Patrick Oroma

Patrick Oroma

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I PITIED my OLD classmate

Meeting an *old class mate,* we had not seen each other for about *30 years.* The Lord has been kind to me.
When I saw him again, this time at a hotel lobby, *he was looking simple.* He wore *simple clothes.* I felt touched.
He walked up to me and was glad to see me again. But deep within me I was not impressed with his status compared to mine and poor me, I couldn't hide it.
We exchanged contact details and I could see the joy in him as he collected mine.
I told him I will drop him home in my brand new *Range Rover* and I pointed it to him.
He declined and said he had already called for his car. It looked old, *a 2001 Honda Accord*.
I invited him the next day for lunch at my house. A part of me wanted to impress him, *to show off my success and affluence to him,* while another was to discuss opportunities and possibly help him.

He drove to Parkview where I lived. *He looked impressed with my home.* I had taken a heavy mortgage. *In fact I was heavily in debt.* We had lunch. He told me he was into small business and particularly real estate. I brought up more business discussions, but he didn't sound too interested. I asked him how I could help him. He said he was fine. I even told him if he was interested, I could help him secure some loans... He looked at me and smiled.

He told me he would invite me over soon to his place. His old car came for him. I was grateful to God for what I had. *“Fingers are not all equal”,* I thought to myself...I was lucky. I worked in a good place.

Two weeks later, we went to see him in a remote, my wife and I.
She was reluctant to go because she was not impressed with the man's status as to warrant our visiting him in his house.
I was able to convince her that we were close friends in college.
We saw the Estate. We asked for directions to his home. Those leading us spoke his name with deference.
It was a simple but lovely home. A 4 bedroom bungalow. I saw 4 cars parked in front. We entered his home. It was simply elegant with a touch of class inside. He welcomed us warmly.

Lunch was well served.
His wife called him Papa Onos!!!

During lunch, he asked about my MD. He said they were friends. I saw a company gift on one of his tables nearby. That company owned about 38% shares where I worked. I enquired from him about it. He smiled. *He told me he owned the company.* He also owned the estate.
I did not know when I called him sir... I was in awe of him too.

I had learnt a lesson in humility, A big one. *Appearances are deceptive.* He noticed my discomfort.

Driving back home, I was very quiet. My wife was humbled and extremely calm. I could perceive the thoughts in her mind. I looked at myself. Living on loans, heavy loans and showing off while someone who pays my salary is quite modest and living a simple life!

Indeed "Deeper Rivers Flow In Majestic Silence"! Adjust your perception towards others from this new year. Read, learn and take a good step of change

Stop rating people based on physical appearance.

Wishing you a fruitful New Year

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Our kampala

Photos from Patrick Oroma's post 20/08/2022

24-yr-old Rwandan woman RwaMugabekazi Lillian who was arrested for dressing inappropriately in public to face 2 years jail term after being charged with public indecency.

The viral photo of her was taken during a concert by popular French musician Tayc in Kigali, Rwanda.

However, her lawyer requested that the case be heard in camera which the court approved.

Rwandan Government has vowed to tame indecent dressing in public, anyone caught will be arrested and charged to court with possibility of serving jail term.

What's your take on this?


This woman


He cried


Honestly, Klopp vs Pep debate shouldn't even exist. It's so simple:
Under Klopp, Mainz went from German 2nd division to 13th in Bundesliga on zero budget:
- Can Pep go to Mainz and do that?
Under Klopp, Dortmund went from 18th in Bundesliga to 2 titles and a UCL final on a shoestring budget:
- Can Pep go to Dortmund and do that?
Under Klopp, Liverpool went from 8th in the league to winning all trophies in 6 years, majorly on the back of selling Coutinho and finding gems like Salah, Diaz:
- Could Pep ever do that on Liverpool's net spend?
Now see the reverse...what if Klopp went:
- To Barcelona with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Barca's budget
- To Bayern with Robben, Ribery, Lewandowski and Bayern's budget
- To Man City with De Bruyne, Kompany and City's budget
Seriouly, what is there to debate? It's like comparing an actual, proven Football coach and a little boy playing FIFA Manager Mode in real life.


Talking wild animals, our TIK TOK kids might get into serious trouble one day because of this whole content thing.

Even when tamed or in captivity, don't forget these are not domestic animals. Can still be dangerous. We saw the other video of the guy , an Orangutan gripped through the cage. He had gone in illegally to create content.

The bigger elephant 🐘 could have trampled this young lady had it misread the situation and seen what was happening as danger to it's calf. Fortunately, the herd read the situation well.


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The first Big Brother show was almost 2 decades ago. I remember everyone raving about it when it started. So, I spent an hour watching it. I couldn't get it. Those were just people sittting there talking - maybe I was too early for the s*x scenes. I had so much , I watched for another hour the following day. Still, those people were just sitting there talking.

I realised that the target market for the show is people who don't mind watching CCTV footage the whole day in the back office. Some of you are in the wrong jobs.


A Zebra is very beautiful, attractive and well built. The problem with it is you can't instill values in it, its not good for procreation and can't always be kept as a pet as it brings Tourists to the yard.

A donkey on the other hand can help you build a whole house, you can fetch water with it, you can do farming with it and create wealth. Not so beautiful as the Zebra but submissive and very helpful.

This post is not about Zebras and Donkeys.


Depends on who your lawyer is for the law to apply effectively on this... There are pictures showing that Suzan is introducing that guy. With words like Suzans kwanjula and suzan introduces Aloysius. Secondly, a good lawyer will look into what leads to that "invite". In the long run, he sent a letter requesting to be invited and be born in the family. If that letter surfaces, he will be in trouble. If he denies sending it, that means the introduction was null and void traditionally so still they wouldnt be recognized as traditionally married. Still if in time he shows intent to marry her, thats another law suit for lying to authorities... All ways, it ends badly. He should have just enjoyed the previlage of bonking her in peace without these marriage things coz he wont be able to win this one... The entire cast of his fellow con artists are against him and we know they will do all possible to support the wife than him.


Hi Patrick. Please hide my name. I will try to be a short as possible. When I met my partner he was going through a nasty break up with the mother of his baby. She cheated on him twice and then dumped him. To make matters worse she denied him access to the baby. I became a shoulder he needed. I helped him through the healing process, even paying for a psychologist from my own pocket. I also paid a lawyer to help him fight to have access to his kid. I literally saved him from committing su***de three times.

He because the man I wanted him to be. He started concentrating on his business and most importantly, our relationship. I fell pregnant and we were overjoyed. He started talking about visiting my parents and I welcomed the good news. A letter was sent to my family after I gave birth and we started making arrangements. The day arrived and my family waited until food got cold. His phone was off the whole day. None of his family members took our calls, expect for his mother who answered and promised to call me back.

To cut to the point, on the day he was supposed to pay visit for me, he paid for his ex. The very same one that almost made him commit su***de. What's hurts the most is he made a fool of my family. He didn't have to lie to us, he could have broken up with me and went back to her. I learned afterwards that he got back with her while I was pregnant. For a year it happened right under my nose and I didn't suspect a thing. I'm not bitter, just disappointed and hurt. But I will rebuild myself and live happily with my child. I wish him nothing but the best in his marriage.


There are good Women who are side chicks,Hoes that have perfect relationship. Good guys who are cheated on, Lazy people who have money ,Givers who are really poor, Stingy people who are very rich, Innocent people who are in prison and thieves who are walking freely . Drop outs who are successful. And Graduates with no jobs . People who don’t drink nor smoke but still death chooses them first 😴And then alcoholics with the greatest well being 🤷🏽‍♀️ this life thing there’s no manual book in how to perfect it ✅the are no rules 🤞🏽Best you live your life the way you want 🙏


The Rwandan government has finally repatriated the body of a 38-year-old Ugandan national who died almost a month ago in Rwamagana government prison, in the Rwandan Eastern Province.
The deceased, John Baptist Tumukorereki, a resident of Kyabuhangwa in Kamwezi sub-county, Rukiga district died in the Rwandan prison on May 16th, 2021.
His body was handed over on Tuesday evening to Rukiga District Authorities at the Uganda-Rwanda border of Kamwezi at around 7pm.
According to records from Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS), a department that handles National Prison Services in the country, Tumukorereki was arrested while smuggling illicit drugs in Rwanda.








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