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"marketing is business" Ugandan based company that majors in marketing brands that was Incorporated in 2009 to provide our clients with outstanding printing, Branding, Advert Concept building, advertising platforms, Marketing and events management to deliver their corporate marketing communication programs.

Operating as usual

[05/25/21]   We have been silent for awhile but Uganda what do you think if we brought the champion pro wrestling South Africa/WWE wrestlers to Uganda to boost our tourism ????? We are thinking as you think.


Harris International introduces new product on the market.

Harris International introduces new product on the market.


We brought in some H2O diffusers that use water and they are good for hotels ....offices......restaurants and cars all u have 2 do is keep toping up the water and your space will smell just right. Inbox and yourself 1.

Photos from Brinick Group's post 14/12/2020

As an organising company, for once we don't agree with the act of Uganda Police arresting the Nigerian Artist because he has no case as he was just hired to perform. In our view this is going to affect the art tourism industry of Uganda in a huge way that they cant view for now. UMA this is your time to shine by acting. #i_am_brinick #Brinickgroup


Zoe bag looks Zoe Bags hotness

Zoe bag looks Zoe Bags hotness


Remember when we told you something blue was coming well It is finally here like they promised.the X energy


It is time for the Electronic more sharing a cigarette and no more carrying a packet around...these hard times have gotten us to think too hard. Please Inbox to get one for yourself. Or call 0752411971


It is time for the Electronic more sharing a cigarette and no more carrying a packet around...these hard times have gotten us to think too hard. Please Inbox to get one for yourself. Or call 0752411971


Something straight from Africa is about to touch down in Uganda....keep close. #Brinickgroup #i_am_brinick

[08/11/20]   BREAKING NEWS!!!! Something blue is coming from Rockboom #feel_the_postive_energy #i_am_brinick


Never abuse some one who has just taken ROCKBOOM please stay safe and take rockboom #i_am_brinick #Rockboom


We have no cure of Covid 19 so our best option is masks which we think our government is going 2 make compulsory. Please stay safe by making orders on 0701684967 for these rewashable masks. #subafest_uganda #fozzynation


In light of the Presidential directive on public gatherings and in respect to our sponsors "Tusker Lite" it is with deep regret that the organisers of the NKOZI HILL PARTY slated to take place on 04/03/2020 have come to a conclusion that the value of LIFE outweighs a couple of hours of fun that could lead to unforseen complications so we have decided to push the event to a later date that will be communicated after the 32 days of lock down. When all goes back in place we shall have our event. Save the money, please stay safe and God Bless our country. #Nkozi_Hill_Party #Nkozi_University #Brinickgroup #I_am_brinick


Free entrance and lots of Tusker lite ..... so what if the world is ending question is "did u enjoy your stay ???? "😂😂😂


Time 4 Hip Hop on the hill ..


The biggest University Party is here ..... are u tired of the kampala stress and noise, haven't u ever been on top of a hill for a lake view ...ooooohhh ask no more just get your journey set and u will never regret the decision. #Nkoziuniversity #Brinickgroup #i_am_brinick


Finally something different from the usual quiz ..... Do u think u are well versed with cars ...history movies ..... parts and years of manufacture ...its is simple form a group of any number and come and prove it coz u might even win a car hihihihi. This is a creation and product of #i_am_brinick and ##Brinickgroup


Something New in kampala ......weyaweyayu 2020


Happy earth strong day Mr.CEO


Our own CEO had a moment he had absolitely nothing to prove. #Nkozi_Hill_party #Tuskerlite #Brinickgroup


Thank you Nkozi was Avery hard night to remember since every one had nothing "absolitely" nothing to prove. #tuskerlite #Brinickgroup #Nkozi_hill_party


Party after party then partee after partee


Ask no more ...... The next and only party in the rainy season.... #Kent_and_Fuloso #Nkozi_hill_party


The 2nd edition Hill Party is back ......come and experience Altitude with a tusker lite me or u this tests different.....


The best campus party ...... 1 night of camping. Live life to the fullest

[05/09/19]   Next Nkozi Hill party the Return come sept 21st 2019 we are going back in time and current time so choose which Artist you want

A.Rabada Daba



Finally they made an offer.


Wheeeerrrrrrrreeeeeeeee are we ... MBARARA

[04/05/19]   The Entrepreneur.
Chapter 7

I AM BRINICK NICHOLAS CEO BRINICK GROUP and this is my simple story.

I have not given up on me in so many situations and the self drive I have for business is admired by many young and old though the problem is they only admire the name and success but not the process, patience, effort, energy, time that I put in my works and luck so for that reason I have decided to speak out. If u want to share my knowledge keep in the loop because I will soon choose a venue.

Date and venue will be communicated

Note. Don't come to judge but to be inspired because there is no shortcut in business.
#i_am_brinick #CEO_Brinickgroup ##Father_of_Neil


Did we ...... yes we did ..MBARARA we are enroute. 19th of April.


Like we promised we delivered. .... Thank you for the good show JOHN BLAQ you lit it up.


Dj Benja (deals on wheels) & Dj Crim ....These guys nailed the crowd. See u in mbarara.


MR.Brinick himself the CEO Brinick group and DJ Crim.


They drove from Kampala to Nkozi for Fun and trust me it was worth it..


The Dj Crim Moments at the Hill party .... Thank you crim for adding some crim #massive ..... #i_am_brinick

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Ask no more ...... The next and only party in the rainy season.... #Kent_and_Fuloso #Nkozi_hill_party
Wheeeerrrrrrrreeeeeeeee are we ... MBARARA
He Reconfirms the date is 30th March 2019 be there.... come and meet Boove.
Young talent for a show down ...... did u know that an average dj has 5 girlfriends according to Nkozi university resear...
30th March 2019 Nkozi Hill
When i say Dj u say "Crim" dj........ Crim
Uuugannnnda are u ready
Uuugannnnda are u ready




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