Gor-Don Auto Spare parts is an automoti ve company with qualified engineers, which dea ls in motor vehicle repairing, servicing, miantain ce, and we also offer motor spa re parts for sell.

Photos from Gor-Don AUTO SPARE PARTS 's post 28/07/2020

Photos from Gor-Don AUTO SPARE PARTS 's post


Let's stay at home as mu ch as possible and keep our adventur es at rest for the time being .


To all our customers and Uganda ns at large, let's stand together in the se hard times of Covid19 as we pr ay to God for the safety of o ur families. We shall finally win th is together.

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We are always ready for yo ur services.

0706054802/ 0774067957
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For tho se lucky enough to have cars (f or us we are still Barefoot Lawye rs) and have to drop children to scho ol in the morning, We want to sta rt preparing you for that morning du ty so that you do not g et the dreaded love letter from t he traffic officer for small things th at you did not know;

1. The Traff ic laws in Uganda prohibit having childr en in the Front Passenger Seat. So plea se let them enjoy the backseat.

2. Drivi ng with slippers or open shoes is al so advised against by the Traffic Laws.

Pavements are for walking and pedestria ns, not for you to reach t he school on time or work on ti me or dodge traffic jams.

Drive sa fe and save that extra January sala ry you saved, there is school fe es to pay.

If you have any leg al questions about do's and dont's abo ut any activity you want to enga ge in, do not hesitate to a sk, please feel free to contact us throu gh the Facebook inbox, email at [email protected] rg, twitter @barefootlawug or call us on 0392177405 duri ng work hours

Credit: Photo by Kampala Dispat ch at http://dispatch.ug/2019/05/28/uganda-police-gets-ugx-8b-traffic-fines/


If you're going to travel che ck your car for things:

level of engi ne oil (assuming the oil was chang ed at the previous service), transmission o il or CC for manual cars.
Ha ve a spare bottle of oil in t he car if you suspect a leaka ge.

Check that fan belt-if it's b ad it usually makes a sharp sou nd when you start.

Radiator, coolant a re another flash point. If your radiat or has a leakage, carry some wat er in your car if you can 't have it repaired in time.

C ar tyres: do you know the rig ht pressure for front and back? A re they the right tyre for to ur car and what you use it f or? Different tyres have different speed specificatio ns- the H/Q etc after the ty re size code...., wheel alignment and balanci ng ( go to Mandela please, the se guys using a string are ju st crooks!!! Your tyre should be t he same size otherwise they will we ar quickly, the car won't feel rig ht in your hands. Beware of ty re made for snow, they look go od and macho but with our he at and on an upcounty trip y ou may not reach, leave those f or Kampala short errands.
How are yo ur light, do you know how to ali gn them (it's done at night on a lev el surface and a wall in fro nt of you- ask google), spare ty re, wheel spanner, Jake.

Check brake flu id level.

Have a flash light alwa ys in your car and spare clothes

A sachet if powder soap com es in handy when your wind shie ld is oily and when your wipe rs are not so effective. Is yo ur seat belt clean....? You're going to ne ed it.

Lastly, rest enough before yo ur journey and start early to dri ve easy, respect other road users alwa ys dim your lights when passing oth er motorist ( even bikes), read t he road signs especially the dotted a nd solid lines in the middle of t he road. Thank you!

Merry christmas and a hap py new year.


We wish you a merry Christm as and a prosperous 2020.
We a re located along Makerere hill road opposi te Makerere college SS. Contact us on 0706054802/0703325143/07740679 57.
You can also follow us on twitt er @Gor-donAutoSpare parts


Some of the important road sig ns you must respect this festival seas on

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As we go in the festiv al seasons we would like our custome rs to have their cars in a go od condition. Find us along makerere hi ll road opposite Makerere College SS. Tha nk you!


As we celebrate our freedom tod ay, let us renew our pledge to alwa ys uphold the vision of safety in Ugan da.

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Photos from Gor-Don AUTO SPARE PARTS 's post

Photos from Gor-Don AUTO SPARE PARTS 's post 23/09/2019

Photos from Gor-Don AUTO SPARE PARTS 's post

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Brand new suspension bushes for Jap an cars - call on 0706054802/0774067957.

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We are also available on , foll ow us today @generationTomo2.

Today is a Sund ay pass by and make your c ar look super.

Check in for suspension bush es, mountings, z-rings, brake pads, bra ke cylinders, motor lubricants, radiator tops, etc.

We love you.

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We are the leading car mechani cs right now in Uganda with experienc ed engineers. We sell and repair origin al car spare parts

New in sto ck

KYB steeling and suspension
--Rack end
--Ba ll joint Assy
--Stabilizer link
--Tie rod

We have th em for all different car models. Vis it us today

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Photos from Gor-Don AUTO SPARE PARTS 's post


Ball joints or swivel joints a re an important suspension component found in mode rn vehicles.
Their function is similar to t he function of the ball and sock et joints of the human hip.
Conta ct us for original Japan ball join ts @ 0706054802




Makerere Kagugube

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