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Thank u Praise for inviting me
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Whats centric solution?
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what is centric solution
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Centric Solutions provides and actively pursu es innovative technologies and new business opportuniti es that enable businesses to make an effecti ve transit!

Operating as usual


Lenovo ThinkBook 14 laptops Available


Introducing windows 11 Pro. Contact us f or installations.


Unleash your creativity!
Accomplish tasks with unmatch ed speed and intelligence
Discover unlocked capabilities fr om multiple engines working together
Flow through projec ts with 4GB of dedicated graphics memory

Ema il us at @centricug.com to know mo re!


What you need to know.

Windows 11 Syst em requirements - Minimum.
8th Generation or new er


May Allah Accept your sacrifice a nd bless you with mercy.


At centric Solutions U Ltd, we g ot everything you need. Check out f or on our website at centricug.com

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Tired of seeing black and whi te images at night, well Hikvision Color Vu cameras has the solution. 24/7 color ed images. Reach us today on [email protected]. We supp ly and install the Cameras for y ou and you appreciate.

Enjoy the wi th colour images at night.


New technology with Intel 11th G en processors


Commercial A-grade Touchscreen available in 55 ”– 86” sizes
display with 4K Ult ra HD resolution and 20-point IR tou ch capability
Anti-glare glass with 8 MOHS streng th surface protection
Powerful Wi-Fi, faster BYOD suppo rt: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, Chro me OS
Built-in Android 8.0 OS with fu ll access to Google Play Store a nd multi-login support
2 built-in Dolby 15W ster eo speakers to deliver flawless sound experience
O PS PC slot, camera and keyboard tra ys for plug & play installations
Includes a VE SA standard wall mount, 1 remote contr ol for the display, 2 pens a nd 1 extendable pen


For God so love the wor ld that he gave his one a nd only son, that whoever believes in h im shall not perish but have etern al Life. 3:1



Get all the latest/new brand compute rs, laptops and desktops all with a warran ty of 1 year or 3 years.



WIFI: Wireless Fidelity
It allows an electron ic device to transfer data or conne ct to the internet using ISM rad io bands. It is an underlying technolo gy of wireless local area network (WLA N). Wi-Fi allows computers and other devic es to communicate over a wireless netwo rk.


Sending you beautiful for the holid ay season. May you feel peace a nd fulfilment in all that you do. May you be showed with abundan ce in all its forms. And m ay serenity follow you wherever you go.

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For the latest laptops you m ay wish to have, Centric is t he Company you can trust to gi ve you the best laptops with wido ws and Ms Office installed on.



Because he lives, I can fa ce tomorrow. On this Easter Sunday, m ay your day be lifted wi th the joy and hope of t he Lord's transforming work. He is risen !


As we commemorate the triumphant arriv al of Christ in Jerusalem, let's be remind ed that Jesus Christ is t he only answer to the unanswered becau se he lives.


Centric solutions help you upgra de to windows 10.


Did you know?! Centric Solutions (U) Ltd has got you all y ou need as far as trending Informati on Technology (IT) is concerned. Now th at you know, contact us for suppli es and more information.


It is a pleasure to do busine ss with you
Thank you for all t he work and trust on us duri ng 2019, as Centric Solutions (U) L td, we’re looking forward to a n ew year filled with more work a nd opportunities from you.
Happy and Prospero us New year 2020.


May this festive season sparkle a nd shine, may all of your wish es and dreams come true, and m ay you feel this happiness all ye ar round. ! from all of us at centr ic solutions (u) ltd.

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Today Centric Solutions (U) Ltd w as honored to be part of an exclusi ve training session at Imperial Royal Hotel-Kampa la that was organised by Sales representativ es of Hikvision products (CCTV Cameras, Biometr ic machines, Access control systems, etc)
from Chi na and Tanzania in parternship with R ed dot Distibution. Key aspect was t he new technology of ColourVu cameras whi ch give colored images at nig ht than the normal cameras(convectional) which on ly give images in black and whi te and most crucial to stay up to da te on Hikvision products.


Centric solutions reminds you th at we do CCTV cameras installation at yo ur home, office and at your busine ss premises and you can live vi ew the cameras directly on your pho ne even when you are upcountry.
Mana ge your business/know what is taking pla ce, in your office or at yo ur home.
Our cameras have night vision.

Contact us f or more information at http://centricug.com


Centric solutions wishes it's clients a nd all Ugandans at large a Hap py Independence 2019


Why keyboard buttons are in ‘ Q’ ‘W’ ‘E’ ‘R’ ‘T’ ‘Y’ form at and not in alphabetical order

Wh en the keyboard was invented, it h ad buttons in alphabetical order, as a resu lt, the typing speed was too fa st and the computer used to ha ng due to limited hardware resources th en. So, to reduce the typing spe ed of a person, qwerty keyboards we re invented.


Secure your home, office, apartment or sh op with the most reliable a nd cost effective CCTV camera monitoring system.

O ur installation will enable you have re al time access to all the came ra recordings from any apart of t he world right from your smartphone or computer
Ca ll us on 0393 240734


Access control, Time and attendance machines.
F or access control systems you don't ne ed to move the keys to acce ss your room, just scans the fa ce, ID Qrcode, fingerprint and ope ns for you.


Get yourself fully licensed Microso ft office professional plus 2019 at Centr ic solutions (U) Ltd.


CCTV: If you are looking f or a security camera, CCTV camera syst em or a digital video recorder th en look no further. We are yo ur Destination for all your video surveillan ce and security camera equipment.

When you wa nt to protect your home or busine ss, one of the best way is usi ng security cameras. You have to deci de whether to go for the Anal og CCTV( Closed Circuit TV) or mode rn IP cameras. If you are consideri ng installing or upgrading video surveillance f or your company or your home, understandi ng the difference and making the rig ht decision is critical.

Analog CCTV: Analog CC TV systems typically involve a fixed communicatio ns link between cameras and monitors, usi ng wires and cables. Analog cameras a re connected back to the DVR f or recording and live monitoring. The mode rn day DVR includes network connectivity th at enable the device to live stre am the video over the network. T he live streaming can be viewed on a remo te PC with management software or a ny mobile devices.

IP CCTV Camera: IP Came ra is a digital Camera designed f or surveillance, and which can be view ed via internet. IP Cameras are connect ed to wireless network or Internet. T he video stream will be recorded on a centraliz ed NVR you can monitor multiple camer as at different locations from a PC or Mobi le Device via the Internet.

IP Camera-based syste ms are the future of video surveillan ce. In the short term can be a b it more expensive but it is obvious ly an investment in flexibility and superi or quality. As the surveillance technology of t he future is not passing a surveillan ce system based on IP camera anyti me soon. You will be able to upda te and improve this system for yea rs to come while the old syste ms will be vanished.


Don't risk to lose your fil es, buy and install Kaspersky anti vir us on your PCs today.
Conta ct us for the softwares and the ir licenses

Available in
1. Single user a nd one free (2PCs)
2. Three users a nd one free (4PCs)


We design your dream.


Get your website designed & develop ed by our developers
And let t he website explain and introduce yo ur company to the public or yo ur clients for what you a re dealing in.


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CCTV Camera footage
#CentricSolutions (u) ltd


Computers ie laptops, Desktops
CCTV cameras
Ti me & Attendance machines



Akamwesi Complex New Portbell Road Room 11D

Opening Hours

Monday 07:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 07:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 07:00 - 20:00
Thursday 07:00 - 20:00
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Saturday 08:00 - 18:00

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