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Think and Start _Business solutions, is a consultancy company. We specialise in the field of business formulation and design to help young entrepreneurs improve on the business performance and efficiency .We guide business Startups.

_Drawing business plans.
_Business organization,image creation and branding.
_Developing supportive business ideas for young entrepreneurs.
_Business training and business supervision
_Business management.
_Business design & display.

Operating as usual


Do you want to start your business? Send your business idea and we help you. Contact: 0703776819

Do you want to start your business? Send your business idea and we help you. Contact: 0703776819

[10/27/21]   Have you ever started a business? What challenges did you face?
Get solutions from think and start business. 0703776819

[10/20/21]   Why mental capital is important in business startups?

[10/12/21]   Create multiple streams of income.

Think and start business solutions updated their information in their About section. 23/08/2021

Think and start business solutions updated their information in their About section.

Think and start business solutions updated their information in their About section.

[01/04/21]   Think and Start _Business solutions is a consultancy company that was founded by Joseph Ocians Mutaasa. (JOM),a specialist in the field of business formulation and design,with an aim to improve the performance of already operating businesses and to facilitate business startups.
Think and Start_Business Solutions provides expert advice and training to young entrepreneurs, businessmen and women on financial management and business development.
Think and start_Business Solutions draws business plans, provides knowdge on business organization, image creation and branding. It develops supportive business ideas for young entrepreneurs, It provides knowdge on business management, business design and display.
It makes business more friendly and understandable to all kinds of entrepreneurs.
_Drawing business plans.
_Developing supportive business
ideas for Young entrepreneurs
_Image creation and branding.
_Business management.
_Business design and display.
_Business training and business supervision.

[12/05/20]   Planning in business is a continuous process. What is your new plan 2021?

[08/22/20]   To all followers of think and start business solutions. we are sorry for being inconsistent, we are promising to serve you better after this break of serious business research. Thanks.
Ask business questions and get right answers.

[08/19/20]   If your business is declining,think and plan again.

[06/23/20]   What have you done to keep your customers in this period?

[06/03/20]   Avoid fear of failure in business .Try many ideas.


This page is designed to give an insight into the study of business by demystifying the complexity perceived by different entrepreneurs towards reading and reaching about business.It is an eye opener to the life of entrepreneurs. Contact us on 0703776819/0782947202. For business formulation and design.

[04/15/20]   Good afternoon entrepreneurs,I know some of our businesses are now closed, but still it is not good to divert our capital to other businesses. It is important now to plan for your business on how to improve on it after this period.

[04/14/20]   The best way to manage your business in this period is to keep your capital and wait. This is not the time for investing your money into business.

[03/02/20]   It is better to improve your business idea than changing it.

[01/15/20]   Do you want to start your business? Do You want to devevelop your business idea? please consult :Think and start business solutions .


To all followers of think and start business solutions,happy new year 2020.For any assistance concerning business formulation and design,business training, business ideas, drawing business plans. Contact us on: 0703776819/0782947202. LET'S THINK AND START.

[12/16/19]   In any business,accept advice but take your time and make personal decisions .

[12/02/19]   To all entrepreneurs,
Business schools,
and all business groups.


You are all requested to submit your invitations to Think and start business solutions in time for proper arrangements.
For more information contract:

[12/01/19]   A business brings stress,but if you get stress make sure that customers are not mishandled because customers are your boss. Remain happy and hopeful ,look for solutions and continue .Don't blame others just put in more effort. what you have failed to this year you will achieve next year. A business has variations it not a one way, there many problems we find on the way but remember they are not stop signs,they are just guidelines remain focused. THINK AND START.

[11/30/19]   The mistakes you have made this year 2019 in your business are your corrections next year. Starting 1st Dec 2019,check the overall performance of your business, sit down and plan for 1st Jan 2020.

[11/30/19]   2020 must be a year of profits not salary. Think and start your business.


To all entrepreneurs who are already operating.
It not good to fight your competitors because competitors help us to become innovative if the demand for product is low, don't think that your customers are buying from your competitors. Check yourself ,check your system and prove that you're still focused. Your competitors attract many customers who at times fail to get what they want from your competitors and end up buying from you. Love your competitors even if you're doing the same business what is important is to do your business differently.


[11/27/19]   As an entrepreneur how have you benefited from think and start business solutions?

[11/26/19]   If your business is new,specify your business and tell us the challenges you have faced.

[11/25/19]   It is not important to start many businesses .what is important is knowing what you're doing .A startup business attracts many customers but the more it attracts customers,the more challenges you face .
Customers ask for many products which were not in your programme and you end up changing your mind you divert from your original idea and end up into different ideas you have not analyzed. You may think about expanding the business by starting another branch forgetting that expansion needs more capital you don't have. You may think about introducing sister products because customers are pressurising you and you end up purchasing what is demanded by a few customers.Customers may ask for a product and after a few days they disappear completely and you loose focus.The truth is,never start another business before making the first business strong. Never purchase what you did not plan because customers are pressurising you .Focus on your main idea.

[11/24/19]   The first day you open up your business make sure that you're ready to receive the first customer. Be ready to answer all questions because the first customer is the best marketeer. The first product you offer on the market must be the best., check the language you use because it will attract many customers. Avoid mistakes at start.

[11/23/19]   If you get a profit of 100 sh invest back 90 sh in your business this is how your business can grow.

[11/23/19]   Your business needs you .Never trust employees because they are not working for you, they are working for themselves. supervise your business know 99% of what you're doing.

[11/22/19]   Never allow your business to reach the decline stage. This is the most unfortunate state,it is an indicator of poor performance

[11/21/19]   A business is like a human being who is born ,grows and eventually dies.Likewise a business is started, grows ,matures and eventually dies. Don't simply start .

[11/20/19]   Your life is in danger if you struggle to become employed .Avoid the statement " MY BOSS".Struggle to employ others not be employed. Remember the time when the company employ another person to replace you that's when you prove that you need to employ yourself. when you die , your children cannot inherit your job,they will definitely inherit your business. THINK AND START.





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