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To Explore. To Create. To Nurture. To Tell of African Visuals Media is a Film and TV Production company based in Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya.

We offer you the unique opportunity to support your message visually, be it a documentary, advertisement, live social event, campaign, concert … name it! Seeing is one of our most important senses. Visual Impressions influence our thoughts, beliefs and decisions, consciously and unconsciously. Images are a powerful tool to support your message.


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School gardening in South Sudan

School gardening, Maridi - South Sudan

Mary Oliver is a student at the Nambia Primary School in Maridi, South Sudan. She is 19 years old. Her classroom is very small so the students have to sit un...


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"Kanyoni" means "little bird" and is the affectionate nickname the other children gave to Fabrice, who was only a few months old. Fabrice is the youngest child ever to be cared for at the home of the Fondation Stamm in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi.

„Kanyoni“ bedeutet „kleiner Vogel“ und ist der liebevolle Kosename, den die anderen Kinder dem erst wenige Monate alten Fabrice gegeben haben. Fabrice ist das jüngste Kind, das je im Heim der Fondation Stamm in Bujumbura, der Hauptstadt Burundis, betreut wurde.


Malteser International

“One night, I decided I wasn't going home anymore.”

Forced to run away from home, abused and driven into drug addiction on the streets of Burundi. Not many 11-year-old girls have had experiences like Kentia‘s.

Read her touching story, and help us give girls like her a better future!



medica mondiale e. V.

Es geht Shukuru wieder gut, sagt sie. Die Solidarität der lokalen Frauenrechtsorganisation PAIF half Shukuru, nachdem sie vergewaltigt wurde und ihr Mann gestorben war, wieder zur Ruhe zu kommen und ihr Leben in die Hand zu nehmen. Gemeinsam bekämpfen wir Gewalt gegen Frauen im Kongo -->

Das Video wurde von Frau Nyokabi Kahura von african visuals produziert. Es entstand im Rahmen einer Dokumentation für Malteser International. 24/07/2017

In DR Congo most of the women are attacked while out...

"..and there she met the enemy who r***d her".
by Nyokabi Kahura, African Visuals Media In DR Congo most of the women are attacked while out in the fields or are forcibly abducted from their homes. The perpetrators are generally members of the a... 24/07/2017

"After ra**ng me, killing my husband and 17 year old son, the rebels stabbed..."
by Nyokabi Kahura, African Visuals Media


The crew...Northern Uganda


Fleeing South Sudan


African Visuals Media's cover photo 30/04/2017

On the run in DR Congo

"My child's leg got injured in a motorbike accident after his leg was caught in the motorbike chain."

Photography and filming by: Nyokabi Kahura/African Visuals Media Seeking safety, women, men and children have to trek for days across the border without food or water because they left their homes in South Sudan only with a handful of belongings. Those who could afford it arrived on motorbikes, bicycles or cars. 30/04/2017

ICRC Lamu Drought Response

Produced by African Visuals Media The ICRC and Kenya Red Cross Society is delivering food and cash assistance to villages on the Kenyan coast. They are providing rice, beans, cooking oil, sug...


Letzten November produzierten wir zusammen mit Nyokabi Kahura von African Visuals Media Film- und Foto-Footage für das Unternehmen Mag Mo in der Demoktratischen Republik Kongo. Es entstanden über 3.000 Fotos und über 9 Stunden Filmmaterial.
Das Footage wird für Marketingmaßnahmen zur Einführung von Moringa-Produkten auf dem lokalen Markt und in Deutschland genutzt.
Fotos: Nyokabi Kahura
Und hier der Link zu unserer News:


We will have to be at the hospital until my little brother Nelson is better. Mama says she does not know where we can go after that. Now with papa gone forever, we are all alone. Where do you think we could go? There are so many of us here.


I don't understand how mama can afford such a big smile. Just a minute ago she was crying when the big wound on my little brother Nelson's leg was being cleaned by the doctor. The crazy hot motorcycle exhaust pipe burnt his leg after the motorbike fell over when we were running away from all the ..... too much information for little me. Mama says that she is confused. Oh and they pumped daddy full of those little painful things. Mama said that I will never see him again. At least this is the story I will tell one day...the story of my home country, South Sudan. 01/12/2016

Mothers and their disabled children: Uganda Mostly despised, discriminated and excluded from social life - people with disabilities in Uganda. About 7.1 percent of the population in Uganda lives with a... 01/12/2016

South Sudan conflict: UN warns of 'ethnic cleansing' - BBC News

UN warns of 'ethnic cleansing': South Sudan conflict Ethnic cleansing is taking place in South Sudan, a UN panel says. warning of possible genocide.


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EU Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid - ECHO

There is only one planting season in Southern Africa’s Lesotho, from September to November.
This year, however, because of a prolonged drought caused by El Niño, Lesotho’s farmers have little or nothing to eat, let alone plant. Without support from the EU, they would have had to wait for the next harvest season--in May 2017.

The European Commission has partnered up with the World Food Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to offer assistance to affected farmers in Lesotho, as well as vital lessons on how to build their resilience to climate change in the future.

Read more about EU humanitarian funding to Southern Africa:


Malteser International

#WorldHumanitarianDay on Friday celebrates the work of humanitarians around the world. For us, the call to #ShareHumanity means giving remarkable people like Chandia the chance to help build a better future for their country.


Malteser International

According to new UN figures, six million people – or more than half of the total population – are in need of humanitarian aid because of ongoing instability in South Sudan. Malteser International is working to provide vital support to the people of the country, as well as South Sudanese refugees around the region.


Malteser International

Did you know that for many people around the world, having access to clean water is still not a reality? On #WorldWaterWeek we're drawing attention on water issues and invite you to make a change for people who do not have our chance. Make it change:


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African Visuals Media's cover photo


Malteser International

Through years of conflict and high tension in South Sudan, Malteser International has been training hundreds of remarkable young people as nurses and health workers to help them fulfil their dream of building a better future for their fragile country. Read some of their stories here:


EU Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid - ECHO

Produced by African Visuals Media

After several failed rainy seasons – worsened by El Niño – Somaliland is caught in a catastrophic crisis. For millions of people, the severe drought has meant losing their livelihoods.

The European Commission provides emergency aid in the form of water, food, sanitation, cash assistance and resilience building activities. But while the humanitarian response does make a difference, climate change and recurring droughts mean that a long-term solution is needed to help the most vulnerable communities become more resilient.



Tackling Malnutrition in Madagascar

In southern Madagascar, about 80% of the population (equaling over one million people) is food insecure. When there is nothing else to eat, both adults and children live on the cactus fruit.

Produced by: African Visuals Media

A joint survey by UN agencies in Madagascar in early 2016 found that only less than 20% of the planted crops of the season will be harvested. This follows a ... 19/02/2016

South Sudan: 18 killed in clashes at U.N. compound

The site should be a sanctuary Clashes at a United Nations compound in Malakal, South Sudan, killed at least 18 people, including two Doctors Without Borders staffers, the organization said.


Greetings from Rumbek, South Sudan.


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...and now to Juba, South Sudan.


Helen Sjöholm - You Have To Be There (with lyrics)

We feel humbled to have filmed the amazing Helen Sjöholm in Rwanda - land of a thousand hills, as she takes on a role as a goodwill ambassador.

Helen Sjöholm performing "You Have To Be There" ("Du Måste Finnas") from the great musical KRISTINA FRÅN DUVEMÅLA by Benny and Björn from ABBA, on Trettondag...


Henry Mungai, Small-scale dairy farmer in Kenya

BeskriKenyan dairy farmer Henry Mungai and his family have taken several loans through a microfinance bank and been able to invest in their farm. In doing so...


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