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We provide Market Information Services, Farmer Record Management Services, Tailored Capacity Building & Inclusive Payment Solutions for farmers & Traders

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Maalicard website you can now sign for an online account

Maalicard website you can now sign for an online account

Government to Invest 404 Bn Ugx. in the Parish Development Model. Will this change the plight of the rural household producers in the selected subsectors ? 22/04/2021

Government to Invest 404 Bn Ugx. in the Parish Development Model. Will this change the plight of the rural household producers in the selected subsectors ?

Government to Invest 404 Bn Ugx. in the Parish Development Model. Will this change the plight of the rural household producers in the selected subsectors ? …”This parish model as proposed will build capacity among household farmers / producers. It states that we must appreciate that all people and communities have a certain amount of capacity. No one is without capacity but often we need to develop it. What is important to realize is that t...


Opportunity to have a woo commerce plugin for website developer

Opportunity to have a woo commerce plugin for website developer


FIT Insights Limited


We are changing for the future..... are you ? ready for us


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FIT Insights Limited's cover photo 18/05/2020

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Maalicard Robert M J Kintu and Sekamanya Gilbert Francis

Company presentation Maalicard during #OVO Sustainable Technology for Africa, Kampala, Uganda, November 2019


FIT Insights Limited


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[10/08/19]   Join the webiner

Date Time: Oct 8, 2019 07:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Topic: Transforming Agriculture Through Digital Financial Innovations

1. Overview: Digital trends and innovations for financial inclusion of smallholder farmers and the rural poor
Robert Kintu, CEO, FIT Insights Group

2. Digital/ Economic identity: How can digitizing Smallholder payments facilitate the pathway towards financial inclusion?
Matthew Strickland, Senior Market Engagement Manager, Mobile for Development, GSMA

3. E-Learning and capacity building for farmers: The team where you work does capacity development on agricultural data management and data sharing. Recently you went into farmers’ data and that includes of course data used for financial services. Who is the audience of your course and could you give us some examples of things they learn that may help them in dealing with digital financial services?
Valeria Pesce, Information Management Specialist, UN FAO

4. Lessons learned when designing and implementing digital financial solutions for smallholder farmers
Shaun Ferris, Technical Director of Agriculture and Livelihoods, Catholic Relief Services


Happening now , 30/07/2019

Monitoring of FinTech

A good read on how innovations in financial technology are driving a revolution in the way we interact with money Innovations in financial technology (FinTech) may have a profound impact on the structure of the global financial system. The FSB is working actively with international bodies to monitor FinTech, and to identify regulatory and supervisory issues raised by FinTech that merit authorities’ attention ... 29/07/2019

Impact of digital finance on financial inclusion and stability🤝👌 This article provides a discussion on some issues associated with digital finance – an area which has not been critically addressed in the literature.… 25/07/2019

Fintech firm Zeta’s valuation climbs to $300M in its first external funding round – TechCrunch

Financial Engineering merged with contemporary Technology brought forth the industry or sector that is FinTech. Technological advancement as a component of the effects of globalisation has changed how we interact in our day to day activities thus, even the way we handle or deal with money was transformed. In our social values, economics, as well as politics, Financial technology accords its users more transparency as well as efficiency in the way we make, use and handle money in between the earning and spending stages of our financial cycles. Now more than ever E-Commerce is taking into account digital financial inclusion especially for the unbanked, a lacuna Fintech seeks to fill. In a bid to embrace the advantages of a cashless economy more applications are coming up with personalised E-wallets to meet their clientele's specifications with cyber security also going on the up and up. Being a disruptive business model, Fintech seeks to give more power to its users as they no longer have to walk around carrying wads of cash or peering over their shoulders to see who is following them to the bank. Using E-Wallets as a form of money storage, cash remittance as well as payment systems just got easier and to appreciate the role played by Fintech, see what these Fintech giants have accomplished overtime. Brought to you by Infotrade Maalicard Startups looking to expand the reach of financial services continue to receive a nod from investors. Zeta, a fintech firm that runs a full stack neo-banking platform and offers enterprise payments solutions, said today its valuation reached $300 million in its maiden outside funding. Sodexo BRS fun....

[07/22/19]   Making a case for the cashless economy
In a cashless economy, all financial transactions are executed electronically rather than handling banknotes. Manifold countries around the world have been undeviatingly moving towards an entirely cashless society for several years. Sweden is motivating the charge, where more than 59 per cent of consumer transactions are completed through non-cash methods, which includes credit, debit, and mobile banking solutions. Canada is close behind, with 57 per cent of transactions made using alternative methods. In 2016 India eliminated its highest denomination bills — removing 90 per cent of fiat money from circulation. And The People’s Bank of China has publicly acknowledged that physical cash may one day become obsolete.
But what about us? The US is seemingly divided on the subject. Several powerful forces are pushing the cashless agenda, notably the restaurant industry. Starbucks, Sweetgreen, and Shake Shack are just three of the booming businesses testing cash-free locations. Meanwhile, just last week New York City Councilman Ritchie Torres proposed legislation that would prohibit businesses from going cash-free, arguing that cashless businesses gentrify marketplaces. “On the surface, cashlessness seems benign,” he told Grub Street. “But when you reflect on it, the insidious racism that underlies a cashless business model becomes clear.”
There are several benefits, as well as logistical and social issues to ruminate on before the US leaves cash in the past.
Seemingly the biggest advantage of a cashless economy is increased efficiency for both merchants and customers. Gone are the days of heavy pockets packed with disordered bills and noisy coins. The number of consumers who use their mobile devices to pay using contactless payment solutions like Apple Pay and Google Pay is expected to grow to 450 million people worldwide by 2020. This is one of the reasons why the restaurant industry has been driving the cash-free revolution. Prepaid digital payment methods are more efficient because cashiers don’t have to waste time counting bills, which hurries up wait times for customers. It also eliminates the need for cash registers, which simultaneously lowers the risk of theft.
Addressing theft as well as corruption, many believe that other financial crimes would become obsolete in a cashless economy, as it’ll be nearly impossible to hide income or evade taxes if all financial records are digitized. Furthermore, an absence of banknotes would prevent the practice of money laundering that previously allowed criminals to spend stolen money.
“On the surface, cashlessness seems benign, but when you reflect on it, the insidious racism that underlies a cashless business model becomes clear.”
Going cash-free is also great for the economy. In fact, we’d save money by simply not producing money. The average lifespan of a $1 bill in the US is only six years. In a cashless society, governments could potentially save millions in taxpayers’ cash without the expense of minting coins and printing notes. On a smaller scale, it’d encourage consumer spending. Research shows that people often forego small purchases if they don’t have cash on them, a challenge that cashless payment solutions could circumvent. 18/07/2019

What are the pros and cons of crowdfunding platform?

Looking for donations? In a bid to understand crowdfunding platforms as a disruptive innovation in eCommerce, the role they play as an interlinking factor between potential investors and startups, below are a few pro's and cons of the digital age of funding campaigns made easier. Pros and cons of building a crowdfunding platform, benefits and challenges of crowdfunding business.


FIT Insights Limited

Why wait to go cashless? Embracing technological advancements in cash remittance as well as payment systems and platforms, The Infotrade Maalicard as a payment platform allows interoperability of multiple paying systems operating as a pre-paid debit card. Being a low-cost global interchange, we as Infotrade seek to develop Ugandans by providing ethical coupled with financial inclusive value-added services by harnessing the potential, ideas, and capabilities of the financial and technology sectors in a bid to deliver better financial services and achieve a real transformation of communities. 👌👍💸💳

Download the 'Maalicard app" & apply for a debitcard at 25k to book a seat at the launch

[07/16/19]   Be the first to adopt the 4th revolution technologies in banking and financial services.

This is a payment platform that supports inter-linkage of different providers for both financial and business services. It is linked to a pre paid debit card at cost of 25,000/- that can be used in over 12 bank ATMs , HFB bank tellers, POS terminals in supermarkets with inter-switch or verve , Maalipay POS and also allows user exchange payment virtually from MTN or AIRTEL money. Own the card , open up a maalisave a/c. start saving now to earn up 8 percent p. a . You can also become a merchant accepting maalipay at no cost. Email. [email protected] ; www.


FIT Insights Limited's cover photo


FIT Insights Limited's cover photo


Keep on keeping on!

Business Linkages with Rural farmers

Our Story

We are a leading business Development Consulting Company driven by the fact that farmers and traders need to be connected to services to enable holistic human development. Through our platform and trade information portal, we facilitate information , trade and knowledge around vibrant sub-sectors with the aim to connect users with quality services delivered professionally, efficiently & effectively.

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Using Prices in mushroom trade


Data and Information Services, Data Insights and Reports, Consultancy and Training Services.



PLOT 114-122 Bunyonyi Drive , Kiswa - Nakawa Div.

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Monday 08:30 - 17:00
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