration was a component.
Dr. Makmot Kibwanga with the Lord Mayor of Kampala and other Panelists of the Spectrum on Radio
One discussing Topical National Issues of Law.

b) Local and International Investment

Our Chambers have a broad gorged experience in international contract negotiations
and drafting of and structuring international joint ventures and investment Agreements,
Development and Regulation of Securities and Capital Markets, with extensive knowledge and
practical experience of international commercial Arbitration(s), resolution of trade and business
disputes and enforcement of arbitral awards. Two of our Partners boast of a wide exposure in
investment matters through the executive employment background covering over 10 years and
has a comprehensive understanding of both theories and fundamentals of laws and regulatory
agencies in the specialized areas.

c) Banking and Lender Liability Law

The firm has a well developed full service practice in banking, lender liability usury and consumer
protection and practice, which is duly supported by the Legal Associates and legal Consultants.
We provide experienced Counsel to meet the many challenges facing financial institutions, and
other institutions. This practice also encourages advice on establishment of and regulations of
banking activities, bank acquisitions, privatization, environmental matters, and the establishment
of and regulations pertaining to banking activities, bank acquisitions and establishment of holding
companies including the structuring and closing of secured transactions.

d) Commercial Litigation, Corporate and Business Law

The firm has the experience and resources to meet the most complex corporate legal transactions
or litigation needs of its clients. The firm advises on a broad spectrum of business planning
and problem solving for a varied group of clients. We provide counsel and routinely represent
individuals operating as sole proprietors, or in partnerships, closely held corporations and large
regional and International Corporation as well as debt collection services. The firm also renders
advice on business formations, effective filling of corporate records, Capital structure, financing,
revitalization liquidation and winding up of companies. 3 of our Partners are registered liquidators.

e) Insurance Law

We maintain a highly developed insurance practice and offer our Insurance Clients exceptional
representation in all areas of general casualty insurance claims and other litigation matters
involving constructions, commercial property, damages, and subrogation and indemnity policies.

f) Litigation

Our firm enjoys a highly professional reputation among the members of the bench and bar. Our
litigation team members are assembled and mobilized to provide the appropriate response to
our clients’ needs depending on the issues and time constraints presented by our clients. Our
litigation practice extends to all courts throughout Uganda at all jurisdictional levels from the
Magistrates’ Courts to the Supreme Court. The litigators from our chambers have the resources
backed by a well-stocked library with a large variety of research materials and the expertise in
matters involving commercial, domestic, property, tax and environmental litigation.

g) Property Law

The firm routinely advises clients on property law issues including reclaiming of Confiscated
Asian Property, leases and tenancies, mortgages, sale and purchase of land and other registreable

h) Taxation and Corporate Planning

We maintain highly developed tax practice in conjunction with our corporate and business
representation. Our chambers offers full service counsel with our efficient creative and practical
approach to corporate planning taxation. This practice encompasses comprehensive planning and problem solving. We also work closely with professionals on Uganda Revenue Authority and other
business professionals to ensure that our clients obtain the desired tax effect without adversely
affecting their business goals.

i) Leasing

We have been involved in the leasing industry through our client OVB Limited. As leasing requires,
the firm has the skills to advise client(s) who are in the business of leasing or about to commence
leasing. Our experience covers the leasing Motor Industry, machinery, and office equipment e.t.c.
We have as well been involved in securing the securities of the leasing Company by drafting the
Master Lease Agreements, Finance/Vehicle schedules, mortgage, personal guarantees, chattel
mortgage, debenture and Powers of Attorney as well as registering them. Finally, we enforce the
right of the leasing company once a lessee fails to honour the obligations as stipulated in the
Master Agreement and the schedules there under.

j) Intellectual Property Law and Policy

Intellectual Property law and policy is an area of the law that is presently undergoing developments
in Uganda. In line with the requirements of the World Trade Organization and agreements
pertaining thereto such as the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
(TRIPS). The firm is abreast with these developments and its team of Corporate lawyers advises on
the protection and enforcement of the Intellectual Property Rights of its local and international

k) Domestic Relations

The firm is sensitive to various interests of families and advises on a number of legal issues
pertaining to the law on Domestic Relations including Child Custody and maintenance; Adoption;
Marriage and Divorce; Registration of Births and Deaths; Domestic Violence and Family inheritance.
In the area of Children’s law, the firm has acquired a wide exposure in the legal challenges and
practicalities involved in addressing the Child’s welfare principle. The firm’s formidable team of
lawyers and consultants boasts of vast experience in research and practice generally in the area of
Domestic Relations.

l) Labour law

We are as well embraced with experience in the management and operation of trade unions,
employment contract, conditions of labour industrial conflict and social security and pension.
Health Law and policy
The firm has counsels who are experts in medico-legal issues on varied aspects of health rights,
health care provision; public health, and Bio-ethics, institutional and prilvate provision of heath
care services guardianship and patient rights; Forensic medicine; scientific evidence; mental
health care and crime; women’s health; products liability and health law clinic.

The Lawyers In Our Firm

a) Adam Makmot Kibwanga (PhD) – Managing Partner
Dr. Kibwanga obtained his LL.B Degree from Makerere University, Kampala. He Holds a Post Graduate
Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre-Kampala, Post Diploma Graduate in
Project Planning and Management from Gulu University, Master of Laws (UNZA) Master of Arts
and PhD from University of Innsbruck (Twining Bradford). He is trained in forensic investigation
from Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy – United States. He is an enrolled Advocate of the
High Court of Uganda and all subordinate Courts thereto as well as a Commissioner for Oaths. He
practiced in England on a special certificate as a Solicitor. He is also a member of International Bar
Association where he seats on the ICC Victims Participation Committee; East African Law Society;
Uganda Law Society and is a current fellow of the ADI fellowship programme. He is a board member
of Advocates for Public International Law – Uganda (APILU), Advocates Pro Bono Group (APBG),
Uganda Brain Tumour Foundation (UBTUF), Center for Law and Peace – Uganda (CLAP) and FIMAT.

b) Mr. Emmanuel Muwonge LL.B (HONS) MUK, LLM (AUSTRALIA) PGD LP(LDC)
Mr. Muwonge holds a Bachelors of Laws Degree [LLB (Hons) from Makerere University Kampala
and a Postgraduate Diploma In Legal Practice from Law Development Centre. He has a Master of
Laws from the University of Melbourne – Australia. He is trained in Oil and Gas Law and he lectures
law in various international universities including Cavendish University and Kampala International
He has worked as a Legal Officer with various private and government institutions.
He is a member and Legal Advisor of the Oil and Petroleum Forum and he has special interests
in Oil and Gas Law, Land Conveyance, Commercial Law, Contract, Sale of Goods and Intellectual
Property Rights, Human Rights, Mediation and Arbitration.

c) Abak Rajab Bakari (PhD) – Associate Consultant
DR. Bakari holds an LL.B (Hons) degree, a Master of Laws and a PhD all from International University
of Africa and a post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. He is a lecturer of law and an enrolled
Advocate of the Sudan. He is a current member of Masgid el- Ulama of the Uganda Muslim
Supreme Council.
He is currently pursuing an Online Masters degree in Business Management from Open University
where he is majoring in International Business Finance and Strategic Management. He is a specialist
in the children’s law, commercial law and land law. He has been lecturing commercial law subjects
at various Universities for over ten years and he is currently the Specialist Consultant and the
Operations Manager of the firm.
Dr. Bakari comes to the firm with valuable experience in the fields of Islamic banking, communication
law, project and development aspects, corporate and commercial transactions, financial feasibility
studies, international finance, international contract negotiations, civil, commercial and criminal
His main areas of interest include procurement law, corporate law and governance, environmental
law, land law, commercial law (including litigation), revenue law and taxation, international
business transaction, international intellectual property law and policy and the law pertaining to
Non-Governmental Organizations.

d) Mr. Pollar Awich (Major-Retired)

Major (Rtd.) Awich went to Makerere University Kampala for his Bachelor of Laws Degree and
later to the Law Development Center – Kampala. He had joined the National Resistance Army
later Uganda Defence force at an early age and grew through the ranks. He also went through
the Education programme under the Army child soldier (Kadogo) programme. He worked at the
then Movement Secretariat as a Legal Officer before being voted to the UN Expert Committee on
Human Rights under the convention on the Rights of the Child – New York. He was honorably
and ceremoniously retired at the rank of a senior officer of Major. Major Awich as part of his social
responsibility has been elected twice as chairman of Ntare School old boys Association (NSOBA).
NSOBA has members including President Yoweri Museveni and President Paul Kagame. Major
Awich is a member and a Director of the African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against
Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN).
Mr. Awich is trained and very useful in the areas of mediation, arbitration, lobbying and advocacy.
He was the chief negotiator for the multi-billion ex-gratia payments for former presidents of
Uganda including the unknown Joint Presidents during the Military Commission Government -
President Polycarp Nyamuchoncho, President Yoweri Hunter Wacha Olwol and Saul Musoke. He
also successfully led the negotiation over land between Lango and Acholi. Mr. Awich has built a
wide network of business dealings. His international exposure is useful to the firm and the firm’s
clients in cross border operations.
Mr. John Okwir LL.B (HONS.) IUIU, DIP.LP (LDC)
Mr. Okwi attained his LL.B (Hons.) Degree from Islamic University in Uganda - Mbale and a Diploma
in Legal Practice from Law Development Center Kampala. He has underwent various trainings
in relation to firm management and trial law. Before joining us, Mr. Okwi worked for numerous
competitive law firms and has such came with a wealth of experience on trial law to the firm.
Presently, Mr. Okwi is in Charge of our trial law in northern Uganda and is based in Lira Chambers.

The Associate Lawyers in our Firm

Okello Edmund Ogwang Llm (LEEDS) LL.B (HONS) MUK, DIP LP (LDC)

Mr. Okello-Ogwang is an expert in Immigration and Adoption Law. Presently, he is based in the
United Kingdom where he does consultancy and lectures in various universities and works for us
on-line if and when we need his services.

Otim Paul Okello LL.B (HONS) MUK, DIP LP (LDC)

Paul is our newest and youngest member of the firm. Presently, he is on a sabbatical leave to work
with International Rescue Committee as a Protection Officer but is always available on-line for

The Firm’s Consultants:

Ekohl Consultants (U) Limited specialized in Development/Management Consultancy, Audit and
Tax Consultancy. Its Chief Consultant, Mr. Eden Ekohl, holds a Degree in Bachelor of Commerce in
Finance from Makerere University, Kampala and has a certificate in Auditing 111(UNEB) CPA(U)11
Uganda Diploma in Business Studies from Makerere Business School and he is currently pursuing
a Masters in Business Administration(Finance and Accounting). Mr. Ekohl is a well renowned expert
in Auditing. He is currently working in the Internal Audit Department at a National University.

Atrec Consultants synergizes with the firm in the areas of tax consultancy. It has a wide experience
in Uganda’s tax regime.

Unify Limited is a marriage and adoption agency based in Kampala that deals in civil marriages
and arranges for local and international adoption. Unify does background checks on marriage
partners, marriage places and arranges service providers for intended brides and grooms. It also
offers services in obtaining local work permits and travel documents.


a) Ojede Andrew Oremo
Mr. Ojede holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Makerere University
Kampala, is a certified High Court Process Server and holds a certificate
of Law Clerks from the Law Development Center Kampala. His first
assignment is with us.
Mr. Ojede is based in our Northern Uganda Chambers.

b) Benson Ogwang Echonga
Mr. Ogwang is completing his Bachelor of Laws Degree from KIU, has
a Diploma in Law from the Law Development Center - Kampala and
various certificates in Mediation, Arbitration, Investigations, Legal
Drafting, etc. He worked with Kampala Land Tribunal, the Uganda
Peoples Congress, The National Resistance Movement, Legal Aid
Project and War-Child Canada before joining us.
Mr. Ogwang is based in our Kampala Chambers.

c) Arnold Hamed Ongu
Mr. Ongu completed his Bachelor of Laws Degree from KIU, has a
Diploma in Law from the Law Development Center - Kampala and
various certificates in Mediation, Arbitration, Investigations, Legal
Drafting, etc. He worked with Center Law and Peace – Uganda,
interned with APILU, worked with APBG, Legal Aid Project and WarChild Canada before joining us.
Mr. Ongu is based in our Northern Uganda Chambers.

d) Mr. William Engola Joeshan
Mr. Engola completed his Bachelor of Laws Degree from KIU and
enrolled for a Diploma in Law from the Law Development Center –
Kampala. Mr Engola is knowledgeable in Mediation, Arbitration,
Investigations, Legal Drafting and Research. He trained with various
government institutions, interned with ICC, worked with Center for
Law and Peace and War-Child Canada before joining us.
Mr. Engola is based in our Kampala Chambers.

a) Maureen A. Lynda
Ms. Lynda has a Degree in Law, she attended Makerere University for
Computer Applications. She is trained in hospitality and management.
She has got various administrative trainings and came with a lot of
Before joining us, Ms Lynda had worked with Justice Centers Uganda
– a Government of Uganda Project, Action Aid Uganda and CoopiUganda.
Ms. Lynda is based in our Kampala office as the Chambers Administrator.

b) Alma Ayaa
Ms. Ayaa has a Bachelor of Laws from Kampala International University
and a Diploma in Computer Science and Secretarial Services from Gulu
University. She has a short but solid experience as an Administrative
Secretary and has been a valuable addition to our Lira team.
Ms Ayaa is based in our Northern Uganda Chambers at Lira as the
Chambers Administrator.

Mr. Howard Richard Opio
Mr. Opio is our transport and clerical officer. He has a certificate in
process serving and he is trained in defensive driving. He has worked
with the government owned Justice Centers – Uganda and Cesvi

Strategic Plan

Makmot-Kibwanga & Co. Advocates is a progressive undertaking that has positioned itself as
an emerging leader in the legal industry. It is diversed in ethnicity, it is multicultural and multireligious. The members of staff have both local and international experience and are committed
to providing an environment of equality and balanced operations with an eye on Age, Gender &
Diversity Mainstreaming (AGDM).
The firm is working to expand to other parts of Africa and has hired a consultant to develop a
framework contract for a purpose of strengthening the synergy between it and partner firms in
Europe and America. The firm is currently recruiting new and ambitious partners are willing to
explore, albeit with quality, the limits of legal practice.
The firm has over time developed reasonable equity in real estate and is willing to offer it as part
of its opening up to new partners. The firm is working on moving from its leased offices to its fully
owned premises.
We are more than just a legal practice. We provide holistic solutions.

Main Chambers: Kampala
Suites 201-2012,
Mukwano Courts,
Plot 13, Buganda Road,
+256 78 2 82 99 30 , +256 75 2 82 99 30
Email: [email protected]
Regional Chambers: Lira
Fame City House, 1st Floor with Newvision
Opposite Mayor’s Garden
Plot 16-17 Ayer Road, P.O Box 441 Lira
Tel: +256 473420098
Mob: +256 78 2 82 99 30
Email: [email protected]

Website Under Construction



Makmot House, Plot 3A, Kyambogo Drive Road, Ministers Village, Ntinda , Kampala.
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