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Concise Train Afrika

Coach Computa is a software training company whose main focus is to conduct short, intense hands-on courses in core data skills to help participants get an in-depth understanding and capabilities in the field of data analysis and data management.

Wading through the fast-moving world of IT can be daunting to professionals with very little time on their hands... IT Coaching is a great way to polish your IT skills, competence and confidence. Going to an interview for your dream job? Take proactive steps to hone your computer skills... We have a Computer Coach to show you just what you need to know. Really, a computer course is fine for someone wanting to gain a qualification... we focus our training on remedial IT skills for professionals.

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Data Analysis Enthusiast

JavaScript Cheatsheet for all JS enthusiasts!🤩🤩


Data Analysis Enthusiast

🤓“Most quick reference guides advise you which visualization to use based on what you want people to see in the data. That’s tougher at the analysis stage, when you don’t yet know what’s there to see. I created a new chooser that’s based instead on the structure of the plotted data.“
——By Steven Franconeri


Krista Neher - Speaker, Author, Trainer, Entrepreneur

A few weeks ago I shared a digital marketing strategy template cascading from Goal to Strategy to Objectives to Tactics.

This approach is VITAL to create a ROI results-driven digital strategy.

A few people asked what the difference was between each.

🗻 Goals - What you want to achieve at a high level (eg. Goal to grow sales of product X by 5%)
💡 Strategy - The approach you take to achieve the goal (eg. Focus on new market segment XYZ through direct sales)
🔵 Objectives - Measurable steps that you take to achieve the goal based on the strategy (eg. Generate 100 qualified leads per month)
💻Tactics - The specific actions that you take to achieve the objective (eg. SEO, Lead Magnets, etc.)

The idea is that each step should be CLEARLY linked.

There should be clear metrics for the Goal, the Objectives and the Tactics. The goals from the tactics should be sufficient to achieve the objective and the objective should be sufficient to achieve the goal.

Want to learn more?

Our Digital Marketing Measurement course includes this and more to increase your focus.

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Analytics Vidhya

SQL Cheatsheet for every Data Science aspirant!

SQL has become a very important tool in every AI & ML professional's toolbox since it is critical in accessing, updating, inserting, manipulating and modifying data.

To become a top-notch AI & ML professional - one should develop combined expertise in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and tools such as SQL.
Checkout this comprehensive program "AI & ML BlackBelt Program" and learn all core concepts of Data Science

✔ 10+ industry relevant courses & 20+ real life projects including SQL
✔ 1:1 mentorship & interview guidance

Explore the complete program here:
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5 Easy Steps to Process Data Science

#datascience #machinelearning #artificialintelligence #bigdata #ai #python #dataanalytics #deeplearning #datascientist #technology #programming #iot #coding #datavisualization #dataanalysis #ml #software #SKILLMONKS #blockchain #deeptech 17/10/2019

Goodbye to likes: What should the new engagement metric be? Recently Instagram and Facebook (Australia only) have been experimenting with hiding the like count from everyone but the creator of the post, and this potential change has brands and creators questioning their social strategy.

[04/21/18]   Data Literacy Quotes 24/03/2018

Key Skills of a Data Entry Clerk - Flatworld Solutions

Key Skills to be a Data Entry Clerk

It is important for every company that the data entry clerks it employs are highly skilled so as to provide the best possible services. Skilled data entry clerks can help you minimize administrative burdens, cut costs, and ensure that your resources can be focused on other important tasks. Some other benefits include an increase in operational accuracy, maximum use of relevant technology, etc.

Some of the most sought after data entry skills according to employers are listed here:

Basic Software Knowledge
It is important that every data entry clerk is well versed with basic software such as word processors, spreadsheets, database, and other record management software. Data entry executives enter coded, statistical, and financial information using mouse, keyboards, scanners, etc. and hence basic computer usage knowledge is a must.

Good Written and Communication Skills
Due to the nature of the work involved, data entry clerk need to communicate extensively both within and outside teams. Therefore, a data entry clerk needs to have excellent written and verbal communication skills. If outsourcing data entry work, one should especially check the communication skills of the data entry personnel belonging to the service provider.

Fast Typing Speed
Data entry experts are expected to have exceptional typing speed as they will have to perform huge amounts of data entry in a very short span of time. They need to be comfortable with all forms of data entry devices and be comfortable using a mouse, keyboard, scanners, etc. Most of the employers around the world expect the typing speed of data entry clerks to be around 30 to 40 words per minute.

High Levels of Concentration
Data entry jobs are highly repetitive and the workers need to spend a lot of time on the same task. This kind of job therefore necessitates that the data entry clerks have very high level of concentration and patience. Lack of this attribute may lead to poor quality results and significant attrition.

Typing Skills
Along with typing speed, one cannot ignore accurate typing skills as even with speed, mistakes should never occur while performing data entry. Since data entry varies from business to business, and often include complex medical codes, personal contact information, etc. the details need to be accurately typed. As a result, employers always look for data entry clerks who compliment a fast typing speed with accuracy as well.

source: Read this article by Flatworld Solutions to know the key skills required to be a data entry clerk in order to provide quality data entry services. 17/03/2018

The Two Sides of Getting a Job as a Data Scientist Are you a Data Scientist looking for a Job? Are you a Recruiter looking for a Data Scientist? If you answered yes or NO to this questions you need to read this.


Data Science 101

How to get started in data science?

Our Photos 17/03/2018

Concise Train & Data Photo Album

Concise Train & Data Photo Album

[03/04/18]   Just like the time and energy you put in to earn that degree got you to where you are now, taking the time to sharpen your data skills or learn new ones can help you reach the next level at work... DON'T GET LEFT OUT!

[02/24/18]   EpiData Training Workshop

This course will provide the knowledge and skills required to quickly set up databases, enter collected data and perform a variety of standard statistical analyses, whilst building on the knowledge of database construction and analysis they may already have.

**To provide hands-on experience with the software

Designing simple data entry forms/screens
Implementing simple data entry validation
Basic analysis and data management features

Who will benefit?

The course is aimed particularly at public health professionals who would like to acquire knowledge and understanding of the EpiData packages. No prior knowledge is needed.


Career Training... Don't Get Left Out!... Act Now!... Don't Get Left Out!...

You know what they say: College won't train you for the job.

And when it comes to technology... you and I know that technology is changing so fast that software becomes obsolete almost as soon as it is introduced!

Train for a job!

Data analysis skills are so in-demand, they're becoming core competencies for most jobs. Don't get left out!

Program managers, M&E personnel, research professions, or participants undertaking projects, surveys, programs or other related activities which involves gathering of data.

Maximum of 12 participants

Own Laptop

For more information or questions, p'se 'in-box' us!

[02/23/18]   Our trainings follow the research cycle and should help you design, enter, clean, and analyze data


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The ability to analyze data will give you a competitive edge in a wide variety of careers.

Enroll now for any of our Data Skills training classes!

Are you a program manager, M&E manager, or research professional? It is important to have a solid understanding of data management and processing skills. You should look to develop statistical analysis skills, and the ability to use at least one or a combination of statistics software such as SPSS, STATA, CS Pro, Epi Info/Epi Data or just Excel!

Our Coaching is really flexible. We customize our coaching to help users who need tremendous amounts of "hand-holding."

Our Photos 06/02/2018

Concise Train & Data Photo Album

Concise Train & Data Photo Album

Softwares we Train in 28/01/2018

Softwares we Train in


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[07/09/13]   Do you want to fine-tune your confidence and computer skills?

Get coaching tips and tricks from our world-class coaches as you work up to a specific goal - or just want to improve your overall performance. 05/04/2013

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Most computer training is classroom based, where everyone is expected to work at the same pace... At #CoachComputa we teach you what you need to know, at your pace The latest from Coach Computa Ltd (@CoachComputa). @CoachComputa - provides IT coaching dedicated to help busy executives become proficient - and...

[02/05/13]   Do you need to learn a specific computer program for a new job? or Does your team have a skills gap, but can't afford to send the team out of the office on training... Talk to us

[02/05/13]   Going to an interview for your dream job? Take proactive steps to hone your computer skills... We offer 45min Coaching sessions in any computer program you need.

[02/05/13]   Consider the type of job you're aspiring for. Do you require specific computer skills? You may need to polish your Computer skills. Contact us @CoachComputa

[02/05/13]   Does your team have a skills gap, but can't afford to send the team out of the office on training... Contact CoachComputa, Coaching can be for small or large groups

[02/05/13]   Most computer training is classroom based, where everyone is expected to
work at the same pace... At #CoachComputa we teach you what you need to
know, at your pace

[08/31/12]   About CoachComputa

[08/08/12]   The job market may be tough..., take proactive steps to hone your computer skills

[08/08/12]   Going to an interview for your dream job? You will want to polish up your computer skills. Call Us Today! .

[08/08/12]   Most computer training is classroom based, where everyone is expected to work at the same pace... At Coach Computa we teach you what you need to know, at your pace

[08/07/12]   Need training or help in a specialized or specific computer program... Get in touch with Coach Computa

[08/04/12]   Learn just what you need, when you need it, at your pace, on the topics you need to know.


Coaching, Training & Data Services



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