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195 staff of the Uganda Prisons Service, including 180 males and 15 females, have successfully completed a rigorous 3-month Specialized Safety and Security Course at the School of Infantry Bihanga in Ibanda District. The pass-out ceremony is presided over by Mr. John Bosco Tumwebaze, Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons (Director Administration)

The program covered vital study areas such as Physical Training, Skill at Arms, Map Use, Counter Insurgence (COIN), Communication Skills, Field Drills, First Aid, and Tactics, Field Craft, and Obstacle Crossings.

The successful completion of this training not only signifies personal accomplishments but also marks a significant milestone in elevating overall safety and security standards within Uganda Prisons Service.


In response, ACP Ndori Leni, Regional Prisons Commander (RPC) for North Western Region, warmly welcomed and congratulated SCP Frank Baine Mayanja for conducting such a crucial and impactful training in the region.

The session not only stressed the importance of customer care and public relations but also highlighted the significance of financial literacy, continuous improvement, and fostering a positive outlook within the prison service.

This ongoing initiative aims to enhance the effectiveness and capacity of staff within Uganda Prisons Service, emphasizing the crucial development of both senior and junior officers across all administrative regions.


Moreover, Mr. Baine highlighted the significance of avoiding common mistakes in their duties, including inadequate supervision, greed, misinterpretation of administrative directives, lack of interest, assumption of excessive power, and human rights abuse.

Mr. Baine integrated essential financial literacy and mindset components, emphasizing the transformative potential of choices, chances, and changes in enhancing individual financial statuses. Additionally, he elaborated on the four cardinal rules of money: earning, accumulating, safeguarding, and multiplying funds.

Advocating for the implementation of dedicated customer care desks and complaint books in all prison units, Mr. Baine urged the Officers-in-Charge to ensure their establishment for improved service delivery. He expressed confidence that the session would significantly enhance their professional attitudes. He extended warm wishes for a prosperous 2024 to all attendees.

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Mr. Frank Baine, Senior Commissioner of Prisons (Deputy Director Corporation and Corporate Affairs/Service Spokesperson) conducted an insightful Customer Care and Public Relations training on January 5th, 2024, at Arua City's Le Tsuba Hotel. The primary focus was to engage District Prisons Commanders (DPCs), Officers in-Charge (OCs), and senior officers across the North Western region with a clear objective: fortifying productivity, fostering positive attitudes, refining personal images, and safeguarding the reputation of Uganda Prisons Service and government.

During the session, Mr. Baine cautioned officers against engaging with print and electronic media without proper authorization from the CGP (Commissioner General of Prisons). He emphasized the prohibition of capturing or sharing photos, videos, or social media content without the corresponding authority, stressing the potential of serious disciplinary actions for non-compliance.


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Sporting excellence in Uganda Prisons Service.

Photos from Uganda Prisons Service's post 27/12/2023

UgandaPrisons Monthly Newsletter

Interforces Games and Championship, 2023 hosted by at Police training school, Kabalye in Masindi District.

It enhanced corporation among Uganda's security forces. , and.

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Monthly Newsletter

Corporate Social Responsibilities by

Donation of Medical equipment to enhance health care in Prisons and conducting financial literacy programs for Prisons Officers and their spouses.

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Monthly Newsletter

Security and Safety Advancements as UPS adds canine section to it's security details.

Socio Economic development on the path of Uganda's Vision 2040: UPS contributions.

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Monthly Newsletter

1. Regional Conference on Justice Affected Women in Africa

2.Offender Management training for Millitary Police by UPS climaxes in Luzira

3. UPS transforming lives - Agriculture

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Uganda is driving Prison modernization through the Intl. Workshop on Prisons Infrastructure focusing on effective rehabilitation through modern facilities.
Military Police Officers trained in Customer Care & Public Relations

Thanks to , , ,


The Commissioner General of Prisons wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2024.


SCP Frank Baine (Deputy Director CCA/Service Spokesperson) emphasized the significance of bringing a touch of celebrations within Prisons during Christmas festivities.

He highlighted the commitment of UPS to ensure that both staff and inmates partake in a memorable Christmas.

Detailing the arrangements made for the occasion, Mr. Baine revealed the extent of festive provisions set to bring joy to Prisons, "We shall distribute over 700 heads of cattle, 150 goats, and 90 sheep. That is why 14,433 staff and 76,413 inmates will enjoy Christmas with us."

"We are on standby and the people we have cannot go home to celebrate with their family," stated Mr. Baine.

He highlighted that since Christmas is a very important day in the lives of people worldwide, it's always very important for UPS to do something different from the usual.

Photos from Uganda Prisons Service's post 24/12/2023

Spreading Festive Joy in Prisons

Uganda Prisons Service's annual tradition of providing meat to all staff and inmates during Christmas period has reached every corner of the country

This cherished practice has fostered a sense of goodwill and celebration within prison community.

Initiated by the CGP, the continuation of this initiative reverberated across all Prisons.

Each staff will receive a generous allocation of 5 kilograms of meat, while inmates are treated to a festive feast within their respective stations, encapsulating the essence of cheers.

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The Senior NCO's wowed the crowd with precision marching skills using sticks/swagger canes.

Their display of coordination was truly impressive.

Photos from Uganda Prisons Service's post 20/12/2023

The Junior NCO's who emerged as the best performers during the course.

Best Overall - Male - CPL/WDR Jasper Akampa

Best Overall - Female - CPL/WDRSS Diana Ibaat

Best in Academics (Male) - CPL/WDR Denis Obua

Best in Academics (Female) - CPL/WDRSS Susan Iregu.

Photos from Uganda Prisons Service's post 20/12/2023

These Senior NCO's emerged as the best performers during the course.

Best Overall - Male - CH/WDR III Emmanuel Isadru

Best Overall - Female - CH/WDRSS III Winfred Ijakolit

Best in Academics Male - SGT/WDR Moses Mushabe

Best in Academics Female - SGT/WDRSS Nasula Gwere


Mr. Samuel Akena, DCGP speaking on behalf of the CGP, highlighted the significance of aligning with the country's ideological orientation and strategic direction.

Addressing the NCO's, he highlighted the crucial role entrusted to UPS in upholding the nation's utmost security.

Mr. Akena emphasized the importance of discipline and loyalty among officers, stressing the need for respect towards superiors while also advocating for consideration towards both subordinates and equals within the service.

He encouraged the NCO's to work systematically.


Mr. Hillary Bisanga, ACGP (Director Human Resource Management) announced an expansion in training initiatives. These initiatives include the introduction of new courses and an increase in intakes across all levels within UPS as a consideration for growth in the service in future.

Notably, he reaffirmed that these courses are designed to cater to NCO's from various backgrounds, including clerks, stores personnel, receptionists, armory personnel and others. This strategic selection aims to enhance skills and knowledge across diverse roles within the service.


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Ms. Brenda Sana, Commissioner of Prisons ( Commandant-PATS), praised the trainers' exceptional discipline, maturity, and admirable qualities—endurance, commitment, a thirst for learning, flexibility and resilience.

She added that their dedication truly shined through with all of them passing their examination and efficiently excelling in course activities.

Photos from Uganda Prisons Service's post 20/12/2023

The 285 NCO's underwent comprehensive training programs covering diverse modules including Prisons Standing Orders, Political Education, Administration of Sentences, Skills At Arms, Social Rehabilitation, Human Rights, and more.

They are equipped to serve with excellence.

Photos from Uganda Prisons Service's post 20/12/2023


Impressive skills showcased by both the Senior and Junior NCOs at the pass out ceremony, demonstrating precision in stripping and assembling guns reflects their training in Skills At Arms.

Photos from Uganda Prisons Service's post 20/12/2023

/Happening now/

Proud moment at Prisons Academy & Training School

Pass out ceremony of 141 Senior Non-commissioned Officers (102 males, 39 females) & 144 Junior Non-commissioned Officers (109 males, 35 females) of Uganda Prisons Service Intake 001,2023.


ACGP Robert Munanura (Director of Production and Engineering) in a photo moment after his lecture with Senior Prisons officers undergoing the Advanced Joint Senior Political Education, Development and Leadership course at the National Leadership Institute (NALI), Kyankwanzi.

Uganda Prison Service continues to prioritize the development of its staff, ensuring that the service operates at it's optimum level, delivering effective and efficient outcomes while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and leadership excellence.


đŸŒ¾ The Chief Farmer's smile says it all!

Beaming with pride at UG. Prison Farm Isimbi in Masindi District as a bumper harvest was achieved in Season 2023A.

Photos from Uganda Prisons Service's post 15/12/2023


Uganda Prisons Service is hosting a highly anticipated 2023 Christmas Bonanza at the Prisons Academy and Training School showgrounds, creating a platform that aims to bolster community engagement and support staff welfare.

Over three days, the trade fair will welcome multinational company manufacturers, offering a diverse range of products and services at subsidized rates. This initiative not only benefits UPS staff and their families but also extends its reach to the wider community of Luzira Prisons Complex and neighboring areas.

With a strong focus on positively impacting lives and fostering wellbeing, the Christmas Bonanza is poised to be an uplifting event fostering connections and celebrating the festive season in style.

Welcome, and may this Bonanza be a source of delight and fulfillment for everyone involved.





Happy Birthday to Mr. Frank Baine, Senior Commissioner of Prisons (Deputy Director Corporation and CCA and Service Spokesperson)

Your dedication and leadership at UPS are truly commendable.

Wishing you a day filled with joy, and continued success in all your endeavors!


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Advancing humane treatment: Today, & đŸ‡ºđŸ‡¬ concluded specialized training for prison data clerks and Receptioniss at Silver Springs Hote, Kampala.
Equipping UPS Staff with vital skills in data analysis & management, enhancing prisoner file management as we uphold the

Enhanced knowledge and skills of staff mean better service delivery, improved operations, Adherence to international standards and professional growth within UPS.

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