Kintu Aquram Giggs - Impactful Financial Educator & Coach in East Africa

Kintu Aquram Giggs - Impactful Financial Educator &  Coach in East Africa


I have learnt a few lessons about the importance of mentoring to align your efforts towards your aspirations.

As a young person, I have not gotten too many opportunities to have mentors since majority of the successful people across the different fraternities in Uganda where I grew up from don't offer us such amazing opportunities.

Instead some just criticize, under look even despise the enthusiasm of many young people with negative statements like '' You think you are so special to do that, we had brighter kids in our days who felt like they were special but where are they now, what makes you think you can do it, just forget about it" " the problem with many of you young people you think we have not been there before, you are moving to fast, just take it slow"

I guess you have heard of so many negative statements from clergies, parents, teachers, elders, politicians, supervisors at work and many others.

I do strongly believe that, the most important words in the English dictionary are just two which this young generation have formidably relied on to construct a better future for themselves which are: FAITH and PASSION.

The past generation only thinks of one way of becoming successful is going to school, getting a job, working hard, getting married, building a house and retiring from a corporate job that is it. However not all of them.

This generation think differently instead of going to school they get educated in particular skills can be trading matooke, making chappatis along the roadside, selling merchandise in owino, plaiting people's hair in the different arcades, juggling different trades to make ends meet.

Instead of getting a job they have tried to create income generating actives for themselves like content creation on tik tok, youtube, social media influencing, land brokerage services, welding or metal fabrication, washing bays, other forms incomes.

Rather than work hard majority have designed new methods of achieving success called working smart and I don't mean being a con man or fraudster but rather better ways to do something with another approach. However so many people of the past generations have underestimated these methods but have been a big factors towards yielding positive results for young people.

Most people of this generation have alot of faith in everything they do whether be it wrong or right but they keep their faith so high. Then thier passion for that right or wrong thing they have faith into is so extreme.

I also believe they were many adults who were willing to offer young people mentorship services but may be they were disappointed by them landing onto the wrong audience of youths who took thier precious time and efforts for granted which made some ignore the act.

Some of those people I know of that have and are still strongly offering time to change young people are Byarugaba Richard Patrick , Patrick Bitature, Bake Robert Tumuhaise , Amos Wekesa Robert Kabushenga, Andrew Mwenda, Late James Mulwana, late Lawrence Mukiibi, Maurice Mugisha, Victoria Sekitoleko , Maggie Kigozi and many others you may know of in your own circles.

I give credit where it deserves, I thank the party called Democratic Party in Uganda founded more than 50 years ago which has been so fundamental in the political heritage of Uganda. This is based onto the background of her vision of creating productive and patriotic leaders.

I should proudly say, it truly served that purpose better although it may it be having a bit of difficulties today but truth be told it created more leaders with the Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela calibre like Gen Kaguta Museveni, Nobert Mao, Dr Paul Semwogerere, and many others. This is where Museveni learnt alot about democracy and exhibited his leadership skills as a young leader which I guess contributed tremendously towards his rise to power.

James Mulwana whose legacy still leaves on as further as Uganda manufacturers Association still exists. He was the first indeginous Ugandan to own a factory called Uganda batteries limited and also lured and mentored many people at the time during the 1970s and 80s to join the industrialisation journey of Uganda. These people included wavamunno of GM Tumpeco, Mukwano of Mukwano Industries, Alarm of Alarm group who owns Orxy gas stations, Aga ssekala of Ugachick, Kaddu Kiberu of Peacock Paints, Amos Nzeeyi of Hot Load bakery, Dan Kigozi of Crown beverages, and others.

He relied onto his abilities, knowledge, social networks and life skills to nurture a new wave of leaders which considered making a difference in people's lives before making a profit, and truly speaking those individuals who walked through his hands have Incredibly changed the Ugandan manufacturing and private sector. Its why I claim his legacy still leaves on.

This kind of faith and passion is the spirit driving some youths to become amazing today but the biggest challenge is lack of mentorship.

What majority of the youth need is empowerment through thier journeys to actualise their dreams inorder to achieve thier aspirations of life and change thier communities.

We strongly need more mentorship services than just a university degree because practise makes you become the best version of yourself than just acquisition of knowledge which you can't apply in reality.

Your success in life relies onto your ability to learn and create something. And mentorship is one of the ways this can be achieved.

It's from this background that I initiated a wellness mentorship program called #hamiltonempowermentandlifelongprogram which looks at training, coaching, mentoring and motivating young people through acquisition of knowledge, skills and abilities to become the best versions of themselves but with major emphasis on financial wellness and financial education as the key foundation cornerstone.

I encourage many people out there to many a contribution to create an enabling environment of success for young people whichever way you can.

You can join #hamiltoneducationalconsultants to start of the journey of changing yourself.

Kintu Aquram Giggs is a Lead Trainer, Speaker & Mentor at Hamilton Educational Consultants which is a Personal Finance Education, High Income Skills Development & Wealth Creation Advisory Consultancy Firm.

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The greatest abundance trick in the world!


Vegan Oat Cookies
These tasty cookies are a perfect breakfast snack. They are made using the Jollity gluten-free sweet potato and pumpkin flour. They are egg free and dairy free. I’ve also included the option to make them sugar free. You can convert them into coconut cookies by switching the oats with desiccated coconut flakes.

1 1/4 cups Jollity sweet potato and pumpkin flour
1 1/3 cups rolled oats (or coconut if you prefer it)
1/2 cup sugar (or 1/4 cup honey)
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup vegan butter (or 1/3 cup vegetable oil)
2 teaspoons vanilla
4 tablespoons dairy free milk

Preheat the oven to 180°C.
Combine all the dry ingredients and mix well. Add the butter/oil and mix till it forms a crumbly texture.
Combine all the wet ingredients and add to the dry ingredients. Mix till it forms dough that’s not sticking to your fingers. If they are too sticky, add a bit of flour. If too dry, add some milk a tablespoon at a time.
Using a tablespoon, scoop out a little at a time and place on a baking tray that’s lined with baking paper and flatten.
Bake for 12-15 minutes.
Leave to cool and enjoy at breakfast or as a snack.

Recipe is also available on the website

You can find the flour and vegan butter at Ark Organics. The flour is also available at a few more locations within Kampala.

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How to build a small manufacturing business from home - [The Money Engineer]

(In the image are some of our products made from our cottage factory in Gayaza:- SHAKE Ketchup, Tomato sauce, Enkooge tamarind juice, and Bubboz laundry soap)

A cottage business is something you can do from your home. It involves small-scale production of goods from your home which can be locally sold and even exported. If well coordinated and supported by all stakeholders cottage businesses can employ and lift millions out of poverty. It's the fastest way to industrialize a society at scale. China has largely developed because of cottage businesses which have grown into large businesses exporting goods around the world.

Anyone can participate in the cottage business at different levels of scale. You can have the likes of Coca-Cola dominating the soda market but you can also make fresh juices at home which you sell in the neighborhood.

The following process can be followed by anyone who wishes to start a cottage business from home. We have applied this process in growing our small cottage business from a tiny kitchen in Kisaasi to over 20 districts in the country. We currently have five products in the market :- (SHAKE Ketchup, Appeta, Tomato Sauce, Enkooge tamarind juice, and Bubboz laundry soap):-

1. Ideation. The first step is figuring out which product to make. There are thousands of potential products to choose from. The easiest thing to do is to look around your house and figure out the things you use on a daily basis from the time you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. These are potentially the products you can make. When you wake up you brush your teeth with toothpaste and a toothbrush. You shower using soap and a scrubbing brush. You use toilet paper and use a toilet cleaner gel. You brush your hair. You may apply lotion, deodorant, perfume, and other body care products. You brush your shoes using a brush and shoe polish. You dress up in clothes of all sorts. You then have breakfast of all sorts including tea, milk, bread, cakes, katogo, etc. You go to work in a car or taxi. You use a computer, paper, pens, etc. at work. You have lunch. You meet friends for all sorts of drinks after work. You return home, have dinner and watch TV. Then you go to sleep in a bed with a mattress and bed sheets. As you can see there are hundreds of products to choose from. You can repeat this exercise for people of different social classes and backgrounds and you will notice that the possibilities are endless. The idea is to copy and where possible improve upon the current products you use every day.

2. Learning. After figuring out what you want to make the next step is to figure out how to make it. The easiest way is to find someone who is already making this product and ask them to teach you. You may have to pay some money for this. You can also teach yourself on the internet. Simply google how to make that particular product and you will get thousands of websites with the knowledge you seek.

3. Experimentation. It's now time to experiment and make a prototype. You will need to mobilize a few resources to kick-start your venture. Invest in the basic equipment required to make a minimum viable product. This is the simplest version of a product that meets the target customer's functional requirements. For example, if you're making liquid soap the soap should smell good, have good consistency, be easy on the hands, foam well, look good, and actually clean oily utensils. This is a period of experimentation and it might take you a while to get it right. But no worries this is all part of the learning curve.

4. Testing. Once you have a prototype you then give away a few samples to different people and ask them to give you feedback. You then use the feedback to refine your product offering.

5. Market research. Part of the feedback you collect is about your customers' tastes and preferences. You also research the competition and why customers prefer those products. You find out about distribution and pricing. All this information helps you to refine your product offering and positioning in the market.

6. Branding. You need to give your product an identity and a name. Just like you wouldn't call your child any random name carefully consider what to call your product, how it will look, and what colors it will be clothed in. If possible pay someone who is good at design to come up with a brand identity for your product. This is a worthwhile investment, especially if your product eventually takes off. After you design your brand you need to register it to protect yourself from copycats.

7. Packaging. You have to clothe your product in something like a box, wrap, bottle, etc. The packaging protects your product and it's what the customer sees and feels part of. Packaging is so critical and should not be ignored. The packaging also carries the brand name and other critical information. You have to think of the right material, shape, color, size, etc. Again if you can pay someone to design for you the packaging the better. It's like hiring a fashion designer to tailor your wedding gown or suit. You wouldn't go to a random person. Branding and packaging can be a big competitive advantage for a small cottage business.

8. Distribution. Next, we need to determine how to move the product from our home to the customers. You can start with family and friends and use a boda boda to deliver the products. As you expand you need to get your products into retail outlets. You can start with the local shops and supermarkets around your home. As the business grows you may need to hire a vehicle to move the products if they are heavy. As you cross district borders you may need to invest in a vehicle or truck and a sales team. The thing is to start small and see how the product performs and then make the necessary investments.

9. Marketing & Sales. As you distribute your product you need to convince people to try out your product. This is where marketing comes in. The product you made had a specific benefit or problem it was meant to solve. It was also unique and stood out from the crowd. It was also made for a specific customer in mind. Marketing is about finding the right customer, reminding them of their need or problem, and demonstrating how your product is the right fit. You then convince them to try your product. If your product fulfills the promise you made they will buy again and refer their friends. There are many marketing channels you can use including word of mouth, product activations, point of sale displays, TV and radio adverts, social media adverts, influencer marketing, etc. The right channel to use is where your target customer spends most of their time.

10. Financing. Unfortunately, you need money to make more money. The question is where is the money? The thing is, the money is there. What is lacking is well-packaged business proposals and ventures. Most of the small ventures are disorganized, informal, and lack structures. So if you want to scale and attract funding from friends, family, banks, venture capitalists, grants, incubators, etc. you have to be really organized and formally structured. You have to incorporate a company, set up a bank account, keep proper books of accounts, pay taxes, maintain proper records, etc. If you do this consistently for at least 2 to 3 years you will be able to walk into a bank and get a loan to expand your business.

11. Product certification. To gain market acceptance and prevent heavy fines you will need to certify your products with UNBS. This process may take you some time and money but it is critical to protect your business.

12. Scaling up. At some point, the cottage business may outgrow your home. You will then need to find a bigger space, acquire some machinery, and hire some more people. You will also need to develop more products to reach a wider audience. You may have to partner with other like-minded people as you scale. This is perhaps the hardest part of the journey so far and you are going to face many challenges. Good people will resign, machines will break down, your markets may disappear, you will run out of money, you will burn out and be stressed, etc. But take comfort. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. These are simply growing pains that are part and parcel of the creation process. You need lots of resilience to go through this stage.

Sustaining the business. As the business matures you will need to build systems, manage your cash flows, and build a team to grow the business. You will have to invest in a good management team that can sustain the business. The business will have to keep innovating with new products to stay ahead of the competition and wow new customers. Long-term partnerships with financiers, distributors, and suppliers will have to be implemented.

Starting a cottage business from home takes a lot of courage and faith. But this may be the very thing needed to change the trajectory of your family and break the curse of poverty in your family tree. Hopefully, your little cottage business will stand the test of time and employ your children and grandchildren in the decades to come.


I have always told you school is a scam but education isn't.

Find best teaching sites than take your kids to normal school



Why behave the way we behave


Young people you have the opportunity just get it and run with it

I have for long learnt from president Paul kagame about being a servant of the community


Say Hello to the Useless Class...

High income skills shall be the future employment




In 2016, I was at my lowest and truly struggling, I lost alot of money, I lost my job, I separated with my girlfriend, I lost many so called friends, I still had a debt of 8 million to pay off but didnt have an income any more, I had dropped out of Makerere university in Uganda a few years ago, I had no great high income skills and alot wasn't right in my life.

I resorted to desperately chance after every chance to earn, start to seek help from those who still found value in helping me out, I was at the bottom again.

I went to miracle center cathedral to attended during the popular 77 days of glory crusade series. I continuously prayed and endeavoured to read the scriptures and many who watched my testimony on television starred during started to describe me as insane and also a loser.

There are many words I heard about myself from the once closest people in my life, they were so painful that I started to always cry most often during the mid night when I felt I am alone on the world full of opportunities but my world was full of misery instead.

When my girlfriend left I made a call to a popular wife to the most Popular pastor in Uganda ( I guess you can know who she is), she told me the following statement " Aquram son, it's so sad your lost your woman, but truth is no weak woman can stay with a man who is going down, this means she isn't the strong woman you need to get back on your feet and climb up again. The reality is it's only your self who should put Aquram in order, Put yourself in order and increase your faith in God, you shall prosper again " she then hang up.

It was so painful to hear such statements from this pastor who always welcomed us when ever we came to church. After 10 days I rephrased her statements so as to make meaning of them.

After several encounters of praying a voice came through myself it said " Kintu you are weak outside but do you know I gave you strengths inside you, can you do use them well and I shall reward you abundantly"

I wondered why this voice, why this moment, why me and what is telling me to do and later on I wrote it down so as to broaden my interpretation to understanding it.

On July 25 2017, I took sometime away from my apartment to go some where and make a self awareness exercise.

I discovered I truly lacked the right mindset, proper behaviour and right actions to make my success get out these treble times.

I realized I had these problems and the solutions I took on,

1) my problem : I had a fixed mindset about failure, I had a defensive mindset about what people told me in regards to my weaknesses and also I had a scarce mindset about opportunities available in the world
My solution : I started developing a growth mindset to eradicate my fixed one, I nurtured my productive mindset which focused on my chance to work on my weaknesses and up grade my strengths to getting things done than defend my self when at fault or console my self when I fail, I worked onto my abundance mindset which views a world as an ocean of imaginations so I can create through innovative thinking many opportunities than fight for the ones existing.

Ultimate outcome: FIX YOUR MINDSET which made me to developing the right core values to determine my greatest priorities everyday, develop a growth, abundant & productive mindset to have a positive view of the world,, empowering beliefs to have faith in impossibilities , positive thoughts to make smarter and wiser decisssions and positive attitude to always magnify my my life of opportunities.

I call it the : FIX YOUR MINDSET program = Mindset change

2) my problem: I had wrong habits with irregular routines that don't attract success. Many think the habits they posses can attract success, a habit like impulsive spending can't attract money but just chances it away, having alot of women keeps your pocket empty, prioritizing wrong pleasures just keeps you broke.

My solution : I learnt about the right behaviour change and it all got to improved personality which attracts success, developed the proper success habits like value addition and delayed gratification which persistently and consistently stimulated my self discipline practises and lastly came out which right regular routines to have these habits happen in my life.

Ultimate outcome : I developed the Improved personality, proper habits and regular routines to grow my self discipline.

I call it the : PUT YOUR BEHAVIOUR INORDER = Behaviour Change

3) my problem: I lacked the right skills to increase my monetary value, I had one source of income and was depending onto my salary to build wealth. I wasn't competent enough to execute projects.

My solutions: I read alot of books about personal development, took on various professional development courses and came up with the personal performance management took kit to keep me producing exceptional results.

Ultimate outcome : I improved my capabilities by upgrade my skillset through acquiring high income skills like digital marketing, digital course creation etc and also trained in many technical skills like project management that enable me to perform my work well. I also improved my strengths and weaknesses through acquisition of the 10 life skills that enabled me to improve my personal growth.

I also designed life management actions plan which is a comprehensive plan, with implementation execution workplans and monitoring and evaluation checklists that I call the wellness performance management took kit.


It's from this backgroug that I came up with the

It's a mindset change, behaviour change and actions change program which is the smart formula that truly makes you discover your inner knowledge, skills and ability to changing yourself than the rest of everything on the outside shall change.

When you are weak inside , you shall never be strong on the outside.

Join our program to help you find yourself

Book a call +256776505760


There is a life of validation that is most common today that the life of reality.

Most people do alot of things because of what other people shall say about them not necessarily if they want to do them.

The truth is, in today's world the majority aim to have a great image than the substance.

People post the good things on social media to influence others to like them even if they truly have no connection with these people but in reality they have deeper pains that they can't even share with these persons.

We are living a life of other people's opinions than our own values.

If you truly know what is exactly you truly consider as the greatest importance and highest most priority that really matters to you then that is your true value.

We feel empty after our 50 years old mark because of the things we didn't do, changes we didn't make, chances we didn't take up, resources we didn't utilize, time we wasted and values we didn't explore just because we focused onto following opinions of other people like culture, religion, political groups, our peers demands and family pressures.

The worst moment in life is feeling empty when you have all you wanted but not all you needed

At we shall train about the which Is a great way to design a truth path to pursuing the vision of your good life.

Stop living a life of validation and start living a life of reality.


Heart is heart break


I love you dear mother


We have two lives but do you know them


Failure will teach you more than success will.


You can choose to say good bye

Defaulting on foreign loans risking Uganda’s profile - BoU 09/06/2022

Defaulting on foreign loans risking Uganda’s profile - BoU

Defaulting on foreign loans risking Uganda’s profile - BoU In the last five years, three high profile cases, including Ham versus DTB, Simbamanyo versus Equity and Simba Properties versus Vantage Capital have challenged the legality of foreclosures by...


Why the US wants inflation

Why the US government wants inflation to happen?


When you have a different perspective about money than fellow footballers who spend it onto luxuries

Ronaldo Nazário was seen celebrating Real Valladolid promotion to the Spanish top flight. The ex Real Madrid and Brazil striker is a majority shareholder in Real Valladolid. In 2018, he bought a 51% stake in the club for €30m which technically made him the owner of the club. His passion still remains at its peak..


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Bank of Uganda finally accepts crypto in its regulatory sandbox 06/06/2022

Bank of Uganda finally accepts crypto in its regulatory sandbox

Finally cryptocurrency has been officially accepted cryptocurrency in Uganda

Bank of Uganda finally accepts crypto in its regulatory sandbox The Bank of Uganda (BoU) has stated that it is open to considering crypto firms into the bank’s regulatory sandbox. Blockchain Association of Uganda received the news with positivity. Mr. Andrew Kawere, the Director of the Bank of Uganda’s National Payments Service, passed the information to cha...

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