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The industrial development in Uganda had a tremendous support from the government.I would like to differentiate those industries that rely on agricultural produce such as sugar industry.textilemills,dairy products,hides and skins.cereal Millers,both non ferrous and ferrous products.Let me in this piece analyse the growth of the sugar industry.For along time sugar factories main product has been sugar.The diversification of other related product output has not been utilised appropriately.For instance petroleum products from sugarcane has been minimal.The alcohol production from sugar and eventually polymerization of the same to plastic.The abundance of energy generating baggase in not properly ultilized.With all these opportunities that create other products other than sugar will create not only wealth but would also be job creation for the youth.


In one post that I made with sometimes back I expressed my desire to see African countries carry inter African trade.For instance if one country can grow maize or cereals beyond the it's national requirements then it would trade it with where the need of the same is required.I have just been forced to talk about commodities and it's global because of the nature of the business. The global cereals business leaves African countries disadvantage.The international cartel that controls cereals have caused government to collapsed by sanctioning the sale of the same to countries the Bashir of Sudan no bread etc.To insulate ourselves from this weT have no option but trade among ourselves.Trading among us in consumable products is the only way out to avoid flight of foreign currency in importing cereals and consumables.When it comes to areas of creation of specialised item from our agricultural produce like for instance chocolate from cocoa.We have to renegotiate with the brand owners of such products so to establish equity.The main ingredient is cocoa grown in Ghana.This is the form of doing business that Africa must focus on.


As I said before I had an enormous schedule that I had to put this page to a temporary halt.Today I would like to share with you my observation and curiosity during this moment when the whole world came under lockdown during the moment of the pandemic.From the onset I knew things are not going to be same.The world economic order was disrupted.Not a single nation escaped its effects.The cyclic nature of the virus plus its mutative nature still confounded humanity.All this not withstanding measure were undertaken to reduce the morbidity of the virus.Since necessity is the invention of mankind developing countries did not hesitate to embark on creations of respiratory items and sanitary items to mitigate the impact.There was also a mushrooming of import substitution products that motivated homegrown solutions.The developing countries particularly saved on their hard currencies.The unnecessary flight to countries by government officials was reduced.It is from here that we start what I call a new world order.Let us all learn from this pandemic how fragile our systems are and embark on creations of a new world order.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all friends and colleagues that have taken keen interest iin the industrial enterprises in East Africa.


Just yesterday the New Vision in its head line screamingly cautioned against the upsurge of covid patients.If you can remember I had a day earlier had raised the same issue.I mentioned complacent attitude towards SOP.Yesterday alone recorded 700 new cases.


I have lately taken the backseat in all fairness because the subject I had covered kept on appearing in most daily newspapers but I at least I took the first salvo.The general public have become complacent with S.O.P.Go almost all the malls that attract sizeable clientale have no washing hands,no temperature gauge,no sanitizer, people are not wearing masks religiously.All this plus the atmosphere in the country charged with electioneering may God great and glorious save us from a second lockdown.Let be honest the health facilities all overwhelmed by Covid19 patient. It is not taking a toll on health workers as in the neighbors.The overall issue is to tackle is to minimize it's spread.Ask how next time.Nice to have you around good people.


To the best of my knowledge we are not through yet with the padamic.The varus might mutate to more severe strain that it's devastating ability will make Corona Covid19 appear a child's play.This is from scientists point of view.The truth is that we have come along way to find solutions to deal with the the pandemic.The foremost intervention was the lockdown.This was to avoid the transmission of the virus by avoiding migration of people.Most world leaders adhered to avoid victims from contracting the virus.Some leaders played politics with


The youth for business could not have come at the right moment considering the effects of the pandemic.This endeavor by partnership of UNDP and Stanbic to provide financial assistance to youth to be enterprenuers is commendable.The challenge here is not the availability of fund but the use that the funds are used to create self reliance youth who aspire to be in business.How do we recognize this group of youth?The funding in my opinion should be challenged to existing viable enterprises undertaking that may face financial constraints during this pandemic era. structure that seems to have spurred the youth to be creative flooding the market with facemask, sanitizers,and other myriad of health related products should have access to this fund to fulfill their dreams.The other s up inector that comes to mind is provision of skills in the youth.This should focus on communicatio
n technologies, building and construction,motor mechanical, electricity training, electronicsetc. Creating sponsorship for the youth to polytechnics to pursue their. passion would be more appealing approach.Fund for sponsorship should be carved from this allocation to allow thousands who r lockout out there waiting for this opportunity to fulfill the dreams.The other sector the youth will benefit from the fund would by formation of cooperatives and money passed through microfinance advisory center which related better with the common man more easily than the banks.


Shop. Earn. Redeem. |

The two forces that determine the course of global business trend is the law of supply and demand.The demand of certain commodities were certainly varied more so doing the epidemic of Covid19.The areas mostly affected were pleasure and leisure industries.Imagine the amount of foreign exchange the country saves from importing Spirit for the so called affluent society among us.I know that for the tourism has to cater for Continental clients but the importation for high class liquor should also come with a price.The perpetual rush to the Supermarkets is a luxury most of populace came to realise.That impulse to purchase on habitual tendency was obliterated from the shopping list.Where one would use a bike to commute people have mostly resigned themselves to walking.This adaptation that was necessitated as a result of the the lockdown which is much more pocket friendly.This means the people are more conscious of worth of their money. Planned priority seems to gaining foot up to family level.The resultant of this type of saving culture is the main ingredient in creation of middle class income status.So generally the purchasing power was reduced.This was done by not being able to buy but by identifying worth of the buy.Comparative sources for supply is another milestone in this era of the pandemic.The demand for certain services or goods will also fall into uncertainty for sometime to come.

Shop. Earn. Redeem. |


I have been a constant proponent of utilisation of the immense human resourcefulness of Uganda.Investment in the youth in various skills to spur the economy is the right way to go.The youth form seventy percent of the population.The robust energy and dedication that can be achieved from the youth can immensely alter the pendulum to which self-reliance can be achieved within this sector.The various sectors of our economy is going to need this youthful skilled personnel.The oil sector and it's auxillary branches would absorb these skilled youth. Innovation centers should be created to tap thiese talents of skilled workers turning them to employers.The business skills is the next step.If you observe carefully the growth of economy based on business acumen ship iare the ones that survive to achieve a stable economy.Trading ability of the skilled professional is the ultimate driving force for a steady progress to borrow M7 vocabulary.


The challenges that Covid19 has introduced globally have the same characteristics in most of the cases.It has impacted on economic, social issues.Lost of business has been going on during this moment with little mitigation system in place in growing economies.Business operating in Malls that attract many clients have been affected mostly.The transportation is another major sector that has been equally affected..Human traffic is still on hold as most airlines are concentrating on cargo.People world over were caught off guard and are still stuck in foreign lands.The health sector got most attention leaving other sectors in comparatively with little resources.To attain balance in these constraints we need to establish a frugal resources mobilisation to spurr up life in those areas that requires liftup.


The current trend in the industrial sector that addresses the core issue of both import substitution and value additions for various products should be given a priority.This could be specifically be realized in Agro processing sector.Alcohol for both medical and non medical use could easily be produced from all form of starch.This would go along way to save the country the import of absolute alcohol.Seeing by the myriad of adverts on t.v. the Packers are innurable.Fruits and fruit concentrates, Spices and season auxiliaries.The Agro sector should shift from being consistently relying on traditional products to more sophisticated systems of specialisation in creating additives for flour production.


The lessons that we keep on learning about this Covid19 era are innumerable. But one outstanding element is its impact on global social economic dynamics. The whole world attention was focused on an invisible enemy who defied boundaries, nations or creed.The stay home episode which saw world over confined in their homes for more than six months. This to exemplifies that we are in this world bound by a common destiny.This destiny callsl for a new order whereby the whether you were once bigger than others this time we are all equal in times of pandemic like now.If we negotiated deals before this era we have reexamine and renegotiated. We don't do that then the injustices caused world wide in terms of balance of trade would have failed to stabilize the world wide economic dynamics.


The only way forward towards realization of industrial is to avoid duplication of product systems within the region.Say Uganda has the capacity of printings security documents then the region should relief on Uganda for this purposes etc.There is no point to invest in a production systems that would swallow momumental amount of fund only to be underutilized.


It is amazing how this Corona virus pandemic has impacted on human adaptability to assuage it's spreading by making face masks, ventilators,hand soap dispenser with running water, sanitizers.Africa is now ready for industrial revolution what we require is cultivate an impetus.


The Corona virus has taught me how all human being can be same irrespective of their status.


Extractive natural resources should benefit the citizens of the locality nationally.


People are watching the economic trends of intratrade with East Africa because it doesn't depicts harmonious trade facilitation at point of entry.Malaba case is eyesore.The grinding Mill of the economy is wastefully abated.This goods on the truck are required at their destination.I doesn't do no good trucks mileslong stationedat Malaba


Laboratory supply
Areas that are covered include supply of chemical reagents solvents etc and also target supply of equipment. Target customers would be

1.Analystical labs (qualitative)
2.research laboratorys


China and the Subcontinent of India are not favorable trading partners for Africa.We should look elsewhere, Middle East, South East Asia,EU.,


Medicine + related products can be sub-divided to

1.therapeutic manufacture



Under subheading the Therapeutic Agent is considering small scale manufacturing of simple formulation of
a) cough syrup and other tincture (requirements stainless steel mixing tank and packaging system)

DISPOSABLES are must use product in the medical area this includes items like

a) syringes 1ml, 2ml, 3ml
b) latex cloves
C) lnfusion sets
d) cardulla etc


Trading areas of chemically based business (industrial enterprise in east africa)
1. Medicines +related products
2. Laboratory supply
3.microbiological supply
4.sugar processing chemicals
5.mining for industrial purposes
6.physanitsary products
7. Water treatment chemicals


Intertrade within the region will spur economic growth.


Seek local investors to avoid flight of foreign currency.



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