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Hi members am seriously looking for a job
I hold a bachelor's degree in Food Science and Nutrition

A recent research done in Francis crick insitute,Kings college London and St Thomas hospital London shows that this virus attacks and reduces the number of our body's immune cells known as the T-cells.

The T-cells acts as the soldiers against enemies (Microorganisms) in our bodies.

Medically they are in the process of making a drug known as Interleukin 7 that increases the production of T-cells.

🍇🍒 Nutrition advice 🍇🍒

It is there for nutritionally advisable to eat foods that's increase on the level of your T-cells that helps in fighting this virus.

Foods high in protein, such as lean meats and poultry, are high in zinc — a mineral that increases the production of white blood cells and T-cells, which fight infection. Other great sources of zinc are oysters, nuts, fortified cereal, and beans.

You won't regret my advice

Thank you

Ruma Dietitian 🍒👩‍💻

Regis Dietitian
Point Of Touch-POT Nutrition & Health ServicesPoint Of Touch-POT Nutrition & Health ServicesPoint Of Touch-POT Nutrition & Health Services Nutrition & Health Services
Doctor of Nutrition & DIetetics
Uganda Action For Nutrition Society UGAN
Clinical Nutrition Management DPG
Omusawo ow'beyendya Regina Nantege Point Of Touch-POT Nutrition & Health Services RENA Beverage Solutions Limited agamba nti fenna emibiri gyaffe gisobola okulongoosa okujja obukyafu mu mubiri nga gikozesa ekibumba. Agamba nti byonna ebisigadde bibeera biyambako buyambi. Kati buuza omusawo mu Mubeezi ne Bina Babie
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Lifestyle modifications like healthy diet and exercise in addition to taking the prescribed medications will reduce risk of acquiring hypertendon associated
make a vegetables apart of every meal
Diet and Cancer
the role of tomatoes in reducing prostate cancer risk.

Proffesional Nutrition services: workplace wellness, personal dietitians and hospital Nutrition services Creating a malnutrition-free generation.

Point Of Touch Nutrition and Health services initially started as Nutrition for Health in April, 2015 by three enthusiastic first year students pursuing a Bachelors’ of Science Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Kyambogo University. Ms. Nantege Regina, Mr. Mwanje Christopher and Mr. Onekalit Edward Linton as a project in Think Tank Associ

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Choose fruit as your snack.
Most high energy snacks like doughnuts and cakes provide only energy while fruits provide natural sugars along with vitamins that help boost the body's immunity. Fruits also contain fiber which helps you prevent constipation.

Learn about fruit selection for diabetics by consulting a Dietitian at AAR CITY CENTRE CLINIC ON MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS.
Regis Dietitian


Is your child getting the needed amount of protein?

High protein diet is a must for children and it means being mindful about including a protein at each of your child's meals.

How dare you serve a child a meal without a protein?

video by @jebale_sinza


Overcoming Emotional and Stress Eating
Time: Oct 30, 2020 06:30 PM Africa/Kampala

Join Zoom Meeting hosted by Rotaract Bweyogere @Destadia

Meeting ID: 835 300 5650
Passcode: destadia10

gcgh.grandchallenges.org 21/10/2020

Integrating Tradition and Technology for Fermented Foods for Maternal Nutrition | Global Grand Challenges


gcgh.grandchallenges.org Integrating Tradition and Technology for Fermented Foods for Maternal NutritionTHE OPPORTUNITY Embracing the tradition of microbial fermentation to transform locally available foods into naturally vitamin-fortified, toxin-free, flavorful, and shelf-stable products could empower local communities to....


For so long information on nutrition has been missing especially here in Uganda which has caused alot of controversies in the field of nutrition. But I guess it is never to late.

My colleague and friend @musiime_lutgard_akiiki has risen to the challenge and is bringing us nutrition information on differently abled children very soon in her book DIFFERENTLY ABLED NUTRITION. Be on the look out.

[08/10/20]   Diet is the greatest modifiable risk factor highly capable of contributing to the reduction of premature deaths caused by non communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension etc. Diet not only plays a role in prevention of the same, but also in improving overall health by preventing or delaying nutrition or condition relatedcomplications.

However, we must also acknowledge that one shoe size doesn't fit all. The needs of individuals with similar concerns and even similar conditions may differ thus the need for individualised diet management.

Our nutritionists/dietitians are available to guide you into making informed decisions regarding the steps to take towards your better overall health. The decision you make now has an impact on whether you and I are part of reducing deaths attributed to NCDs or not.


Breastfeed your child exclusively for 6 months.
If you have to return to work at 3months, learn how to Eexpress milk for your baby before the end of your maternal leave.

If you need breastfeeding guidance please share your contact in my inbox.


Heart Health Diet Tip
Use natural spices and herbs such as rosemary, thyme, turmeric and garlic to make food tasty without adding excess salt.
Reducing sodium (salt) in your diet helps maintain a healthy blood pressure.

👩🏾‍⚕️more reading;


[07/21/20]   You could choose not to brush your teeth and the consequences will be visible within a day ( characteristic odour).

But well diet is tricky because you see the impact of your unhealthy food choices after months or even years.
It is truly hard to convince a child to brush daily until they learn about the awfulness of a bad breath and dirty teeth. At this point he or she wakes up to brush their teeth.

Start eating healthy before the diagnosis of a diet related disease.
Prevention is better than cure.

Healthy food should be a daily choice and not just for when you fall sick.

Regina Nantege Dietitian, Uganda


What is your stress food?

👆🏽Mine is anything with chocolate.

Binge eating these yielded nothing apart from becoming good evidence that food doesn't solve your problems.
The other disadvantage of stress eating is that eating sugary items will increase your craving for sugar so do not start this sugar craving cycle especially if you are still struggling with weight loss.
Fatty stress foods also have disadvantages.

Opt for exercise as it is good therapy for any form of stress. Won't take away the problem but works better than food.

Regina Nantege
Clinical Dietitian
If you struggle with food choices, call 0784200201 for individualised guidance


This helps to show how exaggerated marketing of foods as completely healthy is often misleading.

Remember the so called healthy foods can also be eaten in the wrong amounts that contribute to bad health & excess body fat.


Business Revolution

She is passionate about building youth businesses, Regina Nantege shared her story with us on the Business Revolution and its filled with ambition and perseverance.

Check out her interview hosted by Dr @talieybita on our YouTube channel.

Regis Dietitian RENA Beverage Solutions Limited RENA Beverage Solutions
#businessrevolution #entreprenuership


Doctalk show - Nutrition E2 2020

Stop carrying infant formula with you as you go to deliver your baby. Train yourself to rely on only your Breastmilk for your infant feeds.


Doctalk Show

Does alcohol "burn" fat? What nutrition deficiencies commonly affect Ugandans? What foods can a pregnant woman eat to improve milk production? More on nutrition, coming in next weeks episode (22nd March 2020)
Only on @ntvuganda, Sunday at 2pm.
With @DrDariusOwachi @regisdietitian @arnoldkawuba


The Doc Talk Show hosted a Dietitian


Achieving better health: Stop setting goals and set actions



Public health nutrition, impacting communities (thousands of radio listeners) with Nutrition information.

Musawo Regina Nantege, eyakuguka mubyendiisa ategezezezza nti ekkyatuuse ku mukulembeze we gwanga kisoboka okusala ku bunene ng'omuntu akozesa emmere nansangwa oba eyomu ttaka.
Mubeezi ne Bina Babie


Biggest weight loss tip that is better than skipping meals.

Drink more water and eat more vegetables at each meal to stay satisfied for longer.

Get on a diet that keeps you satisfied while still achieving your weight loss goal.
#MindfulEating Regis Dietitian

twitter.com 30/01/2020

Regina Nantege Dietitian🍗🥗 on Twitter

My client's commitment saved his life.
"The lab technician could not believe the improvement in blood glucose"

I have seen #MindfulEating save lives.

A Dietitian is a call away because you deserve practical Individualised diet therapy. https://t.co/E0FSk0NOxQ

twitter.com “My client's commitment saved his life. "The lab technician could not believe the improvement in blood glucose" I have seen #MindfulEating save lives. A Dietitian is a call away because you deserve practical Individualised diet therapy.”

twitter.com 29/01/2020

Regina Nantege Dietitian🍗🥗 on Twitter

Regina Nantege Nutritionist
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

Clinical Nutrition
Personal Dietitian
Health food products

What she believes in: Mindful Eating for Life
It's a process of change and the results come as evidence of your new habits.

twitter.com “On day one she said it's not possible to change her diet. I made it possible by sharing easy to do meal ideas. #MindfulEating #weightlossjourney”

[01/02/20]   When your goal is to impress someone who already treats you bad.

There may be no reward for your effort and it will hurt.
You often eat yourself back to obesity if the relationship fails despite you attaining shedding some kgs off earlier.
Practice #MindfulEating for yourself




Easy tips on how to avoid constipation

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Is Honey better than sugar?

ce.todaysdietitian.com 10/12/2019

Webinar: Counseling for Food Allergies in Children and Adolescents | Today’s Dietitian

ce.todaysdietitian.com Suggested CDR Learning Codes: 2020, 4050, 4160, 5110Suggested CDR Performance Indicators: 8.1.4, 8.3.1, 8.4.4, 8.4.5CPE Level: 2CDR Activity Type: 171

webmd.com 07/12/2019

Slideshow: How Your Waist Affects Your Health

webmd.com Your waist is a marker for health problems. Find out how to measure it the right way and what it could mean if it's too big.


Majority re-gain the weight after following an extreme diet like juicing as we tend to resume the unhealthy habits after the restriction period.

To lose a few kgs gradually and never gain them back, I recommend starting #MindfulEating for life.
Change your food choices gradually and enjoy a variety of foods in the right amounts, not total restriction.
A Nutritionist can coach you this journey and provide a well calculated meal plan to help you attain your desired weight loss and maintain good health.


Alot of weight gain happens during breastfeeding.

Gain back your pre-pregnancy body weight (BMI less than 25) by following an energy restricted diet. Remember to keep hydrated and correctly attach your baby to the breast for over 8 times per day to maintain a good breastmilk supply until your baby is 2 years old says Regis Dietitian

Zero calorie drinks like Hibiscus tea are beneficial too while also providing vitamin C and Iron.

viewer.zmags.com 05/12/2019

November/December 2019 - Today's Dietitian

Good read for Dietitians

viewer.zmags.com November/December 2019 - Today's Dietitian


Fish with chewable bone is an excellent source of calcium. (Mukene and nkejje)

Plant sources include dark leafy vegetables include amaranth greens (doddo) however these should be eaten in large servings.
Spinach or sukumawiki is not a good source as it contains oxalates that reduce Calcium absorption.

Milk and yogurt are good calcium sources, low fat and sugar free options are available if you are on a low fat diet.
Says Regina Regis Dietitian Clinical Dietitian at AAR health care


Calcium rich foods;
Milk, choose low fat
Yogurt, choose plain low fat
Calcium fortified foods
Sardines for those who eat tinned fish

A cup of cooked doddo (amaranth leaves) gives you over a quarter of your daily calcium requirements.

Musawo webyendya Dietitian Regina ngayogera ku kirungo kya calcium ekiri mu mata, yoghurt, ebivava nga dodo nebirala.
Agamba nti buli muntu bino byeyetaaga okulya emirundi 3 buli lunnaku okugumya amagumba. Buuza ekubuuzi wano mu Mubeezi akuddemu.
Mubeezi ne Bina Babie

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Is your child getting the needed amount of protein?High protein diet is a must for children and it means being mindful a...
The Doc Talk Show hosted a Dietitian



Our services: Nutrition outreaches, Diet planning, health food product deliveries and shop, nutritional management of obesity, diabetes, malnutrition and hypertension, Individual and nutrition education, culinary lessons, kitchen gardening and promoting nutritious products.



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