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Child of God this merciful Saturday and beyond The Lord will open the book of remembrance in your Favour. The Lord will reward your labour of love. He will hide you in his secret place for shelter and security in Jesus' name. You shall be planted in the court of the living God, and a new song shall be given on to you. Those that mocked and laughed at you yesterday will see it as a privilege to serve your God. Therefore, when Mercy speaks judgment will be cancelled, When Mercy speaks attack will stop.
When Mercy speaks where there is no hope, hope will come alive.
This morning Mercy will come into your life and that of your household, and the door of Favour will open for you in Jesus' name. The Mercy of God will lead you to where your name will be honoured in Jesus'name. By the Mercy of God, you will flourish in your career, business and family in Jesus'Christ Awesome mighty Name AMEN. You're richly blessed. Good morning and have a pleasant Saturday and a very. rewarding weekend ahead stay safe and Alive Shalom.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
All requirements for expectant mums and newborns plus kids wear from 0 upto 10 years.location.Chain of liberty plaza opposite ham shopping centre in town.tel.0702151227/0778620611
Where did Mike Ezra go,where did Bryan white go? where did bad black go?where did meddie ssentongo go? where did Jack pemba go ?Where did red banton go?where did mega dee go? where did sweet kid go,where did black boy go?Where did straka go,where did sizzaman go?where did cute kaye go?where did inzikuru go ,where did suudi man go,where did Rasta Rob go?,where did kassim Ouma go?,where did Gift of Kaddo go?where did winnie munyenga go?where did master parrot go?where did rabadaba go,where did sylvia Namugenyi go?I have not lived for a very long time, but I have seen things change.

I have seen men who would 'kujooga' this country sink into oblivion. Maybe it is really true, we all just have our 15 minutes of fame and they soon pass.

When I had just joined Facebook, the celebs of those days were Henry Jr Maks, Divine Marley, General Sweetman. Today no one even remembers them.

Who did not witness the days when WBS TV was the thing? We even had an anthem; 'WBS eyange...tv station esinga...abiiri mutaano ku TV yo...WBS etusse." People where is WBS now?

What happened to Barbara Yata? Do you people even remember that name? What about PAM Awards? Ragga Dee even sang a song displaying all his awards.

It is funny, we just see these things and never learn from them. Doreen Kabareebe was the talk of the town. Today, hardly anyone can recognize her if she walked by.

Just because you are having your 15 minutes of fame should not get to your head. Your minutes too shall pass.

I have seen girls that every man yearned for become girls that no man notices. I have seen men who had nothing become something. Life keeps changing its house. Today it may be in your house, it may leave tomorrow.

Just because you have made some little money, and invested in your rentals should not make you think you have arrived. I have seen men sell off everything they had and return to zero. Today's gold is tomorrow's copper.

Do you remember when the mobile phone had just become popular in this country? What happened?

Lesson in all this, just be humble. Don't let success get to your head and don't look down on anyone who is not having it yet well.

If you have a job, reach out and try to get your friends into jobs. Who knows? If you have money, take off some of it and help a friend or relative. Karma is a real bitch.

Today you may be on top, tomorrow you could be totally nothing. One of the books that changed my life were Nassim Taleb's Black Swan and Fooled by Randomness.

Life is very random. Yet people keep thinking it is all about their might, their intelligence. How foolish of them!!! Today you are walking all healthy, tomorrow you can wake up to a cancer diagnosis. And that will instantly alter your life. Life can change in split seconds. I have seen destinies change in seconds. All of a sudden, the bread winner of a family dies and a family is back to zero, back to eating crumbs.

That's why I laugh at people when they get some fame, some little money and become stupidly arrogant. Many more like you have come, many more like you have have gone.

Those of us who were on Myspace remember the celebs of Myspace. Now where is Myspace today? Where is Yahoo?

I can go on and on. Too many examples. So when you get your 15 minutes of fame, use them wisely. And always remember, what goes around comes around. Even Fooda was a hit song....

The Baganda say; 'N'ebiibimba bbika.." Don't despise anyone.
For God and my country
Tony Oceans CEO
Ocean Media International tv
Thank you my amazing team Black Market Afrika Ocean Media International tv Cedric Singleton I'm at the top musically, because of you all. Love you forever🎙🎶😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤

- Angella Katatumba & Daddy Andre, AUDIO.💘 👉🏾https://youtu.be/7Gm0AI9mzj4
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- Angella Katatumba & Daddy Andre, AUDIO.💘 👉🏾https://youtu.be/7Gm0AI9mzj4
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‘Wangi’ Star Nina Roz Appointed Brand Ambassador For I-Fern Natural Beauty Care Products.
Celebrated songbird Nina Roz has landed an endorsement deal for I-Fern, a company that deals in Natural Beauty Products, which will see her pockets heavy.
Nina Roz, who recently dropped a new sizzling video dubbed ‘Wangi’, was officially unveiled as the I-Fern brand ambassador on Friday during a press conference that was held in Kampala.
“Thank you everyone out there that loves and support me I’m humbled and grateful. Cheers to us BRAND AMBASADOR I-FERN 🇺🇬. Words can’t express how I feel but all I know I’m here to boost your CONFIDENCE ON HOW YOU LOOK WITH AURORA! ,” Nina Roz wrote on social media shortly after being unveiled as I-Fern brand ambassador.
An international organisation, i-fern stands for International Filipino Entrepreneurs Network Resources Network Inc.
The company engages in direct selling and network marketing, by continuing the legacy of its mother company (FERN).
According to is proprietors, i-fern believes in a very simple concept: spreading good health while giving lucrative business opportunities to its members.


Ugandan songstress Neliah claims how she fell so hard for her lover in her new song titled “Deep In Love”.
A common composition for most of her projects, the lyrical maturity in Neliah’s songs has won over many local music fans.
She continues to do more of the same in Deep In Love, a song in which she lays out her lover’s charm and expresses how much affection she has for him.


https://youtu.be/g3pMm4rua8c Black Market Films Yet To Drop New Movie ‘The Rise Of Mbuzi Gang
Black Market Films has unveiled a new movie titled ‘The Rise Of Mbuzi Gang’, which is a spectacular production that will leave many viewers seated on the edges of their chairs as they watch it.
Composed of a series of live interviews, real-life experiences and memorable performances at concerts in Nairobi, Uganda, ‘The Rise Of Mbuzi Gang’, which was directed by Vic West and produced by Cedric Singleton as Executive Producer, is a typical tale of how the Mbuzi gang became the famous gengetone group they are today.
They share the ups and downs they’ve endured over time, plus the successes they’ve registered as a singing trio, so far.
The trio, which features talented artists Joefes, IPhoolish and Fathermoh, tell in exclusive interviews how they have hustled over time to make it to where they are.


https://youtu.be/JIai38UaO2s Sensational and fast-rising musician Neliah is delivering a promising scope of new-age afrobeats with her newly released single titled “Deep In Love”. Neliah is presenting her new music at full throttle with the aim of captivating her audience and music lovers from all walks.
After blessing the scene with her jam “Free ft Daddy Andre”, Nelaih is back with her creative vigor and energy stronger than before on this amazing piece. The song contains lyrical and thematic extravaganza that she performs with ease and assurance.


https://youtu.be/uDr4NwifUr4 Nina Roz returns with a new music titled “Wangi” to your ears. Speaking on ‘WANGI', Nina Roz shares; ‘Na'maaso gampita, mpitabya kyejo siswala”‘. This new song is a follow up to Nina’s recent love offering – ‘Kikole‘ and they are topping music charts and airwaves. Wangi is a tune serenading love to all music lovers.


https://youtu.be/Bt83Yx_VwLY Written and produced by Daddy Andre , ‘Kola’, a song in which he encourages youth to work hard and earn money to live a good life, is a typical example of his musical maturity and proof that he is a versatile musician.
There is currently just too much on Andre’s plate for fans and he proves this by dropping one song after another, such that he can keep them occupied.
Andre, who is signed to Black Market Records, has over time released several blockbuster songs besides ‘Kola’, some of which include ‘Wangi’ ft Angella Katatumba, ‘Nguwayo’, ‘Andele’ ft Nina Roz, ‘Omwana Wabandi’ ‘Sikikukweka’, to mention but a few


Nina Roz is enjoying a very good year, following the release of her vibrant debut, ‘Wangi’. With quality production and energetic visuals, ‘Wangi‘ is currently one of the biggest afrobeats tunes in the country and beyond, especially with its popularity on video-sharing social media platform Tik-Tok.


JUST IN: Retired radio legend Alex Ndawula has passed away this evening at Nsambya hospital.


https://youtu.be/uDr4NwifUr4 After successfully dropping Kikole, Nina R

https://youtu.be/uDr4NwifUr4 After successfully dropping Kikole, Nina Roz Nina Roz is back with a brand new banger titled “Wangi“. “Wangi” is a love and party jam as Nina Roz decides to place everyone on the dancing shoes in this brand new month.
Wangi is no doubt on an amazing music run and this song is a reflection of the fact that industry need not sleep on this talent.


https://youtu.be/JIai38UaO2s Neliah employs the services of catchy vibes to bless us with the song of the hour, Deep In Love. This comes as a follow-up to her song, “Free,” ft Daddy Andre, which currently serves as her most-streamed song to date.
Deep In Love is the current buzzing sound on all social media and streaming platforms and not just that.


After successfully dropping Kikole, Nina Roz is back with a brand new banger titled “Wangi“. “Wangi” is a love and party jam as Nina Roz decides to place everyone on the dancing shoes in this brand new month.
Wangi is no doubt on an amazing music run and this song is a reflection of the fact that industry need not sleep on this talent.


https://youtu.be/uDr4NwifUr4 Nina Roz brings to our ears the song, Wangi.
Wangi is another hit, raking music charts in both streets and clubhouses. The song has just the right amount of vibe and should definitely be on your playlist -https://youtu.be/uDr4NwifUr4


https://youtu.be/JIai38UaO2s Neliah employs the services of catchy vibes to bless us with the song of the hour, Deep In Love. This comes as a follow-up to her song, “Free,” ft Daddy Andre, which currently serves as her most-streamed song to date.
Deep In Love is the current buzzing sound on all social media and streaming platforms and not just that.


Happy Birthday 🎂🎂 to the King of the Mic!! MC KATS ..more life ,more Blessings


https://youtu.be/uDr4NwifUr4 Nina Roz Trending No.#03 On YouTube With ‘Wangi’.
Ugandan diva Nina Roz is currently dominating airwaves with her new video ‘Wangi’, which has not only become the talk of town but is also performing well on digital music platform YouTube.
Nina Roz’s ‘Wangi’ video, which is distributing via Black Market Records, is currently trending at No.#03 on YouTube, with over 131K views and still counting, which is a great milestone to her music career.
Because of its superb production, ‘Wangi’ is rotating on various TV stations in Uganda and across the globe, reason why the video has been treated to massive reception by Nina Roz’s fans from all over the world.
With a blockbuster project like ‘Wangi’, which was shot in Zanzibar, Tanzanian, it is apt to assert that Nina Roz proves she possesses unmatched talent and is setting a unique trend in Uganda’s music industry.
Her songs are somewhat amazing pieces of art worth storing for generations.


With ‘Kola’, Daddy Andre proves that he can be consistent in releasing diverse music that is timeless and easily cuts across all generations.
Blended with captivating visuals and tantalizing lyrics, ‘Kola’ is a project that has all indications of going viral. Andre’s video ‘Kola’ is the sort of project that you wouldn’t want to be left out of by not streaming it and if you haven’t streamed the studio project yet, then you’re really missing out on some really good stuff.

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