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Partnership Registration Link: http://partners.grabskill.net Deadline is 5th Dec 2020. Limited slots available.
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🔹Rabbit and mushroom training🔹
Time:9:00 am to 3:pm
Location: Entebbe road opposite,roofing fence.
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Mycostop and Prestop Organic fungicide from The Netherlands approved for use by the EU regulation 834/2007. An Organic Anti Fungal remedy (Organic Fungicide)
Active ingredient:
Streptomyces griseovirides, 5 x 108 cfu/gr

This natural fungicide has a preventive effect against pathogens. It is good to combine with biological and integrated control6 programmes. In addition, stimulates the growth of the plant and put the defense mechanism of the plant. A grower or farmer applies the distribution, and use as seed and root treatment. Preferably irrigation water or spray the product just after potting or plant out in the cutting phase.

All protected crops of vegetable, horticulture, herb and floriculture crops.
Place orders now. For more info, feel free to inbox me or call us on +256773700340 or +256701676838 or email @ [email protected].
Rainfall is expected to start mid September, more (peak) rainfall around late October to mid November. While rainfall is expected to end mid December.
Average rainfall with tendency to above normal rain expected this season. Communities are advised to plant both long and short maturing crops, timely planting of improved varieties Beans NABE 15-23 series and Maize Long 5,10H,11H. Avoid planting crops in landslides and flood prone areas, planting trees, clear water pathways to avoid silting,open drainage channels, use food and water sparingly.
Source: Uganda National Meteorological Authority. / Regional Network of Farmers in Africa and South Asia (RENOFASA) Tel : 0752814134

We specialise in controlled environment Greenhouse technology and open-field vegetable production; including consultation and farmer training services.

Waluz greenhouses Solutions & Farms ltd is a registered company specialized in controlled environment Greenhouse technology solutions and open-field vegetable production; including Constructions, Material provision, consultations and farmer training services with its Head office currently located in,Lwengo district, Uganda
Currently we are running a demo-farm stationed in kyamaganda,Lwengo which i

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We are back in the game we have mastered since 2011 sweet pepper production

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When Ratan Tata Took Revenge On Ford...

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We are looking for suppliers of:
1. Dried African bird eye
2. fresh red bird eye varieties
like demon f1
3. fresh garlic grade AAA
4. fresh ginger and tumeric
5. passion fruit (purple and yellow)
6. mountain pawpaw (at least 1.5 kg per fruit)
7. habanero red and yellow
8. bullet chili (short)
9. hass avocado size 16 to 22

Delivered to Nairobi,Kenya.
We also contract farmers for future supply click to apply (https://cutt.ly/ihxYe9v) or call +254728201058 whats app https://wa.me/254728201058
or call +254706419244 . Or email [email protected]


Ythose interested join the wagon

Hass avocado farming is worth everybody's investment who thinks farming as a business regardless of how much your job pays you since it's less risky, very low cost input, low maintenance and ready available market worldwide, any investment in Hass Avocado Growing automatically becomes your Pension. It Could be your Retirement or Post COVID19 Business Diversification Investment!

In Uganda, we have 2 planting seasons, the 1st usually stretches from February-June across the Country, while it may start in end of February in the central region (and due to Climate Change issues), it may start in March, April etc, in other parts of the Country. The 2nd planting season in different parts of the Country starts in July and stretches to December, but setting off differently across the Country. To plant at the onset of the 2nd RAINS, you need to prepare the land early e.g. from November to end of December, do pitting when the soils are still soft, no need for ploughing, if you’re not going to plant other crops, remember at the spacing of 6x4m, you can inter-crop your garden upto 6 years. For those who have ready financial resources, you can prepare the land and dig the holes as early as June/July, apply manure in the dry season when it is available e.g. Cow Dung, Goat droppings, kindly don’t use chicken manure. Booking seedlings, we usually take orders 3 months to the planting season for those who really need mature and high quality seedlings which are well established and hardened enough. All bookings received by 31st December receive a discounted price of 4,500Ugx per seedling. All bookings coming after 31st December 2020, will be charged at 6,000Ugx per seedling. In the last 3 years we have delivered

To place your order for seedlings online for February/March/April/May/June 1St Season 2021 planting season. kindly visit https://greeninguganda.com/Products/Hass_Ovaccado_Cba OR contact us on 0752-200003/0776-200002 WHATSAPP: 0793-200002, or visit our offices at Kisubi Entebbe Road, 50 meters immediately after Savio stage on your right or drop us an email at [email protected] OR Visit our page at https://web.facebook.com/pg/greeningugandaforestryservices/photos/?tab=album&album_id=720120324820827

Hass avocados mature starts fruiting at 16 months for serious farmers, that is when all agronomical practices have been met e.g. buying good seedlings, timely planting at the onset of rains, timely manure application, timely application of pesticides in case of any infections (very rare) and provision of water during the dry season. For casual and mother nature farmers, 1st commercial harvest will come at between 2.5 to 3 years. All Booking for 1st Season planting must be done before the end of December 2020 to allow supply of well hardened 7 month old mature seedlings.

Expected yields rise from 50 fruits at 2.5 years, and pick yields rising to 3,000 fruits per tree at 10 years, yields increase as the tree grows bigger in size. Below, you will find expected yields from 2 years to years. The life span of a Hass Avocado tree is 30 years, and the plantation can be cut down, and sprouts again like coffee trees without replanting.

• 2nd year harvest of 50 fruits per tree, 8,300 fruits per acre (2 tons) monetary value Ug Shs 5,810,000
• 3rd year harvest 200 fruits per tree, 33,200 fruits per acre (8.3Tons) monetary value Ug Shs 23,240,00
• 4th year 400 fruits per tree, 66,400 fruits per acre (16.6Tons) monetary Ug Shs 46,480,000
• 5th year 800 fruits per tree, 132,800 fruits per acre (33.2Tons) monetary value Ug Shs 92,960,000
• 6th year 1000 fruits per tree, 166,000 fruits per acre (41,500Tons) monetary value 116,200,000
• 7th year 1100 fruits per tree, 182,600 fruits per acre (45.6Tons) monetary value Ug Shs 127,820,000
• 8th year 1300 fruits per tree, 215,800 fruits per acre (53.9Tons) monetary value Ug Shs 151,000,000
• 9th year 1500 fruits per tree, 249,000 fruits per acre (62.2Tons) monetary value Ug Shs 174,300,000
• 10th year 1750 fruits per tree, 290,500 fruits per acre (72.6Tons) monetary value Ug Shs 203,350,000
The above data is derived from Kenya Avocado Farmers, as well avocado exporters. The above estimates are derived from 2800Ugshs as price per Kg, 4 fruits per Kg and 166 trees per acre. However size 12 and 14, only 3 fruits will make 1kg. As of 28th May 2019, the Kenyan farm gate price per 1Kg of Hass Avocado is the equivalent of 3200Ug Shs.

Greening Uganda apparently is the only Company in Uganda promoting Commercial Avocado Farming with a Food Export affiliation with 2 sister companies engaged in food export e.g. Greening Food Exports, for details follow https://www.facebook.com/greeningexports and Fresh From Uganda, for details follow https://www.facebook.com/pg/freshfromuganda/photos/?tab=album&album_id=154078220593358 We’re able to provide market for all your avocado fruits, our current demand stands at 1200 tons per months. Besides, Uganda's proximity to all potential markets e.g. Europe is 7 flight hours of delivery, Middle East & United Arab Emirates are 6 Hours of Flight Delivery, North Africa (Libya, Egypt, Sudan) are 3 hours of flight delivery. The Far East China, South Korea, Japan, India are all within our reach than their current source e.g. Mexico, Chile, South Africa etc, that means in terms of pricing we're highly competitive. Our sister food exporting Companies, Fresh From Uganda, Greening Food Exports, and Granary Exports, have a combined weekly requirement of 300 tons of HASS AVOCADO. Currently we export selected local AVOCADO Species. Besides, Uganda has over 50 food exporters who are equally looking for the HASS AVOCADO FRUITS. Our current acreage of 1850 established plantations, are just a drop in an Ocean according to Global Avocado Market Demand. On daily basis we receive and turn down import inquiries of Hass Avocado.

Although avocados are fairly resistant to drought, well distributed rainfall of between 1000-1200mm is adequate for proper crop development. They also require well drained soils to avoid root rot. The best soils are sandy or alluvial loams with pH ranging between 5 - 7.Considering all the top 10 HASS Avocado producing and exporting Countries, Uganda has the best soils and climate for the HASS Avocado crop. Take a look at this documentary from Chile, the 2nd world producer and exporter, it is 30% a desert with the hottest place on the earth, the Artacama Desert, Israel is equally a big exporter, with 60% of its land as a desert. Chile Avocado growing Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05oMsK0-jjA Please note: this documentary was done by DW-Tv, and the main focus was water crisis/conflict. For more details follow us at www.greeninguganda.com

An acre requires 166 seedlings, and the cost of a seedling is 5,000shs, so the total cost of seedlings is Ug shs 830,000.
2. Pitting & planting, each hole of 2x2ft costs between 500-800shs depending on cost of labour as per location, let us take 800shs, that will total to 132,000shs
3. Bush Clearing an acre ranges between 80,000 to 150,000shs
4. Fertilizer application at planting is 24,000shs, 2nd application after 6 months 48,000shs
5. Weeding per acre thrice a year 180,000shs, The above costs are calculated basing on one acre establishment.

As we close the 2ND Season Planting this year 2020, Greening Uganda as a single large scale promoter and propagator for High Quality Authentic Hass Avocado Seedlings, we have been able to establish 7,000 acres across the Country and still counting, with the biggest single farmer with 100 acres in Kyegegwa District, followed by 40 acres also in Kyegegwa District, with 70% of our farmers falling in the 5 acres category. The biggest independent single farmer established plantation in Uganda is currently 350 acres in Mayuge District, with an estimated total establishment of 3,500 Acres of HASS Avocado in Uganda, this is a real drop in an ocean. Chile alone had a total of 73,297 acres, by 2016.

We Import Hass, Fuerte, Pinkerton, Semil34 Avocado Scions. Our Avocado Scions suppliers in South Africa & Kenya are Global Gap Certified exporting farms. We import from South Africa and Kenya alone from Authentic healthy Global Gap Certified Orchards. Besides, Greening Uganda, we're the only Agro Forestry Company in Uganda with Trace of Origin for all our planting materials. We work had, to ensure we supply genuine planting materials to our farmers. For more details follow us at https://www.facebook.com/pg/greeningugandaforestryservices/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1457355437763975

If you’re looking for land for long term Agriculture Investments, e.g. Coffee, Avocado, Mangoes, Ginger, Macadamia farming, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have encumbrance free titled land in Mityana, Mubende, Kiboga, Kyenjojo, Kyegegwa, Kagadi, Kakumiro, Kibaale, Hoima, Masindi, Kyankwanzi etc. Cost per acre of arable land is 3.5 to 4m.

Attached by this email, you will find price-list for other Tree Seedlings e.g. Fruits, Timber Woodlot, Medicinal Plants and Ornamental plants, you will as well find attached copy of our Tree Seeds Price List for both Fruits, Timber Lot, Medicinal & Ornamentals. Please NOTE for all tree planting projects, if you want to establish your own nursery, you need to buy seeds 3 month earlier to beat the planting season of 2ND SEASON.

To stay informed on High Value Agro Based Investment Opportunities, kindly Like & follow us:-
1. Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/greeninguganda
2. You can as well follow us on http://www.twitter.com/GreeningUganda
3. Instagram http://www.instagram.com/greeninguganda
4. https://www.facebook.com/greeningugandaforestryservices/
For God & My Country,


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On 9th Oct 2020, we had our first members meeting where we shared and discussed our goals and objectives.


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In this Business Case we look at a snapshot of 1 crop grown in a steel greenhouse. What was the timing? How did the plant behave? What was the income and cost? Could the farmer do better? You will learn to look at your crop with the eyes of an agripreneur: you want to know so you can improve next time. And you want to earn a decent income, the bottomline for each entrepreneur!


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Coronavirus – Rijk Zwaan is taking appropriate measures and continuing to supply seeds

The world is facing a serious health crisis as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Health organisations and governments across the globe are implementing various measures to limit the spread of the virus. Rijk Zwaan recognises the importance of this and is taking appropriate steps:

➡️ Needless to say, the safety of our employees, our partners and our business contacts is our top priority.
➡️ Vegetable seeds are an essential part of the food chain and form the foundation of a healthy and varied diet. As a vegetable breeding company, we are now more than ever aware of the role that we play – both as a sector and as a company – in the world’s food supply.
➡️ Every day, our employees are doing their utmost to meet our customers’ demands and to supply them with vegetable seeds as planned. We are continuously working together to find solutions for any bottlenecks that our partners and business contacts may be experiencing at this unprecedented time.

Please take care of one another. You can depend on us.

Read the full statement here: http://bit.ly/2vxrsyT


And the season here resumes again, make your orders , we can supply you all year round


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We also make planting troughs from our Damliner 0.5mm 0.75mm 1mm

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Boom to hass avocado farmers in Kenya as export to Europe returns with high prices - Farmers#Trend

What are the country's best thinking right now

farmerstrend.co.ke Kenya’s avocado exports have resumed with high prices at the market coming as a windfall for farmers who had been starved of cash for the past three months. A four-kilo carton is selling at Sh1,760, …


Game changer is now on.....

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Dhania (Coriander) farming, from seedling to harvesting - Farmers#Trend

U can start with this

farmerstrend.co.ke No African cuisine is complete without the usage of Dhania. The aroma of the leaves and the seeds is simply irresistible. Coriander grows


This 16mx40m is quite price friendly, $8- 9,000...inbox for quotations

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Meet the man behind Tomato Premier F1 and how he is pointing Kenyan farmers to export markets - Farmers#Trend

For those resilient enough....success shall obey u

farmerstrend.co.ke A seed company in Nakuru is giving smallholder farmers access to high value vegetable crops while connecting them to ripe export markets in a venture that is redefining smallholder farming in Kenya. Simon Andys, the founder of Premier Seeds, is a trained agronomist who left his job in a local seed i...

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Mr.Atumere of gweri in 2013




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