Daudi's Bookstore Kampala

Daudi's Bookstore Kampala

Daudi's Bookstore is a literatti's paradise with an extensive, exclusive, eclectic collection of affordable books in all genres formats. Requests welcome.

One stop for all kinds of books affordably.

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Worthy rereading every few years to relearn and unlearn. Highly recommended for small #business Timeless ideas. #books #kampala

Worthy rereading every few years to relearn and unlearn. Highly recommended for small #business Timeless ideas. #books #kampala


Worth reading. What is work? Why work?..... #kampala #bookstore

Worth reading. What is work? Why work?..... #kampala #bookstore


Currently reading- deeply engrossing memoir


Just done reading. Interested in an ebook copy of the same? Let me know.


Currently Reading....


Currently reading


An eclectic collection of music-- both latest and classic-- now AVAILABLE! Choose or Request. #music #kenya #kampala +256-772-993-678


Books Galore # books to cater to every reading taste available. Audio books too available on request. Whatsapp, comment or like the page for more offers #ebooks #nairobi #kampala


Millionaire state of Mind? We have got book upon ebook of #business reading and motivational entrepreneurial writing to feed your needs. Most importantly, most of these #ebooks are #free! Just Like the Page and place your #request. You will receive via email or Whatsapp number. #nairobi #kenya #uganda


Just finished #reading. Insightful and surely one of the best books out this year #ebooks #kampala #kenya


#CurrentlyReading profound writing


Word! #ebooks #kampala


Currently Reading: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
For anything of true value in life, dig a little deeper and you'll find treasure worthy of any explorer willing to look below the surface. Happiness is merely a definition of past experiences with Pain and thus is a relative yardstick ie Past/ Previous circumstances vs Current Condition = Level of Happiness. In short, Happiness is, but Appreciation of the Present. Intrigued? Feel free to request for it.


Currently Reading- distilled wisdom from the various guests on Tim Ferris' podcast broadcast. Interesting reading.


#CurrentlyReading Insight into global poverty. My take: perhaps Third World poverty is a Sociological problem thats why Economical solutions continue to fail. Request the #ebook and get it free for your weekend read. #nairobi #kampala


Currently #reading #ebooks #Uganda


#Reading #JustForFun


Dr Muhammad Yunus. This book is a worthy read. Inspirational, motivational, yet grounded in rational Economics #ebooks #Nairobi #Kampala


If you haven't yet read this book, you should. Absolutely engrossing... moving... absurd, sad.... all you could ever hope for in a book #ebooks #Uganda #Kenya. If interested in reading it, LIKE the page and COMMENT asking for it and you'll receive a #free copy


Weekend Reads. Then seek out the movie adaptions in the course of the week. #ebooks #Nairobi #Kenya #kampala

[03/02/17]   The books you read don't define you you; because if you read often enough, then you'd become too complex, too complicated, you'd become too much of so many things you'd lose yourself. After all, books are nothing but lives and worlds trapped in pages. If you delve deeper these lives will morph into infinite Ifs and other possibilities. The worlds spin off to evolve into galaxies. You'll run mad.
What books do, is refine you. They make you imagine, so you can think. They make you experience without the burden of presence. Books are free travel. Books help you decide your minds so you can find words to define your world. Books
#books #ebooks #nairobi #kampala


Something to read for the weekend #businessbook #nairobi


Always inspiring. The Mandela Story #ebooks #kenya #uganda


How many of these titles have you so far read? Which ones do you think might be interesting to have a go at? All these and many more available as ebooks at Daudi's

[12/10/16]   The long lay off of the Christmas holidays gives an opportune moment to catch up on the year's reading. What books are you dying to read before the year closes?


With Obama getting to the end of his presidential term, isn't it about your time to reacquaint yourself either him? This autobiographical #ebook is available got 100 Ksh / 3,000 UGX get it today #nairobi #kampala


In his phenomenal #1 New York Times bestseller "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man", Steve Harvey told women what it takes to succeed in love. Now, he tells everyone how to succeed in life, giving you the keys to fulfill your purpose. LIKE this page and get this #ebook free today #kampala #nairobi #bookstore


SUNDAY FUN ACTIVITY!! Making a hamburger is easy; it only takes a little creativity mix and match content to make it healthier, but no less delicious than burgers offered in the fast-food restaurants. You will find selected recipes in this book that are delicious practical, easy to make and also under 500 calories ! Get this #ebook #FREE and make your family some delicious treats. #kenya #uganda


Wherever Chelsea Handler travels, one thing is certain: she always ends up in the land of the ridiculous. Now, in this uproarious collection, she sneaks her sharp wit through airport security and delivers her most absurd and hilarious stories ever.
On safari in Africa, it's anyone's guess as to what's more dangerous: the wildlife or Chelsea. Order for this hilarious, ridiculous chronicle of her escapes for UGX 2000 or KSH 50 and have yourself some laughs. #ebooks #kenya #uganda


Health is wealth! revitalise your life with these very simple recipes of readily available cheap fruits and vegetables. Live your life well, Live it to the fullest. Get any of these one of these #ebooks of your choice #FREE #today, Get two copies at 60 KSH or 2.000 UGX and get the third one thrown into the #bargain for free. #ebooks #nairobi #kampala


Absolutely the most profound hands-on business book you'll ever read. Get it for 100 KSH or 3.000 UGX now and start on the journey to take your business to new heights. #ebooks. #nairobi #kenya


Extremely informative books on poultry keeping and #chicken rearing. LIKE the page to get 1 copy FREE, 2 copies at 2000 UGX / 50 KSHS or take all five for 4000 UGX/ 120 KSH, #ebooks #reading #nairobi #kampala


This is one of those little-known gems, but highly practical on business especially if real estate interests you #ebooks #kampala #nairobi. Like the page and get this book FREE in your prefered eReader format


Eid Mubarak to everyone of you. Eid Kareem.



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