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As we battle this second wave of covid-19, we would want to re-echo the scientifically proven ways of fighting off this virus

Correctly wearing a right, tightly fitting mask that covers your nose and mouth. Loose fitting masks just offer less than 50% protection

Sanitize, clean your hands. With water and soap or alcohol based sanitizers, surfaces in busy places should also be periodically disinfected

Social distancing; avoid crowded places including churches, mosques , parties, weddings, funerals and unnecessary movements

Vaccinations; only proven way to increase yo immunity against covid-19, vaccines don't protect u from getting the infection but surely help your body to fight 💪 covid-19 incase you contract it

Self isolating. This is for all those who have; covid-19 symptoms, contacted with a confirmed covid-19 case, or those with active confirmed covid-19. Isolating helps in preventing spread of the virus

A balanced diet and exercise are key in priming your body, preparing it to mount a strong immune response once attacked by covid-19.

For any questions please feel free to contact us and sign up at


Electronic health management systems is the way to go when it comes to health care, it not only allows for good records keeping but also for smooth overall hopital management.

Providing accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about patients at the point of care

Enabling quick access to patient records for more coordinated, efficient care

Securely sharing electronic information with patients and other clinicians

Helping providers more effectively diagnose patients, reduce medical errors, and provide safer care

Improving patient and provider interaction and communication, as well as health care convenience

Enabling safer, more reliable prescribing

Helping promote legible, complete documentation and accurate, streamlined coding and billing

Enhancing privacy and security of patient data

Helping providers improve productivity and work-life balance

Enabling providers to improve efficiency and meet their business goals

Reducing costs through decreased paperwork, improved safety, reduced duplication of testing, and improved health.


Stop vitaminC and Zinc supplementation for treatment of covid among patients with mild disease.

A randomised control trial(RCT) study has just proved that high dose vitaminC and Zinc supplemation had no significant role in reducing the duration of covid-19 symptoms when compared to those who didn't take any supplements

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations 29/01/2021

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations

Time check is 1:20am, am called to the emergency room(ER) to review a restless young woman.
I quickly pick up my pulse oximeter (measures pulse rate and oxygen levels in blood) and stethoscope and dash to the ER

A lot is running through my mind, what could be the cause 🤔, did she have a misunderstanding with her hubby(hysteria), is she asthmatic, is she intoxicated (alcohol or w**d)!!!! it can be anything i quietly assured my conscience to be open and expect anything

I enter the ER in 15s, before me is a young female probably in her mid twenties, she's restless, swinging her head and arms about purposelessily, she is tachpneic (breathing fast) and grunting(noisy breathing), her lips stained with blood.
i ask my usual first question after introducing myself, "nyabo what is your name?"
KF she responds
Me: KF what's the problem? What happened to you
KF: doctor I don't know..
Me: please remain calm and allow us, take your blood pressure,
I quickly attach my pulse oximeter to one of her fingers and it reads 99% saturation 😃
Well by now I know somethings from my interaction with KF, importantly her airway is open (if she can say her name) ,her oxygenation is good 99% so the lungs are atleast working efficiently.

Next step was assessing her blood flow (blood circulation); her hands were warm and my pulse oximeter read 130 heartbeats per minute this was reassuring, let's get the blood pressure (BP) reading.
As the BP cuff was getting attached, I got more information from the caretaker (hubby), sebbo, "what happened to KF?"

Hubby: well I dont know but she was acting strange this evening, first she forgot her way back home, and was found wondering aimlessly, a neighbor led her home, then 2hours ago I found her lying on the floor with blood coming from her mouth. I can't tell what's happening to her right now for sure because she had been fine.

Me: Did you witness her convulsing?

Hubby: No I didn't, but doctor she is
pregnant, she has been attending antenatal care, we even have a card and test results for every visit. She was fine except that she had gained too much weight in the last 2 weeks.
Me: How old is the pregnancy? And can I have a look at her ANC card and test results.

Hubby: let me bring them

Hubby runs out of the ER ...

As he runs out the BP machine alarms go off, BP reading is 154/ 109 mmhg, this is high.

Eclampsia it is, this mother must have convulsed ( abnormal behavior, confusion, blood from the mouth, was found lying down, rapid wait gain)

I quickly order for magnesium sulphate and iv anti hypertensive labetalol as I examine the patient. She was restless, afebrile, with mild facial puffiness, lips were stained with blood with a fresh laceration wound on her tongue that was not actively bleeding, she had no petechiae, was gravid with a fundal height of 17cm which corresponds 17 weeks, abdomen was non tender, fetal heart was regular, her chest was clear, heart sounds were normal, she was oriented in person but not in place and time(she denied she was pregnant when asked). Unfortunately FK convulsed again after I was done with the examination, this confirmed my diagnosis of Eclampsia, and I had to give iv diazepam very fast to stop the seizure.
By this time her hubby had left for home to pick KF's Antenatal card (he had not carried it).

I consulted obs/gyn and decision was made to deliver the baby by emergency csection.

Hubby returned 60min later with the ANC card,
Operation was a success and KF lives

Take home message;
please always have your medical records with you, you never know what may go wrong and it's those records to save your life or guide next step of clinical care

Sign up today with for only 2000 Uganda shillings

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations Medical records storage and remote consultations

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations 23/01/2021

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations

Do not forget to store your medical records securely with Medical File Yo . You won't need to carry CBC reports, X-rays and a bunch of papers around. The best part is that getting started is free. Head to to get started.

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations Medical records storage and remote consultations

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Take a minute from politics and look at this new Hospital Management Information System.

Eclinic Health Management System

The health management system for Humans.

It's fast, light weight scalable, cross platform, available of Desktop and on the web.

It is user friendly but not with loss of power.

1. Fully customisable Admin dashboard
2. Patient portal
3. Lab
4. Pharmacy
5. Automatic billing and payment management
6. Configurable price list management
7. Treatment charts
8. Industry grade authentication with user role permission and Authentication
9. Inbuilt printing
10. Medical dictionary that's customisable and auto suggest to make you type faster.
11. Automatic and free updates.

With Eclinic health management system, you don't have to be bogged down by a thousand buttons or UI elements.

It's simply gets the work done.
Comment below if you need a test drive..

Call 0785434581/0700198736 for inquiries or for a quotation. Or send us an email at [email protected]


Meet Dr. Mubiru (MBcHB)

He is part of our team of highly qualified doctors and this evening from 8:00pm he will be available to answer all your health related questions and concerns
Please feel free to leave a question.
Visit and privately talk to him on any health issues


Medical File Yo 2.0 is up and running... With free uploads and FREE medical consultation on our Chat platform.

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all..

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations 29/10/2020

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations

Do you normally find yourself taking pictures of your lab results, prescriptions, discharge forms when you see a doctor? We might be able to help you store these records permanently in the cloud. Head to to get started!

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations Medical records storage and remote consultations


Let's take this moment to thank every single person who is using Medical File Yo. It goes without saying that health is wealth and your health is your record! Join us today and take giant strides towards a better health.

Download our Android app and quickly upload your records with a single tap..

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Take a more modern approach to how you to store your medical records. We know that storing your previous CBC, X-rays, Urinalysis tests, Histology reports, discharge forms, laboratory results, Ultrasound scan reports is so valuable to you and that's why we started Medical File Yo to help you a achieve that feat.

The best part is that there are no monthly charges. For as low as 5k, you will store infinite records for the whole year.

Subscribe today with Airtel money. It will take you less than 5 minutes to secure your wealth of health information. Share this for awareness.

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Photos from Medical File Yo's post 20/09/2020

It's sad that we awoke to the disturbing news and images of the on fire. Is it a coincidence that the fire started from the section that houses the accounts department 🤔, all those important documents/records are now no more. I hope they had stored some of them online.

At we want to store your medical records safe and away from fires. Sign up now for free

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations 14/09/2020

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations

Did you know your rights as a patient, well here at we want you to know your rights once you visit that health facility

• Right to get considerent and respectful care
• Right to information
•Right to informed consent
•Right to confidentiality and privacy
•Right to reasonable care and treatment
•Right to get copies of all your medical records
•Right to get details of treatment cost/payment
•Right to get continuity of care
•Right to obtain second opinion
•Right to know the names of the health care provider
•Right to be seen by a doctor of your choice
•Right to know if a patient is part of a clinical trial or research.

For more information about your rights,
Sign up today for free and you can consult our team of professionals on anything health related

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations Medical records storage and remote consultations

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations 14/09/2020

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations

Did you know that being healthy is the wealthiest gift.

According to health is a state of complete, physically mentally and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

At we want you to live healthy lives by;
•helping you store all your medical records.
•Monitoring your chronic disease eg High blood pressure and diabetes
•online medical consultations.
•Second opinion and connections to specialists.
•Tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Sign up today for free

Medical File Yo | Medical record storage and consultations Medical records storage and remote consultations


Don't put your life or that of your loved ones in danger of COVID-19 with unnecessary hospital visits. A team of doctors at Medical File Yo are there to serve you with our new and cost effective online consultations. With seamless mobile money payments, you won't need to move a muscle. Don't take my word for it.

Register today and be the judge!


Medical file yo is the ultimate solution to managing and having control of your medical records

- when was the last time you did an abdominal scan? Do u still have a copy of the scan report?

- Am sure some of you have donated blood and you were told your blood group, unfortunately u lost the record and currently you're not sure of blood group

- They ran a CBC test and told you that your blood levels are low hence you need to change your diet to increase on foods rich in iron, so you want to see how you're currently doing but the doctor is not sure because he does not have your previous record to assess progress.

- You've been moving from hospital to hospital looking for second opinion only to repeat similar tests that are quite costly simply because you don't have records of that particular test.

- You were told you need to monitor your blood pressure, weight, or blood sugar but you keep loosing the sheets on which these recordings are written.

Medical file yo is the answer, to anything medical you would wish to store


Going live in a few minutes...You may pick a thing or two. Let's do this


For centuries, patient records have been something ignored and at best not taken seriously. We are here to fix that a cloud native and secure solution.


With the underserved population of Ugandans growing by leaps and bounds, we are here to sacrifice for them. Top brains around Uganda to serve your Medical needs. To address your pain points in medical care for as little money as possible without loss of quality. All you need is a mobile phone.

Be different, embrace telemedicine for better health. Sign-up today!

Medical File Yo updated their business hours. 26/07/2020

Medical File Yo updated their business hours.

Medical File Yo updated their business hours.

Medical File Yo updated their phone number. 26/07/2020

Medical File Yo updated their phone number.

Medical File Yo updated their phone number.

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Electronic health management systems is the way to go when it comes to health care, it not only allows for good records ...




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