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KaCyber Technologies


This week on the Ideation Corner, Innocent Orikiriiza of KaCyber Technologies talks logistics services in Uganda and Africa.

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbFbBkgr2uY

Podcast: https://anchor.fm/damalissaliideationcorner/episodes/Innocent-Orikiriiza-of-Kacyber-Technologies-talks-logistics-services-in-Uganda-and-Africa--IdeationCorner-e1f61l0

Cheers to all of our supporters and the ecosystem players that provide #opportunities for #entrepreneurs encouraging them to take risks and do the things they #love.

KaCyber Technologies

For better & enriching #Partnerships in the #FinTech space, Network International joins KaCyber Technologies to make seamless #mobility a reality in #Africa

Together, we create payment solutions for everyone, everywhere!

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We are so glad that we made it to this list of #GameChangers of our time, especially after only three months since we embarked on this journey to break the outdated 30-Day pay cycle. https://innovationvillage.co.ug/17-startups-to-watch-out-for-in-2022/

Since then, our commitment has continued to grow stronger, and we won't rest until we make every day a payday for all of us.

We couldn’t have done it without The Innovation Village , which has been of tremendous value in facilitating our rapid growth. We are so excited to belong in such a community of like-minded individuals. Thank you, TIV

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KaCyber Technologies
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KaCyber Technologies is hiring an Administrative Officer!!!

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Her name is Natasha Atwine (@sahisigallery) co-founder of Maisha Impressions. They produce a variety of African products (hand-made and crafted). Maisha Impressions is working with Project 500K to train youth in fiber planter making. They are a group of 5 boys & 6 girls who were passionate and had a desire to learn something new that would enable them to uplift themselves financially and be able to support those around them.

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KaCyber Technologies
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KaCyber Technologies' Digital Ticketing and Payment System for land and sea transport is the recognized winner of Best FinTech Innovation Excellence in the 8th Digital Impact Awards Africa.

A huge kudos to our customers, everyone who showed support through the public voting process, and the wonderful team at HiPipo o that put together such an incredible program.

We're taking this award home because of You we appreciate and thank you!

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Thanks to KaCyber Technologies for sharing our story with the network, the contribution is a great effort to our journey in transforming Africa's public #transport sector.

#Africa #Entrepreneur #SmartTransport #Logistics
KaCyber Technologies among the 17 Teams shortlisted for the 2021 Hackathon Women in FinTech hackathon.

#innovation #fintech #WomenInFinTech
#40Days40FinTechs participant; KaCyber Technologies Limited In Partnership With Private Sector Foundation Uganda To Onboard Bus Operators On A New Ticketing App

Details: https://www.digital-impact-awards.com/2021/08/kacyber-in-partnership-with-private-sector-foundation-uganda-to-onboard-bus-operators-on-a-new-ticketing-app/

#LevelOneProject #Fintech

KaCyber digital ticketing and payment systems assists transport operators in Africa to minimize income leakages and generate more revenue while decreasing their operational costs.

On a mission to make seamless mobility a reality! Company Profile
KaCyber Security Technologies Ltd (“KaCyber Technologies”) is an Internet company formally founded in 2016, with headquarter offices registered in the capital city of the Pearl of Africa Kampala, Uganda. As an emerging Internet company, KaCyber is only 1% finished. Through our dedication to customer-centric innovation based on trend

Operating as usual


Do you offer services that reduce pollution? Apply for and finance. KaCyber Technologies already did!

Register here 👉 https://ugefa.eu/register & Submit your application by 14 April!

Funded by the European Union in Uganda
Implemented by adelphi & Finding XY


Organizations with women employees have better chances of growth because they have perfectionists working for them.

At @KaCyber Technologies, we believe all women have the ability to achieve all they want as long as they have the energy and ambition...

We work together to make seamless mobility a reality.
Happy Women's Day!!!!


Over the weekend, our CEO was hosted by the & Founder of Ideation Corner, Damali Ssali- a FinTech Ambassador inspiring Men & Entrepreneurs in ways you can't imagine!!

Watch the video via Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbFbBkgr2uY


UGANDA – March 2022 – KaCyber Technologies of Kampala, Uganda is thrilled to partner with Vignetic, formerly The Brunswick Group Associates, Inc. of New Brunswick, New Jersey - a human capital services firm that provides global executive search and technology resources for industries spanning life sciences, consumer product, technology, and professional service companies. Vignetic is a subject-matter expert in providing staffing, consulting, and managed services to the public and private sectors since its inception 21 years ago.

KaCyber is in the space of holistic logistics and transportation using its digital ticketing innovation and other advanced technologies to invigorate growth and equity for all stakeholders. KaCyber currently operates in Uganda and Senegal, making giant strides in both markets.

KaCyber is to provide Vignetic with operations and resource management of staffing services to contribute to Vignetic’s efforts of delivering high-energy resources to clients as well as managed services to help organizations around the world harness their potential and achieve their goals for future growth.

“This partnership is an opportunity to tap into the Ugandan talent through the employment and business opportunities that are arising through this partnership which will also catapult the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Technical Resources Management Industry of Uganda to be sought out for by International clients seeking Technical Talent for both onsite and offshore locations” said KaCyber Founder and CEO Mr. Innocent Orikiiriza.

“Working with Vignetic, we search for and attract the coveted combination of exemplary skills and cultural fit for Vignetic’s clients in life science, consumer product, technology, and professional services, he added.

See more via https://www.kacyber.io/press-release/partnership-kacyber-vignetic/



When the 2020 COVID Pandemic hit Uganda, the Government imposed a lockdown which paralyzed the transport system. This severely affected KaCyber 's revenue bringing the company's revenues to near zero. KaCyber Technologies is a transport solution company that provides an online and offline system for Transport owners to issue tickets and track payments. The company generates revenues through a commission on ticket sales. Given Africa's growing population rate and economic growth, innovative solutions in logistics are vital for African cities and their hinterland.
Moreover, within the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of logistics is more evident than ever.

The company joined the GrowthAfrica Accelerator in the advent of the COVID Pandemic. Guided by Growth Catalyst @Michelle Mboha, KaCyber, part of the 2021 GrowthAfrica cohort, is leveraging their experience in transportation ticketing to provide logistics services through a network of trusted Boda riders and vehicle fleet partners. Analyzing the customer and market reality revealed that businesses struggled to send products to buyers across Uganda. The team reworked the core customer and the core service. KaCyber's partnership and relationship within the transport sector, coupled with critical resources such as the e-ticketing systems, logistic management platform, customer support center, and skilled staff, ensures faster, reliable, secure, and efficient delivery of raw materials, supplies, and products from point A to point B. The company is also equipping its network of Boda riders with the necessary customer care service skills to serve the delivery target market efficiently and effectively.
KaCyber successfully provided an end-to-end logistics solution for Project 500K during the past Art & Craft Galore, delivering arts and crafts to and from the exhibitors' workshops and markets in time and good conditions.

The company serves a B2B segment while commuters enjoy their bus ticketing system. KaCyber's listed popular bus operators and partners in Uganda include Global Coaches, Gateway, and Trinity. Customers can also book bus tickets to popular destination cities in Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi through reliable coach companies such as Global Coaches and Perfect Coaches. The company offers multiple payment options (Visa, MasterCard, Mobile Money).
Feel free to check them out on https://www.kacyber.com/ and call or WhatsApp on +256786100500. Email them [email protected] to learn more.

Want to experience scale-up through a structured support process? Applications are open for the GrowthAfrica accelerator 2022.
Apply here https://bit.ly/GAacceleratorApply2022


KaCyber’s partnerships and relationships across multiple industry verticals, coupled with key resources & highly skilled IT staff is enabling the company to tap into Business Process Outsourcing () and provide logistics services to its B2B customers.

​​Our impact is clear: To make seamless mobility a reality in

Ready for business with us, Call/WhatsApp +256786100500 or email [email protected] to learn more.


For better partnerships in the FinTech space, KaCyber hosts Emmanuel Fudribo Drama and Faith Kobusingye Mugambwa from Network International.

We say thank you to the , for joining us to make seamless a reality in Africa and we look forward to great strides together in creating payment solutions for everyone, everywhere!


Are you an NGO/Association/startup company or an individual that needs a website?

KaCyber Technologies has got you covered with a great and affordable offer of UGX200K for web design and hosting for the first year and UGX650K per year for subsequent years, with 5 free Email accounts.

KaCyber has developed and hosts websites for over 50+ SMEs and NGOs.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about the offer.


❤ We have the Challenge winner!!!
We’re pleased to announce that Maama Gabbie (@McCarol256) is the winner of our Challenge #2022.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge. Our only is that there can only be one winner today!

KaCyber Technologies; bringing efficiency, convenience in Uganda’s transport system – UGStandard 08/02/2022

KaCyber Technologies; bringing efficiency, convenience in Uganda’s transport system – UGStandard

KaCyber Technologies is using innovation to revolutionize transportation in Uganda's capital, Kampala by bringing efficiency, convenience to Uganda’s transport system.

See it via https://www.ugstandard.com/kacyber-technologies-bringing-efficiency-convenience-in-ugandas-transport-system/

KaCyber Technologies; bringing efficiency, convenience in Uganda’s transport system – UGStandard KAMPALA —Uganda’s public transport system is marred with chaos as passengers and transport operators crisscross each other in the busy bus and taxi parks. This creates an inconvenience to passengers, especially those going on long journeys, who have to first endure the chaos to physically visit ...

Timeline photos 08/02/2022

Timeline photos

KaCyber Technologies is using innovation to revolutionize transportation in Uganda's capital, Kampala. Learn more about their solution here https://bit.ly/3ruAKpw


Watch Money and Markets Uganda on NTV featuring KaCyber Technologies, a transportation and logistics technology company paving pathways for sustainable in .

KaCyber’s enabling the informal economy to digitize, starting from bus ticketing.

KaCyber Go App is enabling travellers to reserve seats and make payments in a convenient and timely way.

Experience it for yourself. Get KaCyber Go App now from Play Store.



please use the link above to like for a vote


is enabling travellers to reserve seats & make payments in a convenient and timely way. Get KaCyber Go App now from Play Store.


Gwe Participate in Valentines Challenge 2022 by telling us how you met your partner and what you love about him/her. 🤫

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The Future of Finance is Green. The Uganda Green Enterprise Finance Accelerator (UGEFA) is expanding access to finance and capacity building for green SMEs across sectors, selecting KaCyber Technologies’ digital ticketing and payment system for land and sea transport - to pave pathways for sustainable in .

@Finding XY

Our Story & Company Profile

About KaCyber

KaCyber Security Technologies Ltd (“KaCyber Technologies”) is an Internet company formally founded in 2016, with headquarter offices registered in the capital city of the Pearl of Africa Kampala, Uganda.
As an emerging Internet company, KaCyber is only 1% finished. Through our dedication to customer-centric innovation based on trending technologies and creation of strategic partnerships with some of the most exciting companies, we aim at establishing a connection between people and businesses they love.
Our presence and service are ever-expanding, and we will continue to commit our best to provide competitive solutions and services in sub-Saharan regions. Currently, our company’s principal operations span across mobile communication and electronic commerce. We build apps that have the potential to change the lives of people through establishing a connection between people and businesses they care about.
We are not a company only interested in the bottom line. We are bridging the digital divide to remove barriers to access to information and technology, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Mission

Contact Info

Videos (show all)

KaCyber E-Ticketing System Customer Testimonial
Think globally, act locally and lead the way with KaCyber Technologies
Bringing effeciency in public transport
KaCyber Digital solution Live demo on NBS
Amazing intro about KaCyber!
Intro about KaCyber and the KaCyber Go app


KaCyber Go
KaCyber Admin
KaCyber eWallet
E-Ticketing and Payment Platform for Bus, Train and Ferry
Online Services
Transport Management
Point of Sale (POS)
Data Hosting and Processing



Parliament Ave

General information

To learn more about our company, please leave us a message or contact us directly:
Tel: +256786100500
Email: [email protected]
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