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Obuntu Bwa Casalina is a snack brand that prides in making healthy snacks for all ages. We are a Ugandan snack maker that strives to change lives one snack at a time.

We have been creating snack memories for our customers for the last 5 years and currently have 5 snack brands under our belt:
+ Pumpkin Crunch Munchies
+ Pumpkin Mango Coconut Munchies
+ Yummy Banana
+ Pumpkin Peanut Energy Bar
+ Pure Pumpkin Munchies

Operating as usual

Obuntu Bwa Casalina updated their info in the about section. 14/12/2021

Obuntu Bwa Casalina updated their info in the about section.

Obuntu Bwa Casalina updated their info in the about section.


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Also, do you think the goats know what happens in a couple of weeks?🤔😅🙆


We are privileged to be able to supplement our ingredients like #pumpkins & #bananas by growing them in our #urbangarden right next to the factory. The #morning #commute is a breeze and a great way to start a day making delicious #snacks in a #fresh #stressfree #environment. The exotic extras like #oysternut make life in this #tropical #paradise the stuff of #dreams! 😊
#gratitude #monday #lovemywork #urbanfarming #valueaddition #bubu #simplybananas


#Healthy choices are now possible when it comes to delicious snacking. These snacks not only nourish but they also help you make new healthier habits and wean away from things like refined sugar. Make a healthier choice today. #ObuntuBwaCasalina #OBUNTU #motivationalquotes #healthysnacking #bewell #dowell #healthiswealth


Small improvements everyday...
#entrepreneurship #ObuntuSnacks #growthmindset #healthiswealth

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Cute✅ delish✅ healthy✅ awesome gift✅


#Healthy should not be a sacrifice for tasting delish... Crunchy, filling and yummy!! Try them today!

. #ObuntuSnacks Now available @arkorganicsug @revivebyark @jumiafoodug

.#eatwellbewell #eatwell #bewelldowell #bewell #dowell #OBUNTU #obuntubwacasalina #OBC


Mondays are a great fresh start!

For more info on how to make it a great one...check out
👉 https://wa.me/c/256709728659
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It's Friday and independence day weekend💃🎉...if you are not in the mood yet, pick any one of our snacks and it shall get you there any day of the week! Packed with energy and mood boosting natural ingredients with NO unrefined sugar or chemical additives you can't fail to feel the vibe with Obuntu Snacks! Purchasing info below.

- https://wa.me/c/256709728659 for deliveries.

- Ark organics plot 4 lower Kololo Terrace (pick up and deliveries)

- CWEN shop in Ntinda

- Order and Pick up from Victoria house Bukoto

- order and pick up from our factory (Bulk orders only).
- More coming soon...

Timeline photos 06/10/2021

Wow...look how far we have come...☺️🤗

Super excited to be featured today in one of Uganda's leading daily newspapers, New Vision. Check out our story in the Entrepreneurship section✨💃

Obuntu Bwa Casalina updated their website address. 05/10/2021

Obuntu Bwa Casalina updated their website address.

Obuntu Bwa Casalina updated their website address.


Let's make your #snacking #healthier and easier....visit our shop and learn more about our #ObuntuSnacks
#OBUNTU #eatwell #bewell #dowell

Let's make your #snacking #healthier and easier....visit our shop and learn more about our #ObuntuSnacks
#OBUNTU #eatwell #bewell #dowell


These #driedbananas are perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth! #healthysnack time can be anytime with these. Eat well, be well, do, well! Follow this link to our shop and catalogue of products
https://wa.me/c/256709728659. 🤗

These #driedbananas are perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth! #healthysnack time can be anytime with these. Eat well, be well, do, well! Follow this link to our shop and catalogue of products
https://wa.me/c/256709728659. 🤗


It has been a good long while since we last caught up...but we have been busy taking in all the feedback we have been getting from you our people..our tribe...our community.❤️

We have new gorgeous packaging, we have two more snacks in our range, we have different sizes for convenience and we are STILL going to continue improving for you.

Behind the scenes, we also have been growing in size! We moved to a REAL factory guys💪🤗...by 'real' I mean we finally moved out of the converted house/garage where we started and are now in Bweyogerere Industrial area right round the offices of Uganda National Bureau of Standards...

The journey has not been easy, what with a pandemic raging away but growth is only fueled by challenges so, we are absolutely proud of how far we are from when we started...and can't wait for you to see where we are now...by see, we mean taste😄😋... The snacks are all available at Ark Organics in kololo, muyenga, CWEN Shop in Ntinda on kigobe road. We do also deliver...if you prefer and are not far from our farm, factory oasis in Bweyogerere. #eatwellbewelldowell #obuntusnacks #OBUNTU #healthylifestyle #healthiswealth #healthyfood #healthysnacks

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What time is snack time?

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What a way to kick off the year!!! Hope your new year is going well. Catch up with our founder Catherine as she chats with Crystal. 4pm https://www.rxradio.ug/


Happy holidays!!


Do you see what I see in #Navio's hands? Looks like we have another fan!🎉


Your favourite Obuntu at Ark Organics in Muyenga 🤗🤗

Ark Organics Muyenga is the new home of Fresh Vegetables & Groceries together with Ugandan made Organic Products.

We welcome you to this newest branch at The Drop Tank Hill Rd. 100% Organic. 100% Fresh from the farm. 100% Made in Uganda by Ugandans. To Order on Phone, Call 0752 775165.

Shop online at http://arkorganicsug.com/
#BUBU #MadeInUganda #ArkOrganics #healthyeating #natural


Home of Obuntu


A lovely day to all. #StayHome and please #StaySafe. ❤️


Community Women’s Enterprise Network

You'll need nutritious foods and snacks during the lock down. Here are some made by gifted Ugandan women and can all be accessed at our office in Ntinda or on order via hone number 0704 26695/772 435339

jumia.ug 23/03/2020

Obuntu Store: Buy Obuntu Products at Best Prices in Uganda | Jumia Uganda

For those unable to go out to purchase, Obuntu snacks can be delivered to your doorstep. Place your order at our store https://www.jumia.ug/obuntu/. For those that want to try our mango prototype or have already tried it and want more(😉) place your order through WhatsApp at 0752006260. 10k per 100g pack. Stay healthy and safe our friends 🤗

jumia.ug Discover Obuntu Products Online at Jumia Uganda - Explore a Wide Collection of Original Obuntu Products - Cash on Delivery | Free Returns


2019 has been a year of challenges and blessings. We are grateful for both. Thank you to all the various people that have helped us grow this year, whether in terms of feedback, support, purchasing and spreading the word about our delicious products and even liking and sharing our social media posts. Our vow to you is continued growth, improvement and consistency in the quality and innovation you have come to know us for. We wish for you the same in terms of abundant growth and prosperity and may any challenges you face in the coming year provide you more opportunities and create the gateway to even more success and happiness in all you do. Happy new year!!🤗


To all our family and friends, may you have a lovely and enjoyable festive season. Stay safe out there...🤗


There are certain things you will only know the strength of when they are tested. One such thing is your support system.

This year for Obuntu started on a very sad and low note. My dad, our biggest fan, cheerleader and customer passed away. While I had friends and family support, I really needed it in my business as well, because I was broken and could not bring myself to do much as I dealt with the trauma. My team, stepped up in a quiet but powerful way.

They continued working. They showed up. They waited and they believed in me when even I at the time was struggling with self doubt. They were patient with me and they trusted I would get back on my feet and steer the ship again. It took some months, but gradually things have been going very well. A trip to Dubai gave me even more confidence in our product and how far we can take it...but it gave me confidence in the team too...I had no worries about what was going on at home.

Then came the pitching competition! For the first time, the team watched me talk about our business, when I came off stage, we all were tearing up. I had given it my all, I was happy they were there to see it and they knew I had done my best. Emerging as one of the 6 winners to receive seed financing after months of ups and downs and beating out over 160 other companies was icing on a pretty sweet cake! It would have been impossible without this team. And for them I am truly grateful!!

Yesterday we took off work and went to the beach to play games and eat fish... Next year, we decided we will go to an ocean..the sky is the limit. The adventure continues and now as the team grows and bonds..I am sure the journey is about to get more exciting! Thanks again team! Let's do this!💪💪💪


D&K Media Services

Late night interview at the Hyatt Regency Dubai..thank you @D&K media services

Obuntu bwa Casalina, is the most delicious snack you're going to have this year....... Catherine Nantongo. narrates all about "Obuntu" with D&K Media Services in Dubai. 𝑻𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒔𝒏𝒂𝒄𝒌 𝒊𝒔 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒍 𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒍

You wanna know how she came up with this idea, keep locked to D&K media, Interview dropping soon

For more informationt please reach out Home of Obuntu


So then Obuntu went to Dubai...

Have you tested 𝐎𝐛𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐮 𝐛𝐰'𝐚𝐤𝐚𝐬𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐚 if not you better look for these bu-thing..... made in Uganda.

She participated in the Uganda-UAE Convention 2019 and she is one of the most passionate and energetic entrepreneurs


Super excited to be featured today in one of Uganda's leading daily newspapers, New Vision. Check out our story in the Entrepreneurship section✨💃


Home of Obuntu's cover photo


Have you tried the Energy Bars yet?

If I'm to talk about 100% natural snacks during nyege nyege this year, then I will have to start with Obuntu. For those wondering how I spent 72hrs awake. There you are.....that was my secret Obuntu and yogurt, plus the energy bars..Tasty and crunchy. Obuntu is available on Jumia at https://www.jumia.ug/obuntu-bwa-casalina/ but you can also make orders through WhatsApp on 0752006260. Ubuntu Snacks are now available at FARM TO TABLE, Muyenga. Congs Ubuntu team!


It's too hot for tea so for our afternoon snack it's banana yoghurt smoothies in a sweet melon bowl topped with strawberries, horny (kiwano) melon, coconut meat and ofcourse, a handful of Obuntu...nom nom nom! Filling, refreshing, healthy and above all, delish! How do you eat your Obuntu? 😋


The rain this morning could have been a disaster but the end of the day was beautiful, wasn't it? I had a meeting at #Prunes Saturday Farmers Market but the weather was super miserable for such an outing😒...nonetheless I went and remembered why I am not allowed in farmers' markets unsupervised 😅😂...

I bought something called a 'horny melon' simply because it looked cool😅 I also got a coconut (after enduring the smirk of the seller when I asked in Luganda " I want to get the water and eat the meat too without doing so much damage)😏 and some strawberries too. I figured #SelfcareSaturday would be about adventure, creativity and nourishment.

While at #NyegeNyege2019, I stayed at my friend's farm and she grows grapefruit amongst other things...she generously gave me one to take with me after having seen me gobble them up at the free breakfast at her BnB🙈...so I had a grapefruit at hand...I always have frozen bananas in the freezer so I got about 5, added coconut water I drained from the coconut and made a banana smoothie...I added it to the cracked open coconut and added my toppings. I have been eager to share recipes of how I eat Obuntu and these are the sorta things I do🙈😁..I treat myself! This was a revelation!!

The Kiwano melon is such a subtle yet lovely addition to sweet and savoury dishes..can't wait to experiment more. Anywho, this tropical explosion was my teatime...the OBUNTU bites tied everything together, added a crunch and married well into the layers of texture....not sure I will even eat dinner...like our page for more delicious healthy recipes and what we do with our Obuntu snacks...how do you eat yours?'🤔
Eat Well, be well, do well....


Fantastic news folks! Obuntu Fruit Muesli with banana slices now available at FARM TO TABLE in Muyenga💃🌟🎉


You know, that gorgeous new place in Muyenga with the high ceilings and thatched roof...if you don't know it, check it out well worth a visit..and ofcourse you can pick up a pack of Obuntu while you are there😉 watch this space for more distribution points coming soon😊


Thank you all who stopped by to see us at Nyege Nyege and all those that supported us❤️♥️💓. Your orders this weekend crashed our Jumia store but it's now up and running again. If you tried to order and failed, do please try again. Apologies for the inconvenience. Have Obuntu delivered to your doorstep by following this link

Or inbox incase of any issues.

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