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Vegetable Chappati(green pepper, carrots and onions )beans and vegs.

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Chicken 🍗 BBQ 👌


Preparing for goat luwombo

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Flour 2 cups
Warm water 900ml
Salt 1/2 tspn
Butter 🧈 3 tablespoons
Chicken breast


- Pour the yeast in the warm water and let it dissolve using a spoon, add salt and mix
- cover for 10 minutes to prove
- Add melted butter
- Transfer to a work board and knead well
- cover with a cling for two hours to rise
-After 2 hrs add vinegar and knead again and transfer to a greased pizza pan and spread out your dough to cover the whole pan
- Spread your pizza with tomato sauce 🥫 chicken (pan fry it first) cheese, green pepper …..
- if you don’t have a pizza pan u can use your normal frying pan but first dust it with little flour for the pizza not to stick on it
- enjoy your simple home made Pizza 🍕


Vegetable salad 🥗

Boiled Sweet corn 🌽
Tomatoes 🍅
Onions 🧅

Cut in desired shapes and mix all together 😋

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Grilled chicken 🍗
Orange 🍊 cake

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♥️👌 taste the difference

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Digestive biscuits


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You can enjoy this at your own pace 😋👌🏻

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Don’t hesitate to call us for outdoor catering service, it might be birthday, baptism,house party, kasiki, kukyala.... Kri-c’s kitchen is here to serve you 🙏❤️


Only two minutes and you’re ready to enjoy

Mango 🥭 (1)
Milk I glass( u can use any flavor led yoghurt even)
Honey 🍯 (Optional)


Blend until u see that it’s ready

Serve in glass or cup

NB: very good for kids and adults 🧑


Vegetable samosas 😋 place your orders 🙏


Kangumu for you 😋

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Make your order 🙏


Pumpkin chappatis recipe

1/4 of the pumpkin 🎃 (slice)
1/4 of tsp salt 🧂
2tsps of vegetable cooking oil
2 cups of flour ( I used supreme)


-Boil the pumpkin, after smash it or blend. Get your clean bowl or clean surface .
- Grate your onion
-mix the onions with the smashed pumpkin
-add salt 🧂 or you can add it in a pumpkin while boiling.
-keep adding your flour until you get the dough soft and ready.
-add your cooking oil and keep kneading until it’s soft and ready.
-let it rest for 30 min-1hr
- make balls, and after cover for 15 minutes
- Start making sharps as you hit your frying pan

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How to make eggless naan

Flour 2.5cups
Baking soda 1tsp
Baking powder 1/2 tsp
Sugar 1tsp
Lemon juice 2tsp
Cooking oil 2tsp
Warm water gradually
Warm milk/yoghurt gradually

NB: it takes only 45 minutes

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How to make meat pie

1kg home baking flour
200g margarine/blue band
10g salt
500 ml water
1tsp of yeast

make dough using flour, salt, margarine. Let it rest for about 30 minutes.
Mould and shape using your hands and fork . Let it relax, covered, preferably in the fridge or put outside on the sun.
Let it rest at least 30 minutes before use.

After put in an oven for close to 1hr at the heat of 180degrees

Meat pies, chicken pies, sausage rolls, turnovers., Cream pies ...the list is endless.

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How to make buns using an Oven

- 1table spoon of yeast
-2 tablespoons of butter (blue band/margarine)
-milk (enough)
- a pinch of salt
- sugar
- 1 egg
- flour

Step 1

- pour milk in a clean bowl or saucepan (whatever is easy for you) add yeast, melted butter, sugar,salt flour as your mixing add an egg 🥚 keep mixing until you form a dough.

- make your dough soft but not sticky !
- cover your dough for close to 1hr

Part 2
- make shapes in form of balls, make sure your oven plate is melted with butter for dough not to stick on it , you can put a foil first !
- after cover for 10 minutes as you heat your oven
- let your heart be on 130 for close to 30 minutes or 375 for 18 minutes.
- make a mixer of melted butter and eggs and sprinkle on top of your buns before baking
- when it’s ready sprinkle again and cover for 10 minutes.
- you can serve it with soup or tea


Half cakes (mandazi)

2 cups of baking flour
2Tspns of baking powder
1cup of milk/ warm water
1/2 cup of sugar
Grate ginger and lemon 🍋 peels
2tpsns of margarine or blue band
1tspn of vanilla


-Get a clean bowl 🍲/saucepan (akatasa) mix sieve the baking flour
- Mix the solid ingredients together for close to 4 minutes.
-After add milk /water as you mix slowly until u form a dough !
-cover it very well for 30 minutes,
- After dust your dough with flour not to stink on the ground, as you heat your oil on a moderate fire,
- cut your dough into your desired shapes using a knife
- fry until golden brown

NB: it’s always good to let your goods (madanzi, doughnuts 🍩 etc) to rest for some time in a fridge or a cool place before you serve


Margarine/blue band
A pinch of salt
Mix all solid ingredients together, then start kneading while adding milk or water.
NB: you can add a little (a pinch of baking powder) to make it soft

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1. Onion
2. Green pepper
3. 1kg of baking flour
4. Salt (enough) oil
6. Water/milk
7. An egg

-sieve flour
-grate onion, green pepper, Carrots 🥕
-add all ingredients together and water or milk containing salt 🧂
-make a well in btn flour and knead adding water and other ingredients slowly , add some cooking oil to the dough until it’s soft.
-make the dough into desired shapes (balls)
-Roll the chappatis while pre-heating the frying pan
- Fry while using cooking oil until it’s golden brown



3 cups of flour
1cup of milk 🥛
1/2 tablespoon of baking powder
1 tablespoon of yeast
2 tsp of Melted butter
8 tablespoons of sugar
A pinch of salt 🧂

-Mix the solid ingredients together, mix butter and milk 🥛 together!
- Start making your dough as u add the mixture of milk and butter, when it’s ready cover it and let it rest 1-2hrs .
- start making shapes (you don’t need a donut 🍩 cutter) you can use a cup and a rwenzori water bottle. After cover your donut shapes for 30 minutes
- make sure the cooking oil is very hot .
- Fry until golden brown


Monday deliveries 🚚! You can place your order too 🙏
Donuts 🍩
Beef wrap


Beef samosas and vegetable chappatis (onions, carrots, green pepper) ! I will be posting recipes for everything soon 👌🏻

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