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linkedin.com 15/03/2013

Don’t back up your life files.

Ever want a peace of mind? Don’t back up your life files.

linkedin.com I’d like to talk about something that happened to me when I was on vacation recently – and has literally changed my life. My holiday setting was idyllic – chosen to escape the

mashable.com 15/03/2013

Samsung Galaxy S 4's Camera Is Star of Show

Samsung Galaxy S 4's Camera Is Star of Show

mashable.com The new Samsung Galaxy S 4 comes with a slew of new features, as well as stunning camera capabilities.

online.wsj.com 15/03/2013

Facebook Works to Incorporate Hashtag

Facebook Working on Incorporating the Hashtag

online.wsj.com Facebook is testing whether to follow Twitter's lead and allow users to click on a hashtag to pull up all posts about similar topics or events so it can quickly index conversations around trending topics.

tailoredtechug.com 26/02/2013

Interview: Adrian Muyinda Musoke CEO of truIT on the launch of YahClick in Uganda

YahClick Uganda was launched recently. Click on the link for an interview with their CEO on what you can expect from them.

tailoredtechug.com TT: Hello. Can you give us a bit of professional background about yourself? ADRIAN: My career so far has been in the private sector. I worked with Stemsat, a leading company in the satellite services industry in Uganda from 2002 to 2011. I had the...


12 Essential Resources for Building a Killer Mobile App

For those thinking of going into app development, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

mashable.com Looking to develop a new app? Don't miss these resources on mobile app trends.

[01/26/13]   WindowsAndroid goes above and beyond Bluestacks, lets you run Android 4.0 natively on your PC! More here: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2013/01/25/windowsandroid-goes-above-and-beyond-bluestacks-lets-you-run-android-4-0-natively-on-your-pc/

tailoredtechug.com 24/01/2013

How to Partition Your Hard in Windows 8

Failed to partition your hard drive? Don't Worry, we have an easy fix for you.

tailoredtechug.com I recently acquired a HP Pavilion g7 that came with Windows 8 pre-installed. As you can imagine, it was a great moment for me and I was happy to be one of the first Ugandans to work on a Windows 8 machine. So I installed all the necessary software that a...

tailoredtechug.com 24/01/2013

Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death Smiley

Met the Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death Smiley yet? Well don't hold your breath!

tailoredtechug.com I recently acquired a HP Pavilion g7 that came with Windows 8 pre-installed. As you can imagine, it was a great moment for me and I was happy to be one of the first Ugandans to work on a Windows 8 machine. While I was trying to partition the hard drive, I...

tailoredtechug.com 24/01/2013

Interview: Caesar Mukama, creator of deal.ug

An interview with Caesar Mukama, creator of deal.ug. Read and see what he has in store for you.

tailoredtechug.com Recently while checking my G+ page, I found I had been tagged by my respected friend and programmer Caesar Mukama in a post announcing the arrival of...

thenextweb.com 04/01/2013

Check out this designer’s beautiful vision for a redesigned Facebook

Check out this designer’s beautiful vision for a redesigned Facebook.

thenextweb.com Facebook is making strides with the app editions of its service for Android and iOS, but the desktop look has fallen behind recent design trends. Rather than just sit around and ...

mashable.com 04/01/2013

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Website Tablet-Friendly

6 ways to make your website Tablet-Friendly.

mashable.com Here are some tips to help you improve the way tablet users experience your website, with just a few simple changes that you can make today.

theweek.com 02/01/2013

Are we secretly living inside a computer program?

Hmm...something to think about as we start the new year!

theweek.com University of Washington researchers are conducting experiments to determine if we're really just stuck inside the equivalent of The Matrix

[12/25/12]   May the most high Awesome Lord bless u through this festive season, merry Christmas

techcrunch.com 17/12/2012

Dell Has A New Platform As A Service That Actually Makes Sense | TechCrunch

Dell Has A New Platform As A Service That Actually Makes Sense

techcrunch.com TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.


If You Don't Design Your Career, Someone Else Will

If you don't design your career, someone else will!

linkedin.com A client once responded to one of my questions by saying, "Oh Greg, I am too busy living to think about life!” His off-the-cuff comment named a trap all of us fall into sometimes. In just

thenextweb.com 13/12/2012

Top 50 places to work in 2013: Facebook first, Google sixth, Apple 34th, Microsoft doesn’t make it

Top places to work in 2013.

thenextweb.com Career website Glassdoor has released its fifth annual Employees' Choice Awards, a list of the 50 best places to work for in the coming year. Facebook was elected number one for 2011, ...

mashable.com 03/12/2012

Here Comes the First Real Alternative to iPhone and Android

Here Comes the First Real Alternative to iPhone and Android.

mashable.com If you talk to enough people at the Finnish mobile startup Jolla, it occurs to you that the company it resembles is Apple -- but not the Apple of today.

readwrite.com 03/12/2012

IDC: Developer Disinterest Could Kill RIM & Windows Phone

Developer Disinterest Could Kill RIM & Windows Phone

readwrite.com Analyst firm IDC warns that If Research In Motion and Microsoft want their mobile platforms to survive, they need to create a huge spike in developer interest. 

businesswire.com 03/12/2012

IDC Predicts 2013 Will Be Dominated by Mobile and Cloud Developments as the IT Industry Shifts Into.

IDC Predicts 2013 Will Be Dominated by Mobile and Cloud Developments as the IT Industry Shifts Into Full-Blown Competition on the 3rd Platform.

businesswire.com For 2013, IDC predicts the transition to the 3rd Platform will shift into high gear as the industry accelerates past the exploration phase and into fu

mashable.com 12/11/2012

FloJack Grants iDevices NFC Capability

Technology is going mobile, you either with it or you will forever be playing catchup.

mashable.com The FloJack addon plugs into your iPhone’s or iPad’s headphone jack, where it will let you use your iDevice for near-field communication tasks.

mashable.com 06/11/2012

Youtube Tops List of Tech Brands With Highest Social Media Engagement This Week [INFOGRAPHIC]

mashable.com YouTube tops the list of the most engaged tech brands on social media this week. See who else made the cut.

mashable.com 30/10/2012

Steve Ballmer Shows Off His Windows Phone in New Ad [VIDEO]

Check out Steve Ballmer as he shows off his new HTC Windows Phone in a New Ad.

mashable.com Microsoft has launched a new ad for Windows Phone 8, and it features none other than Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Narrated by Ballmer, the ad focuses on the platform's personalization cap

mashable.com 30/10/2012

10 Ways to Smell Like a Geek [PICS]

10 ways to smell like a Geek!

mashable.com Getting tired of "traditional" colognes and perfumes? Don't sweat it -- we've got you covered. Check out some of the most unique, nerdy alternatives.


The First 20 Facebook Employees: Where Are They Now?

The First 20 Facebook Employees: Where Are They Now?

businessinsider.com We found 'em all.

verticalresponse.com 29/10/2012

Don't Let Meetings Suck Your Time

Do not let meetings suck your time. Here are some things you can do to make them more effective.

verticalresponse.com Column by VerticalResponse CEO/Founder Janine Popick, Inc.com "Don't Let Meetings Suck Your Time"July 20, 2012 Six reasons why I hate meetings, and what you can do to make them more effic

entrepreneur.com 29/10/2012

How to Be a Loan Star

entrepreneur.com Heed our warnings before lending money to family or friends


Android security system free by ~flexdaw on deviantART

Turn your old Android device into a security camera that you can view anywhere for free!

flexdaw.deviantart.com How to turn your old Android devices into security cameras viewable anywhere, and all for free. I wrote this tutorial, because i thought people would wa...

jasonnazar.com 29/10/2012

10 Incredibly Awesome Documents to Help You Start a Company

Starting a company? These documents will help you get on course.

jasonnazar.com Non Disclosure Agreement(NDA) – these are over-hyped in my opinion and few angel or venture investors will sign them, but always helpful to have one handy to bust out at parties.

dangerousminds.net 25/10/2012


Facebook Screwing Page owners through promoted posts. Read this very insightful article to find out how!

dangerousminds.net If you want to send Facebook a message, please feel free to use our graphics for your page THE BIGGEST ‘BAIT N’ SWITCH’ IN HISTORY? This has been brewing since around May. At least that’s when we first started noticing it here at Dangerous Minds and we certainly weren’t the only ones. ...

forgetthebox.net 24/10/2012

A Pirates Guide To Downloading: Free Stuff, No Torrents, Faster Speeds, No Problem

Learn how to use Google to download free movies, albums and other media.

forgetthebox.net Mike Gwilliam checks out the best way to download without using a bittorrent program.

mashable.com 24/10/2012

Look Out, Siri -- Dragon Speech Recognition App Now on Android

Dragon speech recognition now on Android!

mashable.com Dragon, a line of speech-recognition software products, debuted its beta app for Android Wednesday.

collegepoison.com 19/10/2012

16 Gadgets That Will Make You Say...."Sh*t, I Thought Of That" | College Poison

16 Gadgets That Will Make You Say….”Sh*t, I Thought Of That”

collegepoison.com innovations and gadgets

techradar.com 19/10/2012

95 best websites you should bookmark today

95 Websites you should bookmark today!

techradar.com Google can help you find what you're looking for, but what if you just want to be amazed?



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