Kakungulu Memorial School Kibuli

Kakungulu Memorial School Kibuli


Hajj Buwembo jamir has lost his sister . Burial is tomorrow at kyotera masaka
Our parents used to tell us.. you will understand when you grow up..do you understand now .
Someone graduated at the age of 22, but waited 5 years before securing a good job.

Someone became a CEO at 25, and died at 50.
While another became a CEO at 50, and lived to 90 years.

Someone is still single, while someone from his school group has become grandfather.

Obama retired at 55 & Trump started at 70.

Everyone in this world works based on their time zone.

People around you might seem ahead of you & some might seem to be behind you.

But everyone is running their own race, in their own time.

Do not envy them.
They are in their time zone, and you are in yours.

So, relax.

You're not late.
You're not early.
You are very much on time.
In our days.. there was no bottle feeding 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️ they just hold your nose then you choose between porridge or death 😅😅😃🤣
A public bus owned by the government in Ivory coast, now compare with our City shuttles or hoppa. We need to do better and revamp our public transportation.
That lady who used to be inside the moon carrying a baby & firewood on her head.. where did she go 🤔
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Hey guys, I have some news for us all.
Any situation you are going through, you don't have to fight on your own, someone is willing to listen, console and give sincere advice.
We are creating a platform for sharing your troubles and help each other make good decisions. Be the first to join.
Chairman outgrowers Gm Sugar LTD
Airforce kibuye matali group

Contact information, map and directions, contact form, opening hours, services, ratings, photos, videos and announcements from Kakungulu Memorial School Kibuli, School, Kibuli, Kakungulu Rd, Kampala.

Operating as usual


Which teacher is this??

Which teacher is this??

Schools to reopen in next two weeks 01/09/2021

Schools to reopen in next two weeks


Schools to reopen in next two weeks The government plans to promote non-candidate learners to the next classes without subjecting them to exams


Congratulations to our senior four candidates.
63 division 1
103 division 2

Congratulations to our senior four candidates.
63 division 1
103 division 2

ncdc.go.ug 05/05/2020

Home Schooling Materials | National Curriculum Development Centre

Please download your Home Schooling materials here http://ncdc.go.ug/content/home-schooling-materials

ncdc.go.ug COVID-19 MOES Resources Framework for provision of Continued Learning During the Covid-19 Lock Down. >>Download>> Parents Guide to support Children's Learning at home. >>Download>> Hon Minister and the First Lady Janet Kataaha Museveni Second address. >>Download>> Circular on continuity of learning....


Inalillahi Wa’inalillahi Raj’oon Mr Kalalnzi lost his son. May Allah grant his soul jannah and keep Mr Kalanzi’s family strong.


ALL KAKUNGULU MEMORIAL OBZ EN OGZ ARE REQUIRED TO COME AT Kakungulu Memorial School Kibuli FOR A FUNDRAISING ON FRI 25th Oct . THE FUNDRAISING IS FOR OUR BROTHER ABDUL MALIK IBRAHIM WHO HAS BEEN IN COMMA SINCE 21st Sept .THE BILL IS 86million . Let's join hands together for our dear brother. For any information required call 0701460731


What’s your views of Kamesco?


Comment with the year you left Kakugulu


RIP to one of our OB Abdulkarim Kayanja


With great sadness, I announce the sudden death of one of our OG Saada Nabaka (2007). Inalilahi wa’inalillahi raj’oon


Photos from Kakungulu Memorial School Kibuli's post


98 1st grades
86 2nd grades
30 3rd grades
11 4th grades


There has been some allegations made on social media about the conduct of some of our staff. We unreservedly deny these allegations and we will work with authorities in their investigations.

Anyone with information of any misconduct by our staff, please approach us and appropriate action will be taken.



KMS results in Kampala Region Schools' championships 2017
1.Hockey Boys 1st
2.Hockey Girls 1st
3.BadMinton Boys 1st
4.Table Tennis Boys 2nd
5.HandBall Boys 2nd
6.HandBall Girls 2nd
7.Table Tennis Girls 3rd
8.NetBall 3rd
9.BadMinton Girls 4th
10.FootBall Girls 4th
11.FootBall Boys 5th
All the 11 teams qualified for the national Schools' championships 2017.



Inalilahi Wa'nalilahi raj'oon may the Almighty Allah grant Askari Najib Jannah - he passed away


Students of Kakungulu Memorial Secondary School in Kibuli said a prayer before they started the Physics paper 3 practical this morning. Daily Monitor wishes all Senior four candidates success in their exams. PHOTOS BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA


Double for Kakungulu again!
Weatherhead hockey championship 2016 Winners


Overall Kakungulu results in National Sec Schools championships 2016 Masindi
Boys' Hockey 1st
Girls' Hockey 1st
Boys' BadMinton 2nd
Boys' Table Tennis 3rd
Girls' Table Tennis 3rd
Girls' BadMinton 5th
Girls' Football 18th
A total of 5 teams have so far qualified for The East African Sec Schools Championships 2016 to be held in Eldoret Kenya.
Still waiting for Netball and Handball Sec Schools Championships 2016 Rukungiri.


National Sec Sch Hockey Championships Masindi
1.Kakungulu 16pts
2.Kasasa. 15pts
3.Ntare 10pts
4.Namilyango 7pts
5.Smack. 6pts
6.Cityhigh 2pts
7.Old Kla. 2pts
1.Kakungulu. 9pts
2.Old Kla 9pts
3.Namagunga. 4pts
4.Cityhigh. 4pts
5.Bweranyange. 3pts


Pepsi Kampala Hockey Club Annual Schools Championship is on today at the school play ground.


1.Ssembatya Axam. 19
2.Kayongo Yakubu. 18
3.Katende Quraish. 17
4.Nakyanzi Joweria. 17
5.Namirembe Husna. 17
6.Nabbakka Sharia. 17
7.Awufu Ratib. 16
8.Namubiru Fairuz. 16
9.Nassanga Aisha. 16
10.Mulondo Jafali. 16
11.Katongole Yusuf. 16
12.Ndagire Mariam. 15
13.Kayondo Abubaker. 15
14.Nakisekka Shadia. 15
15.Hasahya Sharif. 15
16.Nanyanzi Bitijuma. 15
17.Basemera Sauda. 14
18.Turyarugayo Thompson. 14
19.Rukundo Enid. 14
20.Mukasa Noordin. 14
21.Lubega Yunusu. 14
22.Gamukama Sulait. 14
23.Katende Ashilaf. 14
24.Nakazzi Hamidah. 14
25.Namatovu Takia. 14
26.Ssemyalo Ushamah. 14
27.Namubiru Aisha. 14


Congratulations to Mr.Kirema Gerald of Kakungulu Memorial School. He is the new publicity Secretary of Uganda Table Tennis Association.


61. Farida Banura. 31
62. Musab Ibrahim Mohamed. 31
63. Umutoniwase Zulpha 32
64. Nabichu Fathira Majid. 32
65. Mukiibi Alex. 32
66. Chandiru Amida. 32
67. Ssenyonjo Marvin Musoke. 32
68. Marunga Nancy. 29


41. Karamagi Augustine. 27
42. Wachendu Yasin Rama. 27
43. Omuhir Alli. 28
44. Karungi Vanessa Edith. 28
45. Agasha Suad. 29
46. Safa Jackline. 29
47. Wokorach Paul. 29
48. Nassolo Rahima. 29
49. Katende Faisal. 29
50. Natseeba Twaha. 29
51. Nabunya Juliet. 29
52. Muwanika Hassan. 30
53. Munana Abdulsalamu. 30
54. Rashid Mubarak. 30
55. Wassajja Badru. 31
56. Ssekuuma Isham. 31
57. Namwanje Asha. 31
58. Dumo Bill Clement. 31
59. Kamoga Farouk. 31
60. Nabulo Dinnah. 31


21. Namubiru Jamillah. 23
22. Ssebyatika Ashraf. 23
23. Kayongo Ibrahim. 23
24. Kalumba Sudaice. 23
25. Kato Ali. 23
26. Otieno Sharon Asha. 23
27. Kyambadde Sharif. 24
28. Mabuya Hussein. 24
29. Nanteza Shakira. 24
30. Likicho Arafa. 25
31. Mugwanya Ibrahim. 25
32. Genza Muzamir. 25
33. Lubega Ramathan. 26
34. Butto Sarah. 26
35. Rwabwera Amari. 26
36. Ida Zamura. 26
37. Hawa Gladis. 26
38. Ssekabembe Arafat. 26
39. Guloba Mutwalibi. 26
40. Mutoni Shadia. 27


1. Omar Ismail Abdullah. 10
2. Ssegawa Najjib Sulaiman. 10
3. Wakabi Ackram. 12
4. Nankya Aaliya. 14
5. Katamba Moses 14
6. Sara Ismail Abdullah. 16
7. Wasswa Ramathan. 16
8. Kalema Umar. 17
9. Nasila Caroline Mandu. 17
10. Nakyanzi Jamillah. 18
11. Nansubuga Geraldine. 18
12. Fatina Ali. 19
13. Yiga Vicent. 19
14. Wasswa Dauda Hassan. 19
15. Nkalubo Ronald. 20
16. Banoba Bob Raymond. 21
17. Nassali Irene. 21
18. Nalutaaya Aminah. 21
19. Nakandi Nusufa. 21
20. Sumbua Arafat. 22
68 First grades


The Administration of Kakungulu Memorial School wishes to inform all parents and students that school is opening on 21st Feb for S.1,2,3 and 5


Kakungulu Memorial School Kibuli

No Limit In Kakungulu


What year did you leave Kakungulu? (Write in comments)


Who was your favourite sheikh?


Inalilahi Wa'inalilahi Raj'oon Mr Nsobya Ibrahim lost his father, burial is today in Mpigi at 4pm


No Limit In Kakungulu


Asalaam Aleikum Walahumatulah Wabarakhatu

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No Limit In Kakungulu




Kibuli, Kakungulu Rd
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