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QUE DIOS lo tenga en lagloria
xiku zote thamani yako hitambue kuwa mung pekee nd haijue
Mungu awaweke mahalli. Peponi. R. I. P
God is my proviter

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Lets go




He was given birth premature,the mum and the dad never thought he will survive and even if he survived,he will be disabled (blind or deaf)but to the Glory of he survived it all and here he is today without any form of disability.

Today is his birthday,can you take a minute to wish him and appreciate God because what he can't do doesn't exist.

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Menstruation ____ Painful
Losing virginity ____ Painful
Pregnancy/childbirth _____ Painful
Breastfeeding _____ Painful
Stop Breastfeeding ____ Painful
Miscarriage ____ painful

You wanna hear the truth? Every woman deserve a caring Man
Women are indeed priceless treasures to value so if you have one right now please respect her.

God bless all mums here!
You are irreplaceable heroes


Look at the picture closely, you see a cow?

The water on the fire is going to be used by the butchers to remove the hair on the body, the machine at the other end was brought by a vulcanizer to blow air into the cow for easy removal of the hair.

The dogs are waiting patiently to take their share of the cow meats and bone, the person who took this picture is the butcher, only the cow is not aware of the whole situations.

That's how some of us are, we are in the midst of enemies and we are not aware what they are planning against us.

I pray we will never be a prey for the wicked ones this month and beyond in the mighty name of God


"Even though i know that he is not mentally stable but he still remains my father❤️" -

How many of us will be proud to say that to our Dad,Mum?
Your children will be proud of you nomatter the circumstances.

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Ayi 🔥



Michael Jackson wanted to live for 150 years.
He appointed 12 doctors at home who would daily examine him from hair to toenails.
His food was always tested in laboratory before serving.
Another 15 people were appointed to look after his daily exercise and workout.
His bed had the technology to regulate the oxygen level.
Organ donors were kept ready so that whenever needed they could immediately donate their organ . The maintenance of these donors were taken care of by him.
He was proceeding with a dream of living for 150 years.
Alas ! He failed.
On 25th June 2009, at the age of 50, his heart stopped functioning. The constant effort of those 12 doctors didn't work.
Even, the combined efforts of doctors from Los Angeles and California too couldn't save him.
The person who would never put a step forward without the doctors suggestion for his last 25 years, couldn't fufill his dream of living 150 years.
Jackson's final journey was watched live by 2.5 million people which is the longest live telecast till date.
On the day he died,i.e. 25th June '09 at 3.15 pm, Wikipedia, Twitter,AOL's instant messenger stopped working. Millions of people together searched Michael Jackson on Google.
Jackson tried to challenge death but death challenged him back.
The materialistic life in this materialistic world embraces materialistic death instead of a normal one. This is the rule of life.
Now let's think.
Are we earning for the builders,engine
ers,designers or decorators?
Whom do we want to impress by showing expensive house,car and extravagant wedding ?
Do you remember the food items in the wedding reception which you had attended couple of days ago?
Why are we working like an animal in life ?
For the comfort of how many generations do we want to save?
Most of us have one or two children. Have you ever thought how much do we need and how much do we want?
Do we consider that our children won't be able to earn much and so its necessary to save some extra for them?
Do you spend some time with yourself, family or friends in the week?
Do you spend 5% of your earning on yourself?
Why don't we find happiness in life along with what we earn ?
If you think deeply, your heart mi


Mudra x sheebah


@mudradviral ft @sheebahricherthisyear

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Now this post to my fellow Muslim brothers n sisters. Wanna wish U a happy Ramadhan n may Allah help us through so we may attain the best of His favors and blessings in this month. Ramadhan Kareem 😊😊😊



This painting of a young woman Breastfeeding an old man in a Prison cell Sold for 30 Million Euros.
The Painting may look Perverse but the Story behind it is from Historical Records.
The Poor man was Sentenced to "death by Starvation"
for Stealing a Loaf of Bread during the reign of Louis XIV in France.
(You All Know How Cruel King Louis was)
The woman was his only Daughter and the only visitor to his cell.
She was allowed to visit him daily but was frisked thoroughly such that no food was taken in.
When after 4 months the man still survived with no weight loss, the authorities were Perplexed and started spying on her in the cell and to their utter Dismay they found her Breastfeeding her Father to the fullest sharing of her baby's Milk. The judges then realizing the compassion and love of the woman for her father, pardoned the father and set him Free.
This Piece of History brings into focus how deep a woman's Compassion in our daily lives is,
that men often tend to overlook...



Almighty. The month we’ve been eagerly waiting for is almost here. Make us among those who fast sincerely for Your sake. May You accept our worship and nights in prayer which we do in full submission. Keep us away from heedlessness and forgive all our sins. Amen.


Which country are you from ,let know each other?


Even animals fake moaning
Look, stuff not yet inside but her mouth wide open 😺


Sundays are for gaming strictly
@mudradviral says so


Sundays are for gaming,
Mudra has something to say mbarara people


The late king of a certain community had ten wild dogs. He used them to torture and eat any of his servants who made a mistake. One of the servants gave an opinion that was wrong, and the king didn’t like it at all. So he ordered that the servant be thrown to the dogs.
The servant said, “I served you for ten years, and you do this to me? Please give me ten days before throwing me to those dogs!” The king agreed.
In those ten days, the servant went to the guard who looks after the dogs and told him he would like to serve the dogs for the next ten days. The guard was baffled but agreed, and the servant started feeding the dogs, cleaning for them, bathing them, and providing all sorts of comfort for them.
When the ten days were over, the king ordered that the servant be thrown to the dogs for his punishment. When he was thrown in, we were all amazed to see the ravenous dogs only licking the feet of the servant!
The king, baffled at what he was seeing, said,
”What has happened to my dogs?”
The servant replied, "I served the dogs for only ten days, and they didn’t forget my service. Yet I served you for a whole ten years and you forgot all, at my first mistake!"
The king realized his mistake and ordered the servant to be set free.
This post is a message to all those who forget the good things a person does for them as soon as the person makes a mistake towards them. Don’t put out the history that is filled with good because of a mistake you don’t like.


Before King Ahmed of Ottoman went to war, he locked his wife (the beautiful Queen) in a private room and gave the key to his best friend Mousa and said: "If I'm not back in four days, open the room and she's yours ... "

He climbed on his horse and gallops off towards the battlefield. Half an hour later, the King noticed a cloud of dust behind him. He stopped and saw his friend galloping very fast towards him.

"What's wrong ?" Asked the King. Out of breath, his friend Mousa responded: "You gave me the wrong key"


Can you imagine !

He didn't even wait for the said 4days before trying the keys.

Be careful with the one you consider your best "friends" and whom you think you can entrust them with your hard earned treasure - they could be wishing you dead soon and hopefully inherit your God-given fortune!

Just an Advice.


I just love this pic


The best picture on internet today


The father and daughter lost their lives In a car accident
Don't skip without saying RIP


She lost her beloved son 😭

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Photos from Mugi tunes's post 13/03/2022

Mercy pro


Happy womens day ladies. We love you so much because you make this world a better place.

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🕷️ spider 🕸️

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Happy birthday bro
Enjoy your day to the fullest
Oli Rasta waddala nyoo

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Happy birthday my sister

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Uganda's true dancehall king
Mudra D Viral


Never the less

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The other day

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